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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Great Connecticut Chairman's Race: 20-Day Tally

With only three weeks left in the Great Connecticut Chairman’s Race there are only a few major players left in the game who appear to be holding the majority of cards. First, let’s start with the raw numbers based upon actual known counts derived from discussions with representatives of the various camps who are in touch with The King.

We've coming
down to the wire
The vote totals look like this: Wild Bill Aniskovich leads the pack with approximately 22 votes, Art Scialabba and Justin Clark are tied with 12 votes apiece, Catherine Marx has about 8 votes, Doug Hageman clings to 6 votes, Al Alper has 5 votes, and Jim Campbell and Rick Torres have 3 votes apiece, and taking up the rear in last position is Rich Olivastro who has managed to secure at least one vote. (Margin is +/- 3 votes).

The candidates and their minions are telling members (and others) that they have a much greater total of votes than they really do. Of course, this is merely a political tactic to get others to switch to their winning team. A more entertaining fact is that I know that some State Central members are telling more than one candidate that they are supporting them so that “they get off my damn phone.” 

It’s true that the vote counts will fluctuate over the next week or so as calls are made and the real wheeling and dealing begins. Remember that the numbers above do not reflect the entry of possible dark-horse candidate(s) who are still sizing up the situation and trying to determine whether or not there is an opportunity to jump in at the last minute and take the prize (if you really want to call it that).

Last time around I floated two dark-horse candidates. The first was Rob Simmons. From the looks of things, Rob Simmons is telling people that he’s flattered to be considered, but would much rather focus on another bid for U.S. Senate. This is unfortunate on so many levels. But we respect his decision to seek glory elsewhere, and go back to the mat with Linda McMahon for Poli-Wrestlemania II. Let’s hope Rob has amassed a good size war chest this time – because he’s going to need it.

The second dark-horse candidate is Jerry Labriola. Labriola is said to be considering a run, but would only make the leap if he knew for certain that he would have high double-digit support before giving up the Treasurer's post. What is absolutely known is that State Central members are excited about the prospect of a Labriola chairmanship because he represents one of the few opportunities to elect a Chairman who could unite all the bitter factions and reunify the CTGOP because he’s the only guy who doesn’t appear on anyone’s enemy list.

It’s my personal belief that if the process lends to installing another corrupt Chairman to carry forth the failed legacy of the Healy years, then Labriola may not find it within his best interest to serve another term as Treasurer.  It doesn’t make sense to under utilize his talent and stick him in an powerless accountant’s role.  No glory there – particularly when you’re handcuffed by the Chairman, and his hand-picked finance committee.

Playmakers Involved

We touched on the some of the kingpins who are behind the scenes pulling strings, twisting arms, and making payoffs to secure votes. It’s worth taking a look at the reported alliances being formed which may likely influence the end result anyway. Obviously, above all else this is a numbers game.

It’s clear to The King that the main driving force in the formation of the present two coalitions in play is the Republican U.S. Senate Nomination. It’s no secret that Linda McMahon intends to make a second run for U.S. Senate against the likely-Democratic candidate Chris Murphy in 2012. For her purposes, it would be extremely beneficial to have friendly partisan in the Chairman’s seat who would orchestrate a perfect replay of the 2010 Republican State Convention which would ensure her victory through another round of political convention rigging, and filthy shenanigans. To this aim, a new coalition has emerged which includes Jim Campbell, Justin Clark, and Catherine Marx. Roughly, this coalition has a healthy 24 votes. Reportedly, the sitting Chairman Chris Healy is also fronting this power coalition, as is Tom Foley, who the likely front runner in the nomination for Connecticut Governor in 2014.

Given what's at stake, we see Rob Simmons working to form his own coalition to help him secure a path to the same goal. It’s obviously not in his interest to see a Pro-McMahon Chairman emerge (he's been through that hell before), so naturally – he has reached out to the remaining pool of candidates, attempting to establish a coalition of his own. Reportedly, this coalition includes Bill Aniskovich, Doug Hageman, and possibly Rick Torres. This coalition has 31 votes which gives them a slight edge over the McMahon-Foley alliance.

The one problem with this coalition is that its very hard to accept a coalition between a squeaky clean Rob Simmons and a corrupt character like Bill Aniskovich.

The Missing Piece

As I’ve said before, the two remaining candidates of consequence – Art Scialabba and Al Alper could, if persuaded – play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the Chairman’s race. Between them they have about 17 votes – not enough to win, or formulate a winning coalition of their own, but enough to put either of the two main coalitions over the top to win the Chairmanship.

Bill Aniskovich: The
Simon Bar Sinister of
CTGOP. Just what we
need - a crook at the helm
For Alper and Scialabba the choices are rather grim. Both coalitions have extreme negatives, and will cause a backlash in one form or the other.  Moreover, these two candidates have a high level of integrity, and are in the race for the noble purpose of rebuilding the Party; neither is seeking personal wealth or has the goal of paving the way for the next millionaire's adventure.  Perhaps they would offer to simply release their supporters to vote their conscious, and let the chips fall where they may instead of helping to install either a puppet of the Foley-McMahon camp, or sinister opportunist in Bill Aniskovich. 

Regardless of either of these choices - the Connecticut Republican Party will remain as divided as it does today.  You can read the tea leaves to see what I mean; I don’t think I need to spell it out here in detail once again.

For my dithers, I guess I still hope a dark-horse candidate has the courage to enter the race and give us a leader that EVERYONE can admire and feel proud of. With so much at stake for Connecticut’s taxpayers, Connecticut cannot afford a fractured Party, or two years of sworn vendettas – one camp against another, and the possibility of the emergence of a third party which no one will be able to control which will kill opportunities for us to take valuable seats statewide and at the Federal level.

Democrats are watching this very carefully. And by the way, as of right now, they LOVE what they see.



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Anonymous said...

Who in the world would vote for Olivastro?

The King said...

What can I say, there's one in every crowd. But seriously, if you go back and look at video of the Chairman's debate, Olivastro came across very crass and condescending. He's not a fit.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

I can see a lot of folks, now apparently including The King have had a sip of the Kool-Aid Anaskovich has been selling.

Instead of relying on my own count, our team, made up of political veterans including several other members of State Central, has been calling around chatting with yet other members of that body thus gleaning what we suspect is a more valid picture of just which candidates are where as it regards support.

Currently we have 15 - 16 that I suspect will stay with us regardless of how many ballots it might take on June 28th.

We have another 12 - 14 that are ours after fulfilling some other 1st ballot commitment.

Thus we're now looking for 10 more members to help us bring the Republican message of individual liberty and smaller government back to Connecticut.

While maintaining a civil relationship with other candidates, we have not "struck a deal" with anyone; but that should not be taken as any wish to vanquish anyone as that won't be happening at least not through any actions initiated by me or my team.

Quite the contrary in fact, as we plan to immediately enlist virtually all of them, focusing on their respective strengths.

- Doug Hageman
860 919-8315

The King said...

Readers: The King received this in the early am hours. Note that David Labriola is among the endorsees which begs the question as to whether Jerry Labriola is his own man, or if he was ever interested. Some of the other names are also very interesting.

Sent: Fri, Jun 10, 2011 7:13 am
Subject: House Republicans Endorse Bill Aniskovich

June 10, 2010

Dear Fellow Republican,

Today I am honored to announce that 35 of the 52 members of the CT House Republicans have signed a letter to the members of the Republican State Central Committee endorsing my candidacy for State Party Chairman. A copy of the original letter is attached to this email.

These members represent an overwhelming majority of the House Republicans, nearly 70% of the Caucus. Together they represent 85 towns, more than half the state of Connecticut. And I am most proud to report that 13 of the 15 members of the Freshman Class are included in this list.

This endorsement reflects my strong working relationship with our elected officials, the broad geographical reach of my support thus far, and my commitment to the next generation of Republican leaders.

I respect the previously stated neutrality of House Leader Larry Cafero and the members who have candidates from their home districts seeking the chairmanship. I thank them---and all the House and Senate Republicans---for their tireless work as the loyal opposition during this recently concluded 2011 regular session.

The text of the letter and list of signers appears below for your convenience. I look forward to seeing you next week.



To the Members of the Republican State Central Committee:

We, the undersigned members of the House Republicans, are writing to endorse Bill Aniskovich for State Party Chair. Many of us have worked with Bill as a legislator, some of us count him as a trusted friend, all of us believe that he has the combination of skills we need in a State Party Chair.

As a former candidate and legislator, Bill understands the challenges we face and will work to coordinate the political operation of State Central with our caucus.


The King said...


As a former leader in the state Senate, Bill will respect the role of our caucus leadership in the area of public policy.

As someone who has experience developing successful organizational structures in the business world, we believe that Bill can bring about the change we need at Connecticut Republicans.

Of the many talents Bill will bring to the Party, it is his enthusiasm, commitment and energy that will distinguish him as Chair. We know that Bill will be an accessible, supportive and effective leader.

Your decision this month is an important one. There are several talented candidates in the race for Chair. We look forward to working with whoever you select.

However, we believe wholeheartedly the best choice for our Party is Bill Aniskovich.

Thank you for your service and dedication to the Connecticut Republicans!


State Representative/District/Towns

Dan Carter 2
Bethel, Danbury, Redding

Tim Ackert 8
Columbia, Coventry, Vernon

Bill Aman 14
South Windsor

Tim LeGeyt 17
Avon, Canton

Bill Wadsworth 21

Marilyn Giuliano 23
Old Lyme, Old Saybrook, Lyme, Westbrook

Prasad Srinivasan 31

Christie Carpino 32
Cromwell, Middletown, Portland

Chris Coutu 47
Norwich, Sprague, Canterbury, Scotland

Penny Bacchiochi 52
Somers, Stafford, Union

Pam Sawyer 55
Andover, Bolton, Hebron, Marlborough

Chris Davis 57
East Windsor, Ellington

Bill Simanski 62
Barkhamsted, East Granby, Granby, New Hartford

John Rigby 63
Winchester, Barkhamsted, Canaan, Colebrook, Hartland, Norfolk, North Canaan

Clark Chapin 67
New Milford

Sean Williams 68
Watertown, Woodbury

Arthur O'Neill 69
Bridgewater, Roxbury, Southbury, Washington

Rosa Rebimbas 70

Tony D'Amelio 71
Waterbury, Middlebury

John Piscopo 76
Burlington, Harwinton, Litchfield, Thomaston

Vincent Candelora 86
North Branford, Wallingford, East Haven

Dave Yaccarino 87
North Haven

Noreen Kokoruda 101
Madison, Guilford

Len Greene 105
Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Seymour

Dave Scribner 107
Bethel, Brookfield

Richard Smith 108
New Fairfield, Sherman, Kent, New Milford

Debra Lee Hovey 112
Monroe, Newtown

Themis Klarides 114
Derby, Orange, Woodbridge

Laura Hoydick 120

Larry Miller 122
Shelton, Stratford

T.R. Rowe 123

David Labriola 131
Naugatuck, Oxford, Southbury

Brenda Kupchick 132
Fairfield, Southport

Jan Giegler 138
Danbury, New Fairfield

Mike Molgano 144

Anonymous said...

The King said:
"Olivastro came across very crass and condescending. He's not a fit."

Richard Olivastro is the finest example of an empty suit fully filled by a stuffed shirt that anyone's ever seen.

His arrogance is world class!

Anonymous said...

Doug Hageman is delusional, he only has six votes just as "King" stated.

And "King" at first glance, you come across as having a decent grasp on the matter at hand but your numbers here are pretty far off regarding Art Scialabba and Bill Aniskovich. I also think you've underestimated Catherine Marx' support. Alper only has two members voting for him (3 votes).

The King said...

Everyone has their favorites -perhaps you have yours. As I mentioned in the post, the numbers will fluctuate over the next few weeks. After June 14th, we will have a much clearer picture of what's to come.

I hope that for the good of the Party that after they have their say on June 14, that some of the candidates who are holding steady with single digit support will not linger hoping for a divine miracle. For them, staying through to the end would be in poor taste. Ten candidates on the first ballot is way too many, and could result in a bizarre turn of events.

As for Catherine Marx, her support is very limited, and it always has been. We all know that Art Mocabee is doing what he can to rally support for Marx (and perhaps his own Vice Chairmanship bid). Members agree that since she's been Vice Chair and owns much of CTGOPs failure. She cannot have it both ways by disavowing her role in our failures while at the same time claiming to be the solution. Sort of odd, don't you think?

A final note on my counts... these counts from the various camps. I'm sure every camp would have us believe they have 25 votes. And advocates of each camp tells me their opponents all have low single digit support. I think my counts are fairly accurate. Three days from now the numbers will change.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your "everyone has their favorites" statement King, I don't have a "favorite."

There won't be ten names placed in nomination on June 28 either, that's for sure.

Why would anyone in their right mind accept their name being placed in nomination when they know they will lose?

What I find amusing is that all the intrigue and fascination will most likely completely disappear by June 28th and I highly doubt there will be a contest for any of the officer positions.

The Emperor said...

Aniskovich sent out an email saying Torres is out of the race and supporting him. Big deal, Torres only had three votes so that brings Aniskovich up to 16.