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Friday, May 1, 2009

I know you've all missed me...

Hi, old friends. Yes, I'm going to be back to blogging again!

However, the format will probably change considerably from past versions. I don't expect to lose readership, since I'm most likely at ZERO readers after being off for four full months.

So what's the new format? Ahhhh, less on the political end, basic life stuff. But no long essays....

I can't keep up with writing long dissertations on topics as it lends to much delayed publishing of my work, and considerable time spent on my time to create the articles. I want to move to more general topics, shorter columns with a more interactive flair. My main goal has always been to practice my writing - in these days of IM and Twitter - we spend much time devoted to using numbers in place of words to fit our message into a 180 character limit. I can't imagine what kids are sending into teachers.

So what's been keeping me from blogging? Honestly, I've been wrapped up in homelife - working to death, and spending time with the kids. I've also been bit by the Facebook bug and Twittering.

Facebook is a lot of fun, and I've reconnected with so many friends from the past that's its been incredibly comical. You get to find out just how so and so made out after all these years. I've also met several new people from around the globe and I get a real kick out of reading status updates from Australia, Great Britain, and the States. It's funny to read everyday dramatics with kids from people going through the same things you are.

Twittering the the tool for the ultimate busy-body. Do I need to know what someone is thinking every 20 minutes? Do they need to know what I'm thinking? I guess the answer is yes since my follower and friend list are growing every day. Hell, maybe it's just a tool to help prevent against a second of boredom.

I'll probably devote some time to both Facebook and Twitter soon.

Those of you who still check in to see if The King still writes, please drop me a line on my comment board. It would be great to hear from old friends and foes! LOL.

Look forward to hearing from you. Look forward to keeping you entertained!