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Monday, October 8, 2012

Did Congressman Larson Lie to "The Gov" on WTIC about the CT-01 Debate Schedule?


This afternoon during the WTIC Program State and Church hosted by former-Governor John Rowland, First District Congressman John Larson was asked about whether or not there will be debates between himself and his Republican challenger John Henry Decker.  Larson replied that there are four debates scheduled.

The King's View has learned that Congressman Larson was dishonest in his response.   There are no official one-on-one debates between John Larson and John Decker scheduled as of this post.  The Democratic Congressman was cleverly trying to pass off candidate forums as formal debates.  During candidate forums it is common practice for a candidate to make opening remarks which is usually followed by a few questions from the audience, time permitting. 

Again, there is no formal one-on-one debate scheduled between Congressman Larson and John Decker. Any report to the contrary is misleading and false!

Source: Twitter: John Decker writes:  "@RepJohnLarson Just announced there will be four debates  I respectfully ask that he contact me so that I may add them to my calendar #ctpolitics"



The King said...

Update: Still no resolution on the matter of a CT01 Congressional debate. There are reports of scuttle between camps, but no resolution yet. Further, The King's View has received a report which is considered strictly rumor at this point that WFSB's Dennis House has offered to host a debate on Face the State.

The rumor doesn't seem a stretch as I'm sure WFSB or any local affiliate would desire the opportunity to host the debate.

Anonymous said...

John Larson is in the same arrogant elitist incumbent class as the ferocious Rosa DeLauro.

Until the closed-session in-studio taping of Face the State last Thursday, Rosa absolutely refused to stand in the same building as her challenger, African American Wayne Winsley.

Be it due to ingrained racist bigotry from her youth, or just because its bad political acumen to acknowledge someone else claims to be a challenger, Rosa refused to debate Winsley up until last Thursday.

Apparently, a steady stream of hate mail convinced her moronic campaign manager, Jimmy Tickey, that she might suffer something less than the usual 80% victory if she continued to dodge Winsley.

Still, one carefully controlled debate, in which she belitttled Winsley for his inexperience (which happens to be a tremendous reason to vote for him considering how horrible our experienced incumbents have performed), is nowhere near enough.

Rep. Murphy did 4 debates with McMahon. Rep. Courtney? 4 debates. Rep. Himes? 4 debates. Larson promised 4 debates but lied like the drunken swine he is.

And Rosa? She refused to debate at all. Tickey stated weeks ago that no debates were necessary because "everyone knows Rosa and what she believes in."

Thanks, Prickey.

We look forward to an open forum at West Haven City Hall this week.

A debate may happen, now that Rosa flopped like a demented fish on Face the State.