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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Great Chairman's Race: An Appeal to Heaven

It's hard to believe it, but we are FINALLY here!

After months of CTGOP infighting, broken deals, embarrassing moments, and witnessing the very worst that Connecticut politics has to offer - we are at an end to this not so wonderful journey. If there is any pain point to inspire Republicans to work their tails off to win the Governor's Office in 2014, and avoid another Chairman's election, then surely this experience is it.

The New England Revolutionary
War Flag of Washington's
Crusaders says it best.
It's by intention that The King has remained quiet over the past several days. Of course, I've been getting plenty of reports from my spies across the Realm, and reading the multitude of exchanges between State Central Members as they sure-up their ranks and get ready for tonight's vote. But the details have been neither exciting or unexpected, since loyalties to certain political philosophies and their advocates have always remained intact.

There are only two legitimate candidates left in the race - Jerry Labriola, Jr., and Catherine Marx. That is not to imply that some of the other candidates aren't excellent choices, its just that these two have each amassed more than the sum total of votes combined from all of the other candidates left in the race.

Tonight, after all the would-be candidates get their 30 seconds of fame and the first ballot concludes, everyone appearing to be a player on the board will fold their cards, and will serve their true Master by playing the momentum game. This age old strategy of passing along votes to one of the top candidates is employed to make it appear as though one candidate or the other has rising support among the members; the method is used to sway the uncommitted into their camp (of course, no one wants to be on the losing team!). A friend of mine illustrates the psychological effect on the audience as akin to the visual imagery of a school of bright yellow tropical fish in an aquarium suddenly turning in unison in response to sound or vibration.

So, don't be fooled. Understand that these deals have long been struck. The scripts were distributed over the past week. And the actors have memorized their parts for tonight's show. All that's left is for the curtain to rise, and the drama to unfold. If there are surprises to be had, it will be in the balloting for the other CTGOP officer positions. Few people want to walk away from months of gamesmanship with nothing - whether it's a title or a paid  position - some have a real vested interest in the outcome.

What people need to really understand is that there is a tremendous amount at risk in this election. Frankly speaking, I'm not cheering wildly for either of these choices, but at the end of the day, you have to accept what is before you and choose the lesser of two evils.

Without a doubt, the absolute worst choice for Connecticut would be Catherine Marx. There is no candidate in the race that is more undistinguished than Ms. Marx. Many people are describing Marx as Chris Healy II, but in reality that description is laughable; she doesn't have a quarter of the experience and skill that Healy has, and her election would likely result in a backwards slide for Connecticut Republicans.

If the past few weeks hasn't convinced members of her inept approach to dealing with current issues (the Jenkins debacle) or responding to attacks from Democrats (silence on Nancy DiNardo's comments on the Aniskovich matter) than nothing else will. Moreover, a Marx Chairmanship would further water down the Republican Party's social agenda thus providing the Democrats with a free pass on everything from Gays in the Bathroom to Gun Right Restrictions to just about any liberal legislative position that Democrats wish to take. No doubt, Marx is the favored Larry Cafero candidate ("We don't do God, Guns, or Gays") because he and his liberal friends would not see an ounce of pressure from Marx for at the next two years.

Most frightening to The King is that moving in such a direction would ensure the rise of Third Party created to advance causes and positions abandoned by the Connecticut Republican Party (not the national Republican Party) which would all but guarantee victory for Democrats at every electoral level. And I say to all the fat-pants, big suspender wearing types in the Connecticut Republican Party who are smirking, and brushing off the impact of 2 to 3% of the vote (sometimes the margin of victory (or loss) in some districts) that your view of things is shortsighted, if not insane.  You share the blame of tempting fate and antogonizing Connecticut's Conservatives with your small view of the world.

If Catherine Marx wins, Connecticut loses.

The other option is Jerry Labriola, Jr. This choice, while not perfect, is the best option. Labriola is a moral, decent person, who would be an effective, trusted, and energetic leader. He would most certainly need to build an effective team of Class A-1 players to fight the status quo leaders (who will still linger for years to come). He will have a heck of a time, turning off the noise and pressure from the special interest groups which would continuously plague him throughout his tenure. If he is to make a difference and right the ship, he will certainly make enemies with those who today profit handsomely from the status quo - both in terms of personal power and influence, and financial gain.

If Republicans stand a chance of defeating Democrats they will need someone who can think and act outside of the box. Marx cannot - she is owned, bought, and paid for by The Establishment. Labriola, if he is strong enough and can dedicate the time, could be the person to reverse direction of the rudderless ship. Since Labriola is the ONLY candidate of the two who would be champion change - then he is the only rational choice for the Chairman's position.

At present, Jerry Labriola, Jr. has a significant lead over his adversary. However, Catherine Marx and her Healy-esq minions are pulling out all the stops. They are desperate and cunning, and their tactics include trying to link Jerry Labriola to this blog (a false charge), and painting conservatives as nothing more than race-baiting extremists (and we thought Democrats were bad!).

Tonight Connecticut State Central Members have the rare opportunity to elect new leadership in Jerry Labriola, Jr. and see a new dawn emerge for Connecticut Republicans. God willing, they won't blow it. All we can do is make An Appeal to Heaven that Members can see the difference, and do the right thing for all of us.

Lastly, if nothing else - please make sure a half-witted, sick character like Bill Jenkins never holds a CTGOP position again.  He's the type who will bring us all down.



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Anonymous said...

Labriola wins going away.... agreed regarding the team he builds around him and there ability to energize our base. That means strong social conservatives and tea party activists who will need to fill the position of Vice Chair on down The "establishment" types (in this state at least) are feckless and incompetent with Marx being their team captain.

Anonymous said...

"Better to dance with the devil you know versus the devil you don't" as the saying goes. Could someone please turn off the music???
No one should be satisfied with voting for the lesser of two evils - ever! If we are going to make An Appeal to Heaven perhaps we should ask for State Central members to choose to rise above politics as usual, rise above the infighting, rise above the power brokering and elect one of the other "excellent choices". Someone that the Democrats can't point to and say "same old group - same old problem".

If State Central members are not going to turn off the music, could they at least play a different tune???

Malvi Lennon said...

In the past, our party leaders have been more about aiding insider enrichment, cherry-picking candidates willing to play the game, and safeguarding their own kind, than about getting real conservatives elected to office. I fear if we choose to continue the same path, then our party will continue to flounder…maybe electing a handful of Republicans, a few of whom are good conservatives, and the rest of whom are simply “Republican” because for now it is inconvenient to out themselves for who and what they really – opportunist seeking self-gratification. Our party cries out for real leadership. We need a Chair that stands ready to unite as opposed to split, we need a Chair who treats EVERYONE with respect, and insists that all members of the CT GOP and in particular officers, elected officials, and candidates do the same. We need a chair who believes in the grassroots, and do not seek to stifle, or dilute their voice, and leadership commitment to honesty and transparency, which, inspires the confidence and respect of others. So far, Catherine Marx has shown us that she is weak, that she is someone that will accept unacceptable behavior. I agree with the King's View. If Catherine Marx wins, Connecticut will lose.

Ya don't havta call me Johnson said...

Anonymous (12:00 PM) said..

"Marx being their team captain."

Not to mention their poster child.

Those that wish to keep Jenkins and keep losing by maintaining the current status quo, have no other choice but to support Marx.

Anonymous (12:31 PM) said..

"Better to dance with the devil you know versus the devil you don't"

There's nothing even vaguely "devilish" about Jerry Labriola, or for that matter one other (as yet unmentioned ) individual that might be nominated tonight.

Martha Dean said...

Dear King, I think you have given in for the status quo and "the best we can hope for" too easily. Your column today tries to justify a result that is less than optimal -- less than what Connecticut Republicans deserve. I love Jerry. He's a terrific guy. But he does not bring anything like the heavy-weight credentials and experience to the table that Pauline Kezer brings. You know I want us to win, for a change. I stand firm for Pauline Kezer. She's simply top-notch.

Malvi Lennon said...

IT would not surprise me if chris were nominated from the floor.

The King said...

Ms. Dean: I admire and respect your opinion, and appreciate your steadfast support of Pauline Kezer. I also think she has certain qualities unmatched by the other candidates. But the matter is largely a mathematical equation at this point. I do not see a formula that gives Pauline the majority needed to win.

Ms. Lennon: It would be in poor taste for Healy to ACCEPT nomination at this point. He just had a going away party to raise money for himself. I think he would damage his reputation further if it turned out that his retirement was just a rouse.

The King said...

The rules for this convention are as ridiculous as the process itself. On most planets, if a candidate doesn't obtain a certain percentage of votes - they are eliminated. CTGOP allows for as much shenanigans as possible. Endless nominations from the floor and permitting candidates with only two votes to continue through the end is counter-productive if not ridiculous. Anyone who remains on the ballot after receiving with only a handful of votes cares only about inflating their ego.ego

malvi lennon said...

I agree it would be in poor taste for Healy to ACCEPT nomination at this point but as I said, it would not surprise me. We have all witnessed much more tasteless behavior in the past.

Anonymous said...

Your majesty: You write "Mr. 0 for 3." We got Foley's campaign as the latest.

Can you please enlighten us on the other two botched campagins?

Anonymous said...

Geez, what a cretin. There's no such snake as an "adler" -- it's an "adder."