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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christopher Coutu: The incredible shrinking candidate

Someone sent me this tidbit and it was all too entertaining to not post it. 

It appears that State Representative Christopher Coutu is back in the press again.  A few weeks ago, Coutu was warned by The King that by putting up his Congressional signs all over the 2nd Congressional District that he was trampling on local races, and pissing off local candidates who are working day and night trying to keep their voters focused on their upcoming municipal contests set for November 8th of this year.

"But I'm telling ya... the snow is murder on dem dar signs."

So I wasn't surprised to see this letter to the editor by a voter who seems to have had it with Mr. Selfish.  The piece is almost funny because you can almost hear the angry tone of the writer who is clearly furious with Coutu's mojo.

But here's the kicker - the part that made me laugh out loud, and really has everyone wondering how this guy's little mind works - Coutu apparently acknowledges that he's upset several Republican Town Committees by putting up his signs too early, and when interviewed by the Norwich Bulletin on October 19th, they wrote:

Coutu said he will pull the signs after the municipal election season — to save wear and tear on them and to make sure the public gets a break. 

Gets a break? Are you kidding me?  So help me out - he's still driving all around the Second District this week plastering his name up all over place  - to do what?  To simply muck with local elections, confuse voters, and then AFTER elections are over, and the damage has been done - he'll drive around and take them down?  That doesn't make a bit of sense to anyone with a rational mind.  Of course, being Mr. Selfish - his only concern is with saving his precious signs from the bad weather. 

Is this guy for real?  It's one thing to think something this idiotic, but its another to actually say it! And say it to the Press!

Well, at least local candidates know where they stand with Mr. Coutu.  Simply amazing!

I know it seems like I'm coming down harshly on this guy - alleged to be one of our own, but since he obviously only cares about Numero Uno, he deserves a good arse-kicking.

And Coutu - if you can stop chewing gum, and stop shadow-boxing in the Legislative Chamber for a moment, I have a bit more advice for you.  If you are going to run on the big stage - please try to get your story straight.  I mean, really.

In the article above you told the Norwich Bulletin that you've "had [your] eye on the U.S. House and the seat held by Democrat Joe Courtney since 2006.  But then in your blog article in the Haddam-East Haddam Patch, you say you planned on running just under a year ago after your daughter was born.

Now I don't mean to minimize the incredibly wonderful way that you're caring for your daughter (and she is beautiful and a walking miracle to behold) but if you are going to use her as a prop, and as your inspiration for your run for Congress - then for Godsakes - stick to that one story.  If on the other hand, you want to run because the sight of Joe Courtney representing Eastern Connecticut makes you sick to your stomach - then say that.  But please - get your story straight, and don't deviate from the script.

The people over in the Second District will have to make their own decision on who to vote for in the primary next year - whether it's this Coutu Character or Daria Novak, or some other candidate waiting in the wings to announce.  Whatever you do, look at the total package - and remember that decency and courtesy do matter because it's a sign on how this person will actually represent you in Washington.  And least not forget - the ability to articulate a position beyond three staggered sentences is going to be very important when going up against a professional liar like Joe Courtney. 

As far as I'm concerned, Joe Courney and his corrupt UConn-Mansfield Acorn crack-squad stole the Second Congressionial Seat illegally from Rob Simmons. It's high time that the Second Congressional seat came back home to the GOP where it belongs.  It would be nice to see at least some Connecticut residents represented properly in Washington in 2013.

Stop the selfish antics. Let's get it together.



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Monday, October 24, 2011

Leave Halloween alone

As a pre-teen, I fondly remember all of the neighborhood kids heading off to school on Halloween Day dressed up as our favorite movie character, or frankenstein monster. Our teachers also got into the act - my language arts teacher came dressed as a witch, my math teacher - as a 50's greaser (truth be told he probably grew up a 50's greaser!). Led by our Principal, we participated in the annual Halloween Parade through the hallways which always ended in the auditorium where were treated plenty of candy and a Dixie cup's worth of fruit punch.  The lights were dimmed and we watched a silly slide projector show accompanied by scary music.  It was all harmless fun, and -- nothing more than that.

Leave Halloween to the kids; keep the
bureaucrats out of trick or treat
I also remember that our teachers were smart enough to incorporate the season's myths into learning opportunities; they read us stories like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, and others.  Art and music class were also holiday-themed; we drew pictures of black cats, made ghosts out of tissue paper and yarn, and cut-out Jack-O'Lanterns from construction paper.  Yesterday's teachers seemed to understand the value of encouraging imagination and creativity - while today's curriculum is hell-bent on cramming vocabulary and math down the throats of Kindergartners to meet idiotic testing standards (perhaps a topic to be discussed at a later date).

Halloween is not a real holiday in the sense that we don't close businesses, markets, or public offices as we do when we celebrate Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  But it is a long held North American tradition that, according to most sources, has been in practice to one degree or another since 1911 - and perhaps much earlier than that in small villages up and down the eastern seaboard. 

Halloween is largely a product of European immigration - mostly that of Scotland, Ireland and England where the practice of celebrating All Hallows Eve was widespread, and believed to have originated in part from Middle Age druid practices. It's not a surprise given the early 20th century influx of immigrants from that region that their traditions and superstitions took root in America. The term Halloween is of Scottish origin - the word Hallow means blessed, and e'en is an old word for evening.  Further, you may have noticed that in most traditional Christian Churches, the first Sunday in November is referred to as All Saints Day.  The creation of which was originally meant to co-opt the existing Pagan holiday and provide a Christian alternative in its place.

We are all willing to accept that Halloween contains elements that are full of idiocy.  Every Halloween we see kids (and adults) dressing like evil deities, invoking the dead, sometimes damaging personal property, and of course - the very act of sending our children door-to-door to threaten people and demand candy is obnoxious - these are among the accepted negatives associated with this nutty holiday.  But for the most part, All Hallows Eve goes as quickly as it comes, and our children go back to their November classrooms - to learn about Pilgrims and other such things.  All that is left behind from our Halloween traditions are bags full of candy, that us parents will bring into work to atempt to pawn off on our fellow office workers.  So, fear not - no mass conversions to Witchcraft or Devil Worship have been known to ever take place on the trick-or-treat route.

Hey Teacher... leave them kids alone!

Over the last ten years, we've seen a concerted effort by the political fringe on both the left and right to minimize, if not out-right ban Halloween.  In some religious towns, authorities have sought to ban the act of trick-or-treating in places such as Dunkard Township, Pennsylvania and Bellesville, Illinois, and other places across the Country.  Several Church groups have distributed pamphlets warning Christians not to participate in Halloween claiming that it's Satan's own holiday.  When I see the Republican Party get mixed up with these religious extremists, I can begin to understand why the GOP can be a very hard sell to some people.

But anti-Halloween activists are not limited just to right-wing zealots. Indeed, the more successful campaigns to eradicate Halloween from American culture have come from the loony left. For example, in Springfield, New Jersey the school board has sought to ban the wearing of customs in schools under the guise of political correctness. School administrators have taken the position that long-practiced "western-European traditions" have become a form of oppression for the more recent wave of immigrants.  It's hard to image exactly how a one-hundred year old tradition openly inclusive and embraced by nearly everyone in the country can be considered exclusionary

What ever happened to the belief that people coming to America were expected to accept and adopt our traditions, language, and values - no matter how quirky some traditions may seem?  No one is forced to abandon their principles or heritage, and always have the option of opting-out where public celebrations are concerned. So why in a society filled with a million choices,  must the minuscule minority viewpoint take precedence over the majority?   In our new, over-sensitive society where everyone's feelings are hurt if you look at them cross-eyed, we've become subject to tyranny by a select few self-centered malcontents who feel obligated to make things better for themselves at the expense of everyone else.

Pagans are concerned that they
 won't be taken seriously if they
have to compete with Star
Wars and Tinkerbell costumes
Damn commercialism!
Lately, some Pagan groups have gotten into the act of pushing for Halloween's removal from public school, too.  These folks find Halloween to be abhorrent because they claim witches and warlocks are misrepresented through the myths circulated by our commercial version of Halloween.  Of course, Halloween in its secular form - bobbing for apples and collecting candy - has nothing to do with the Wiccan practice of Samhain. But many school districts, fearful of a lawsuit lead by the goon-squad at the ACLU have shelved their Halloween in-school activities.  It's an atrocity that laws protecting the right to religion have been twisted to be used against fun-filled fantasy, in the name of pure fiction.

All of this lunacy by extremists on both sides of the spectrum leave all of us normal people in the middle - plainly dumbfounded.  Is Halloween a Satanic strategy meant to drag Americans down a hell-hole to worship evil as the far right suggests, or is Halloween a massive tool of oppression to coherce Eastern and Latin American immigrants to adopt western traditions and practices and surrender their own? Which is it?

I suggest that it's neither.  It's a bunch of kids and adults - dressing up in silly outfits, and indulging in candy and sweets to the point of sugar overload.  For God-sakes, let's let our kids have their right of passage - just like we did not so very long ago.  And just leave Halloween alone!

Rep Tim Larson (D-11)
still waits long into the
night for the arrival of
The Great Pumpkin.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention the latest controversy here in Connecticut involving Halloween.  Fresh off the press, we see this great take in a Human Events column by John Hayward which is based on a news report which appeared today in the Associated Press. AP reports that East Hartford/South Windsor Democrat Tim Larson wants to formally move Halloween so that it always takes place on a Saturday regardless of the day of the week October 31 falls on.  It's great to know Rep. Larson has such deep thoughts.

Governor Dan Malloy, who's known to have a few dozen skeletons hiding in his own closet, made jest that it would confuse the ghosts and goblins if the night were moved.  I'm sure this will get big play down at DNC Headquarters.  Connecticut Democrats have had a big week in the National Press - first Rosa DeLauro wants a free diaper mandate, and now Connecticut Democrats want to move Halloween to aid them in their post-Halloween Bash hangovers.  As Chris Shays would say, "It's Outrageous!"

One prominent West Hartford businessman became visibly upset when he heard this news; he told The King, "That's the problem with the time we're living in. Festivals and celebrations come when they come, not when they - these self-indulgent b*stards want them to f'ng come. These people are selfish - trying to regulate everything, including holidays to meet their conveniences." 

He continued, "This nonsense reminds me [of] when the West Hartford Teacher's Union tried to push forward a change in the school start time to 10 am.  They used the archaic logic that kids are having trouble waking up to get to school on time - so let them sleep in. Again, another decision made without taking account of parents who might have to get to work.  It's me, me, me - all the time, and for every decision!"

I couldn't agree more.

Whether you're a Christian, Pagan or some creature from the netherworld, I hope you enjoy your Halloween.  And if you see your local school board or politician trying to mess with our traditions... again I say - just tell them to leave Halloween alone!



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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christopher Shays interview on Face the State

On Sunday we had our first chance to see former Connecticut Congressman turned U.S. Senate Candidate Christopher Shays participate in an interview on WFSB's Face The State with Dennis House.  It's was refreshing to listen to a candidate respond coherently and clearly when asked a question. There is a world of difference between the shallow rhetoric of pro-wrestling promoter Linda McMahon, and the informed words of Christopher Shays. Shays, unlike McMahon, has actually balanced a Federal budget and has successfully served on several Presidential Commissions.

Dennis House seemed relieved to have a guest on his program who didn't provide the usual canned, scripted answers.  And I found that Shays showed a bit of personality and came across quite funny at times.  We need more of this plain, conversational talk from politicians, and less talking points.

Part I: Christopher Shays on Face the State:

Part II: Christopher Shays on Face the State can be found here.

Here are a few comments from the Shays interview that were interesting (The King's comments in yellow):

On what he's been doing:  "[I] co-chaired the Commission on Wartime Contracting... for the last two years and half years my opportunity was to help root out waste, fraud and abuse in Govt Contracting in theatre.  We determined there was between 21 billion and 61 billion in Government waste and came up with major reforms."
Translation: Yep, I lost the election but since then I haven't been moping around, I've been working productively to help reduce waste at the Federal Level. And my colleagues thought enough of me that they appointed me to a bi-partisan commission to get it done.

On Rob Simmons: "I thought Rob Simmons might choose to run again, and if he had jumped in, I wouldn't have ... I have immense respect for him. This guy served our country as an American Hero three times in Vietnam. He helped save the base... and just lost by 83 votes."
Translation:  Rob Simmons is a patriot who deserves respect, I'm in it because he's not, and neither of us want Linda McMahon representing us as a Republican in this race. Note that he also praises Joe Lieberman.  Hmmm? Interesting.

On the State of our Country:  "I think our country is in deep, deep trouble.  I want my country back.  I want my fellow Americans to have their country back.  And I think I can help them get their country back."
Translation: I'm ticked off about how Democrats are running the show, and want to do something about it.  And that's a straight answer in comparison to Linda McMahon's BS story about how she's afraid her Grandchildren won't have what she has.  Yeah, right - everyone of Linda's grandchildren be trustfund babies who won't have to work a day in their lives.

On Republicans lining up early to support McMahon:  "I'm almost in a dead heat with Democratic candidates...[and].. I haven't even been a candidate for more than a week.  And I've got 10 months until August 14th, 2012 when there's a primary. And I can't wait for that opportunity... That's what happens when you are an insider. She's an insider...  I'm one, surprised they would do it in the midst of municipal elections. I would never want to get in the way of municipal elections. Secondly, that's the old style politics - how many political people can you get to endorse you. The race is going to be August 14th and its not going to be politicians endorsing you, it's going to be people deciding whether or not they're going to the polls.
Translation:  It's not the corrupt convention that matters, its the Primary; its the people (someone please tell The King why we are going to waste $30K+ on this charade of a convention anyway). The goons at state central can run around all day long taking bribes and payments from Linda McMahon but in the end its a big waste of time.

On Linda McMahon as a Candidate:  "I do know that elections aren't an auction.  And I do know that you have to know what you're going to do once elected.  I don't need any handlers. I don't need anyone to tell me what to do on day one... I'm going to run on my experience, I'm going to run on my knowledge, I'm going to run on my record. I balanced the Federal Budget for four years.  Linda McMahon says, "we need a jobs program" - No. We need to get people back to work and an economy that's conducive to jobs. I think I created over 20 million jobs when we helped balance the budget - not 500."
Translation: The election is not an auction.  I can't wait to debate Linda on her knowledge and experience.  Can we have the debate tomorrow?

On Linda McMahon's spending during the last campaign described as "reckless":  "It was $50 million dollars just thrown away.  That's reckless.  And if you're going to spend money that way, your own money, how are you going to spend the taxpayers' money?"

On the Primary"There will be a primary... the people of this state, Republicans in this state are going to decide who their candidate is... I don't think about losing... I'm running as a Republican. And that's what I've always done. I have always been a Republican, never been on another line.  Always helping my fellow Republicans - working hard for those I believe in. Being respectful for those that maybe I'm not as excited about.  I can't image doing that [running as an Independent]."

If McMahon wins the Primary would you support her"It depends on how she wins it.  Depends on if she runs an honest and fair race. If she attempts to do what she did to Rob Simmons - good luck.  What she did to Rob Simmons was outrageous!  ... What she did was outrageous. Accusing him of being a big spender, this guy wasn't a big spender. Accusing him of a lot of things that he wasn't. Not recognizing that he was a good and honorable man who served his country with incredible distinction... the question will be - how do you conduct a race."
Translation: I've been around a long time.  If you think you are going twist the rules and play silly games, you'll be exposed publicly.  Go ahead and try me.  I like Rob Simmons, but you'll find quickly that I'm not going to fold my cards and go away and place Mr. Nice guy if you cheat and lie. If you go nasty, I'll go nasty - and you Linda have lots of baggage and buried bodies to explain. 

On President Obama and Democrats"I think the job that the President has done and the Democratic Congress - has been outrageous. We had the opportunity to elect someone for President and we chose someone with no experience.  And we are paying the price. That's the bottom line.  We have a Congress that is not facing up to what we need to do. And I put Chris Murphy in there along with others.. Tell us your plan, have the courage to talk about it. Fight for it.  Listen, Learn, Help, and Lead. And I'm not seeing hardly any leadership down there."
Translation: Barack and his Party have run the ship aground.  Chris Murphy is part of the problem.  Since he's been there, he hasn't offered one idea on how to get us out of this mess - except defend the President.  And this guy thinks he's promotable?  He helped get us into this mess. Also, note that the phrase: "Listen, Learn, Help, and Lead" is a theme that Newt Gingrich has used for years. He used it often during his advocacy for the Contract with America.

On Connecticut moving to far left"This state doesn't understand economics. The [State] Legislature just doesn't get it. They don't understand that they are chasing away wealth. They don't understand they are chasing away employers. We have not had a net job increase in 20 years. That we have the worst record in the country.  And so, increased taxes on wealthy people and job providers - it's going to have the opposite result, they are just going to leave. So instead of getting that incremental plus from increasing the taxes on the wealthy, you're going to lose all the rest because they're going to Wyoming, they are going to Florida, they're going to other places."
Translation: Governor Malloy and the Democrats in the Legislature are bumbling idiots. They are killing businesses and taxpayers and spending like thieves. They don't have a clue what they are doing, and its been the same story for 20 years.

On Democrats making a big deal about him living in Maryland, and being called a 'carpet-bagger": "Well first off, I think I've lived here, and live here longer than any of the candidates running. So I was gone for two and half years, serving my country at the request of the two legislative leaders and with the appreciation of Democrats in Congress, coming forward with a major undertaking that was never partisan.  We did our job as they asked.  And now I'm back home. I'm thrilled to be back home. "
Translation: Yeah, I lost my job and took one in Washington.  Big f'n deal. Now I'm back. Want to compare resident records?  Hey Joe Markley -STFU! You're an idiot too!

On Jerry Labriola: "What he's told me and what's he's proved is that he'll be fair. He'll be fair to Linda, he'll be fair to the other two candidates, he'll be fair to me.  All I want is to have a contest that I know will be fair."
Translation: Jerry Labriola knows his reputation is on the line. He says he can't be bought. Let's have a convention that's open and fair to all.

On Chris Healy and how Republicans conducted themselves during the last convention"I know that his [Jerry Labriola's] wife isn't being paid by Linda McMahon [reference to Chris Healy's wife working for Linda during the last State Convention]. That's comforting. How outrageous is that, how outrageous is that? And how outrageous [is it] that other Republicans accepted it? That's not going to happen this time. We not going to accept things like that."
Translation: I'm so glad that corrupt piece of garbage Chris Healy is gone.  What he and Linda did to Rob Simmons is OUTRAGEOUS.  We aren't go to let State Central, Republican Delegates or anyone else pull that again.  How Republicans in Connecticut allowed that charade to go on - is beyond me.  They should hang their heads in shame.

This was a fantastic appearance by Christopher Shays.  I can't wait to hear more.  Looks like he's put the folks at Connecticut's Republican State Central on notice.  Let's hope everyone heeds the warning, and plays by the rules.



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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The King on Mormonism, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry

Could you imagine the
Council of Nicaea
debating the legitamacy
of The Book of Mormon?
As a young person growing up in suburban Connecticut, the only real contact I had with Mormonism was through their inspiring commercials which aired through out the 70s and 80s.  Most of these 30 second spots were actually quite uplifting - they addressed things like family time, recognizing children's accomplishments, verbal abusehelping others selflessly, and other thought-provoking messages.  Peruse YouTube and you can see for yourself that many of these situational approach spots are as relevant today as they were 20 or 30 years ago.

Because I grew up in suburban neighborhood that held 150 closely-spaced homes, our street was ripe picking for all kinds of canvasasing, so about every three months, we'd usually find a pair of young men dressed in white shirts and dark pants ringing our doorbell.  My parents made a point of never being rude to them, and would simply tell them that we regularly attend Church on Sunday.  I distinctly remember that she offered one pair a few dollars, and after a bit of quibble, and perhaps embarrassed, they took the money and departed with a  smile saying "thank you and God Bless you."

At one point in my early professional career I worked directly with a number of Mormons.  They were always polite, hard-working, and generally - well-accomplished.  When you work with people day in and day out, you can't help but get a sense of what makes them tick - beyond the suit and tie. Of course, common sense tells you that it's bad form to get into in-depth discussions about politics in the workplace, but inevitably current events come up during normal conversation, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out where people stand on the issues of the day.  For whatever reason, I often found myself aligned with my Mormon colleagues when it came to politics, and basic values. And that seems to be the trend I've noticed when I've come across Mormons since then.

One of the older gentlemen I worked with in my department also happened to be a Mormon as well as a company Vice President.  After some time he did broach the topic of religion with me.  He asked me if I attended church on a regular basis. I said that I did and I expressed my views about the disgraceful problems within the Anglican Communion in a fairly forthright manner; and that I found my Church experience nothing short of discouraging.  He smiled and nodded, and showed empathy.  We discussed Christianity as a whole, and in the end he said, "Well it sounds to me like you are pretty open-minded about Religion." I thought his comment sort of odd given that I had just spent 15 minutes chastising my own denomination for what I deemed doing Satan's bidding. I expect that I might have served up the perfect opportunity for him to sell me the Mormon ticket to Eternal Life.  He didn't. But I think he did mention that he had some literature that he was willing to share with me, if I was interested.

Whether he gave me a copy of the Book of Mormon, and a Latter Day Saints pamphlet or not, I can't recall.  But he never pushed his religion on me - although he had the perfect opening to do so.  And that's what I remember most.

Religion is a matter of personal faith and personal preference.  However, if you actually think about it, unless you grow up in an atheist or non-practicing household, most people don't actually join a religion but rather are born into a religion. Sure, later in life, people might shift denominations (sects) within a religion but they rarely change religions.  Among my closest friends, the majority are mainstream Christians (Episcopalians, Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, Congregationalists, Greek Orthodox, and Presbyterian, etc), and  we all share a sort of kinship connected by the fact that in some form or another we all buy into the whole Jesus storyline (And I don't mean to sound too irreverent here :) ).  I also have association with people who are Hindu, Jewish, Pagan, and perhaps a few who are Muslim. 

The point being that when it comes to religion or denomination, we are a product of our up bringing which might be reason enough to wonder why some fail to understand why a person may be tied to one particular faith or another, or more to the point - might be unwilling to abandon one faith for another.  We tend to ask this about people who are members of religions that are considered extreme - such as Islam.  And sometimes we ask this about Christian Denominations which are different - such as Mormonism.

The first thing we notice which separates Mormons from other Christian Denominations is that they actively canvas and mission door-to-door to recruit members.  Few other Christian denominations take such an assertive approach.  Seeing someone show up at your home to recruit you to their religion is, at minimum, considered a little strange to New Englanders who see religion as a VERY private matter - certainly not to be discussed with strangers.  Notwithstanding, I think it takes a lot of gall to do what Mormons do, particularly with a likely 99% rejection rate which at times must be received in an abusive manner.

The story of Jesus visiting with North America
Indians is a tale that's a bit hard to swallow
particularly without tangible evidence
The second thing is the whole business of the Book of Mormon.  Now I'm not going to get into a history lesson on Joseph Smith or Brigham Young.  I would rather point you to historical texts and documentaries that will provide you with unbiased detail on who they were and what they did and didn't do (and I'm sure that such generic sources are probably not well regarded by Mormons themselves because they deal in facts and not mythology, or are wrapped in LDS marketing).  I would not likely ever become a Mormon because I do not subscribe to the view that either Smith or Young or American Indians met Jesus or Angels in America, or were anointed by God to do anything.  Of course, this is a matter of my own personal belief.  I'm quite satisfied with the Old and New Testaments as they stand without complication of a third tale of Jesus' visit to American Indians or anyone else on this Continent.  And frankly, there is enough within the Holy Bible that is complex and complicated for the most academic Christian to understand.

My view being plainly stated that I'm not inclined to believe the Mormon doctrines which are apart from those within my Anglican tenets, but I also don't see anything that inhibits an individual who subscribes to Mormonism to serve in Government, or hold even the highest political office in the land.  When contrasted with people who subscribe to Hinduism or Islam, Mormonism is still closer to my Christian-Anglican beliefs than the other two religions mentioned.  It's far more important to weigh things on the whole rather than to splice hairs about things considered minor in the scheme of things.

So, last week when Reverend Robert Jeffress introduced Texas Governor Rick Perry by making inflammatory remarks about Mormonism referring to it as a "cult", and following up with comments declaring that Mitt Romney wasn't a real Christian, the world was astonished.  As a Christian, I was embarrassed
Rev. Robert Jeffress, Minister at the
First Baptist Church of Hate. He and
Rev. Wright aught to do a reality TV
show together on MSNBC

Further, when questioned about Jeffress' hateful comments, Texas Governor Rick Perry told reporters that he thought Jeffress had "hit a home-run."  Well, that comment made me reach deep in my pocket for a pen which I used to cross Rick Perry's name off my list of Presidential choices for 2012.  The King wants a candidate who is bold, direct, and unafraid to discuss controversial issues, but does not want a candidate who peddles hate through appointed bomb-throwing mercenaries.  The Perry campaign killed itself when it took the low road by attacking a fellow Republicans' religion.  Moreover, I think we can plainly see the results based on the latest polls.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, this seems like the perfect time for Rick Perry to dust off a few history books, and learn why our first wave of immigrants came to the New World in the first place.  He might wish to take it a step further and note that our Founding Fathers incorporated much of this thinking when they drafted our Constitution and later - our Bill of Rights.  Few Americans want to see their President creating denominational wars within Christianity from the Oval Office.  Given the increasing threat to Western traditions and values from Islamic sects, methinks Governor Perry should direct his rhetoric elsewhere - and leave White House ambitions to others who are far more capable of being Statesmen then he.

It might be that I'm from Yankee New England where we have a saying "fences make for good neighbors" which in my not-so-humble-opinion highlights a sort libertarianism that is ingrained in our regional thinking.  Nutmeggers have never looked fondly upon those advocating hatred for one Christian denomination over the other.  In fact, we shy away from those who wear their religion on their sleeve.  Yes, of course there are divisions of thought, and practice.  But those discussion are best held in an academic or Church venue, not on our television screens or in public political forums. 

It's interesting. Years ago when John F. Kennedy, Jr. ran for President, there was the endless fear-mongering being generated from Southern Baptists leaders who claimed that through ascendancy to the White House that a Catholic President would become an agent of the Roman Pope thus steering the Nation on Vatican-controlled course. History has shown that nothing was farther from the truth.  And besides, in a place like Washington DC where everyone seems to know every one's business, such a conspiracy in practice wouldn't last 10 minutes.  I would argue that if Mitt Romney became President of the United States, it would likely be a feather in the cap of the Mormon Church - so to speak - which might lead to increased LDS appeal, but nothing more.

Mitt Romney should be judged on
the issues, not where he attends
religious services
Unlike many of our state politicians who are hedging their bets to appear as early backers of their champion candidate, I haven't committed to a Presidential candidate as of yet.  But I strongly believe that Mitt Romney has what it takes to be a great President, and a great Statesman.  Like all those in the GOP field, he comes with a record of mistakes, concerns, and general baggage.  This is the price of having served time in office which produces a record of successes and failures. But his Mormon roots don't figure into the equation in most people's minds.  One would think that if the American electorate is tolerant enough - even so few years after 9-11 and during an ongoing war against Muslim terrorists - to elect an African-American President named Barack Hussein Obama, then I think they'd be tolerant enough to elect a strong family-oriented business man, patriot, and Mormon like Mitt Romney in 2012. 

And I certainly think that would be the case here in libertarian Connecticut.

I want to leave you with this silly video.  But I don't want you to get the wrong impression by my positing it - because it's meant to be humorous not hateful.  So do not send me hate mail to the contrary.  It's good to laugh about these things once in a while.  I never found a minister who couldn't lighten his sermon with a bit of humor to be very effective anyway.  Enjoy!

It's always good to end on a bit of humor. No insult intended.

And... I'll see you all in Church!



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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Give Municipal Candidates their Space!

As you know, we are only 28 or so days away from Municipal elections here in Connecticut. For those who haven't marked their calendars - for Republicans Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2011. (Nancy DiNardo has asked me to remind everyone that this year Democrats are holding their Election Day on Wednesday, November 9, 2011; Union slobs: please mark your calendars). 

But seriously, if you are looking to really help make a difference - please contact your local Republican Town Committee or local Republican Registrar and ask how you can get involved.  These Municipal Campaigns are low budget, and we need volunteers to put up signs, distribute literature, walk with candidates, and make phone calls to energize voter turnout. Volunteerism is the key to winning locally!  So please reach out and donate a few hours of your time to a worthy cause - and remember this cause is your own!

Now onto the business at hand....

REPORTED: Here is one selfish SOB
 who thinks he's more important than
those Republicans running locally
It has come to The King's attention that several Connecticut Republican Senatorial and Congressional Candidates have begun placing their campaign signs up all over Connecticut.  In short, doing so is nothing short of RUDE!  There is no reason whatsoever for that these candidates can't show a bit of restraint and respect and wait until after Municipal elections are over before hogging up premium roadside locations to engage in self-promotion!

As one TKV reader pointed out, "Not everyone is in tune with who the candidates are for which election, so [these signs] are adding confusion as well as clutter."

The King offers a few simple solutions for readers fed-up with seeing Congressional and Senatorial Campaign signs up so early:

1.  Know the law.  Contact your town officials and ask what the town ordinance says about how many days before an election a candidate may post signs. There may also be state laws about the timing of sign placement before elections.  (If the sign is in violation and is a Republican sign, go to Step #2, if the sign if a Democrat sign, go immediately to Step #3 and Step #4).  Also, The King is well aware that Federal Law trumps local and state law with regard to Freedom of Speech issues, but some ordinances are still in place and may be worth reviewing.

2.  Contact the campaigns in violation.  Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, assume that some Congressional and Senatorial Candidates may not know the local ordinances or might need to a little reminder (Remember, most candidates and campaign do know the rules because the majority of people running these campaigns have been doing it for years. Now, if they blow you off or give you any lip - hang up and move to step #3). 

3. Report violators. If you determine that a Congressional or Senatorial Candidate is breaking the law, report them to town or city officials.  If the violations are continuous, contact the State Elections Enforcement Commission, and your local newspaper.  I'm sure both would love to hear from you.

4. Take a Photo and send them to The King.  We'd be happy to post photos and report locations of violators.  We are particularly interested in those signs are illegally placed now and disrupting the flow of Municipal elections.  Include location (street number and town/city), and cite your confirmation that the sign is illegal.

5. Illegal Publicly placed signs: If the signs are on public property illegally.  I believe you can contact police and ask if you can remove them, or simply ask the police to remove them.

Punish selfish candidates during the Primary by casting a vote against them.  If a candidate can't show respect for local candidates and local government then why send him or her to Capitol Hill? They obviously could care less about anyone but themselves! And don't forget to spread the word.  The power of word of mouth is far more influential than anything else - use it!

Warning:  If someone is in violation of any state or local campaign law on private property, DO NOT take it upon yourself to remove the sign. It is illegal to do so!  If you get caught, you could face arrest, a nasty fine ,and may end up with your name listed in the paper. 

So let's hope that all Congressional and Senatorial Candidates heed my advice, show some class, and remove their signs NOW!  Even if it's not illegal to place campaign signs over a year in advance of the election, it's still a blight and an annoyance to everyone. Refusal to do so begs the question of whether or not such a candidate is fit to serve at all.



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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The King's CTGOP Event Calendar...

We're starting up a brand new feature here at The King's View! 

It's a section dedicated to help get the word out about Connecticut Republican Fundraisers, Meet the Candidate events and forums, Town Committee Meetings, State Central Meetings, and much, much more.

If you have an upcoming event that you want publicized via blog article, twitter, and Facebook - let us know and we'll do our part to help bring in the crowd.

Right now our CTGOP Leadership is hard at work trying to solicit donations to keep the lights on, and rebuild the Party; our current Connecticut Republican website will be revamped in the future (as other priorities are met and funding is available). In the meantime, volunteerism is critical to our success. We believe that FREE social media can help play a big role in turning the tide!

So whether you're seeking to get the word out about an upcoming a Congressional Candidate Meet and Greet in New Haven, or a RTC Meeting in Granby, or a Pasta Dinner supporting a local candidate in Goshen - let us know!  We can help!

All events/announcements can be emailed to us at .  Please include contact information and phone number for events requiring RSVP, advanced ticket purchases, and requests for more information.

Let The King's View become part of your local solution!   This service is open to all Republicans, Conservative Groups, and Organizations.  Don't pass up the offer to let US help YOU!



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Friday, October 7, 2011

Markley surrenders the high ground

When a friend of mine stopped by to tell me that Republican State Senator Joseph Markley had written a scathing letter to supporters attacking former 22-year Connecticut Congressman Christopher Shays on behalf of Linda McMahon, I laughed. I assumed that my friend was just in the mood for a bit of levity at my expense. Then I read the letter for myself.  I felt gutted. And above all – very, very disappointed in Joe.
Figuratively speaking, looks like State
Sen. Joe Markley has found a new role as
Linda McMahon's #1 hitman
Up until now, most of us believed Joe Markley to be a man of integrity and impeccable character who would rarely talk negatively of his opponents, never-mind violate Ronald Reagan’s 11th Amendment in such a publicly charged manner.

Markley had always taken the high road in every debate, making the intellectual case when discussing issues like lowering tax rates, or reducing state spending - and even when he campaigned for defeat of the polarizing Bathroom Bill, Senator Markley kept his tone civil and respectful.  In our conversations, he always steered away from a superficially emotional reaction to a problem, and instead would quote case and law, or make a relevant historical analogy to support his position.

But I guess it's out with the old Joe Markley, and in with the new.

It’s a complex problem for all of us Republicans.  Because on one hand, we see Senator Joe Markley working on behalf of the public, doing all he can to put the kibosh on the $600 million dollar no way-busway, and then on the other, we see him taking cheap shots at a fellow Republican for participating in mass amended, and cloture votes, and worse - accusing him of residing in another state (a blatant lie), and then holding his campaign debt over his head.  Joe, is this what you call Fair Play? Is this OUR Joe Markley?

What we see at work here is a page straight out of the Tom Scott playbook to which the McMahon campaign apparently subscribes.  While the attack, slash and burn strategy might have worked last year in a one-off, special election in Meriden, I'll bet your bottom dollar that taking the same negative strategy statewide would prove disastrous for the CTGOP. Look at how well it worked out for Republicans last year after Businessman Tom Foley and Lt. Governor Michael Fedele beat the snot out of each other on TV for three straight months. It didn't turn out so pretty.

The bottom line is that by serving as Tom Scott's dirty errand boy, Joe Markley has hurt his own credibility and greatly diminished his position as a respected, impartial State Senator.  Generally speaking, State Senators don't run off to become hired hit-men for Federal Candidates; particularly, in this case where we have a lady who has never held any elected position whatsoever, and campaigns on empty slogans, pro-wrestling lingo, and a 5th grade grasp of Civics. 

It took a lot of gall for Sen. Markley to compare a person like Christopher Shays, who, as imperfect as he is, represented the State of Connecticut and served on many Presidential and Congressional Committees in a distinguished fashion with someone who has made her fortune promoting sex, necrophilia, violence, and lots of distasteful nonsense under the guise of so-called entertainment.  So your argument is that because Linda visited 15 small businesses this month as part of a campaign stunt- she's suddenly more qualified for the job than Mr. Shays?  Can you say that with a serious face? 

And while were in the mood to ask tough questions - during Mr. Shay's tenure, did anyone die from steroid use, massive heart failure, or from falling 150 feet from the ceiling while under his employ?

It's a sad day when we see Joe Markley go from State Senator to political hired gun. It's so unbecoming. What backroom deal could possibly have been made to draw him so far down into the gutter?  What price was paid for him to trade-in his halo for a tommy-gun?  And believe me, many people are asking the very same question.  We simply can't believe it.

Lastly Joe, I pray that Southington residents really love you.  I really do. Because since you've decided to hitch your wagon to Linda's train, we'll hope that her negative ratings don't rub off on you during your next re-election bid, because that would mean Republicans end up down yet another seat in the legislature. And all because of some short-sighted ambition at front page glory.

I'm reminded of the classic line from the movie, Eight men Out when the young man glumly turns to Shoeless Joe Jackson and asks, "Say it ain't so, Joe. Say it ain't so."



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Monday, October 3, 2011

Is Linda McMahon putting the Cart before the Horse?

There is much abuzz about Linda McMahon receiving the endorsements of six former CTGOP State Chairman on Friday.  On the surface, and if you didn't know better, this might seem like a big boost to her campaign, signifying a huge leap forward in her quest for the Connecticut Republican Party Senatorial nomination.  But delving a further into the details reveals a bit more about the internal strife and set of challenges ahead for our fractured  Republican Party.

Clearly, we accept that the strategy is a clever attempt to give a quick boost to the McMahon campaign, and block out her challengers - neophyte Brian K. Hill, Mayor Jason, McCoy, and presumed challenger - Christopher Shays, who we're told is set to announce his formal entry into the race over the next several days.  The timing of the announcement is a bit strange, as it would have been more strategic to release it shortly after Shays entered the race, so as to steal the limelight of his announcement and make his task appear more difficult.

Notwithstanding, Republican Party insiders, not partial to Linda and all the baggage that she brings, have come away with a bad taste in their mouth because the perception is not one of steadfast support, but of another round of dirty politics, collusion, and payoffs.  The communication was certainly a shock to current Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr, who didn't even receive a courtesy call that Linda planned to use his predecessors, and the office of State Chairman (allegedly neutral) as a prop for Linda's campaign.

For the most part, when you look at the six individuals who came together to endorse Linda, you also see a collection of mediocre to failed State GOP leaders who it could be said have done more collectively to strengthen the Democrat Party than their own.  I was most struck by seeing Linda include Dick Foley, who served hard time for a $25,000 bribery conviction while in office.  Seeking an endorsement from a felon like Foley is probably not the best decision the McMahon camp could make, and I'm sure it won't be the last foolish decision we'll see if this campaign is anything like her last.

And what about "High Flying" Chris Depino? A guy who completely bankrupt the Party.  Just a few weeks ago he went out of his way to show steadfast support for Democrat Representative Rosa Delauro because our current Chairman and some Republicans echoed constituent outrage over her decision to stay put and bask in the Italian sun while her constituents were literally drowning in seawater.  Does a guy like this help Linda appeal to our base? And besides, we wouldn't want Depino's East Haven business dealings to be compromised, would we? (details to follow at a later date).

George Gallo? Probably one of the better Chairman we've had, but let's not forget that he's the Chief of Staff of House Republicans - the group which helped to orchestrate the Aniscovich debacle led by House Minority Leader Larry Cafero, and others this past summer. And poor Herb Shepardson - probably the nicest of the bunch who inherited the Rowland scandal and was left dangling out in the wind - I'm personally disappointed to see Herb sticking his hand in Linda's cookie jar - they say Linda's pockets run deep, but so do Herb's - so there must be some other prize awaiting him down at WWE Headquarters.

And what about former State House Rep. Bill Hamzy? Who? A guy who never wanted to be State Chairman but was dragged into the role by Governor Jodi Rell; Hamzy didn't complete a full term because of so many personal issues, and as a result the Party maintained its status quo - like an old wooden boat moored in the harbor, rocking quietly by the waves of the tide.  Other than to beef up the numbers within the endorsement, he doesn't bring anything of value - not name even name recognition to the scheme.

Then there's Chris Healy, who put us in this mess to begin with and who continues to stir up trouble where ever he goes.  You can lay the blame for the Republican Party's current state of near-bankruptcy and disintegration at Healy's feet which began when he turned our last State Convention into a Campaign Rally for McMahon, and his successful effort to undermine nominated candidates, and engage in other untold financial scandals.  It's almost sad to see Healy peddle his sob story on Jim Vicevich's show; his attempts at revisionist history have fallen flat.  Just ask Jerry Labriola - who is stuck trying to pick up the pieces.  The bad news about having Healy around is that whatever he touches tends to crumble.  I'm sure Healy wants some payback for his lost reputation.

When you stand back and look at this group being put forward as a mega-endorsement, you're really left scratching your head.  Are these the Big Name Republicans who should be telling voters who to support?  Heck, the truth is that its having an opposite affect on average Republicans who are looking for a departure from our twenty year victory drought.

Perhaps now - just like in 2010, we can expect a flurry of RTC Chairmen lining up at Linda McMahon's Olde Trading Post looking to cash in their support for a golden prize, a business favor, or political appointment.  Just a wink and a nod, and an IOU to be cashed in at the State Convention. This is the kind of stuff that turns loyal Republican's stomachs, and divides our Party into shredded wheat to be feasted on by Democrats.

I know there are a lot of well meaning people out there who probably think Linda McMahon just might be best qualified for the Senate.  And many of you want to look beyond the polls that show Linda can't beat either Chris Murphy or Susan Bysiewicz in a general election.  There are reason for this, and I'm sure we can broach those again in time.  But the more immediate issue for Republicans is to take a moment and look at the long dark shadow that she will cast over the entire Republican ticket.  And what it will do to our caucus as the game of manipulation and collusion takes place within our 169 town committees?

RTC members and voters should pay close attention to who is being placed on Republican Town Committees across the state.  Find out who is being added and who is being removed, and why.  The only way for Connecticut's State Convention to be fair and equitable to all candidates and those they represent is if delegates are chosen without influence and commitment to any single candidate or agenda. Will delegates be chosen who can vote their own conscience?

It will be up to the voters of each town to get involved.  Just because the McMahon Six have been bought and paid for, doesn't mean we have to stand for it.  If you haven't seen the movie Meet John Doe.  Perhaps, its time to get yourself a copy of this old Frank Capra favorite, and you can remind Linda (our D.B. Norton): "that for every John Doe movement [she] tries to kill, another one will be born."

There is one more major obstacle to overcome. We all recognize that the State Convention is a critical part of our candidate nomination process. And given that so many key past and present CTGOP leaders are already indebted to Linda - including State Central members and RTC members (soon to be appointed as delegates) -  it's hard to image how these same people could be called upon to serve as unbiased convention committee members when their impartiality has already been compromised.  How, pray-tell, will the Chairman be able to run a convention with indivduals who have already publicly endorsed McMahon?  Because if he does chose them, it will forever affect others' perception of his impartially as Chairman of our Party.

Hold fast.  There is so much more to come.

Linda McMahon:  The DB Norton of
our time. No respect for the "little
people" who make up the CTGOP!


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