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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aniskovich Melt-Down

Less than 24-hours after Wild Bill Aniskovich anointed himself the front-runner in the CTGOP Chairman's race, he finds himself dangling by a thread - an inch from being forced to withdraw due to public exposure of his numerous past improprieties. And he's likely never to recover. 

This is the sign placed just down
the street from Aniskovich's home
No radiation suit can protect even
his closest friends
And you know what's worse?  He's caused his new-found friends serious collateral damage to their reputations and respectability within the Connecticut Republican Party.  The five candidates who were conned to withdraw (Scialabba, Torres, Clark, Campbell, and Hageman) all drafted letters to their supporters begging them to support Aniskovich.  Bill Aniskovich is a great leader... Let's all come together for the good of the Party. Yadda Yadda. So tell us boys - how's it working out so far?  Everybody feelin' good?  You guys still cranking "Don't Stop Believing" on your CD Players? 

Before I get into the details, I need to point out that all of this embarrassment could have have been avoided if people took a step back and looked at Bill Aniskovich's background, and didn't buy his I found the Lord shtick.  Last week I posted a number of links to Aniskovich articles cited his scandalous background which were raised by the mainstream media late this afternoon.  "It's just Inside Baseball!" You cried, and now some of you are crying your eyes out - thinking what could have been if you only stayed in the race and didn't buy into the phony hype.

Earlier last week (I'm told), Joe Visconti posted a note to all State Representatives who signed Aniskovich's letter of endorsement, warning them to retract their endorsement before the media picked up on Aniskovich's checkered past.  In humor, du-Count Visconti posted a picture of a nuclear bomb, and ironically, that's exactly what Republicans are experiencing today.  The problem is that its not just about his past, but pattern of distrust continues - he also lied to a reporter last week during an interview claiming that he wasn't a State Contractor.  Luckily, the savvy reporter, Kevin Rennie, wasn't easily fooled having served with Wild Bill in the Legislature, and conducted an investigation of his own.  Not that it was too hard to pick up the telephone and the Connecticut State Election Official.

I can hear it now:  "The Lord told me to lie to Kevin Rennie"

For those who haven't caught up, here are few links for you to read.  I posted these via twitter earlier today:

Here is the article dealing with Wild Bill's Stonington debacle.

Here is an article from the Hartford Courant which basically calls on Aniskovich to quit his job at the Stonington Institute or resign from the State Senate based on his improprieties and conflicts.

Wild Bill's damage control center.
Read Jon Lender's article on the Stonington Institute as is relates to Wild Bill.

And finally here is Kevin Rennie's piece that pretty much incorporated the detail from the articles tweeted earlier today.

The situation is so bad that Aniskovich got shelled by the Democrats today in this Press Release. Normally, I wouldn't quote the Democrats but this goes to show you exactly what we would be in for under an Aniskovich Chairmanship.  The ballots aren't even cast and they're ready and waiting to put the Republican's through the political wood-chipper.  Enough is enough.

There are two other losers from this misadventure.  First, Justin Clark has been telling everyone that he's supporting Aniskovich for the benefit of Tom Foley - "I don't want to screw this up for Tom", he told State Central Members. Yeah well Good Old Tom has egg on his face today after learning who he's really making deals with now.

And the second loser is Rob Simmons.  While Simmons cracked a deal with Aniskovich over  Shrimp and fish sticks in Mystic this week, I wonder if any of the controversies surrounding the Stonington Institute (the hometown of Simmons) ever crossed his mind.  Or was he simply worried about getting a fair hearing for his next Senatorial bid?  Not that it will matter.  Simmons is now tainted, and his prospect of ever surviving the convention process is bleak.  Linda McMahon outplayed Simmons once again, this time by keeping quiet and staying out of the limelight.  Tough luck there.

Once Aniskovish leaves (or is abandoned by his supporters), Republicans will have the opportunity to choose a legitimate leader who is both ethical and can set a vision for Connecticut's Republican Party.  The five fools who pledged allegiance to Bill Aniskovich should NOT be given a second chance.  Instead Republicans should look at the courageous few who didn't bow to the pressure and cronyism  - Al Alper, Catherine Marx, Pauline Kezer, and of course - Rich Olivastro.  State Central Members:  Don't allow the wrong people to decide who the next Chairman is going to be. Make up your own minds for your constituents.

Lastly State Central Members: If one of Aniskovich's goons call you and plead for you to stay in or join his fold, save your energy - and just HANG UP.  Those who advocate for Aniskovich (even after all they have read and seen) have expended lots of personal capital on this corrupt candidate - and to them they have nothing left to go back to should Wild Bill exit the race.  And that's - they're problem, not ours!!  We have a Party to build!  And a State to take back for the Taxpayers of Connecticut!!



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for straightening a few things out for me regarding this mess. Now I am beginning to see the light through some of this folly. The sad part is we are in such dire circumstances here in CT. and these games continue.....

Nathan Schindler said...

I am not a Republican. I left the party when it mailed money to the bank executives to "save the country". That was the last straw for me.

I hope the King will do an in depth informational on Pauline Kezer. I have worked with her on political campaigns and she has worked with candidates that she does not completely agree with because of their broader agreement.

If the Republicans choose Pauline, I know that I will rejoin and I think others will too. She has the integrity and skill to lead the GOP organization.

Anonymous said...

Kezer wants to purge the party of social conservatives.

That Martha Dean isn't aware of that is amazing in itself; no wonder she lost.

Anonymous said...

Kezer is out of touch and clueless, maybe even more so than Visconti. Kezer is being paid by Daria Novak, and Kezer worked for Martha Dean. Losers love losers, don't they?

The King said...

The King thinks both Kezer and Dean are very bright, capable people - and also finds them to be polar opposites from a policy perspective. There is growing concern about whether or not social conservatives would have a seat at the table if Kezer became Chairman.

In this last legislative session, the damage caused by Democrats (along with some Republican help) was both fiscal and social. While Rep. Cafero doesn't do "[Gays, Guns, & God]", the rest of us do. The Bathroom Bill, for example, should NOT have been passed. Peter and Leslie Wolfgang and their Organization worked tirelessly to try and stop such perverse legislation, and Republicans should be indebted to them for their heroic efforts.

My point is that a Republican Party which is mute on social issues like these is NOT a Republican Party that will prosper. My understanding is that Ms. Kezer would not want to work with the Wolfgang's of the world which is of great concern to me and others.

The Chairman of the Party has the ability to help set the direction of the Party's platform. If social consevatives like Wolfgang are loathed by Ms. Kezer, then clearly this wouldn't work. Ms. Kezer could certainly play another paid role to help with election strategy.

Well, that's my view for the moment.

As for Daria Novak - she's socially conservative from everything I've heard her write and say. I don't see any connection between her and Kezer. And she's been smart to stay out of the fray and focus on her own campaign. Her opponent, Christopher Coutu got in bed with Aniskovich - not the brightest move considering this weeks' events.