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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Dawn for Connecticut Republicans

A New Dawn for the CTGOP!
The King and his Army send formal congratulations to our new Connecticut Republican Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. You are hereby knighted Sir Jerry, and are to be given a large white horse to ride, and parcel of land within the second tier fortress. You are further to be granted unlimited access to the Knight's Armory where the finest swords are fashioned, and to the Grismill where the finest Ale in The King's Realm is made. Hurrah for Sir Jerry! For he is a Noble Lord!

Today is a great day for the Republican Party in Connecticut, and more so for the Connecticut conservative movement. The last legislative session, hijacked by a liberal Democrat agenda, saw little to no resistance from our Republican elected officials. In fact, the case could be made that the so-called moderate leaders within the Republican Party sold us out in thought, word, and deed. A boastful Len Cafero, awarded by our previous Chairman, doesn't do "God, Guns, and Gays" - he does very little for our cause, but strike deals with the enemy, surrendering the moral high ground without firing a shot, and then declaring that it could have been worse. Under Jerry Labriola, Jr. - we expect that those days are over.

Democrats have watched our Chairman's election with strained eyes - watching every move and gesture with keen interest. In some ways, we owe them a debt of gratitude for jumping on our Dump Aniskovich bandwagon so early. If they were actually smart over there, they would have quietly cheered on Bill Aniskovich and waited until after he was elected to send out their dispatches of condemnation. Leave it to Nancy DiNardo to run her mouth at the wrong time; we are counting on her to continue as we start the next phase of our Take Back Connecticut Campaign.

Back to a little more inside baseball.

We have to admit that yesterday's quick conclusion to the Chairman's ballot was a bit of a surprise. Surely, the fact that Catherine Marx was unable to form a coalition between herself and other candidates proved to be the final blow to her designs on the Chairmanship. Strangely, the sudden late push by Jim Campbell of Greenwich, backed by Rick Torres of Bridgeport revealed the thickness of smoke and confusion on the battlefield. Jim Campbell was running around telling people he had as many as 40 votes. Most politicos know that people who run around bragging about what they have, likely have nothing. Candidates who actually have the numbers - say nothing. They do not try to bluff their way to victory, as in the case of Mr. Campbell (and Linda McMahon).

Well, now it's Sir Jerry's turn. And frankly speaking there is a heck of lot of work to be done.

First internally there is the work of the mending of the souls. Only a fool would claim that Jerry's win was a landslide. Jerry earned 43 or so votes to Catherine Marx's reported 25. Marx's votes were mostly geographical in nature - the usual first district stalwarts garnered by the usual suspects - Moccabee, Turner, etc. What this means is that the CTGOP is pretty much split down the middle as Labriola takes the helm.

How we as a Party respond to this division and work to come together in unison (or not) is going to be extremely important to the potential for progress that we can make as a political force. Face it - Jerry Labriola, Jr. will need help in every district, and from every Republican Chairman, coordinator, and individual in the land. It will be a true to test of character to see who stands up to be counted on to help our new Chairman be successful. Continued infighting, and posturing, or the making of demands by certain groups will only help and aid the enemy. Republicans now have a unique opportunity to form a powerful and productive force against Dan Malloy, Nancy Dinardo, and Legislative Democrats; and to formulate a strategy to purge the Democrat cancer that is plaguing Connecticut Taxpayers and Businesses.

Or we can chose the nasty path. We can sulk, whine, create disunity, and destroy each other through name calling and employing the usual sabotage tactics to help ensure that Democrats stay in power forever. The choice lies with the Catherine Marx's, the Art Moccabees, the Tom Foleys, and all those who live in the first district who are crying in their Cheerios this morning. Take a few days to reflect on what has come to pass, and then for the sake of the Taxpayers (if not the Party) come together to focus on turning Connecticut - red.

Also, I should recognize and congratulate our new Vice Chair Themis KlaridesThe King will be carefully watching Rep. Klarides with great interest.  Many suspect her inclusion as a ploy to help steer State Central on behalf of her moderate collegues in the Legislature.  Time will tell what Ms. Klarides' agenda really is. We note that she voted against Repeal of the Death Penalty, and against the Paid Sick Leave Bill, but unfortunately in favor of Same Sex Marriage, and Decriminalizing Marijuna.  So the record is mixed, and it will be interesting to see what influence she'll have on the CTGOP's public platform.

The King also congratulates new State Secretary Art Scialabba, and Gary Schaffrick as our new State Treasurer.  Both will do a fine job in their respective roles.

A week or so from now, I'm planning to publish a piece called "Winners and Losers". But before I do this, I want to give people ample time to cool down and reflect on what has just transpired. Whether one is a good loser or a sore loser will depend on how they conduct themselves over the next few weeks.

As witnessed, several of last night's losers stormed out of the building after hearing ballot totals read. That human reaction is both painful and emotional, I know. In politics, losing stinks. And there isn't any other way to look at it. Which is why campaigning on any scale is not for the weak of heart or soft of skin. When you lose its as if your the total sum of your being has been rejected. You feel a deep pit in your stomach, and you see yourself as cast off -- alone; it's as though you are staring out from a dark, narrow tunnel. Being rejected by your peers (in this case those sitting right next to you) is about as bad a feeling as it gets emotionally. 

Now it's time for Jerry Labriola to select his team. He should do this of his own accord and without a thousand motley fools whispering in his ear. I urge him to take his time and chose wisely. Talent and loyalty are the best characteristics that he can find in an individual charged with the important tasks set before us. I hope he examines every aspect of the individuals who will apply for key positions. All to often there are geniuses at the top setting direction which are in turn stifled by morons selected for the execution of plans at the next tier. And remember, there is no advantage to employing a loyal, but incompetent person in any role. They cost more than they are worth!

Pray Jerry's team is a competent and capable one. We are all counting on a successful two years.

At this point, it's important to recognize one of the architects of this little revolution - Mr. Joseph Visconti.  Regardless of what you hear, and the revisionist history that will take place when we are all white-haired dinosaurs sitting around the retirement home parlor, it was Mr. Visconti who played a key role in recruiting Jerry Labriola, Jr.  To his credit, Visconti has asked for nothing in return.  Say what you want about Joe, but he is a tireless arbiter of the Conservative Momement in Connecticut, and an unsung hero of the Republican cause (and he's going to kill me for putting this in here).  You will never meet a more selfless activist than Joe.  And those who have taken the time to get to know Joe, know this well.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the happiness many of us share about seeing Bill Jenkins out of the Secretary's position. The lowest of the low has been knocked off his perch - destined to return to cigar blogs where - I guess - he has the most credibility. Although he only lost by a slim margin, it shows that there is still a majority of State Central Members that find using such vulgar language against women unacceptable for any leader of our Party. I'm glad we were able to settle this internally without the media using Jenkins as a tool to aid Democrats. Jenkins thought he was a mercenary, but in fact his entire contribution was akin to an Islamic suicide bomber detonating himself in an empty warehouse.  Good Riddance!



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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Great Chairman's Race: An Appeal to Heaven

It's hard to believe it, but we are FINALLY here!

After months of CTGOP infighting, broken deals, embarrassing moments, and witnessing the very worst that Connecticut politics has to offer - we are at an end to this not so wonderful journey. If there is any pain point to inspire Republicans to work their tails off to win the Governor's Office in 2014, and avoid another Chairman's election, then surely this experience is it.

The New England Revolutionary
War Flag of Washington's
Crusaders says it best.
It's by intention that The King has remained quiet over the past several days. Of course, I've been getting plenty of reports from my spies across the Realm, and reading the multitude of exchanges between State Central Members as they sure-up their ranks and get ready for tonight's vote. But the details have been neither exciting or unexpected, since loyalties to certain political philosophies and their advocates have always remained intact.

There are only two legitimate candidates left in the race - Jerry Labriola, Jr., and Catherine Marx. That is not to imply that some of the other candidates aren't excellent choices, its just that these two have each amassed more than the sum total of votes combined from all of the other candidates left in the race.

Tonight, after all the would-be candidates get their 30 seconds of fame and the first ballot concludes, everyone appearing to be a player on the board will fold their cards, and will serve their true Master by playing the momentum game. This age old strategy of passing along votes to one of the top candidates is employed to make it appear as though one candidate or the other has rising support among the members; the method is used to sway the uncommitted into their camp (of course, no one wants to be on the losing team!). A friend of mine illustrates the psychological effect on the audience as akin to the visual imagery of a school of bright yellow tropical fish in an aquarium suddenly turning in unison in response to sound or vibration.

So, don't be fooled. Understand that these deals have long been struck. The scripts were distributed over the past week. And the actors have memorized their parts for tonight's show. All that's left is for the curtain to rise, and the drama to unfold. If there are surprises to be had, it will be in the balloting for the other CTGOP officer positions. Few people want to walk away from months of gamesmanship with nothing - whether it's a title or a paid  position - some have a real vested interest in the outcome.

What people need to really understand is that there is a tremendous amount at risk in this election. Frankly speaking, I'm not cheering wildly for either of these choices, but at the end of the day, you have to accept what is before you and choose the lesser of two evils.

Without a doubt, the absolute worst choice for Connecticut would be Catherine Marx. There is no candidate in the race that is more undistinguished than Ms. Marx. Many people are describing Marx as Chris Healy II, but in reality that description is laughable; she doesn't have a quarter of the experience and skill that Healy has, and her election would likely result in a backwards slide for Connecticut Republicans.

If the past few weeks hasn't convinced members of her inept approach to dealing with current issues (the Jenkins debacle) or responding to attacks from Democrats (silence on Nancy DiNardo's comments on the Aniskovich matter) than nothing else will. Moreover, a Marx Chairmanship would further water down the Republican Party's social agenda thus providing the Democrats with a free pass on everything from Gays in the Bathroom to Gun Right Restrictions to just about any liberal legislative position that Democrats wish to take. No doubt, Marx is the favored Larry Cafero candidate ("We don't do God, Guns, or Gays") because he and his liberal friends would not see an ounce of pressure from Marx for at the next two years.

Most frightening to The King is that moving in such a direction would ensure the rise of Third Party created to advance causes and positions abandoned by the Connecticut Republican Party (not the national Republican Party) which would all but guarantee victory for Democrats at every electoral level. And I say to all the fat-pants, big suspender wearing types in the Connecticut Republican Party who are smirking, and brushing off the impact of 2 to 3% of the vote (sometimes the margin of victory (or loss) in some districts) that your view of things is shortsighted, if not insane.  You share the blame of tempting fate and antogonizing Connecticut's Conservatives with your small view of the world.

If Catherine Marx wins, Connecticut loses.

The other option is Jerry Labriola, Jr. This choice, while not perfect, is the best option. Labriola is a moral, decent person, who would be an effective, trusted, and energetic leader. He would most certainly need to build an effective team of Class A-1 players to fight the status quo leaders (who will still linger for years to come). He will have a heck of a time, turning off the noise and pressure from the special interest groups which would continuously plague him throughout his tenure. If he is to make a difference and right the ship, he will certainly make enemies with those who today profit handsomely from the status quo - both in terms of personal power and influence, and financial gain.

If Republicans stand a chance of defeating Democrats they will need someone who can think and act outside of the box. Marx cannot - she is owned, bought, and paid for by The Establishment. Labriola, if he is strong enough and can dedicate the time, could be the person to reverse direction of the rudderless ship. Since Labriola is the ONLY candidate of the two who would be champion change - then he is the only rational choice for the Chairman's position.

At present, Jerry Labriola, Jr. has a significant lead over his adversary. However, Catherine Marx and her Healy-esq minions are pulling out all the stops. They are desperate and cunning, and their tactics include trying to link Jerry Labriola to this blog (a false charge), and painting conservatives as nothing more than race-baiting extremists (and we thought Democrats were bad!).

Tonight Connecticut State Central Members have the rare opportunity to elect new leadership in Jerry Labriola, Jr. and see a new dawn emerge for Connecticut Republicans. God willing, they won't blow it. All we can do is make An Appeal to Heaven that Members can see the difference, and do the right thing for all of us.

Lastly, if nothing else - please make sure a half-witted, sick character like Bill Jenkins never holds a CTGOP position again.  He's the type who will bring us all down.



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Friday, June 24, 2011

Bit and Pieces; last word on Porky Jenkins, How It Works

Happy Dreary Friday!

Let me begin this entry by THANKING EVERYONE who has commented, direct messaged me on Twitter, and emailed me with their support for The King's View.  Your emails are  thoughtful and encouraging! (and I will try to get back to each of you over the next week.)  I wish I could share some of them with readers, but since 90% of you have asked me to keep your comments and names from public view, I'm committed to that end.  I think I get the anonymity part.  If we learned anything this week, it's is that there are some very sick, and demented people - like CTGOP State Secretary Bill Jenkins  who uses filthy, low brow tactics to root out dissenters, and work to undermine our Connecticut Republican Party - to perhaps its lowest level yet. 

Disgraceful CTGOP
State Secretary Bill Jenkins
has got to go!
"That's All Folks!"
Based on what readers have sent me, I could write a six part series on his antics and anger issues.  But I'm not going to go there - this blog is not about Jerkins (or Porkins), or the role of his co-conspirators  No, its about many other things including blowing the lid off of the lack of transparency at State Central, and giving Connecticut Republicans a fighting chance to regain the majority of seats at both the State and Federal Level; the first step of which is to elect a competent slate of leaders.

As a reminder, we only brought Jerkins into the picture because he foolishly began a witch hunt, and began to distribute personal information to State Central members in his official capacity as Secretary with the intent to solicit retributive action against TKV. My understanding is that he's got such a mental problem that he STILL does not see that his demeaning characterization of women and distribution of private information as - problematic.  From all I have heard and seen -  there is enough anger regarding his behavior to warrant him not being re-elected to his post. 

If you haven't read it, please take the time to review Bill Jenkins comments here: .  The foul language and derogatory comments about women, individuals, the Tea Party, and others is disgraceful. 

I also recommend you take the time to read how Bill conducts "discussion" on public forums, such as in the comment section located here of the Norwich Bulletin.

Remarkably, Martha Dean, one of the patron Saints of the Connecticut Republican Party  posted: 

"It is with sadness that I must agree. Though I appreciate his service to the party and assistance, it must be said openly now that this is a fully public: Bill Jenkins needs to resign immediately. As part of top Republican leadership in CT, he has simply demonstrated in his official position as party secretary too much poor judgment for too long. Time and again his foul mouth and shoot from the hip attacks on the innocent have been a public embarrassment to the good people of the CT GOP. If he doesn't step down immediately, his actions (and leadership's silence) will take down everyone around him." - Martha Dean

You see - this is no longer just "A Blog Thing" Catherine!  Jenkins is your boy, and you look pretty bad right about now.  Let me say this - if State Central members return Bill Jenkins to the State Secretary position, I would expect all hell to break loose.  And this will create a firestorm for the next Chairman that they won't be able to put out for months - as both the Democrats, and the media are watching how CTGOP handles its rotten apples.  There is not a single person in the Chairman's race who isn't privately telling their camps that this is unacceptable.   Don't Blow it!

One last IMPORTANT NOTE on Jenkins.  If you read the correspondence between himself and Mr. M (name withheld) you can see Jenkins makes light of his decision to donate campaign contributions to FOUR DEMOCRATS.  I don't know about you but I have a REAL problem with the Connecticut Republican State Secretary filling the coffers of the enemy camp with the clear intention of helping Democrats defeat Republicans.  Jenkins justifies his decisions by stating that it had no difference on the outcome.  Fact is, its one thing to stay out of the mix, or vote in privacy, its quite another to contribute cold hard cash!  It's akin to supplying bullets to an opposing army.  State Central would do well to investigate this traitorous act!

Through this series of posts, it's been quite interesting to learn how many registered Republicans have no idea what State Central is or how the Republican Party works in Connecticut (or doesn't work).  One well-intentioned lady emailed me asking where she can go to vote for Chairman.  Hahaha.  I wish!

Here is the skinny from The King's view:  First, you have to realize that for the most part, the whole system is pretty much rigged from the start.  Republican Town Committee leaders pre-select town committee members who are friendly to a certain viewpoint or candidate, and send those folks off to a so-called district convention to vote for State Central Members to be elected in their district.  Most of the people who go are long time members, officers, or loyal supporters/ donors to specific candidates.  9 times out of 10, there are few challenges to attend the convention, and moreover - since the various convention rooms are stacked with people friendly to those seeking re-election, or election, its a rare situation to see candidates nominated from the floor, or a vote of no confidence to take place at the time of balloting.

When Republicans controlled the Governor's Office, the Governor - as head of Party- chose who the State Chairman is.  Governor Jodi Rell selected Chris Healy at the urging of Rob Simmons (isn't that an interesting fact given how Healy stabbed Simmons in the back last year?). But since Tom Foley lost, the accountability for choosing the Chairman falls to State Central Members.  The other positions (Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) are voted on by the members - but usually hand-picked by the Chairman to whom they are somewhat accountable to.

Since Connecticut has been governed by Republicans for twenty years, and the Governor's Office under Lisa Moody has hand-picked the Party spokesman - it's understandable exactly why the process has been so dramatic and political.  What we are witnessing is an incredible power-play by various individuals and groups who understands what's at stake here - complete control and direction of funds, policy, platform, and most important - the laying of the foundation for those pulling string behind the scenes who want to be candidates in the upcoming contest. 

Make no mistake.  All of these candidates are loyal to key individuals who need control.  For example, Justin Clark is loyal to Tom Foley (and I'd be willing to bet that if Foley had won, Clark would be Chairman today), who is looking to run for Governor in a few years.  Jim Campbell is loyal to Linda McMahon, who is looking at a Senate Run.  And Rob Simmons is calling and backing everyone so that he can also make a Senate run.

So the reason the politicos are so upset about what they are seeing on TKV is that they have no way of controlling the debate, or the flow of information.   They are furious that ordinary Republicans are getting a look into the inner-working of the broken machine. They are so angry that they have resorted to accusing each of being moles and informants because they cannot properly frame their meritless arguments. And this is how our leaders behave; all of whom demand a vow of obedience to their would-be Masters.  Pretty pathetic.  Pretty UN-Republican.  I fear that if Catherine Marx gets elected, Republican State Party Members will be forced to wear brown shirts, and take a loyalty oath.  What a Mess!

Our State Central Members seem to be in a bit of a quagmire.  From the beginning of their journey to State Central, they have NEVER been their own people.  Favors are granted, loyalties and alliances are formed, and expectations are set the day they get involved.  The idea that most State Central Members are free to vote as they wish (without fear of repercussions and influences) is pure fantasy.

But this race could be different.  While many State Central members are being called, and pressured - many are now uncommitted.  And there is a hope - just a shimmer of hope - that those who are strong enough to break their chains, can vote their own conscience, and select a Chairman who will be best for not just the CTGOP, but for Connecticut's citizenry over-all.

Buckle your seat belts. With lots of time between now and June 28th when the voting takes place, it's going to be a wild ride. Next week - it's going to be an INTERESTING week!

Lastly, yes I do have a lot more to share, but I need time to debunk the spin and noise. 

(Whisper:  Court Jester, let me know!)



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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Case of The King

Jenkins is conducting a witch hunt
which has resulted in the smearing
of at least six innocent people so far.
When do the burnings begin?
Yesterday was Jerry Labriola, Jr's Day.  After months of discussions and prodding by Members of State Central and Registered Republicans, he made the decision to enter the race for State Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party. Given the widely accepted view of the current set of candidates, as a whole, his entry is refreshing to many of us who would like to see the CTGOP move away from cronyism and defeat to fair play and victory.  Whether or not, State Central Members have the courage to put someone in office who doesn't do deals and payoffs is yet to be seen.

Good Luck, Labriola.  If you can overcome the tidal wave of filth and corruption led by a small band of politicos, then you'll be my personal hero.  Remember, the people who think they are in control of the Party are an inch away from losing it.  The Aniskovich fiasco is evidence that our CT Republican Leaders and their cohorts have stopped thinking all-together.  For if they had a brain in their heads, they would have never fronted a candidate who is an absolute embarrassment to Republicans in general.  And everyone who got mixed up in their web of collusion is guilty. 

I should take a moment to point out that there are good people running for the Chairmanship who I believe are a step above this, including Pauline Kezer, Al Alper, and Rich Olivastro.  I do not care what they think of The King, but if their resumes came across my desk - I wouldn't think twice to hire them into any position because for one, they are all independently successful in their private lives, and moreover - I strongly believe they have the best interest of the Republican Party at heart.

Now to the subject at hand.  Hold on to your seats, because its about to get embarrassing for some.

As many readers know by now, yesterday Connecticut Republican State Secretary, Bill Jenkins, sent a long written email condemning Joe Visconti (Former First District Republican Candidate, and former West Hartford Town Councilman) and this blog.  It was not the fact that he criticized Visconti and myself that is of concern, it is the fact that within his letter he included detailed personal information about who he thought was The King which included this person and his wife's name, address, phone number, occupation, and date of birth!  In most companies, if someone had left this information sitting around a printer - they would be suspended or fired from their job due to strict HIPAA and privacy guidelines (you sign these forms every time you go to the doctor).

After careful consideration, I will not republish that email here or make specific reference to the name of the private citizen mentioned. According to what I've heard, the email was already provided to the Press by multiple persons; apparently, the victim of Jenkin's exceedingly poor judgement was none to pleased with seeing his personal information distributed to 72+ State Central Members.  Take a minute, and imagine what you'd be thinking if the Secretary of the Democrat Party took your personal data and distributed it to members of the Democrat Caucus - to be forwarded, and forwarded, and re-forwarded all over Connecticut, and beyond.  Tell me, who here, other than one sow in Bristol who keeps fanning the flames, thinks this was really a Good Idea?

Jenkins refers to people who don't agree with him as a nobody from nowhere.  Jenkins, please take note that there are few aristocrats, like yourself, living in that epi-center, Chaplin, Connecticut. 

Bottom Line: Bill Jenkins should resign. 

It's not surprising that neither Christopher Healy, and Catherine Marx have said a word to reprimand this act.  They have an obligation as leaders of the CTGOP to condemn Bill Jenkins and all those involved for taking this action.  Hey, Catherine - I'll give you a plug if you show an ounce of courage!  Silence is acceptance, and your silence speaks volumes! Actually, since Bill Jenkins is working for Catherine Marx, we can assume she's behind all of this, can't we?

Since Bill Jenkins has such a big mouth, he has also been telling people that it was Justin Clark who did the dirty work to dig up the information on The King.  I'm told that instead of being concerned about Jenkin's behavior, Clark is more afraid that his employers (and a certain city's Mayor who I will leave out of it for the time being) might take issue with his lack of judgement - particularly as an attorney.  Clark, you're a jerk!  And unlike Bill Jenkins, who has a reputation for being foul, and irresponsible, you know better than to play the Nixon-game - particularly on a private citizen.  Since you are so darn worried about what Tom Foley thinks, I wonder how Tom Foley feels about this?  Whatever the case, your research may have cost the Party big time, if this all goes in the wrong direction.  It's true, you didn't send the letter - but did you ask what the intention was?  Was I simply going to be added to the State Republican Christmas Card list?  I think not.  And neither do you! 

I mentioned before that Bill Jenkins has a reputation for misbehavior.  And as an elected official he is subject to public criticism.  Please see
for evidence that this aggressive behavior has been a trend, not a one time occurrence.  Using filthy language and making derogatory statements about women in his official capacity as Secretary is unacceptable.

Further, his subsequent follow up email today forwarded to me shows his lack of remorse for his overall lack of judgement. Jenkins now accuses two additional people who have nothing to do with the The King's View in its current form or authorship!  (This reminds of the Salem Witch trials, perhaps we'll hang a couple dozen State Central Members who have even spoken to or have ever been seen standing next to Joe Visconti).    I will make sure those people you named will get a copy of your email!!  Jenkins, thank God you aren't firing a gun, you'd likely kill your own troops. You're an idiot!

Before I close, I'd like to make one thing very clear.  Earlier this year, Republicans lost the Governorship, and failed to make gains in Federal Elections.  This was due in part to poor coordination at the top.  After this failure, I began to call for a replacing our 4-year incumbent Chairman, hoping that infusing new blood, new ideas, and strategies may help to turn things around. 

Whenever you challenge the status quo (particularly in the tongue and cheek style that I use), you draw ire from the die hard loyalists who benefit from things to stay as they are.  Chris Healy, to his credit, did the smart thing - he ignored my blog and went off and did his own thing.  In fact, he probably could care less about any of it.  Regardless, after months of criticism, The King got his wish, and the embattled Chairman surrendered.

Two weeks ago, a handful of Republicans opted to front a candidate that would have created severe problems for the CTGOP to move forward.  The King once again took up against The Establishment and fought to make sure Bill Aniskovich did not become Chairman.  He surrendered, and we as a Party are much better off for it.  Moreover, the exposure of the deal-makers involved helped to provide Republicans with insight into exactly what goes on behind the curtain - particularly when registered Republicans and donors are paying for it through donations - and taxation.  There is a lesson to be learned here - sadly, so far only the audience seems to get it.

For weeks, The King has helped to make the case that Jerry Labriola, Jr. should make a run for Chairman to help rid us of our negative imagine and rebuild the Republican Party, and moreover - for the benefit of Connecticut taxpayers and businesses who are overtaxed, overworked, and underemployed, and forced to deal with some of the most perverse social engineering legislation in our State's history. 

If you know anything about the The King's View it is that regardless of my exposure, I will continue to shed light on the darkness, and fight to restore Yankee Conservatism to its rightful place for the citizens of Connecticut!  And if our leaders won't live up to the task, they will hear about it!

To the dozen or so sources who have been keen to provide me so much good information over the last few weeks - thank you. And your identities are safe with me although you might expect the witch hunt to continue.  You are patriot Nutmeggers - as you can see, we have a long way to go. The battle for the heart and soul of the CTGOP has just begun!

And we're going to have some fun along the way!



Note:  I will be screening comments more strictly this time around.  I do appreciate the number of emails and calls supporting me and this blog.  Stay strong.  This entry will be edited for content later - it is in pure draft form in its present state and likely to contain many typos, grammatical errors and omissions.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Jerry Labriola, Jr. has formally announced his attention to run for Connecticut Republican State Chairman.  He made his announcecment on WATR 1320 am Radio during the noon hour.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Healy, Marx abandon Connecticut Republicans for self-serving interests

Last week, I asked the question, "Where's Healy?" 

My question seemed reasonable enough.  After all, Connecticut Republicans have had one of the worst weeks in recent memory and it appeared as though no one was around to quell the angry mob firing nasty missives at each other after the Aniskovich candidacy publicly imploded. And worse, when Connecticut Democrats sent out a press release ridiculing Connecticut Republicans (and indirectly Republican State Capitol members) for backing a corrupt candidate for Chair, Chris Healy was no where to be found to respond to the attack.

ABDICATION:  Both Healy and Marx
 let the ship burn in the Harbor last
week. CTGOP needs real leadership
Well, we now know why our fearless (and useless) leader was AWOL while our ship sat burning in the harbor.  According to Human Events, in an article dated June 17th, Healy was off in New Orleans endorsing Minnesota Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty - and get this - he did so in his official capacity as Connecticut State Republican Chairman.

This is so wrong on so many levels.

First, it's an OUTRAGE that Healy is still collecting the Chairman's salary, and has pretty much abandoned his responsibility to State Central and all Connecticut Republicans.  Moreover, who authorizes such trips?  I pray God that this kind of networking trip certainly wouldn't be paid for on our dime because it would be yet another example of inappropriate personal use of Republican donor funds.  When you hear rumor about the details of Healy's apparently bottom-less expense account, you have to question why anyone would donate one red cent to the Connecticut Republican Party with him at the helm.

Second, how does Healy get off endorsing Tim Pawlenty at this early stage in his official capacity as State Chairman?  With so many potential Republican nominees in the mix, many just beginning to launch their campaigns, including Romney, Gingrich, Palin, Paul, DeMint, Cain, and Bachmann to name a few - doesn't it seem to put Connecticut in an awkward position to find it's head of Party making unilateral decisions on behalf of the rest of us?  Was this decision vetted with State Central Leaders or with State Central Members?  Even if Healy doesn't require formal permission to endorse a candidate, did he even run it by anyone that he was going to do so? 

Third, many think that Healy's gig might really be about trying to secure himself a job with Tim Pawlenty, or lobbying for his wife to help to manage Pawlenty's campaign (Hmm, where did we see this before?).  What it should tell everyone is that Chris Healy is and always has been in this for himself.  So for all you defenders of Chairman Chris and his self-serving manner of handling things, perhaps you should take a minute to reflect on the obvious trends within his so-called leadership style - All for one, and one for Healy.

Finally, this entry wouldn't be complete without taking issue with our Vice Chairman, Catherine Marx.  Catherine knew damn well that Chris Healy was down in Louisiana promoting himself and taking unprecedented measures to embarrass us back East.  And since she was in the cockpit when DiNardo and the Democrats slammed us in the Press, why didn't she take up our banner and and tell them to Go Jump Off a Bridge when they started to meddle in our affairs?

Catherine, this was the one major test you've ever had to face while serving as Vice-Chair and you know what - YOU FAILED!  When you were asked by a State Central Member the other night whether you were "tough enough" for the job, and you responded, "Just try me?" Are you kidding? Heck, you were too busy spending all your time corralling your 10 supporters to make sure they didn't jump ship to another camp.  You blew an opportunity to stand up as a leader and at minimum - defend your Party.  What a shame!

It's funny.  Although he hasn't formally announced, I can see exactly why Jerry Labriola, Jr. might have felt inclined to jump into the Chairman's race after all. Between witnessing the sellout of five prominent Republicans, Aniskoich's failed coup and collapse, Chairman Healy partying in New Orleans trying to land a job with the big boys, and Catherine selfishly stewing in her Ivory Tower while Republicans took a bashing in the Press, it's no wonder we aren't in worse shape than we already are. 

And for the record, the idea of giving Chris Healy another term as our State Chairman, is about as appealing as turning the Party over to the Democrats.



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Saturday, June 18, 2011


The CTGOP would be fortunate
to have a leader like Labriola, Jr.

This is the news we've all been waiting for!

After weeks of being inundated with emails, phone calls, and personal pleas from friends, Jerry Labriola, Jr. has agreed to consider leaping into the race for Connecticut State Republican Chair!  A source close to Labriola reported that "the ground-swell of support from supporters has been overwhelming".  It got to the point where Jerry spoke to his brother David, and his wife Barbara about the idea of running.  After looking at the state of things within the CTGOP, they came to conclusion that he may be one of the only people capable of not only turning the Party around but taking it to the next level."

A brief bio about Jerry Labriola, Jr. can be found here.  

The King's view is that Labriola would be a solid choice because right off the bat he would be a unifying force which would quell the infighting which as reached a fervor pitch.  The various factions would stand down from their hostilities because they already know that Labriola is an ethical, selfless leader who people can trust.  

Here are a few positives about Jerry Labriola, Jr.:

  • Labriola is a leader; energetic and positive
  • Labriola has track record of personal success in the private sector as an Attorney
  • Labriola has organized and delivered election results, and has served his Party faithfully
  • Labriola has faithfully carried out his duties as State Treasurer with perfection
  • Labriola isn't corrupt and brings personal ethics to the table
  • Labriola is conservative and would not be afraid to challenge the Democrats' liberal agenda
  • Labriola isn't hated by half the population and the media; in fact - he's appreciated and liked by all - including our opposition
  • Labriola has been a Candidate for Congress and understands the inner workings of large scale Campaign Management
Here is Labriola's announcement in full, unedited: 

Dear State Central Committee Members:

The last 48 hours have been an extraordinary time in our Party. As the dust is settling, we can all agree that it is time to move our Party forward, without bitter rancor, and with a healthy amount of respect for each other. We must be mindful that the state is watching us closely, and it is incumbent upon us to enter this new chapter with our dignity intact.

For the last several days many of you, and other members of the Republican Party have approached me regarding the position of Chairman. I am honored and humbled by these overtures of support. A united Republican Party should be a force to be reckoned with in this state. We can and must bring together all sides. We will have a tremendous amount of party rebuilding and fundraising to do over the course of the next two years. While I am confident in my ability to lead this Party, I am mindful of my commitment as Treasurer to maintain fiscal responsibility and discipline for our organization.

I believe this Party, and this State Central body, is capable of gaining more seats in the General Assembly and statewide office, and on the federal level, if we put our heads down and approach the hard work that needs to be done together. It is because of my great faith in our Party that I am so honored by those who would see me as its leader. The opportunity to help my Party in such a role is not one that I take lightly. Therefore, over the next 72 hours I will be speaking with my family and friends to ensure this is right for all concerned.

Thank you.


(c) 203-376-0331

While The King doesn't formally endorse candidates, I have to say that this guy would be a stellar pick.



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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Game of Chess

The Chairman's Race has become a
Chess Game that's locked in Stalemate
Well, its been an interesting week, hasn't it? 

I know folks are eager for an update on where things stand since the rapid disintegration of Bill Aniskovich this week.  And the honest truth is that there are some interesting developments happening behind the scenes which I'm obligated NOT to disclose at this time.  But I PROMISE that if there is any exciting news to share ... you'll see it right here!

That being said, there let's take a quick look at the pieces on the CTGOP Chairman's Chessboard right now.

It's reported that Catherine Marx remains locked in her Ivory Tower angered by what is taking place via email and social media between State Central Members.  She is trying her best to stay above the fray and continues to communicate her intention to seek the Chairmanship. The unfortunate part for her is that during the past few days she hasn't lost or picked up support from any State Central members.  She is holding steady with only 10 committed votes; Of course, she has a lot of people giving her patronizing encouragement.  It's likely that voters see Marx as enthusiastic but linked to the failures of the Healy regime.  I say good for her - if she goes down fighting with her 10 supporters.

Before I get into the other candidates, I have to ask a question that everyone is wondering about: WHERE THE HELL IS CHRIS HEALY

Chris Healy: Off in Wonderland with
a big grin on his face while
State Central Members go Bananas!
While the members are in a total uproar - shooting nasty missives at each other on Facebook, and via email, Old Man Healy is just sitting back on his lawn chair watching the fireworks.  When I see this kind of inaction from him, it reminds me of why we are here selecting a new Chairman in the first place.  Can he not blow his whistle and ask folks to take a breather?  Or is he too busy gathering up all his reciepts from his fancy hotel stays, car repairs, and gas fill ups from his petty trips from New Britain to Newington? 

Even Connecticut's Mayor - Mark Boughton has been trying to get Members to relax and work things out without tearing each other to shreds.  And Catherine Marx should be angry, although Chairman Chris helped Catherine kick start her campaign (you can see the fabulous results of that), he did NOTHING to vet Aniskovich from the start. Healy has known about Bill Aniskovich's troubles and he just let him slide through the process - watching it all unfold like the Cheshire Cat in the Corner.

I know some you Healy-loyalists are thinking, "Hey King, you guys wanted him gone, so what do you expect?"

The answer is simple - For the sake of the Party, I expect him to STILL do his job.  The least he could have done was to draft a Press Release telling Democrats to Get Lost and Mind their own G-d damn business!!  What a perfect nail in his coffin for a failed tenure!
If there's anyone in the race who has benefited from this weeks' crisis, it's Al Alper.  Alper has been heads down, making calls and is picking up supporters beyond his own district.  Of the existing candidates, he has the most well-rounded resume of all of those left in the race.  Alper is an experienced businessman with a track record of raising funds, and winning elections - albeit locally.  For those who haven't see it, it's worth taking a look at the short Winsley Interview in which he deals with the GOPs long term struggle winning inner city support. If you want to get a sense of Alper's philosophy on Government, read this posts from the Daily Wilton. I draw your attention to the bullet points mid-Page which I find most impressive. Alper isn't the Establishment's guy which is clearly a plus. Currently, Alper has 12-15 votes (many are defectors from Aniskovich's broken camp, I'm told.)  Alper could gain more steam if other dark-horse candidates don't enter the race.

Scialabba (pictured here)
already played his hand, and
lost.  No second chances
for dishonest players
The next character I want to deal with may turn out to be the next prop of the Establishment - Art Scialabba. This guy really takes the cake when it comes to audacity. First, let's be very clear - Art Scialabba is the opposite of a guy like Alper - Scialabba is said to be jobless and is hard up for work. Regardless of what spin you may hear, Scialabba opted to cut the first big deal which positioned Aniskovich to take the lead. The unexpected sell-out, where he was promised the role of Executive Director created a shock-wave which led to days of embarrassment for CTGOP. If Scialabba was smart, he would have taken a few minutes to step back from his own desire to get paid and analyze the situation where he might have discovered that Aniskovich was doomed from the start.

The reality is that many State Central Members who trusted and supported Scialabba in the beginning are not inclined to return to his camp because they are angry about his being a part of an elaborate bait and switch scheme. It's become such a problem that he's estimated to have only 7-9 votes at the moment. The old saying: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice - shame on me applies here. Scialabba would quickly beguile his supporters once again for cash. That's just they way he is.

It's very hard to rebuild a reputation after you've bartered your integrity away.

I'm also inclined to mention Former Secretary of State Pauline Kezer who remains an underdog in the race, and is not to be underestimated.  Kezer has 30 years of experience in the field of politics and has helped both Conservatives and Moderates win campaigns over the course of her years with the Party.  If you want to know more, you can read her resume and work history here.  From a professional standpoint, she has always been considered liked, and well-respected.

Kezer lost a tough Gubernatorial nomination battle against John Rowland (1994), and ironically - was railroaded in a very controversial Convention where time was extended hours beyond the allocated time sanctioned in the rules in order to permit deals to be made, and votes to be switched from Kezer to Rowland (I was there to witness this first hand).  This was quite similar to the way that the 2010 State Convention was managed (and how this past week's State Chair electioneering was conducted).  Kezer would never permit such shenanigans should she be elected Chairman.  Of that, I am certain.

The biggest issue that Kezer needs to overcome are her liberal positions on social issues.  You may be surprised to see me write this, but I strongly believe that this election is more than about winning elections - it's about establishing a platform which includes a rejection of many of the disgraceful legislative decisions forced on the public by Democrats - this includes the notorious Bathroom Bill, Decriminalization of Marijuna (and nearly included the removal of the Death Penalty). The Republican Party has an obligation to revisit the Bathroom Bill and the Decriminalization of Marijuna Bill for the sake of our children and our future. Declaring these issues dead is akin to surrendering the high ground to our foes.  If Ms. Kezer is unwilling to champion important social causes like these, then she clearly would not be fit to be Chairman..  The King is still quite unclear about many of Ms. Kezer's positions, and how she would reconcile the desires of conservatives versus her own moderate views.

I would have no issue with Ms. Kezer being placed in any strategic role within the CTGOP; I'm just not sold on her becoming Chairman.

As for Rich Olivastro - I believe it was he who told State Central Members on Tuesday that the so-called front runner would likely need to withdraw from the race before it was over.  Good call, Rich!  Now, can you tell me what the lotto numbers will be for next week? 

I'm sure there is plenty more to come before someone screams CHECKMATE!



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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Visconti: I have the antidote for CTGOP Woes

I received a request to publish this letter (via email) from Joseph Visconti (I'll assume most of you know who he is).  Not that I want to make it a habit of publishing random letters, but this one struck me as relevant to the current CTGOP crisis, and the State Chairman's Race. 

(Disclaimer:  This letter should not be seen as an endorsement by The King). 

Here is the letter written by Visconti unedited, in its entirety (pics/title added by The King) :

June 16, 2011

Connecticut GOP State Central Members:

Today as I predicted the Connecticut Republican Party has fallen into a corruptible mess regarding the establishment selection of Bill Aniskovich and must now begin searching for a Chairman we can absolutely trust, has ethics beyond reproach, is qualified to perform the duties and who has NO baggage.
Visconti may have the perfect
antidote for CTGOPs
chronic failure
Last winter I promoted Doug Hageman but to my dissatisfaction he endorsed Bill Aniskovich. Justin Clark who I caucused for years with when he was the Chair of the West Hartford RTC while I was a Town Councilor also with full knowledge backed Aniskovich thinking Bill was a choice Connecticut Republicans would accept. After the media storm today I believe both Justin and Doug wish they owned a time machine. For the record I will do everything in my power to make sure they or any of the other candidates for Chair that dropped out and endorsed Aniskovich never gather enough support to even bargain the Chair Position because their political judgment under pressure with much at stake for others is unconscionable.

The greatest disappointment in my book is Rob Simmons; his quotes in today’s Hartford Courant are ridiculous as Dan Lavallo’s Blog points out. Rob went back in time to attack Linda McMahon and found it unfitting to see Aniskovich treated the same way by his opponents? It’s time for Simmons to retire permanently and stick to the “Parade Circuit” because his age has evidently rendered his political judgment unsound.

Drum roll please - Here is where I will tell you the future the way it is suppose to be, not as it might turn out in a political parallel universe continuing to be designed by insiders or even as I would wish it to be:

The Political solution for the future chairman of our party is Jerry Labriola our current State Central Treasurer. Here’s how it plays out. Labriola must be courted by State Central Members ASAP to run; Catherine Marx must negotiate herself out of the race and bargain for a position in Jerry’s staff, if she and Jerry can come to terms. Pauline Kezer needs to join the inner workings of the Party to bring her political experience in as well as be a guiding force and stay away from the Social Issues. A Firewall must remain between the State Capitol Boys and State Central as absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hopefully the Capitol Boys understand after not heeding my warning and endorsing Aniskovich that they must tend their own work as elected officials and leave the Party Building to others.

The Doctor Is In!
Last month Jerry Labriola declared he would be running again for Treasurer but I am certain he has been looking in the political mirror for some time now wondering who will be the next “Great Right Hope” for the CT GOP and can lead us through the next presidential election without scandal or vendettas. Newsflash Jerry - there is someone staring back at you, it’s the conscience of the Party and it wants you to stand up for Connecticut Republicans.

If you are a State Central Member reading this, please call Jerry Labriola ASAP and ask him to enter the Chairman’s Race. The phone number to reach Jerry call 203-720-4050 (operators are standing by, CALL NOW!).

Joe Visconti

Former West Hartford Republican Town Councilor
Former Republican Congressional Candidate in CT’s 1st District

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Aniskovich Withdraws!

As predicted here at The King's View, Bill Aniskovich has withdrawn.  Connecticut Republicans great nightmare is over, and we can take this unique opportunity to select a Chairman who is capable of moving us forward, providing ethical leadership, and a vision of success.  Any takers?

Let the scramble for the football begin... "FUMBLE!!!"  More commentary later....

Here is Wild Bill's letter:

June 15, 2011
Dear State Central Committee Member:

I am writing to inform you that I am withdrawing as a candidate for State Republican Party Chair.

I am withdrawing because I believe that my professional and personal experiences will continue to be distorted by others to promote a political agenda that is contrary to what we believe as Republicans.

It was my intention to help our Party build a more effective political operation. It is my belief that I cannot do that if my personal and professional experiences become a distraction to the Party.

To that end, I feel it is important to respond to the various claims made by my opponents:

My campaign finance issues involved the forfeit of funds contributed to a PAC by individuals who had already made maximum contributions to my candidate committee. Up until that time, this process fully comported with campaign finance rules and it was a change in interpretation that led to the forfeiture. There was never a finding that I or my Treasurer knowingly violated a campaign finance law.

Stonington Institute submitted a bid to DCF with LEARN, a nonprofit education service center, for its RTC contracts. Those contracts were awarded in compliance with all applicable regulations, including those requiring Attorney General review. In fact, we were the second bidder and awarded the contract after the first bidder declined to perform.

At every significant step in my professional career I received---in advance---an Ethics Advisory Letter that confirmed the appropriateness of my business activities. Those opinions are a matter of public record.

Stonington Institute was acquired by UHS, Inc. in accordance with all applicable regulations. The sale and acquiring entity information was legally noticed twice, once without a purchase price and once with a purchase price, both notice periods expired without any request for a public hearing.

My wife, who at the time served on the state Commission on the Arts, was asked and agreed to serve as the executive director of an agency by the Governor before any story alleging wrongdoing by Governor Rowland was ever published in the media. Her appointment by the Governor was approved unanimously by the legislature’s bi-partisan Legislative & Executive Nominations Committee and the Democrat-controlled State House during the Rowland controversy. I never had a conversation with the Governor about her role in state government and never made any legislative or public decision because of it. As she so aptly commented at the time, my wife got her job at CCT in spite of me, not because of me.

I have been nominated twice to serve on the Board of Governors for Higher Education. My nomination was vetted by the bi-partisan Legislative & Executive Nominations Committee. I was approved unanimously by that Committee and once by the state House and once by the state Senate. Never once in those proceedings did these “issues” ever surface.

I have come to this decision after considerable deliberation with my family and after receiving enormous support from many friends, supporters and committee members.

I know that your deliberations will lead to the selection of a strong leader for the Connecticut Republicans. I pledge my support of your efforts to elect more Republicans in Connecticut.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aniskovich Melt-Down

Less than 24-hours after Wild Bill Aniskovich anointed himself the front-runner in the CTGOP Chairman's race, he finds himself dangling by a thread - an inch from being forced to withdraw due to public exposure of his numerous past improprieties. And he's likely never to recover. 

This is the sign placed just down
the street from Aniskovich's home
No radiation suit can protect even
his closest friends
And you know what's worse?  He's caused his new-found friends serious collateral damage to their reputations and respectability within the Connecticut Republican Party.  The five candidates who were conned to withdraw (Scialabba, Torres, Clark, Campbell, and Hageman) all drafted letters to their supporters begging them to support Aniskovich.  Bill Aniskovich is a great leader... Let's all come together for the good of the Party. Yadda Yadda. So tell us boys - how's it working out so far?  Everybody feelin' good?  You guys still cranking "Don't Stop Believing" on your CD Players? 

Before I get into the details, I need to point out that all of this embarrassment could have have been avoided if people took a step back and looked at Bill Aniskovich's background, and didn't buy his I found the Lord shtick.  Last week I posted a number of links to Aniskovich articles cited his scandalous background which were raised by the mainstream media late this afternoon.  "It's just Inside Baseball!" You cried, and now some of you are crying your eyes out - thinking what could have been if you only stayed in the race and didn't buy into the phony hype.

Earlier last week (I'm told), Joe Visconti posted a note to all State Representatives who signed Aniskovich's letter of endorsement, warning them to retract their endorsement before the media picked up on Aniskovich's checkered past.  In humor, du-Count Visconti posted a picture of a nuclear bomb, and ironically, that's exactly what Republicans are experiencing today.  The problem is that its not just about his past, but pattern of distrust continues - he also lied to a reporter last week during an interview claiming that he wasn't a State Contractor.  Luckily, the savvy reporter, Kevin Rennie, wasn't easily fooled having served with Wild Bill in the Legislature, and conducted an investigation of his own.  Not that it was too hard to pick up the telephone and the Connecticut State Election Official.

I can hear it now:  "The Lord told me to lie to Kevin Rennie"

For those who haven't caught up, here are few links for you to read.  I posted these via twitter earlier today:

Here is the article dealing with Wild Bill's Stonington debacle.

Here is an article from the Hartford Courant which basically calls on Aniskovich to quit his job at the Stonington Institute or resign from the State Senate based on his improprieties and conflicts.

Wild Bill's damage control center.
Read Jon Lender's article on the Stonington Institute as is relates to Wild Bill.

And finally here is Kevin Rennie's piece that pretty much incorporated the detail from the articles tweeted earlier today.

The situation is so bad that Aniskovich got shelled by the Democrats today in this Press Release. Normally, I wouldn't quote the Democrats but this goes to show you exactly what we would be in for under an Aniskovich Chairmanship.  The ballots aren't even cast and they're ready and waiting to put the Republican's through the political wood-chipper.  Enough is enough.

There are two other losers from this misadventure.  First, Justin Clark has been telling everyone that he's supporting Aniskovich for the benefit of Tom Foley - "I don't want to screw this up for Tom", he told State Central Members. Yeah well Good Old Tom has egg on his face today after learning who he's really making deals with now.

And the second loser is Rob Simmons.  While Simmons cracked a deal with Aniskovich over  Shrimp and fish sticks in Mystic this week, I wonder if any of the controversies surrounding the Stonington Institute (the hometown of Simmons) ever crossed his mind.  Or was he simply worried about getting a fair hearing for his next Senatorial bid?  Not that it will matter.  Simmons is now tainted, and his prospect of ever surviving the convention process is bleak.  Linda McMahon outplayed Simmons once again, this time by keeping quiet and staying out of the limelight.  Tough luck there.

Once Aniskovish leaves (or is abandoned by his supporters), Republicans will have the opportunity to choose a legitimate leader who is both ethical and can set a vision for Connecticut's Republican Party.  The five fools who pledged allegiance to Bill Aniskovich should NOT be given a second chance.  Instead Republicans should look at the courageous few who didn't bow to the pressure and cronyism  - Al Alper, Catherine Marx, Pauline Kezer, and of course - Rich Olivastro.  State Central Members:  Don't allow the wrong people to decide who the next Chairman is going to be. Make up your own minds for your constituents.

Lastly State Central Members: If one of Aniskovich's goons call you and plead for you to stay in or join his fold, save your energy - and just HANG UP.  Those who advocate for Aniskovich (even after all they have read and seen) have expended lots of personal capital on this corrupt candidate - and to them they have nothing left to go back to should Wild Bill exit the race.  And that's - they're problem, not ours!!  We have a Party to build!  And a State to take back for the Taxpayers of Connecticut!!



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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Marx, Alper score big; Aniskovich Bombs

Quick note to those who thought I might be putting out a lot of information out about tonight's CTGOP Chairman Candidate Forum...

After tonight, CTGOP members
 learned that Aniskovich is a
 train wreck waiting to happen
I just got in after chatting with other members, and I'm not going to be able to draft a long play-by-play of who said what.  Just not in the cards. I'm too exhausted. (This does happen to those of us who actually work for a living).

First, thanks to those candidates who participated tonight. Good to know there are a few Republicans who haven't sold out, and are in this for more than a big pay day, or pack of favors.  

I will say that Catherine Marx, Al Alper, Pauline Kezer, and Rich Olivastro were impressive with their presentations.  Al is always spot on and if the CTGOP doesn't find a leadership position for this guy, then they are truly wasting talent. His inner city strategy was realistic, and his presentation came off well-received.

Catherine Marx came out of her shell, and for the first time that I can remember articulated a solid plan. I liked her response to whether or not she was tough enough for the job asking defiantly, "You want to try me?" which left her questioner reeling backward! And her printed materials came off quite professional and first rate. I was also impressed with her voter registration strategy.

And Rich Olivastro came off entirely different than in his previous two appearances. While he may not be ready for State Chair, he came across genuine in comments; his point that "We are not here for us, we are here for the People of the State of Connecticut" - was right on the money.  Pauline Kezer came across seasoned and knowledgeable, many believe she would be a good face for the Party. People will be eager to hear more.

Jerry Labriola, Jr. presented his Treasurer Report which put the scare into people (certain people) - he's going be looking at all the expenditures according to the Treasurer's guidelines to reduce spending.  And its pretty clear that we have major work to do in the fundraising department.  Good job being straight up with the Members, Jerry.  Hope you stick to your guns, I'm sure the Chris Healy farewell tour is racking up the bills.  Can we get an accounting of how much its cost Connecticut Republicans for Chris Healy and his staffers to wave good-bye so far?

I know you see me as biased (I am for good reason) but a lot of people are now very concerned about Bill Aniskovich after tonight's weak performance. Many are concerned with his responses to member questions, particularly with regard to his legal ability to fundraise since he is still considered a State Contractor.  When asked if he was aware that he had to wait a full year after the cancellation of his state contract before being eligible to legally fundraise for the Party, he said, "I didn't know that". For someone who is an attorney, and who was an elected official who deliberated over campaign finance laws, its someone disturbing that he would claim ignorance of the laws. Seems rather convenient. 

Imagine how his backers felt tonight when they heard this ambiguous response.  Seems to me something is Rotten in Denmark.  But seriously, someone aught to call the Secretary of State's Office and confirm that Wild Bill is even qualified to run. 

Lastly, his response to the Stonington debacle was at best confusing, if not incoherent.  It was as if Aniskovich has this so locked up that he didn't need to even prepare to handle questions from members.  If he thinks he can be so disrespectful to a friendly GOP audience by not evening pretending to take these questions seriously, then how will he handle a mainstream media inquisition? Makes you think twice, doesn't it?

Oh, but Aniskovish does get some credit for his careful coordination to force/buy/what-have-you five major players all in a 24-hour period:  Torres, Scialabba, Martin, Campbell, and Hageman.  Raise your hand, if you think this was just a big coincidence - all for the good of the Party. Methinks that this is a story unto itself that State Central Members aught to consider.  For Christ Sake, they didn't even bother to spread out the withdrawals to even make it look believable!  While everyone was rounded up into a so-called tally-count, how many now feel like they've been merely used as pawn's on Aniskovich's Chess Board? 

Hey Gary, nevermind calling out a demand to keep things under the lid - how about we talk about collusion out in the open.  No one signed up for this.  And the public is NOT being served by everyone just shutting their mouths and doing as they are told.  There is another Party across the street that does this.  Are we them now?

Enough for now.



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