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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Dominos Fall: Scialabba, Clark take the Low Road and support Aniskovich

Wild Bill will take the Connecticut
Republican Party down the road to
ruin. Will anyone take a stand?
Looks like Art Scialabba, Chairman of the Norwalk RTC, and Justin Clark have formally bailed out of the Connecticut Republican State Chairman's race, and worse - have endorsed Wild Bill Aniskovich for Chairman.  Unless something miraculous happens, we may end up with a slimy Chairman who's bound to give our Connecticut Media and the Democrat Party all the ammunition they need to slam us week after week.

Thanks for having the courage of your convictions, Art and Justin!  What a disappointment.  Looks like The King's View is going to have a lot of material over the next two years!

So where does that leave Al Alper, Doug Hageman, Pauline Kezer, and Catherine Marx?  Can we expect endorsement letters from these four next?  Or will someone stand-up to the collective buying power of Wild Bill Aniskovich?  Or are we simply doomed to repeat a failed 9-year cycle all over again?

Well, Connecticut Republicans deserve to see what their former candidates are saying.  So, here are Scialabba's and Clark's letters of withdrawal.

First, here's the letter from Art:

Dear Fellow State Central Members;

As you know, I have been building significant support for my candidacy for State Party Chair. I am honored by the commitments I have received and the confidence so many of you have already placed in my leadership ability.

I am also happy that members across the State recognize the need to win more votes in our urban centers if we are to regain a U.S. Senate seat, win back congressional seats and elect majorities in the State House and Senate. After watching the most recently concluded legislative session, I think we all agree that these victories are crucial to recapturing the Governor’s Office.

The role of the next Chair will require a tireless worker who will devote as much time as is necessary to build an organizational structure that responds to the needs of our town committees and candidates, legislators and party leaders. The next Chair must be able to bring people together and build teams that can win.

I believe that I can do all these things. I also understand that the race for Chair can only be won by a single individual. At this point, I believe that it is in the best interest of the Party to start building consensus around who that leader will be. That is why I am writing to endorse Bill Aniskovich for Chair today.

Bill has a record of experience that will help him build consensus and tailor a Republican message that can win across the state. Bill has committed to utilizing all of us in the effort to rebuild our political and fundraising operation. Most importantly, he has assured me that the Party will function in a transparent, inclusive and energetic manner.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to begin the process of building a Republican Party organization that can win elections with you. I am certain that we will have a solid leader at the helm in Bill Aniskovich. I have asked my supporters to vote for Bill on June 28th and encourage each of you to do the same.

Art Scialabba

Here's the letter from Justin Clark:

June 14, 2011

Dear Members of the Connecticut State Central Committee:

I am writing to you today excited about the future of the Connecticut Republican Party. Over the course of the last two years I have had the opportunity to get to know many of you. More than that, I have had the chance to listen to your ideas about how to make our Party a more effective vehicle for electing Republicans.

Ultimately, the race for Party Chair is about just that---winning elections. As Tom Foley’s Campaign Manager in 2010, I saw first-hand what we do well as a Party and where we need to improve our game. As an RTC Chair in West Hartford, I have worked in the trenches and know what local Town Committees and candidates need from State Central to win.

In order to win, we must unify around an effective leader and a compelling message. To unify, we must come together as a party. That is why I am writing today to endorse Bill Aniskovich for State Party Chair.

Over the last month, Bill has worked hard to demonstrate what kind of leader he would be for the Connecticut Republicans. He has articulated a core message, and listened to the variety of opinions about what we need to do. Further, he has brought people together around the idea that we can win. His ability to motivate people is apparent to those of you who know him well and those of you who are meeting him for the first time.

Bill’s ability and desire to develop a consensus around Republican ideals and a political strategy are essential elements to winning. While I won’t have a formal role within the party, I will form a partnership with Bill and all of you to build this consensus and more importantly win more elections. In this spirit of partnership and unity, I ask that my supporters on the committee and within the party support Bill.

It is time for us to come together as Republicans and rally around a leader who will once again rely on the talents of each and every member of the State Central Committee to the fullest extent in the one goal we share in common: winning elections. I hope my endorsement today helps moves us closer to the unity we need to achieve our common goals.

With many thanks and knowing that much brighter days are ahead for the GOP, I am,

Very Truly Yours,

My friends:  just because The Establishment has chosen their candidate doesn't mean that the Members of State Central aren't free to make up their own minds for the good of the Party.  I would urge State Central Members in opposition to this cronyism to get on the phone with each other and don't allow members to blindly go with the flow and elect a corrupt Chairman to the seat of power.  It can only spell doom and gloom for the next two years.  And Connecticut Taxpayers and businesses cannot afford to suffer any longer. 

At one time, the Republican Party in Connecticut stood for respected principles.  Today, it stands for payoffs and politics.  And don't think the voters won't know the difference.



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Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. "King":

As a State Central Member, I was angry to learn today that Art Scialabba was hand picked long ago for the job of Executive Director ("Political Director") for Connecticut Republicans under Bill Aniskovich. That is why he's done nothing all of these weeks. This is a shame and I'm more than upset about what is happening to my Party.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for keeping us aware of what is going on. I'm sick to death of it.

Anonymous said...


You are incorrect.

Mr. Scialabba has not nor will he be offered ED, PD or any other paid position. Get your facts, or a better source, please.