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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Case of The King

Jenkins is conducting a witch hunt
which has resulted in the smearing
of at least six innocent people so far.
When do the burnings begin?
Yesterday was Jerry Labriola, Jr's Day.  After months of discussions and prodding by Members of State Central and Registered Republicans, he made the decision to enter the race for State Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party. Given the widely accepted view of the current set of candidates, as a whole, his entry is refreshing to many of us who would like to see the CTGOP move away from cronyism and defeat to fair play and victory.  Whether or not, State Central Members have the courage to put someone in office who doesn't do deals and payoffs is yet to be seen.

Good Luck, Labriola.  If you can overcome the tidal wave of filth and corruption led by a small band of politicos, then you'll be my personal hero.  Remember, the people who think they are in control of the Party are an inch away from losing it.  The Aniskovich fiasco is evidence that our CT Republican Leaders and their cohorts have stopped thinking all-together.  For if they had a brain in their heads, they would have never fronted a candidate who is an absolute embarrassment to Republicans in general.  And everyone who got mixed up in their web of collusion is guilty. 

I should take a moment to point out that there are good people running for the Chairmanship who I believe are a step above this, including Pauline Kezer, Al Alper, and Rich Olivastro.  I do not care what they think of The King, but if their resumes came across my desk - I wouldn't think twice to hire them into any position because for one, they are all independently successful in their private lives, and moreover - I strongly believe they have the best interest of the Republican Party at heart.

Now to the subject at hand.  Hold on to your seats, because its about to get embarrassing for some.

As many readers know by now, yesterday Connecticut Republican State Secretary, Bill Jenkins, sent a long written email condemning Joe Visconti (Former First District Republican Candidate, and former West Hartford Town Councilman) and this blog.  It was not the fact that he criticized Visconti and myself that is of concern, it is the fact that within his letter he included detailed personal information about who he thought was The King which included this person and his wife's name, address, phone number, occupation, and date of birth!  In most companies, if someone had left this information sitting around a printer - they would be suspended or fired from their job due to strict HIPAA and privacy guidelines (you sign these forms every time you go to the doctor).

After careful consideration, I will not republish that email here or make specific reference to the name of the private citizen mentioned. According to what I've heard, the email was already provided to the Press by multiple persons; apparently, the victim of Jenkin's exceedingly poor judgement was none to pleased with seeing his personal information distributed to 72+ State Central Members.  Take a minute, and imagine what you'd be thinking if the Secretary of the Democrat Party took your personal data and distributed it to members of the Democrat Caucus - to be forwarded, and forwarded, and re-forwarded all over Connecticut, and beyond.  Tell me, who here, other than one sow in Bristol who keeps fanning the flames, thinks this was really a Good Idea?

Jenkins refers to people who don't agree with him as a nobody from nowhere.  Jenkins, please take note that there are few aristocrats, like yourself, living in that epi-center, Chaplin, Connecticut. 

Bottom Line: Bill Jenkins should resign. 

It's not surprising that neither Christopher Healy, and Catherine Marx have said a word to reprimand this act.  They have an obligation as leaders of the CTGOP to condemn Bill Jenkins and all those involved for taking this action.  Hey, Catherine - I'll give you a plug if you show an ounce of courage!  Silence is acceptance, and your silence speaks volumes! Actually, since Bill Jenkins is working for Catherine Marx, we can assume she's behind all of this, can't we?

Since Bill Jenkins has such a big mouth, he has also been telling people that it was Justin Clark who did the dirty work to dig up the information on The King.  I'm told that instead of being concerned about Jenkin's behavior, Clark is more afraid that his employers (and a certain city's Mayor who I will leave out of it for the time being) might take issue with his lack of judgement - particularly as an attorney.  Clark, you're a jerk!  And unlike Bill Jenkins, who has a reputation for being foul, and irresponsible, you know better than to play the Nixon-game - particularly on a private citizen.  Since you are so darn worried about what Tom Foley thinks, I wonder how Tom Foley feels about this?  Whatever the case, your research may have cost the Party big time, if this all goes in the wrong direction.  It's true, you didn't send the letter - but did you ask what the intention was?  Was I simply going to be added to the State Republican Christmas Card list?  I think not.  And neither do you! 

I mentioned before that Bill Jenkins has a reputation for misbehavior.  And as an elected official he is subject to public criticism.  Please see
for evidence that this aggressive behavior has been a trend, not a one time occurrence.  Using filthy language and making derogatory statements about women in his official capacity as Secretary is unacceptable.

Further, his subsequent follow up email today forwarded to me shows his lack of remorse for his overall lack of judgement. Jenkins now accuses two additional people who have nothing to do with the The King's View in its current form or authorship!  (This reminds of the Salem Witch trials, perhaps we'll hang a couple dozen State Central Members who have even spoken to or have ever been seen standing next to Joe Visconti).    I will make sure those people you named will get a copy of your email!!  Jenkins, thank God you aren't firing a gun, you'd likely kill your own troops. You're an idiot!

Before I close, I'd like to make one thing very clear.  Earlier this year, Republicans lost the Governorship, and failed to make gains in Federal Elections.  This was due in part to poor coordination at the top.  After this failure, I began to call for a replacing our 4-year incumbent Chairman, hoping that infusing new blood, new ideas, and strategies may help to turn things around. 

Whenever you challenge the status quo (particularly in the tongue and cheek style that I use), you draw ire from the die hard loyalists who benefit from things to stay as they are.  Chris Healy, to his credit, did the smart thing - he ignored my blog and went off and did his own thing.  In fact, he probably could care less about any of it.  Regardless, after months of criticism, The King got his wish, and the embattled Chairman surrendered.

Two weeks ago, a handful of Republicans opted to front a candidate that would have created severe problems for the CTGOP to move forward.  The King once again took up against The Establishment and fought to make sure Bill Aniskovich did not become Chairman.  He surrendered, and we as a Party are much better off for it.  Moreover, the exposure of the deal-makers involved helped to provide Republicans with insight into exactly what goes on behind the curtain - particularly when registered Republicans and donors are paying for it through donations - and taxation.  There is a lesson to be learned here - sadly, so far only the audience seems to get it.

For weeks, The King has helped to make the case that Jerry Labriola, Jr. should make a run for Chairman to help rid us of our negative imagine and rebuild the Republican Party, and moreover - for the benefit of Connecticut taxpayers and businesses who are overtaxed, overworked, and underemployed, and forced to deal with some of the most perverse social engineering legislation in our State's history. 

If you know anything about the The King's View it is that regardless of my exposure, I will continue to shed light on the darkness, and fight to restore Yankee Conservatism to its rightful place for the citizens of Connecticut!  And if our leaders won't live up to the task, they will hear about it!

To the dozen or so sources who have been keen to provide me so much good information over the last few weeks - thank you. And your identities are safe with me although you might expect the witch hunt to continue.  You are patriot Nutmeggers - as you can see, we have a long way to go. The battle for the heart and soul of the CTGOP has just begun!

And we're going to have some fun along the way!



Note:  I will be screening comments more strictly this time around.  I do appreciate the number of emails and calls supporting me and this blog.  Stay strong.  This entry will be edited for content later - it is in pure draft form in its present state and likely to contain many typos, grammatical errors and omissions.

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Sue Lavelli said...

I find it interesting that while you condemn others for being silent you give Jerry Labriola a pass. He was silent while the shenannigans went on even though he was an elected officer to the party, is he not guilty too. Otherwise King I give you the respect you deserve. Great work.

Dan Reale said...

Bill Jenkins publishing personal info about someone's spouse goes way too far.

If Bill Jenkins doesn't stop abusing the help or even holds a position within the GOP after his antics, the Libertrian Party of Connecticut will strongly consider running a radio ad using Jenkins' public statements as a recruiting tool. Further, the National LP has been made aware of his behavior, and should he continue to keep politics away from the real issues (ie fiscal imbalance, civil liberties, ect), I will see to it that his treatment of good Republicans and the tea party goes national in a big way. We can air such an ad by July 26th, the latest. We just may air it by July 1st.

The only way to stop this ad from running is for Jenkins to resign or be removed.

Donald K. Martin said...

The entire GOP CT State leadership should be purged (this means fired or replaced or some other suitable term)immediately! We need candidates like Chris Christy and Rick Perry! We need leadership and spokespeople who can advocate positions held by Jim Vicevich and Dan Lovello! Let's dump the RINO's and the cowards in the GOP!

Aryan from Darien said...

To Ms Lavelli, Why doesnt Rich Olivastro who is also running for the Chair position call out the heads of the party like Catherine Marx or dim wit Chris Healy since he doesnt have much to lose? Olivastro is nowhere to be found on the social media.Also I was watching Olivastro's Westport forum performance on Ameriborn News and I took exception to his putting his hands on poor Justin Clark, he used Justin like a prop, very out of form.

Barbara said...

OMG, I am appauled that the Secretary of our Party speaks about women with such condemnation. I will be putting a call into the Connecticut Republican Party letting them know that I will no longer support the Party or my local RTC financially as in years past unless Secretary Jenkins resigns !

J Reynolds said...

Chairman Healy please do something! Please stop this man Bill Jenkins before he ruins our Party any more than it is already. This is soooo shameful,what will I tell my Democrat neighbors when they see this?

Doris said...

Well I guess this is more proof that the Republican Party hates women as Democrats have been saying all along. As a registered Independent that has been seriously considering re-joining the Republican Party, this read regarding your Party Secretary and his hate towards women has shocked me back to remain unaffiliated. Such a missed opportunity.

Martha Dean said...

It is with sadness that I must agree. Though I appreciate his service to the party and assistance, it must be said openly now that this is a fully public: Bill Jenkins needs to resign immediately. As part of top Republican leadership in CT, he has simply demonstrated in his official position as party secretary too much poor judgment for too long. Time and again his foul mouth and shoot from the hip attacks on the innocent have been a public embarrassment to the good people of the CT GOP. If he doesn't step down immediately, his actions (and leadership's silence) will take down everyone around him.

Jack and Ida said...

Can someone tell me where and when folks are voting for a new chairman? Will the public be allowed access? Will the other positions such as Secretary be voted for too? My wife and I are making copies of the trash talk of our current Secretary Bill Jenkins which we read today here on this blog and want to bring it to the meeting to show members, we are outraged.We love our party and need to do something before it's too late. God help us all.

Martha Dean said...

I have no idea who writes this blog. But, today, in response to misinformed posts on Facebook attacking it for various things I wrote: "I continue to be amazed at our own lack of knowledge of our Patriotic history! The flag flown on the King's View blog is none other than the flag of the American Revolutionary War. In another post, earlier this week, a Republican FB commenter attacked the King for writing anonymously, claiming "our Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves" at the thought of such a thing! Yet it was our Founders (and the US Supreme court in more recent times) that held this right (the right to anonymous political speech) so dear -- writing the Federalist Papers under the pseudonym "Publius." C'mon Fellow Patriots. Time to pick up our game by READING ... and STUDYING our own history of Freedom!"

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Martha, for bringing up the first amendment. I have been having this argument w/my own SC member for weeks now. He insists on working on outing the The Kings View author despite my opposition for these reasons. There is a lynch mob after the Kings head!

None of the people here posting comments will be happy with this remark, but for me personally I can only say Bill Jenkins was both supportive and kind to me when I worked at the Capitol and never said one negative thing about women in my presence and we spoke almost every day at length - and I am a Republican female. In terms of language, obviously profanity is not the ideal use of the English language, particularly when speaking to professional colleagues, but when people like Martha Stewart are well known for their 'sailor's mouth' despite their squeaky clean image on camera, it's tough for me personally to fault someone for this.

Is the Bill Jenkins today different from the one I knew a few years ago? Perhaps. I really can't say. I will give him in the supposed private emails between he and Sean Murphy he really knew his stuff if you overlook the obscenities. It's a tough call on who should be forced to resign especially when just vocalizing their opinions. A child molester? Obviously. Embezzlement? Of course. Assault? Unless it was self defense, yes.

Rather than smoking one man for his words, I think it's best to just move forward w/a new Chair and staff...not one that will be more of the same...but one that will start fresh.

Anonymous said...

We must turn all this negative and frustrating energy and focus on the positive. Nothing wrong with a schumpterian house cleaning bit id rather see a managment turnover versus resignations. A jesus said, he who has never sinned may cast the first stone.

S Brown said...

Thank You Martha for recognizing this issue in our party. What can we do to get this man to resign, he's an embarassment and I can't image him in any position in our party whatsoever. Do the other State Central members know this man and how he spews filth and derogatory statements as evidenced in this blog? Do these other members of our State Party condone this behaviour? No wonder we lost so many seats last year. I blame the Chairman and the complete State Central Members. Where can I get a list of these people? I am mad as hell !

Katheryn Brown said...

I will have to agree with Sue, Jerry Labriola does not deserve a pass either. I spoke to Catherine Marx directly about Jenkins some time ago, she told me he was a "hard worker"...???

I have no idea who the "King" is and I dont care. If the Republicans who are elected to serve the party in state central would stop giving him a reason to speak out in his blog they wouldnt need to worry about who he is... Im just sayin... reap what you sow.

Stephanie from Glastonbury said...

@ Anonymous, sounds like the story we heard about Bill Aniskovich. Everyone rushing to his defense in the Hartford Courant (have a copy of that one right here) including squeeky clean Rino Rob Simmons who just happens to be from Jenkins Congressional District.Simmons, Clark, Hageman,Scliabba and Cambel were ok making deals with that slime bucket who lied to a reporter about not being a State Contractor, now Scliabba and Cambel are back in the race? Jenkins is cut from the same cloth and is working for Catherine Marx from what I read on this blog. Catherine Marx should be calling this man Jenkins out to defend the women of this party, where is she? I will tell you where she is, hiding under a desk hoping this whole thing blows over and no one notices. And for Chairman Healy to sit on his hands is simply a dereliction of duty in my book. Will any of the candidates speak up or will they all go along to get along with Jenkins back in as the new Secretary serving one of them? God bless the King whoever he is for putting out this information.

Louis said...

Has anyone called the Hartford Courant with this?

The King said...

From the ctgop website (public). Here is the current list of CTGOP State Central Members for the current term 2011-2013:

Note that Bill Jenkins' is not only the Secretary of the Party but also a State Central Committee Member.

I would call your attention to the section entitled Mission and Principles - then ask yourself - does the CTGOP leadership live up to these values? Answers may differ, I'm sure. Fear not, we'll get there.

If you do call your representative, please be respectful since many may not even know about this current scandal.

Anonymous said...

I was staunchly against Aniskovich and made it clear to many colleagues in great detail as to why. I do not support Marx either as she will be more of the same and keep the existing losing opportunistic group on staff. I am not rushing to Jenkins
defense, just relating my own experiences with him. If you don't have any yourself, you are judging him on what he writes now, which yes, has foul language, and yes, may present him as a different man than I knew a few years ago. Honestly, I think most long term Republican activists are about to blow...maybe Bill's at that point.

Anonymous said...

Torres needs to stay home with the rest of the candidates who cut dirty deals. Let them eat well done salisbury steak. Perhaps theyll understand what a bad taste they are leaving in peoples mouths.

Bullwinkle said...

Bill Jenkins is a fink !

Eddie Vegas said...

Torres is back in,Mr vote for me because I'm spanish? Rico Swabe !

Annie Ona Mas said...

Hey this is a perfect time to move the GOP headquarters to Bridgeport Al Alper, seems no one is in New Britain these days anyway.With Labriola working off site as treasurer, Healy applying for jobs all over the country while endorsing anyone he can including the Maytag repairman for president and Catherine Marx blow drying her hair with volumizer hairspray 24/7 for that "my hair moves more than my delegate count". We are doomed.

The King said...

Bullwinkle: I haven't heard the word "fink" in years. Perfectly apt to describe JERKINS. I couldn't agree more. Tell Rocky, I said "Hello".

Anonymous said...

All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men and women to sit idly by.... No current elected State Central officer should get a pass - period. They all need to be replaced by good Republicans with the confidence of their convictions. And so we are clear, that removes these on again/off again canidates, the candidates deciding to run only after Healy decided not to, the ones trying to broker deals, the last minute Lucy's, etc. You should either be in this from the beginning, not afraid to stand up and be counted, your convictions intact or you should be out.

Captain Ahab said...

I see two options, the first being that Jenkins walks the plank. The second option is to make him chair: if we're going to torch this ship, we should do it right and start the fire in the powder room.

Sue Lavelli said...

Aryan from Darien - Rich Olivastro is calling out party leaders by running for the State chair position on the premise that they have NOT DONE THEIR job. Why so many in the party want to support people who have had officer positions and sat by in silence while candidates have been so disrespected by the party leaders is a mystery to me.

Malvi Lennon said...

Well I have been "warned" that as a candidate i must stop speaking out on controversial issues - It was very nicely brought to my attention that I should limit myself to finding "nice" things to say and keep quiet about other stuff . Well maybe I am not meant to run for office, because from where I stand right is right and wrong is wrong. Mr. Jenkins has gone excessively far, Healy, and Marx have ignored his unacceptable behavior for too long. Jenkins needs to go and silence with regard to this issue make Ms. Marx very unacceptable as party chair.

Dan Reale said...

Malvi -


It's not like there's already a shortage of material to put on air or anything :)