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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Visconti: I have the antidote for CTGOP Woes

I received a request to publish this letter (via email) from Joseph Visconti (I'll assume most of you know who he is).  Not that I want to make it a habit of publishing random letters, but this one struck me as relevant to the current CTGOP crisis, and the State Chairman's Race. 

(Disclaimer:  This letter should not be seen as an endorsement by The King). 

Here is the letter written by Visconti unedited, in its entirety (pics/title added by The King) :

June 16, 2011

Connecticut GOP State Central Members:

Today as I predicted the Connecticut Republican Party has fallen into a corruptible mess regarding the establishment selection of Bill Aniskovich and must now begin searching for a Chairman we can absolutely trust, has ethics beyond reproach, is qualified to perform the duties and who has NO baggage.
Visconti may have the perfect
antidote for CTGOPs
chronic failure
Last winter I promoted Doug Hageman but to my dissatisfaction he endorsed Bill Aniskovich. Justin Clark who I caucused for years with when he was the Chair of the West Hartford RTC while I was a Town Councilor also with full knowledge backed Aniskovich thinking Bill was a choice Connecticut Republicans would accept. After the media storm today I believe both Justin and Doug wish they owned a time machine. For the record I will do everything in my power to make sure they or any of the other candidates for Chair that dropped out and endorsed Aniskovich never gather enough support to even bargain the Chair Position because their political judgment under pressure with much at stake for others is unconscionable.

The greatest disappointment in my book is Rob Simmons; his quotes in today’s Hartford Courant are ridiculous as Dan Lavallo’s Blog points out. Rob went back in time to attack Linda McMahon and found it unfitting to see Aniskovich treated the same way by his opponents? It’s time for Simmons to retire permanently and stick to the “Parade Circuit” because his age has evidently rendered his political judgment unsound.

Drum roll please - Here is where I will tell you the future the way it is suppose to be, not as it might turn out in a political parallel universe continuing to be designed by insiders or even as I would wish it to be:

The Political solution for the future chairman of our party is Jerry Labriola our current State Central Treasurer. Here’s how it plays out. Labriola must be courted by State Central Members ASAP to run; Catherine Marx must negotiate herself out of the race and bargain for a position in Jerry’s staff, if she and Jerry can come to terms. Pauline Kezer needs to join the inner workings of the Party to bring her political experience in as well as be a guiding force and stay away from the Social Issues. A Firewall must remain between the State Capitol Boys and State Central as absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hopefully the Capitol Boys understand after not heeding my warning and endorsing Aniskovich that they must tend their own work as elected officials and leave the Party Building to others.

The Doctor Is In!
Last month Jerry Labriola declared he would be running again for Treasurer but I am certain he has been looking in the political mirror for some time now wondering who will be the next “Great Right Hope” for the CT GOP and can lead us through the next presidential election without scandal or vendettas. Newsflash Jerry - there is someone staring back at you, it’s the conscience of the Party and it wants you to stand up for Connecticut Republicans.

If you are a State Central Member reading this, please call Jerry Labriola ASAP and ask him to enter the Chairman’s Race. The phone number to reach Jerry call 203-720-4050 (operators are standing by, CALL NOW!).

Joe Visconti

Former West Hartford Republican Town Councilor
Former Republican Congressional Candidate in CT’s 1st District

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Healy218 said...

Is it just me, or is there an epidemic of hypocrisy running rampant around here? You've got Visconti chastizing the political dealmaking that built the momentum for Bill Aniskovich - then he turns around and advocates the same type of dealmaking to solidify a run by Jerry Labriola. And for those who decry the Hagemans, Clarks, and others of the world who attempt to make political moves out of strategy (and in ignorance of Aniskovich's personal shortcomings) - I say wake up. You can't have a race to fill the Chairman's seat with multiple candidates and win without a compromise. What Visconti is woefully ignorant of is the fact that the entire current regime of the CT GOP needs to be wiped clean. You've got to excise this abscess and start with some fresh blood, fresh ideas. I hate to tell Joe, but no matter how loud he yells through his bullhorn, keeping holdovers from the Healy regime in New Britain will change nothing - it will only make Nancy DiNardo's job much easier.

Joe Visconti said...

@ Healy218. Read the post again turkey, it says the way it should be not the way I wish it to be.

jmarkley said...

If not Jerry, maybe Dave...

Count Pete said...

If not Jerry, how about Dave? Either Labriola could fill the post, IMHO.

Martha Dean said...

For GOP Chairman: Pauline Kezer. Not because of her personal policy positions -- but because of her superior understanding of how to win state-wide races and her knowledge of how to outmaneuver a Secretary of State Office that has no intention of eliminating voter fraud. I think we in the GOP are thinking on too small a scale, frankly, to turn our Party's prospects around if we go with a chair who lacks the heavy-weight credentials of a candidate such as Pauline. We in the GOP need to think big. Pauline is top-notch. She is the only candidate with the experience, strategy, knowledge of the system/the players/the party's past successes and failures, and integrity needed to attract many more to the party ... and to start winning state-wide and congressional races in CT.

skipcashwell said...

Initially, like in "way back, I endorsed & lobbied for Doug Hageman. I believed then, as I still do, that he has the experience, winning track record & ability to embrace multiple segments of the "conservative way", recruiting them for the CTGOP>

Now, however, with Doug's latest move that basically disqualifies him as a candidate for chairman, I had to rethink the entire subject. Although I respect and support Joe V's opinions & enthusiastic leadership, I must support Martha Dean's selection. I do not know Pauline Kezer: I DO know Martha Dean! And when Martha endorses someone (something that is very rare behavior) I will line up to support her choice over any other!

There is no one, NO ONE, in the CTGOP who is the epitome of honor, ethics & commitment to the right actions in life like Martha Dean. As such, her endorsement of Pauline Kezer should eliminate for all CTGOP delegates any consideration of any other candidate!

Susan Lavelli said...

Richard Olivastro, at his own expense and time, he traveled around the state after the last election and interviewed the candidates that lost asking them what their experiences were. This enabled him to understand where the party had failed these promising people. I know Rich is sincere and feels the only hope we have is to reform the party with a fair,transparent ethical process for choosing candidates instead of the insider games, candidates buying nominations and back-stabbing that has gone on too long at the State party level. I hope people will give him a fair review and consider what he brings to us as the president of Olivastro Communications professional leadership training.

Anonymous said...

Susan, why have you been pushing Richard Olivastro so hard? First for RNC Chair, now for this. What's in it for you?

Sue Lavelli said...

Anom- Who asked me "What is in it for me?" A chairman who would be unscathed by Party Insider-trading who could not be bought off or sold because he is an ethical man. Not everyone who has run for office is a self absorbed person seeking to 'get" something for themselves- some of us just want what we say we want- to retstore our country and we know we get it with people who can not be bought.