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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Marx, Alper score big; Aniskovich Bombs

Quick note to those who thought I might be putting out a lot of information out about tonight's CTGOP Chairman Candidate Forum...

After tonight, CTGOP members
 learned that Aniskovich is a
 train wreck waiting to happen
I just got in after chatting with other members, and I'm not going to be able to draft a long play-by-play of who said what.  Just not in the cards. I'm too exhausted. (This does happen to those of us who actually work for a living).

First, thanks to those candidates who participated tonight. Good to know there are a few Republicans who haven't sold out, and are in this for more than a big pay day, or pack of favors.  

I will say that Catherine Marx, Al Alper, Pauline Kezer, and Rich Olivastro were impressive with their presentations.  Al is always spot on and if the CTGOP doesn't find a leadership position for this guy, then they are truly wasting talent. His inner city strategy was realistic, and his presentation came off well-received.

Catherine Marx came out of her shell, and for the first time that I can remember articulated a solid plan. I liked her response to whether or not she was tough enough for the job asking defiantly, "You want to try me?" which left her questioner reeling backward! And her printed materials came off quite professional and first rate. I was also impressed with her voter registration strategy.

And Rich Olivastro came off entirely different than in his previous two appearances. While he may not be ready for State Chair, he came across genuine in comments; his point that "We are not here for us, we are here for the People of the State of Connecticut" - was right on the money.  Pauline Kezer came across seasoned and knowledgeable, many believe she would be a good face for the Party. People will be eager to hear more.

Jerry Labriola, Jr. presented his Treasurer Report which put the scare into people (certain people) - he's going be looking at all the expenditures according to the Treasurer's guidelines to reduce spending.  And its pretty clear that we have major work to do in the fundraising department.  Good job being straight up with the Members, Jerry.  Hope you stick to your guns, I'm sure the Chris Healy farewell tour is racking up the bills.  Can we get an accounting of how much its cost Connecticut Republicans for Chris Healy and his staffers to wave good-bye so far?

I know you see me as biased (I am for good reason) but a lot of people are now very concerned about Bill Aniskovich after tonight's weak performance. Many are concerned with his responses to member questions, particularly with regard to his legal ability to fundraise since he is still considered a State Contractor.  When asked if he was aware that he had to wait a full year after the cancellation of his state contract before being eligible to legally fundraise for the Party, he said, "I didn't know that". For someone who is an attorney, and who was an elected official who deliberated over campaign finance laws, its someone disturbing that he would claim ignorance of the laws. Seems rather convenient. 

Imagine how his backers felt tonight when they heard this ambiguous response.  Seems to me something is Rotten in Denmark.  But seriously, someone aught to call the Secretary of State's Office and confirm that Wild Bill is even qualified to run. 

Lastly, his response to the Stonington debacle was at best confusing, if not incoherent.  It was as if Aniskovich has this so locked up that he didn't need to even prepare to handle questions from members.  If he thinks he can be so disrespectful to a friendly GOP audience by not evening pretending to take these questions seriously, then how will he handle a mainstream media inquisition? Makes you think twice, doesn't it?

Oh, but Aniskovish does get some credit for his careful coordination to force/buy/what-have-you five major players all in a 24-hour period:  Torres, Scialabba, Martin, Campbell, and Hageman.  Raise your hand, if you think this was just a big coincidence - all for the good of the Party. Methinks that this is a story unto itself that State Central Members aught to consider.  For Christ Sake, they didn't even bother to spread out the withdrawals to even make it look believable!  While everyone was rounded up into a so-called tally-count, how many now feel like they've been merely used as pawn's on Aniskovich's Chess Board? 

Hey Gary, nevermind calling out a demand to keep things under the lid - how about we talk about collusion out in the open.  No one signed up for this.  And the public is NOT being served by everyone just shutting their mouths and doing as they are told.  There is another Party across the street that does this.  Are we them now?

Enough for now.



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Anonymous said...

Folks this thing is over!! Marx,Olivastro,Alper Kezer may have a combined 12-16 votes, most of which are holdover hacks from previous failed admin. Would not be surprised to see them all purged from party much in same way Mr Healy was nuked. Until year is up re state contract, law fundraising can be spearheaded by Exec Dir and others in next admin Lets focus on true enemy THE DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is it GOP Partiers always want to tell you how over it is and that the democrats are the real devil. All of the political partiers are the bad guy if you ask me.