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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Being Green

The idea of introducing elements of "living green" into our daily lifestyle is hardly a new concept to most people. The last few weeks we've all seen a very good nation-wide campaign to educate people in the ways of incorporating green living options into our everyday lifestyle.

Speaking (or writing) as someone who's fairly conservative, I have to say that its unfortunate that Democrats have been seen as the folks who've owned these issues from the onset. And Big Money Republicans have traditionally been seen (and incorrectly so) as anti-environmental polluters. There is a paradigm here on this issue that would surprise most. Polluting and wasting is by far an American problem and not a political problem that is contributed to by everyday Americans at all income levels. It's apathy, laziness, and lack of respect that contributes to every day violations by neighbors and strangers right next door.

And it's easy to make the bad assumption that when a company is found dumping waste into lakes and streams, that 1) the company owned by a Republican (based on the belief that only rich Republican millionaires are capable of being CEOs), 2) the violation is advocated by Republicans, and, 3) that those who vote Republican aren't equally as angry and outraged at violators, polluters and so forth as would say - Democrats would be.

All of this classification by the left is ridiculous. But its also a foundation for Democrat candidates to run on/raise money one as traditionally, Republicans have never made environmental issues a top priority in their campaigns (if they mention the issues at all). Actually Republican candidates have been mute on the issues, even though THEIR biggest fundraising constituents have the most to gain by protecting the environment and keeping waterways and forests clean and protected.

Who are these folks? Hunters, fisherman, companies that deal in environmental clean up, and a host of other strange bedfellows that Republicans tend to forget about during election time.

Like everything, there is fraud and hyperactivity in every constituency. Al Gore and his merry men spent an astronomical amount of money to warn the world that Global Warming was annihilating the Earth and unless we do something - tomorrow - then we are all doomed. And that's the problem when fringe elements hijack causes. Even scientists disagree with Al Gore and his money-making phonies. It hard to take seriously anyone like Al Gore who tries to take credit for inventing the Internet. Isn't it?

But more to the point of the everyday violations that annoy me right here in Colchester, Connecticut.

What if the concept of "being green" is so remote that you have to start with the idea of "being clean"? What if the local population is so ignorant of acceptable behavior that "being green" is like a graduate level course, out of sight, out of mind from the norm?

Here are some observations about first steps to being clean in this environment....

1. People here seem to be disproportionally lazy. Garbage such as McDonald's wrappers and containers, soda cans, etc are often seen littering the streets of main and side roads. How lazy and ignorant can one be? Most destinations have garbage bins - can't these hicks put their garbage in a garbage can? What is the big thrill of throwing garbage out of your car pr 4x4 window?

2. The Town of Colchester doesn't even provide garbage bins in the town center or other places where garage can be discarded. Thus the town (run by Democrats) won't lift a finger to contribute to garage pick up. Colchester town officials set a poor example for residents by not bothering to provide receptacles.

3. Police officials don't pull people over for littering, gunning their engines in excess of every noise violation known, and they won't even chase speeding motorcycles as per their policy (another topic for another day).

4. Instead of using public works officials to clean up the messes along town streets (including the adjacent woods just off the road), town officials seek volunteers to do clean up around town. And the town's view is that if it doesn't get cleaned up, so be it. A pretty poor attitude shared with me by our public works department.

5. Attitudes about trash-riddled roadsides and building lots, and other areas of public disgust are chalked up as "country living". The truth is that this thinking is total BS and a cop-out. The problem stems from laziness, and the belief that "no one is going to do anything about it anyway." The problem is further exasperated by a lack of education on such topics in the schools and a failure of town and police officials to fine and punish violators.

Who'd a thought that being green was more complicated out here than it is in metro areas. In Farmington they argue about how uneco-friendly the recycle containers there are, out here they can't even recognize what a recylce bin looks like.

Good God. What a mess.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let's Go Sox

Finally, baseball season has arrived! I just hate these West Coast games since I'm usually in bed by 10:30 pm (so as to get an early start).

Dice K gets the mound in an hour. The goings are early so there's not much to be taken out of the first week or so of season. But let's face it, every win counts, particularly if it means winning the division or making a play off spot - and doing so by being only one or two games ahead of the next team in the end.

Repeats are rare. We've got the players to do it. But its a long season.

Time to crank up Joe Castiglione and enjoy the sounds of the boys of summer.