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Monday, June 20, 2011

Healy, Marx abandon Connecticut Republicans for self-serving interests

Last week, I asked the question, "Where's Healy?" 

My question seemed reasonable enough.  After all, Connecticut Republicans have had one of the worst weeks in recent memory and it appeared as though no one was around to quell the angry mob firing nasty missives at each other after the Aniskovich candidacy publicly imploded. And worse, when Connecticut Democrats sent out a press release ridiculing Connecticut Republicans (and indirectly Republican State Capitol members) for backing a corrupt candidate for Chair, Chris Healy was no where to be found to respond to the attack.

ABDICATION:  Both Healy and Marx
 let the ship burn in the Harbor last
week. CTGOP needs real leadership
Well, we now know why our fearless (and useless) leader was AWOL while our ship sat burning in the harbor.  According to Human Events, in an article dated June 17th, Healy was off in New Orleans endorsing Minnesota Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty - and get this - he did so in his official capacity as Connecticut State Republican Chairman.

This is so wrong on so many levels.

First, it's an OUTRAGE that Healy is still collecting the Chairman's salary, and has pretty much abandoned his responsibility to State Central and all Connecticut Republicans.  Moreover, who authorizes such trips?  I pray God that this kind of networking trip certainly wouldn't be paid for on our dime because it would be yet another example of inappropriate personal use of Republican donor funds.  When you hear rumor about the details of Healy's apparently bottom-less expense account, you have to question why anyone would donate one red cent to the Connecticut Republican Party with him at the helm.

Second, how does Healy get off endorsing Tim Pawlenty at this early stage in his official capacity as State Chairman?  With so many potential Republican nominees in the mix, many just beginning to launch their campaigns, including Romney, Gingrich, Palin, Paul, DeMint, Cain, and Bachmann to name a few - doesn't it seem to put Connecticut in an awkward position to find it's head of Party making unilateral decisions on behalf of the rest of us?  Was this decision vetted with State Central Leaders or with State Central Members?  Even if Healy doesn't require formal permission to endorse a candidate, did he even run it by anyone that he was going to do so? 

Third, many think that Healy's gig might really be about trying to secure himself a job with Tim Pawlenty, or lobbying for his wife to help to manage Pawlenty's campaign (Hmm, where did we see this before?).  What it should tell everyone is that Chris Healy is and always has been in this for himself.  So for all you defenders of Chairman Chris and his self-serving manner of handling things, perhaps you should take a minute to reflect on the obvious trends within his so-called leadership style - All for one, and one for Healy.

Finally, this entry wouldn't be complete without taking issue with our Vice Chairman, Catherine Marx.  Catherine knew damn well that Chris Healy was down in Louisiana promoting himself and taking unprecedented measures to embarrass us back East.  And since she was in the cockpit when DiNardo and the Democrats slammed us in the Press, why didn't she take up our banner and and tell them to Go Jump Off a Bridge when they started to meddle in our affairs?

Catherine, this was the one major test you've ever had to face while serving as Vice-Chair and you know what - YOU FAILED!  When you were asked by a State Central Member the other night whether you were "tough enough" for the job, and you responded, "Just try me?" Are you kidding? Heck, you were too busy spending all your time corralling your 10 supporters to make sure they didn't jump ship to another camp.  You blew an opportunity to stand up as a leader and at minimum - defend your Party.  What a shame!

It's funny.  Although he hasn't formally announced, I can see exactly why Jerry Labriola, Jr. might have felt inclined to jump into the Chairman's race after all. Between witnessing the sellout of five prominent Republicans, Aniskoich's failed coup and collapse, Chairman Healy partying in New Orleans trying to land a job with the big boys, and Catherine selfishly stewing in her Ivory Tower while Republicans took a bashing in the Press, it's no wonder we aren't in worse shape than we already are. 

And for the record, the idea of giving Chris Healy another term as our State Chairman, is about as appealing as turning the Party over to the Democrats.



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Anonymous said...

I think its unfair to blame catherine when she is a candidate for chair and could be perceived as using her position for an unfair advantage. We all know who should be protecting his legacy.

Healy218 said...

I don't think it's outside of the normal expectations of an office for the Vice-Chairman to step in when the Chairman is off getting the most out of his expense reimbursement at the RLC. A "just try me" moment with her lambasting Nancy DiNardo for throwing stones at others while her Governor and party are leading us down the path to sure-fire ruin would have been very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

"And for the record, the idea of giving Chris Healy another term as our State Chairman, is about as appealing as turning the Party over to the Democrats." Make no mistake - all the infighting, the on again off again campaigning, the jumping into the race at the last minute, the lack of the confidence in ones convictions from all but a few, IS turning the Party over to the Democrats!