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Friday, June 24, 2011

Bit and Pieces; last word on Porky Jenkins, How It Works

Happy Dreary Friday!

Let me begin this entry by THANKING EVERYONE who has commented, direct messaged me on Twitter, and emailed me with their support for The King's View.  Your emails are  thoughtful and encouraging! (and I will try to get back to each of you over the next week.)  I wish I could share some of them with readers, but since 90% of you have asked me to keep your comments and names from public view, I'm committed to that end.  I think I get the anonymity part.  If we learned anything this week, it's is that there are some very sick, and demented people - like CTGOP State Secretary Bill Jenkins  who uses filthy, low brow tactics to root out dissenters, and work to undermine our Connecticut Republican Party - to perhaps its lowest level yet. 

Disgraceful CTGOP
State Secretary Bill Jenkins
has got to go!
"That's All Folks!"
Based on what readers have sent me, I could write a six part series on his antics and anger issues.  But I'm not going to go there - this blog is not about Jerkins (or Porkins), or the role of his co-conspirators  No, its about many other things including blowing the lid off of the lack of transparency at State Central, and giving Connecticut Republicans a fighting chance to regain the majority of seats at both the State and Federal Level; the first step of which is to elect a competent slate of leaders.

As a reminder, we only brought Jerkins into the picture because he foolishly began a witch hunt, and began to distribute personal information to State Central members in his official capacity as Secretary with the intent to solicit retributive action against TKV. My understanding is that he's got such a mental problem that he STILL does not see that his demeaning characterization of women and distribution of private information as - problematic.  From all I have heard and seen -  there is enough anger regarding his behavior to warrant him not being re-elected to his post. 

If you haven't read it, please take the time to review Bill Jenkins comments here: .  The foul language and derogatory comments about women, individuals, the Tea Party, and others is disgraceful. 

I also recommend you take the time to read how Bill conducts "discussion" on public forums, such as in the comment section located here of the Norwich Bulletin.

Remarkably, Martha Dean, one of the patron Saints of the Connecticut Republican Party  posted: 

"It is with sadness that I must agree. Though I appreciate his service to the party and assistance, it must be said openly now that this is a fully public: Bill Jenkins needs to resign immediately. As part of top Republican leadership in CT, he has simply demonstrated in his official position as party secretary too much poor judgment for too long. Time and again his foul mouth and shoot from the hip attacks on the innocent have been a public embarrassment to the good people of the CT GOP. If he doesn't step down immediately, his actions (and leadership's silence) will take down everyone around him." - Martha Dean

You see - this is no longer just "A Blog Thing" Catherine!  Jenkins is your boy, and you look pretty bad right about now.  Let me say this - if State Central members return Bill Jenkins to the State Secretary position, I would expect all hell to break loose.  And this will create a firestorm for the next Chairman that they won't be able to put out for months - as both the Democrats, and the media are watching how CTGOP handles its rotten apples.  There is not a single person in the Chairman's race who isn't privately telling their camps that this is unacceptable.   Don't Blow it!

One last IMPORTANT NOTE on Jenkins.  If you read the correspondence between himself and Mr. M (name withheld) you can see Jenkins makes light of his decision to donate campaign contributions to FOUR DEMOCRATS.  I don't know about you but I have a REAL problem with the Connecticut Republican State Secretary filling the coffers of the enemy camp with the clear intention of helping Democrats defeat Republicans.  Jenkins justifies his decisions by stating that it had no difference on the outcome.  Fact is, its one thing to stay out of the mix, or vote in privacy, its quite another to contribute cold hard cash!  It's akin to supplying bullets to an opposing army.  State Central would do well to investigate this traitorous act!

Through this series of posts, it's been quite interesting to learn how many registered Republicans have no idea what State Central is or how the Republican Party works in Connecticut (or doesn't work).  One well-intentioned lady emailed me asking where she can go to vote for Chairman.  Hahaha.  I wish!

Here is the skinny from The King's view:  First, you have to realize that for the most part, the whole system is pretty much rigged from the start.  Republican Town Committee leaders pre-select town committee members who are friendly to a certain viewpoint or candidate, and send those folks off to a so-called district convention to vote for State Central Members to be elected in their district.  Most of the people who go are long time members, officers, or loyal supporters/ donors to specific candidates.  9 times out of 10, there are few challenges to attend the convention, and moreover - since the various convention rooms are stacked with people friendly to those seeking re-election, or election, its a rare situation to see candidates nominated from the floor, or a vote of no confidence to take place at the time of balloting.

When Republicans controlled the Governor's Office, the Governor - as head of Party- chose who the State Chairman is.  Governor Jodi Rell selected Chris Healy at the urging of Rob Simmons (isn't that an interesting fact given how Healy stabbed Simmons in the back last year?). But since Tom Foley lost, the accountability for choosing the Chairman falls to State Central Members.  The other positions (Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) are voted on by the members - but usually hand-picked by the Chairman to whom they are somewhat accountable to.

Since Connecticut has been governed by Republicans for twenty years, and the Governor's Office under Lisa Moody has hand-picked the Party spokesman - it's understandable exactly why the process has been so dramatic and political.  What we are witnessing is an incredible power-play by various individuals and groups who understands what's at stake here - complete control and direction of funds, policy, platform, and most important - the laying of the foundation for those pulling string behind the scenes who want to be candidates in the upcoming contest. 

Make no mistake.  All of these candidates are loyal to key individuals who need control.  For example, Justin Clark is loyal to Tom Foley (and I'd be willing to bet that if Foley had won, Clark would be Chairman today), who is looking to run for Governor in a few years.  Jim Campbell is loyal to Linda McMahon, who is looking at a Senate Run.  And Rob Simmons is calling and backing everyone so that he can also make a Senate run.

So the reason the politicos are so upset about what they are seeing on TKV is that they have no way of controlling the debate, or the flow of information.   They are furious that ordinary Republicans are getting a look into the inner-working of the broken machine. They are so angry that they have resorted to accusing each of being moles and informants because they cannot properly frame their meritless arguments. And this is how our leaders behave; all of whom demand a vow of obedience to their would-be Masters.  Pretty pathetic.  Pretty UN-Republican.  I fear that if Catherine Marx gets elected, Republican State Party Members will be forced to wear brown shirts, and take a loyalty oath.  What a Mess!

Our State Central Members seem to be in a bit of a quagmire.  From the beginning of their journey to State Central, they have NEVER been their own people.  Favors are granted, loyalties and alliances are formed, and expectations are set the day they get involved.  The idea that most State Central Members are free to vote as they wish (without fear of repercussions and influences) is pure fantasy.

But this race could be different.  While many State Central members are being called, and pressured - many are now uncommitted.  And there is a hope - just a shimmer of hope - that those who are strong enough to break their chains, can vote their own conscience, and select a Chairman who will be best for not just the CTGOP, but for Connecticut's citizenry over-all.

Buckle your seat belts. With lots of time between now and June 28th when the voting takes place, it's going to be a wild ride. Next week - it's going to be an INTERESTING week!

Lastly, yes I do have a lot more to share, but I need time to debunk the spin and noise. 

(Whisper:  Court Jester, let me know!)



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Anonymous said...

Go here and read up on Bill Jenkins true self.

Sue Lavelli said...

Having been a victim of the rigged system and manipulatoion in Enfield this is what happened to me when the chairman there decided I was too much of a problem for her so the King hits the nail on the head as to the complete problem from start to finish. Thank you King. I have always hoped it would be revealed to all how it is done and now I am glad you have said it.

Anonymous said...

Think we'll see CT GOP back scratchers in the gift bags at the next convention.