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Saturday, June 18, 2011


The CTGOP would be fortunate
to have a leader like Labriola, Jr.

This is the news we've all been waiting for!

After weeks of being inundated with emails, phone calls, and personal pleas from friends, Jerry Labriola, Jr. has agreed to consider leaping into the race for Connecticut State Republican Chair!  A source close to Labriola reported that "the ground-swell of support from supporters has been overwhelming".  It got to the point where Jerry spoke to his brother David, and his wife Barbara about the idea of running.  After looking at the state of things within the CTGOP, they came to conclusion that he may be one of the only people capable of not only turning the Party around but taking it to the next level."

A brief bio about Jerry Labriola, Jr. can be found here.  

The King's view is that Labriola would be a solid choice because right off the bat he would be a unifying force which would quell the infighting which as reached a fervor pitch.  The various factions would stand down from their hostilities because they already know that Labriola is an ethical, selfless leader who people can trust.  

Here are a few positives about Jerry Labriola, Jr.:

  • Labriola is a leader; energetic and positive
  • Labriola has track record of personal success in the private sector as an Attorney
  • Labriola has organized and delivered election results, and has served his Party faithfully
  • Labriola has faithfully carried out his duties as State Treasurer with perfection
  • Labriola isn't corrupt and brings personal ethics to the table
  • Labriola is conservative and would not be afraid to challenge the Democrats' liberal agenda
  • Labriola isn't hated by half the population and the media; in fact - he's appreciated and liked by all - including our opposition
  • Labriola has been a Candidate for Congress and understands the inner workings of large scale Campaign Management
Here is Labriola's announcement in full, unedited: 

Dear State Central Committee Members:

The last 48 hours have been an extraordinary time in our Party. As the dust is settling, we can all agree that it is time to move our Party forward, without bitter rancor, and with a healthy amount of respect for each other. We must be mindful that the state is watching us closely, and it is incumbent upon us to enter this new chapter with our dignity intact.

For the last several days many of you, and other members of the Republican Party have approached me regarding the position of Chairman. I am honored and humbled by these overtures of support. A united Republican Party should be a force to be reckoned with in this state. We can and must bring together all sides. We will have a tremendous amount of party rebuilding and fundraising to do over the course of the next two years. While I am confident in my ability to lead this Party, I am mindful of my commitment as Treasurer to maintain fiscal responsibility and discipline for our organization.

I believe this Party, and this State Central body, is capable of gaining more seats in the General Assembly and statewide office, and on the federal level, if we put our heads down and approach the hard work that needs to be done together. It is because of my great faith in our Party that I am so honored by those who would see me as its leader. The opportunity to help my Party in such a role is not one that I take lightly. Therefore, over the next 72 hours I will be speaking with my family and friends to ensure this is right for all concerned.

Thank you.


(c) 203-376-0331

While The King doesn't formally endorse candidates, I have to say that this guy would be a stellar pick.



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Anonymous said...

We want a leader, not a cartoon. Did you see his campaign commercials for his Congressional "race". No undecided voter took this guy seriously and the results showed that to be the case. Other than being Treasurer of the party, what real success has he had? Successful lawyer? He does real estate closings. I don't ever think that he has seen the inside of a courtroom. With all due respect to your opinion, Mr. Labriola is a HORRIBLE choice to lead the Republican Party (unless, of course, you want a cartoon for a state party chairman?)

Cher said...

Thanks for the positive post on Jerry Labriola, Jr. I worked on his congressional campaign . . . in fact, that's my photo at the top of your post, thank you for using it. Jerry is a great person; honest, forthright and has integrity. I want him to make the decision that is right for himself and his family but I truly hope he decides to take the lead of the party.

As far as being a "cartoon", since when is humor a bad thing. I like a candidate that doesn't take everything seriously, including himself. It makes him a human being and not a party puppet.

Go Jerry!

Mopar said...

I, like anon, saw Jerry's campaign commercials, but I disagree strongly with his/her take on it. The "old spice" commercial received national positive attention and if I remember right even won an award. The very fact we're talking about his commercials says something. When was the last time you even *saw* TV commercials for a (R) in this state? Jerry had more support in his campaign against Delauro then any other candidate has EVER had. That support translated to more campaign donations and more votes then any other Republican against Delauro has ever had. No, he didn't win that race, but he did far better then anyone else ever has.

Anonymous said...

OK Jenkins, aka 'Anonymous'. We know your perspective. Given the fact that you dislike this candidate makes Mr. Labriola 100x more intriguing to me. Mr. Labriola MUST therefore be GREAT!!!!

William Jenkins said...

I think Jerry Labriola will make a great state party chairman. I did not make the first comment, you can verify that with the site owner of this blog as IP addresses are viewable by him.

Elvis Conti said...

Here's the link to Jerry's Campaign Award when he ran for Congress from the NY Times:

Anonymous said...

Just an fyi, its my understanding that Tom Scott ran against Rosa DeLauro many years ago and came very close to beating her.

But no one else has done as well against her in a very long time. Or even tried.

And that's what has stood out in my mind about him. He took initiative, a substantial risk (in both running and strategy), and I think he really enjoyed it, no matter what the outcome. He was serious about it too.

Our 'traditional' ways of campaigning haven't worked. Innovation and creativity are both the hallmarks of business and the Republican Party. I'm encouraged if he runs.

Anonymous said...

Is Healy up to something? From "On the same day Healy endorsed Pawlenty, the Republican long considered his successor to the party helm, suddenly ended his candidacy. With former State Sen. Bill Aniskovich now out of the running for chairman, Healy is expected to come under strong pressure to seek another term."

The King said...


Thanks for the link.

I'll make note of it on the main page.

Anonymous said...

Jerry? State Central Chairman? KING, you'd have to prick me with a fork to see if I'm baked through. I scarcely share your enthusiasm.

In fact, the very idea is astonishing.

I knew Jerry'd run for Congress just to pad his resume with the party. Didn't think he'd try for Healy's position.

But! Since those two down the scotch a the bar and slap each other's backs with all the big guffaws, I should'a seen that one coming from a mile away!