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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Legislative Action Alert: HB 5024 : Renamed: Bill to Eliminate Connecticut Republican Victories

It's all fun and games until somebody
loses an election - a Republican
somebody, of course
Well, my fellow Connecticut Republicans: So you think winning an election is hard work now in one of America's deepest, darkest, bluest states? 

Were you amused in January by New Haven Mayor John DiStefano's bold idea to allow illegal aliens the right to vote?

Did you enjoy watching Connecticut Democrats carve up our towns into uneven, illogical and nearly unwinnable districts for Republicans in nearly every place they could?  Did you get a laugh out of Professor Nathaniel Persily's feigned attempt at fairness during his court appointed redistricting special master charade?

Well if you loved all of THAT - then you're going to REALLY love THIS!

Currently awaiting approval in the Connecticut House of Representatives is:

(please click the link above and read the fine print)

I strongly recommend that you commit the bill number to memory because you're going to be hearing plenty about it very soon.  In summary, this bill would allow anyone to wander up to a polling place on Election Day and Register to Vote so they may participate in the election currently underway!  Attached to the Bill is the the archaic plan to introduce an online voting system which would fall under the control of Connecticut's Secretary of States Office  

Not suprisingly, the four activist Democrats sponsoring the Bill are:

REP. DONOVAN, 48th District

REP. SHARKEY, 88th District

SEN. WILLIAMS, 29th District

SEN. LOONEY,  11th District

The Governor's version of the Bill is located here.

Also of major concern to both voters and Town Registrars is the following language in the Bill:

"The bill requires Election Day registration applicants to declare under oath that they have not previously voted in the election and to provide the same information as people who apply for registration before this date. This means they must state under penalty of perjury (1) their name, bona fide street address, date of birth, and citizenship; (2) whether they are disenfranchised because of a criminal conviction; and (3) whether they were previously registered to vote in another town in this or any other state. They must present their birth certificate, driver’s license, or Social Security card to the admitting official for inspection.

If the applicant’s ID does not include proof of his or her residential address, he or she must submit a driver’s learner’s permit, utility bill due no later than 30 days after the election, or current college registration or fee statement that includes his or her name and current address. The bill allows college students to present their student photo ID in lieu of the identification required by law."

Not only does HB5024 permit people to vote on the same day, it also ensures that fraud can be committed without interference from pesky Town Registrars on Election Day.  This act permits people to vote even if they don't have a license or voter ID card - all they have to do is provide proof of residency - 30 days AFTER the election.  What? Yes, that's right - 30 days after the election?  Are you kidding me?

Recently, Governor Dannel Malloy held a conference call with statewide Registrars of Voters, which included representatives from two states who's Democrat political leanings favor this shenanigans. Currently in the United States there are nine states have some form of same day voter registration: Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Washington DC.  But thirteen states have ended the practice citing widespread fraud, and expense. 

And if you've wondered about the expense component; it is planned to shift cost associated with same day registration and online voting to each Connecticut town or city.  Your Secretary of State Denise Merrill recently said that, "[Towns and Cities should take on more of the financial burden associated with elections.]"  Right, as if the towns aren't struggling as it is to balance their own budgets.

It is reported that on principal members of the Registrar of Voters Association of Connecticut (ROVAC) stand against the idea of this same day voting scheme.  But the organization has not taken an activist stance to prevent its passage as of yet.  I would encourage you to contact both ROVAC and your own State Senator, and State Rep and express your disgust with this blatant attempt at fraud (which Democrats will try to sell as voter eligibility).  If you think this idea is a good one, you must be a Democrat because you won't find one Republican supporting such a scandalous plan.

According to the schedule, a PUBLIC HEARING is SCHEDULED for this
Friday, March 2, 2012, at 11:00 A.M. in Legislative Office Building, Room 2A
(You must sign up by 9 am if you wish to speak).

Even though this issue will impact every eligible voter in Connecticut, the Committee has "generously" offered a mere HOUR for public debate on the matter, along with other Bills included on the schedule.

nterested in seeing how advocates of this liberal initiative see this legislation, then look here. And also at this New York Times article which favors passage written by Harvard Liberal Professor Marion Just.
One way to ensure that Republicans never see majority status in Connecticut ever again is to sit on your tail and do NOTHING to try to stop this bill.  For if you do nothing, you'll see several close elections swing to the Democrats, and there won't be a snowballs chance in Hades of reversing the damage done given that those making the rules, and those who control the courts won't be in any rush to side with Republicans.

I'm hoping to see Chairman Jerry Labriola, Larry Cafero, and the rest of the gang all over this, and helping voters lead the charge against a clear case of STATE-MANDATED voter fraud.



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CTGOP Headquarters moving back to Hartford!!

Jerry Labriola will need a hand
moving all the boxes of money
he's raised this quarter
For those who don't know, this week is the Big Move of Connecticut Republican Party Headquarters to it's brand new location at 31 Pratt Street - 4th Floor in Hartford.

This is great news for everyone!  Not only will the CTGOP be re-located back to the capitol city where it belongs, the move will also save the Party a couple of hundred dollars a month on rent!

Jerry Labriola, Jr. and his team are to be congratulated for moving CTGOP Headquarters out of the bombed out, dirty, and embarrassing location in New Britain which former Chairman Chris Healy brought us to.   

Several State Central Members received complaints from volunteers about not wanting to work out of the New Britain location citing personal safety concerns due to have to having to park in a poorly lit parking area.  Some complained that the building was dirty and dingy.  And many felt that it never made sense to leave Hartford in the first place given the desire to be in closer proximity to State Legislative Offices, and Hartford firms where all the action takes place.

The King says Kudos to Chairman Jerry!  Moving CTGOP back to Hartford will give the Party new life and energy, and a positive boost that it so badly needs.  It's also close to Vaughn's - a great water-hole for after hours socializing!

NOTE:  Until a formal press release is sent out by the CTGOP, all communications, telephone operations, and party activities should continue as they do today. A formal announcement is expected soon!



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Monday, February 27, 2012

Tea Party Faithful join with Social Conservatives to Celebrate 3-Year Anniversary!!

A great turnout by the Tea Party Faithful!

Last week, when The Hartford Courant, the official voice of the Democrat Party in Connecticut, all but declared Connecticut's Tea Party dead, organizers just smiled and continued their planning for what turned out to be a stellar three year anniversary celebration on the steps of CT's Supreme Court in Hartford.

Even The King was surprised at the solid turnout for a cloudy hum-drum Monday in Hartford - the crowd swelled to 185 people by the time the lunch hour rolled around; the event was a smashing success thanks to the CT Tea Party Patriots valiant efforts to organize the public event - particularly, the ladies of the movement who have done so much to build and maintain the organization over the last three years. 

Of course not everyone was happy to see the ragtag group of so-called dissenters mount a successful public display of unity.  As you know, critics of the Tea Party tend to come from two opposite corners of the political spectrum.  First you have liberal democrats of the looney Michael Moore variety - who hate the Tea Party as much as they hate Liberty itself; these folks would rather adhere to the mindless dribble of the destructive Occupy Wall Street crowd embraced by the White House, and advocates of social anarchy. 

And second, you have the establishment types within the Republican Party who see the Tea Party as a threat to the long standing order of things.  Meaning, a few select GOP leaders dictate all with the expectation that the sheeple quietly follow - even if it means blindly walking off a 2000 foot cliff to their doom (like we did in 2008 in the Presidential Race, and 2010 in the CT US Senate Race).  When the Tea Party's national movement began to front their own candidates ahead of pre-selected establishment types, the GOP leadership balked. The King's caveat on the issue of the Tea Party has always been that they run as Republicans and generally not against Republicans except to primary. Although I suppose there may be a few situations were doing so would be acceptable, even encouraged, but these are few and far between.

But Monday's event was more significant than just a reunion of old friends, it was the first time that we've seen a public alliance between Tea Party Patriots and Social Conservatives in Connecticut.  While not an 100% perfect glove fit for each other, the two groups have much in common, at least in this Blue State

1)  Social Conservatives and Tea Party members oppose big government controlling every aspect of our lives - whether social or fiscal;
2) both groups are ignored, shunned, and barely tolerated by Connecticut State Republican Leaders who don't do "Guns, Gays or God"';
3) both groups celebrate America's traditional Judeo-Christian values, and our Western Historic traditions including respecting our military, and supporting military action against foreign tyrants
4) both groups are seen as mere political obstacles to navigate, manipulate, court, or placate, instead of being treated respectfully by candidates as principled individuals who's values and ideals have merit, and are based upon reason.
5) Both groups are demonized and hated by the left-wing of this country, its media, and its politicians because both groups contain the activists that fuel Republican opposition and victories across the country (note to all: its not the rich moderate windbags who turn the tide, its the activists with pitchforks and rifles who make the difference!)
6) Unified, Social Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots could run the gamit and really begin to make in-roads, and impact races both local and statewide.

Detractors could probably provide a list of issues where both groups have differences, but at the end of the day - its far more important for these group sto put those aside and band together and work to dismantle the Democratic Machine that is choking Connecticut's Economy and turning this state into a safe haven for big spenders, social engineers, tax and spenders, violent criminals, illegal aliens, drug dealers, and cross-dressing pedophiles.  Surely, Tea Party Members and Social Conservatives must see the direct correlation between moral/social decay and its impact on economic factors which are compounding Connecticut's problems.  The two are not equally exclusive of each other.

As for the Rally itself, the group of speakers did a fantastic job without going overboard in their presentations.  Co-organizer Joe Visconti rallied the crowd early with his trademark bullhorn.

State Rep Bill Semanski (62 District: Granby, East Granby, Barkhamsted) led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance, and U.S. Senate Candidates Peter Lumaj, and Brian K. Hill also spoke to the crowd. (Neither Linda McMahon or Christopher Shays were in attendance). 

There were a number of other Connecticut politicians who attended but most came for the purpose of jostling for Tea Party support, and for an opportunity to take advantage of the media coverage to suit their own purposes - election.  Among them was 5th Congressional Candidate Mark Greenberg, who was offered the opportunity to address the crowd by organizers but outright refused.  It's not often that a Congressional Candidate fighting for a respectable position in the race refuses to take the microphone and say few words to potential supporters.  Tea Party organizers found this behavior quite bizarre, particularly after watching him stalk media personal afterward to tell his own story.

Then there was Lisa Wilson-Foley who stood in the audience but appeared to be lost without her keeper - Campaign Manager Chris Healy.  She looked like a fish out of water - dazed and confused.  At one point she was seen standing down by the sidewalk as if waiting for the next Transit Bus to come by, and perhaps wondering if she had missed it.  It's a shame, because of all the candidate who attended, Wilson-Foley would have been one of the more interesting people to listen to on the topic of social conservatism given her uniquely moderate views.

Although not a politician by trade, Peter Wolfgang, who heads the Family Institute Action of Connecticut gave an eloquent speech on the issue of President Obama's attempt to force Catholic Hospitals to provide contraception and birth control to patients which is in direct conflict with Church doctrine and teachings.  While The King disagrees with Mr. Wolfgang on a dozens key issues, he finds Wolfgang's positions well-stated and consistent. 

If Peter Wolfgang ever ran for office, voters, including The King could easily overlook some of his more stalwart positions in favor of putting a principled, dignified family man to represent the people's trust.  Even when Peter Wolfgang disagrees with you - he does so in a respectful manner.  Admittedly, he is a gem, and there are few among us like him.  Which is why certain members of the Press stay awake at night trying to find a kink in his armor.

There is one important note here.  Although Peter Wolfgang and a few FIC Staffers showed, it was very unfortunate that Leaders from the Catholic Church didn't participate or appear a the Rally entitled, "We are All Catholics Now."  A brief visit by even a few Nuns or Priests would have gone a long way to build solidarity between the Catholic Faithful and the Church.   This was also the case during last year's battle at the LOB on the Bathroom Bill when the Church showed at the 11th hour.  Maybe there is some work to be done there to engage them earlier and more frequently.  At least Pastor Rick, a Baptist Minister spoke came to provide support from a Religious perspective.
Lastly, we would be remiss not to mention the single unfortunate episode that occurred shortly after the Rally concluded involving our favorite pretend newsman William Landers.  As people witnessed, he engaged in a verbal confrontation with one of the organizers of the Tea Party Rally who out of respect for their hard work and dedication shall remain nameless.  Landers, as everyone knows, can't seem to decide whether he is a make-believe reporter, or quasi-Republican activist, of sorts.  The argument that ensued apparently had to do with him demanding an opportunity to address the Tea Party audience.  To our knowledge, he was the only person wearing press credentials who demanded a turn at the microphone - neither WTNH's Mark Davis, or The Hartford Courant's Daniella Altimari asked for mic time.

As the Program concluded, Landers threw a full flown temper-tantrum, wagging his fingers, and becoming loud enough for people to stop their conversations and turn their heads in his direction. One person heard the organizer ask, "...are you threatening me?"  The conversation ended abruptly with the organizer walking off annoyed, and leaving Landers alone to deal with his frenzied emotional state.  Fact is, there wasn't anything to argue about, the Rally had ended, and the everyone was preparing for a group photo shot.

The people at The Capitol or where-ever press credentials are issued must dole them out like candy if someone like this can get one.   If the set standard for journalism is creating a webpage, and wandering around with a hidden tape recorder in your pocket, or setting people up like they are appearing in an episode of Candid Camera, then by all means -  everyone including The King should be issued one, or perhaps two, or even three sets of credentials.  

Between shaking people (and organizations) down for cash in exchange for publishing positive "news articles" -  and his Pearl Harbor-style Gotcha reporting, it's not surprising that  anyone, anywhere runs for cover when he shows up on the scene.  His website links to malicious articles about non-public people outlining the most intimate details, unfounded and untrue, about their family and personal financial state.  Last month's episode alone should cause Tom Dudchik pause, and sever the link to Landers' fictional news site - Ameriborn News to CTCapitol Report 2012.  Or maybe Tom Dudchik doesn't care about who Landers maligns on his webpage.  It's interesting to note that Dudchik removed Authentic Connecticut Republican's link from CT Capitol Report 2011 for a much lesser violation (which I believe was use of colorful language in his minor criticism of Chris Depino's defense of Rosa DeLauro's absence during the fall flooding).  How about a little consistency Mr. Dudchik?

Well, regardless what you think about Mr. Landers' behavior, candidates and politicos have been warned to avoid the male version of Connie Chung and his hidden tape recorder.  "Just between me and you, right, Mrs. Gingrich?

We don't want end this on a sour note.  This Rally is just the beginning of the "street-activation" that's coming soon.  The Tea Party has big plans for the future, much of it includes holding the Connecticut media accountable for their actions, biases, and serving as the  communication vehicle for Connecticut Democrats.   

Great Job, Tea Party!  Keep up the pressure!



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Meet the CTGOP Candidates: March 3 in North Windham, CT!

Passing along a great opportunity for those who reside in the Second Congressional District and beyond!!
The folks in District 29 have put together a all-star mega event so voters can up close and personal with our CTGOP Candidates!

The local Republican Town Committees of District 29 are hosting ALL GOP candidates for federal office seats this Saturday.  This is a perfect opportunity to get to know these candidates; please take the time to come out and meet them for yourself:

CT GOP 29th Senatorial district Meet & Greet Event.
Sponsored by the Republican Town Committees of Thompson, Putnam, Killingly, Brooklyn, Canterbury, Scotland, Mansfield, and Windham.
Date: Saturday, March 3rd.

Time: Doors open at 5pm. Event starts at 5:30

Location:  The University Club of Connecticut
184 Club Road North Windham, CT
(860) 456-4211

Cost: $10, Covers the cost of the facility and hors d'oeuvres
*Cash Bar*
Format: Brief presentations by candidates then 1 on 1 questions / answers.


House of Representatives
Second Congressional District Candidates:

Chris Coutu (Represented by Paul P Tetreault)
Daria Novak

U. S. Senate Candidates:
Linda McMahon
Brian K. Hill
Chris Shays
Peter Lumaj (TBD)
Kie Westby (TBD)

To RSVP please contact:
Putnam Republican Town Committee Chairman, Kimberly Gilbert / 860-928-4231

Due to the limited size of the facility, seats are expected to sell out.

Paid for by Connecticut Republicans, Gary Schaffrick, Treasurer.
321 Ellis Street | Building 17 Suite 501 | New Britain, CT 06051   

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.



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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sign the Petition: Stop the Repeal of the Death Penalty

Gary "Coleman" Holder-Winfield is a
 big supporter of Hayes and Komisarjesky
 and people just like them
Connecticut Democrats led by the ever-arrogant, racially-motivated State Rep. Gary "Coleman" Holder-Winfield, and ultra-liberal Governor Dannel Malloy are working around the clock to disregard the will of the people of Connecticut and Repeal the Death Penalty.  This is a critical time as the Democrat-controlled Legislature seeks to put a new bill on Governor Malloy's desk during this upcoming legislative session.

Last year, the Repeal of the Death Penalty measure was defeated by a slim majority in the State Senate, 19-17, due in part because two Democrats:  Andrew Maynard of Stonington, and Edith Prague of Columbia broke ranks with their Party after meeting with Dr. William Petit, the sole survivor of the heinous slayings of his wife and two children during the 2007 Cheshire Home Invasion.

Andrew Maynard, now believing that the coast is clear, has committed to voting for the new repeal bill when the measure is reintroduced in 2012. The only reason he didn't support the Repeal Bill he claims was because the vote was "too close to the Komisarjevksy Trial". Republicans residing in the towns of Moosup to Groton and all parts in-between have a new challenge on their hands for the next election cycle - send this yellow coward packing.  I mean this guy doesn't even have the conviction to vote his conscious.  What kind of people would put this weak-minded fool in a leadership position?  If old pal Rob Simmons is looking to be relevant again - then helping to replace Maynard would be good start.

Edith Prague has not yet committed to supporting the new Repeal measure but in private her friends say that she claims she would consider supporting the measure this time around in exchange for a few minor changes.  This is sad if true; last year after voting against the Repeal, her own liberal allies in the Press came after her for saying what everyone in Connecticut was thinking about the murdering-pedophile Joshua Komisarjevsky.  It would be a shame if an outspoken woman like this suddenly supported Repeal for a few lousy political favors.  If Ms. Prague could see the reason to support the Death Penalty for these two SOBs, then what about the endless generations of the same type of evil-doers to come? 

At the end of the day, if both Coward Andrew Maynard and Edith Prague cave to peer pressure and presents, the ballot would move to a 50-50 split allowing Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman the opportunity to cast the deciding vote in favor of  murderers and rapists.  Then Governor Malloy can in turn cite Catholicism for his decision to pen it into law (funny how he doesn't invoke Catholicism as his rational for his supporting votes on other liberal social policy positions).

Despite what liberal activists think, Connecticut trends higher in polls with 67% of residents in favor of the Death Penalty.  Nationally, one Gallup Poll on the issue found that 64% of Americans are in favor of the Death Penalty in cases of murder.  Other polls show a larger majority for support of the Death Penalty for similar and even lesser crimes.

Clever Democrats will try to distance themselves (and their votes) from the convicted Petit Murderers by claiming that that new Repeal Bill would be prospective - meaning that it would not apply to Joshua Komisarjevski and Steven Hayes, but only to future convicted murderer-rapists, et al.  But every drooling anti-death activist, and half-way decent trial attorney knows that the very passage of a new Repeal Bill opens the door wide-open for a special circumstance appeal from which the wacky Jeremiah Donovans of the world will launch their bid to save Death Row inmates. 

Only a fool would believe that the word "prospective" would stop the anti-death penalty hyenas from selling their souls to the devil to get Hayes and Komisarjevsky free from Death Row - a spot that they earned by their own actions, not through the decision of a Jury. 

As this war heats up, there will be a lot of rhetoric flying around from so-called experts who will lie through their teeth about how the Death Penalty isn't a deterrent - trust me, there aren't too many Dead Murderers posing a threat to society these days.  And making sure these two get the injection of death they deserve is a personal passion of mine - moreover, we owe to future generations to make sure that anyone who commits such or even a much lesser set of crimes faces the same lethal punishment. 

Meanwhile join our cause, get involved, make calls to your legislator, and sign the petition:

I'll end this piece by quoting the sister-in-law of one of the victims of the 2007 home invasion, Jennifer-Hawke Petit, who wrote it best:

"The majority of Connecticut citizens are in favor of the death penalty. The death penalty as it stands now is broken and needs to be fixed. It is the only reasonable and just penalty for the most heinous murders. A vote for repeal is a vote for criminals and a vote against victims."
- Johanna Petit Chapman

Darn Right!  So join us!  Don't let twisted people like Gary Coleman Holder-Winfield tell you that you can't have justice, now or in the future. 



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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Connecticut Tea Party Plans 3rd Anniversary Rally

Connecticut Democrats
have had a long history of
treading on Nutmeggers
Looks like The Hartford Courant's quasi-pronouncement that the Connecticut Tea Party is sort-of dead was a bit premature (yes, I know they didn't write that word-for-word, but they think it).   Well, the good news is that's nonsense - at least according to organizers who are planning a big 3rd Anniversary Rally on Monday, February 27 on the steps of the Connecticut Supreme Court in Hartford-town.

Personally, I'm not in complete alignment with The Tea Party, per se, but I respect and appreciate the positive impact they've had on a national level.  In Connecticut, the impact has been minimal mostly due to what can be considered - organizational challenges between rival leaders of various factions.  Grassroots organization can be very effective, that is -  until someone or something attempts to hijack it for their own personal gain and advantage.  Nonetheless, we are fortunate that many tea party newcomers have stuck around; many are active leaders on political campaigns, and several have battled the establishment-types to win seats on RTCs around the State.  Congrats to all of you!

The aforementioned article refers to two people - Joe Markley and Len Suzio who were at one point considered darlings of the Connecticut Tea Party.  Suzio was elected largely due to efforts of Tea Party members who made calls and walked the streets of Meriden to get the vote out on his behalf.  But unfortunately, given that both men have been recently bought and paid for by the Linda McMahon for Senate campaign - any positive feelings toward them by Tea Party members have long since abated. 

The very thought of Joe Markley holding a Gadsden Flag is revolting to the core.  He's a sell out.  The fact that he would fight to have a U.S. Senate seat decided by a group of paid-off delegates in a closed State Convention is a disgrace.  Real Patriots don't work to eliminate voices from being heard, nor do they try to block respectable individuals from earning 15% of the vote so they can't automatically qualify for the primary.  The very idea of helping to formulate backroom deals to disenfranchise voters is unpatriotic - to say the least.

What Markley and Suzio laugh-off as "just politics" with old chum and McMahon hitman Tom Scott, the rest of us see as corruption and patronage.   Deep down they know the truth about their actions which is why all of them are fighting tooth and nail against the notion that paid employees of candidates should wear identification at the Convention. Go figure! Their words and actions speak to their guilt.  Here's the kicker - if you ask either  Markley or Suzio why Linda McMahon is allegedly more qualified than Shays, Westby, or Hill - they sputter incoherently.  Or they read the carefully crafted bullet points off her tri-fold pamphlet - "proven jobs creator" and "not a career politician".  Good grief!  From the looks of it, the McMahon-Markley-Scott Syndicate doesn't really have a Plan A or a Plan B.  It's the 2010 campaign all over again. 

Maybe Markely and Suzio aught to find the Straight-Talk Express that U.S. Senator John McCain used to reference during his Presidential Bid; more time spent riding that Busway might be useful to get both men to clear their heads and their consciences - if they still have one, that is.  And before Linda McMahon gets up on her soap box claiming she's going to clean up Washington, maybe she should first begin by cleaning up her own act starting with her campaign tactics.  Frankly folks, there isn't enough detergent available to remove the dirt and scum from that operation.

The good news is that while many people have folded their tents and gone home, there is still a ragtag group of people who care about ethics, liberty, values, and less government.  If you can try and break away from your busy lives for a few moments, please stop by and show solidarity with our Tea Party brethren.  Demonized by the Press for their conviction, they are really some of the finest people we have in our ranks, and they would like to see a few extra smiling faces as they celebrate their third anniversary. 

Here is the official press release:


On February 27, 2009 approx. 125 patriots rallied for the first time in Connecticut in front of the State Capitol to voice our concerns over government spending and the loss of freedom. On that day the Connecticut Tea Party was born! And since that day we have never wavered from demanding that federal, state and local governments adhere to their constitutional foundations, be fiscally responsible, and support free markets.

Three years later, however, we find our government continuing to spend massive amounts of money, bankrupting us and our children, and also engaging in persistent and vicious attacks on our nation's first liberty - religious freedom. In light of the recent attacks on the Catholic Church, tea party patriots would agree with David French and Glenn Beck (see links below) when they say that "We're all Catholics now!"

Yes, we are all "Catholics" now, and the 2012 election will be the most important in our lifetime. We either return to the founding principles and values that define our great country, or we continue down this path of government infringement and loss of freedom in every area of our lives.

So please join us on Monday, February 27, for an "impromptu" rally in CELEBRATION of the Connecticut Tea Party and in SOLIDARITY with our Catholic brothers and sisters. Bring your family and friends, your flags, bells, signs and voices. Our 2012 season begins now!

Help us send a message that the Connecticut Tea Party is alive and well, that we remain vigilant watchdogs of our government, and that we will work tirelessly to defend our freedoms.

DAY: Monday, February 27
TIME: 11 AM to 1 PM
PLACE: Connecticut Supreme Court, front steps, 231 Capitol Avenue, Hartford (across from the State Capitol)
RADIO STATIONS TO CALL: WDRC 1360 AM (1-888-574-2723), WTIC 1080 AM (1-800-966-9842).


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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Twitter Pic is Worth a Thousand Words (or Laughs)

Let's face it - we all know that most candidates and elected politicians DON'T run their own Twitter Accounts.  Take Linda McMahon, for example - can you imagine Lucky Linda reaching into her Mouawad Diamond purse for her i-phone and then trying to figure out which button to press to bring up the Twitter app?  The concept of Linda as a tweeter is simply Laugh Out Loud funny!  Ehr? Duh? What do you press, again? 

Linda's twitter bio claims that she's a proven jobs creator
That line is as tired, as it is untrue

I'm sure Yosemite (Tom) Scott will sit with her and force her try to send a tweet now, just so she can claim having had the real world experience (eyes roll). C'mon, get real - Linda probably doesn't even know how to work her own TV/DVR Remote never mind a bloody i-phone.  And she likely has a full-time college flunky pulling in $20K a month to propagate her boring dribble throughout the Twitterverse.  One might think she would have left the all-important tweeting task to her so-called Communications Director - but, of course, we all know that she's just an imported high-profile typist, who doesn't have the work experience to be anything more.

As for her twitter profile pic, it's the same old, same old.  Blue is the perfect color for Linda - it symbolizes her highly anticipated legacy of ensuring, not one, but two U.S. Senate seats to Democrats.  The blank stare goes with Linda as an empty vessel; big on rhertoric and general statements, but devoid of policy plans and specifics.  Linda serves as the perfect CTGOP Placebo for Connecticut's terminal condition.

And look, we aren't stupid enough to think that Chris Shays, Joe Courtney, Chris Murphy or even Meddler Justin Bernier run their own Twitter accounts either.  The only candidate-politician that we know who has the technological where-with-all is Christopher Coutu - and even he'll tell you - his smart phone never leaves his side.  While the Legislature is in session, he has to find some way to tune out all that confusing, fancy-talk from the podium. So he brings along his phone and ear buds to help him focus on more important things like ESPN Scoreboard, the latest Lady-Ga-Ga downloads, and of course - beating his own high score at Angry Birds
I love the fact that Coutu used the twitter profile pic file name:
"Coutu in Action". Be suspect of any policitian who thinks
talking at a microphone is - action
(who's the guy with the weary eye on him?)

Honestly, Coutu is a real trip.  He gets high points from The King for being the only guy up at the LOB who who can still funnel a six-pack of Schlitz in under a minute!  I mean that must be worth something to voters in Connecticut's beleaguered second district.

But seriously, I do bust Coutu's chops more than any other Republican in Connecticut, but that's only because unlike phony Linda McMillions, I actually like the guy.  Coutu is a perfect target for The King's humor because we know for a fact that we get under his skin.  If Republicans are to win back the Second Congressional District (the seat that American Hero Rob Simmons made famous), Coutu will win it in a last second three-point buzzer-beater.  If there are any upsets in the making - don't count Coutu-Mojo out.  He may be goofy, but he is an American Hero who serves his country with distinction and honor.  And he'd be miles superior to Twinkle-toes Courtney; who's proven to be a sell-out to Obama-visionGo get 'em Frat boy!

As I mentioned, politicians at nearly every level don't actually use the twitter medium to converse directly with constituents or supporters.  Only a select few actually do, and that's a rarity indeed - Mayor Mark Boughton almost immediately comes to mind as someone who will chat a few lines back and forth with you if you can catch his attention.  Brian K. Hill is another  guy who'll tweet you back when he feels it's in his personal interest to respond.  But by and large, politicians and candidates use twitter as a one-way PR transmitter.  But it still amuses me to people try like heck to get the attention of an automated bot. :)

Hill's profile pic is very good. But the large picture of
him on his Twitter Home Page showing his jacket buttoned over his tie looks silly (fix it!)

What's interesting is that while some candidates spend hours in front of the mirror each morning - caking on that foundation, and using more brushes and color than Leonardo da Vinci ever did, or making sure they have the perfect silk power tie to wow an audience - what's clear to me is that most candidates don't seem to care one iota about what their profile picture looks like to the Twitterverse; even when tweeted 30 times a day (and 50 times more across a half dozen hash tags.  Sometimes you have to ask - my God, do they know that they're using THAT pic?

I have to say that one of the more bizarre political profile pics on Twitter comes from Democrat Joe Courtney.  His profile picture is about as weird as it gets.  It sort of reminds me of a scene out the 80s B horror flick Motel Hell (shame on you if you've actually seen it).

What's the hell is going on here?

I mean this picture is a really weird.  You have Joe in a dress shirt, wearing a baseball cap, looking off into space, standing in close proximity to a John Deere tractor, with the backdrop of a scary looking farm-shed - a likely spot where all the bodies are probably hidden or displayed on meat hooks (just kidding).  Bottom line is there's just way to much going on here.  You could ask twinkle-toes a hundred questions about this photo and still not figure out what old twink is trying to convey here.

It's the kind of photo you would expect Ann Nyberg to use as part of her weekly add a caption segment.  Now there's a thought.

Next up is Rosa DeLauro's Twitter pic which is sort of scary - like Halloween scary.  Not only is it only visible as the tiniest thumbnail possible, but the mega pixel quality is as shabby as it gets.  And when you blow it up one size - you can't really tell if this is Rosa or Ronald.    

I'm still not convinced that Rosa isn't a Ronald.

I'm guessing that this picture was taken when she was clamoring for support of Universal Diaper Service for America.  Maybe it's more to her advantage that constituents can't make out what she looks like on Twitter.  Hell, if she can abandon her consituents for Italy during floods, storms and a statewide disaster, then what's a nasty twitter profile pic between friends?

Next up is old pal Lisa Wilson-Foley.  I'd say she looks like a million dollars in this photo but that would be an insult to a billionaire like her.   Fact is that she doesn't actually do her own tweeting. But you can tell - when everything - press releases, quotes to the press, and even tweets have that same distinctive sound and stench of EX-CHAIRMAN Chris Healy's dry writing style.  I have to emphasize EX-CHAIRMAN only because he seems to lose his wits and start to physically shake every time a reporter comes within 100 yards of him.  It must be a big disadvantage for Mrs. Foley to have Campaign Manager who seems himself as being a much bigger superstar than she'll ever be.  After all, Mrs. Foley is only as good as her deposit slip in Tutankhamen's bank account.

Pretty casual look; definitely a bad-hair day
Aside from the strawy scarecrow-like hair-do, this is a decent photo for someone hedging 60.  But as many of us discussed, we thought she'd go for the more formal CEO look instead of the head shot.  Well, at least she won't have to change her pic after she loses.  And even better news, it won't be the twitter pic which sank her.

As mentioned earlier, Mayor Boughton is a big tweeter, and actually a fun read.  He uses his account to keep Danbury's voters informed on a number of activities going on, and emergency related stuff too.  He's famous for keeping us informed of what his opinion is on television shows, music, etc.  He's so creative that he makes up his own hash-tags! Whoo Hoo!   As for his pic... well its not bad.  But this shot makes him look like a grown-up version of the kid who wanted a BB-Gun from A Christmas Story.

When I see this pic of Mark Boughton, I hear
a small voice inside my head yell, "You're going
to shoot your eye out!"
All in all, I used to think Boughton might be a great candidate for Governor - a silver knight in shining armor - but after he fell head over heels in love with Linda McMahon and delivered his reputation and soul to her - the shine almost immediately turned to rust; he sort of killed himself.  In this whole Linda McMahon catastophe, The King believes that when it's all said and done, and Linda goes back to Wrestlingville, it won't be Linda's reputation and future which will have suffered the most but Mark Boughton's.  There is more to this story, but I've been asked (no, begged) not to discuss it in The King's View (at least for now).  Meanwhile, tweet-away Mayor.  You might as well, since you're living your best days in politics.

Which brings us to the guy who's most likely going to end up as Connecticut's next U.S. Senator - if polling data continues to remain accurate (and Linda McMahon doesn't order an angle to have her wrestlers to jump him in the parking lot).  And that's none other than Democrat Chris Murphy.  I like the fact that he gives us a good smile, but the damn head shot fills up the screen, for God sakes.

If I were facing such lackluster competition,
I'd probably wear a sh*t eating grin too.
There is definitely something sinister going on in this photo.  I just can't seem to make it out yet.  Give me a month or two, and I'll have put my finger on it.

Hot on his heels is his only opponent on the Democrat side of the equation - Susan Bysiewicz.  I have to say that really dislike her twitter profile pic.  There is something inherently dishonest about a politician who looks down and away from you when you talk with them.  And you can't really tell whether or not she's smiling or wincing in pain in this shot.  And the side profile deal isn't doing it for me at all.

This shot is almost as bad as Joe Courtney's,
but its missing the Tractor
I've seen better shots of Susan, why this one was selected, I'll never know (I mean really, I'll never actually know).

Next up is Republican Christopher Shays.  His photo is a lot like Chris Murphy's - a big head shot, eyes straight into the camera, and a huge smile.  I like a big smile in a candidate these days because it temporarily relieves the massive migraine I get when I think of the outrageous disaster that President Obama has compounded, and the fact that Democrats running for office won't dare challenge him in public - even when they tell their friends behind closed doors that he sucks as President.  Of course, in crazy Connecticut, Democrats think he hasn't done enough damage yet, so they campaign on adding even more pain and suffering - to the sounds of thousands of union and state employee cheers.

If he doesn't get in, I'm sure Shays could do
Dentyne sugarless gum commercials
Anyways, Shay's twitter profile pic is one of the better political pics on Twitter.  But something tells me that Shays is so adept at knowing how to play poker so that you'd never know whether or not he was smiling out of pure happiness or smiling because he's about to unload 2000 pounds of TNT on the enemy's home base.  If I were Linda, and I saw Shays smiling like this and heading in her direction - well, you might want to take cover!  But seriously, great shot, but would like to see them back up a step and include the Power Tie for added professional emphasis.

Without a doubt, the BEST Connecticut profile picture goes to Wayne Winsley.  Winsley redefines the line from the ZZ Top smash hit Sharp Dressed Man. But seriously, if you haven't had the opportunity to hear Wayne Winsley speak, then you aught to check aught one of his radio shows. Wayne is one of the only true conservatives in Connecticut.  I can't wait to watch him school Rosa Delauro during a live debate - that ticket will be worth a thousand bucks!

It's unfortunate that Winsley is having a tough time cracking through the fundraising ceiling that seems to be a permanent fixture in CT-3 for Republicans.   Rosa Delauro is not only embarrassing to Connecticut - she's a national menace.  Republicans should be proud that we have Wayne Winsley in our ranks. He's not just another sacrificial white fuzzy bunny claiming to be a little bit of this, and a little bit of that; trying to tip-toe around the issues so as not to offend anyone.  Nope. Winsley is the REAL deal. 
So I'm ending this with the thought that this is another post, off the beaten path, which is sarcastic and about nothing.  I know there are far more serious topics to discuss, but after awhile you have to let the professional press step up and do their jobs, while those of us in the peanut gallery shoot spitballs at them all along the way.

For those who I missed, don't feel bad.  I might do part two in a week.  And time willing, I'll extend some additional bits of humor on a few more unsuspecting victims of extreme vanity.  So quick everyone - run out and update that twitter profile pic... before The King downloads it!!



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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Special Valentine's Day Message from The King of Rock and Roll!

We had to share this special Valentine's Day Cell Phone Performance from our own mega-superstar Joe Visconti.  This song seems to perfectly underscore the life and times of West Hartford's most eligible bachelor!  My God, you have to love Joltin' Joe's sense of humor and romance! 

If you like this .... just wait until you seen what's coming!

Happy Valentine's Day to all the wonderful women in Connecticut and beyond!



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This video is published by permission of the great and talented Joesph Visconti and ViscontiFilms.  All Rights Reserved.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Andrew Roraback: Man of Shame

Put Andrew the Dunce back in
the corner where he belongs
Although some say he may be the odds on favorite to steal the nomination at the Connecticut Republican State Convention because of long-time Connecticut political family ties, there are a couple things that voters in the 5th Congressional District should know about State Senator Andrew Roraback before they bow down to this Replican Republican - a few things that may turn you from Republican Red to Crimson Red with anger.

As most long-time readers know, The King has written extensively about the heinous Cheshire murders and my desired push for the execution of two of the most disgusting creatures to ever breathe Connecticut air - Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes.  For those who can't recall, both of these filthy SOBs, tortured or raped, and burned alive three innocent victims back in 2007; among them were a loving wife, and two beautiful children, all robbed of their futures by these sick, twisted monsters.  Over the last few years - with only a few liberal lunatics in dissent - the public has loyally supported the Petit-Hawke-Renn Family through thick and thin.  While we couldn't fully comprehend Dr. Petit's personal anguish, we shared his sorrow, and pain.  And we continue to share the sadness of his loss.

After two seemingly endless trials over the course of three years, and having shed many tears for the victims, separate juries finally convicted the assailants, and sentenced them both to death.  While liberal zealots cried revenge, honest people shouted justice!  Absolute Justice for the Petit women!

Yet in 2009, only two years after the gruesome Petit murders, State Senator Andrew Roraback broke ranks with the Public and The Republican Party and joined Democrats to support the Repeal of the Death Penalty.  Luckily, the measure failed at the Governor's Desk.  Roraback refers to his vote as a "matter of conscience."  Roraback's conscience apparently includes allowing rapist-murders to live out their lives in prison watching television, playing ping-pong, lifting weights, and eating junk food at constituent expense.  Roraback has pity for society's villains but not an ounce for murder victims, or their families.  What kind of man purports to be a Republican but would work night and day through his Judiciary Committee to undercut the very punishment sought by prosecutors, and supported by 87% of Connecticut residents from even being considered for murderers like Hayes and Komisarjevsky.  I'll tell you - an untrustworthy one!

And you have to find it a bit strange that both Senators Edith Prague and Andrew Roraback met privately with Dr. Petit prior to casting their votes.  After doing so, Democrat Edith was moved by Dr. Petit's story, and courageously switched her vote against repeal, while Andrew Roraback acted like he didn't give a damn about Dr. Petit or his story. Andrew Roraback is a Man of Shame! How a feminne guy like him gets re-elected each term to the State Senate by people in Litchfield County, I'll never know.

I'm sure Andy won himself a moment of admiration with his liberal friends that day, as he has on a few previous occasions - like when he supported gay marriage, and whenever he gets the opportunity to champion liberal causes - like Greenways and tax breaks for phony Green Energy schemes and such.  

Connecticut voters can do much better than to send a liberal like Andrew Roraback to Congress.  And besides, the last thing the Republican Party needs is another Olympia Snowe in their ranks holding the GOP hostage every time there's a close vote on an issue of importance.

If Roraback wants to support murderers, and pimp for gay activists, then let him do so in the Connecticut Legislature with his buddy Larry Cafero.  Let's leave the big Congressional job in Washington for someone who will go there, and act and vote like a real Republican, not some cheap, gutless imitation hellbent on supporting liberal causes, and crusading on behalf of murderers.

Just say "no" to Andrew Roraback - a liberal you can't trust.  But if you like Roraback, you might just as well cross party lines and vote for Chris Donovan - because there's not much difference between the two on issues that really matter to conservatives.



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Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Linda's Story Infomercial

As promised, I'll be starting up our Connecticut Political Commercial/Infomercial Review series.  I'm sure this regular segment is one that everyone is looking forward to.  If not for any other reason, the very notion of The King tearing apart propaganda videos from our dear, wonderful, honest Connecticut politicians appeals to your darker side.  It's the same reason that you rush to the gossip column in the newspaper, read The Star in the checkout line, and scan the obituaries to see who's been offed.  HeHeHe!  While other news outlets and blogs print and air all the the worthless pre-fab, canned garbage that candidates want you to see and hear, we keep it real!  Look, I've said it before, and I'll say it again - all politicians are crud - even the nice ones.  We're just here to keep things honest, and entertaining in a drab, blue, barely contestable Nutmeg Stadt.

I'm sure you'll be astonished that I'm going to start my series with a review of Linda McMahon's latest infomercial Linda's Story.  As this series progresses, I may change the format and grading system, but for now, we'll stick with the basics and see how it goes.

First things first, check out the video yourself: 

Linda's Story: Propaganda that warms the Heart

I'll start by saying that it's clear that the infomercial is an attempt to improve McMahon's exceedingly poor poll numbers with women voters.  Odds are that the only way this could actually happen is if she had access to a time machine and went back and choose a different line of work.  It's not jealousy of her fame and fortune that has her in that tank with Nutmeg moms and dads - it's her so-called business background and the impalpable product she exports into homes each week.  Putting it nicely, scat wrapped up in a pretty box with a ribbon is still scat.

The video itself is somewhat disappointing.  First, I'm not sure what the deal is with the annoying piano music blaring in the background but after about 30 seconds I felt like I was sitting in a smoke-filled hotel lounge waiting for my vodka tonic to arrive which I'm sure would have helped get me through the rest of the video.  But seriously, the music is a huge distraction when you're trying to listen to her tell her story. 

Second, given that her profession includes television, video and story-telling, I was very surprised at how poorly the video was assembled - instead of a clean, clear story, we saw dozens of spliced sentences put together within the mini segments. Sometimes the spliced sentences were used to convey a basic premise.  Because the splices were so clearly visible, they made Linda's Story appear phony, and concocted.  We recognize this is an ad, but must appear to be so blatantly an ad?  Where is the smooth Linda McMahon who sometimes visits Town Committees?  She wasn't in this video. 

Segment Summary:

:00- :54:  Linda talks about her parents on the public payroll, and that she grew up in a modest setting. Explains that they taught her the value of hard work, etc.

:54 - 1:40: Talks about meeting  future husband Vince at Church during their High School years.  This segment is meant to give the appearance of a normal relationship between the two.  Note the number of spliced clips strung together; it must have taken several takes to keep a straight/happy face to film this fairytale - and get it right. The story about scrounging around for lose change and keeping it in a box  to accumulate enough coinage to see a movie is a bit weird, if not unbelievable How many coins did it take for two people to see a movie?  It made me wonder whether  she was raised in a modest household (as mentioned in the first sequence), or in poverty which caused her to scrounge for and save coins. The sequence ends with her telling us she's been married 45 years.  She certainly deserves credit for that given the statistics on divorce, and given the unfortunate death rate of wrestling superstars.

It's still a bit strange to see Vince used as a prop since he couldn't be bothered to take the time out of his schedule to do a bit of campaigning with her.  Some claim he's not involved due to the negatives associated with pro wrestling, but there may be other personal reasons which we will not go into here - other than to say this campaign is more of an expensive annoyance for him.

1:42 - 2:36  Talks about going to college with Vince and learning she was expectantly pregnant with Shane the day before graduation while she held no health insurance. Not sure whether his or her parents helped them out - as its not mentioned, but Vince McMahon Sr. was not poor. She then makes a joke about taking a year and a half to pay Shane off - saying she was afraid they might reclaim him.  Weird segment, plus she laughs at her own joke.  A bit of a no-no. Sort of backpedals at bit and gives the hospital credit for setting up a payment plan.  This section of the video was meant to help Linda appear to understand the issue regarding lack of healthcare coverage - which sort of makes me wonder where exactly she stands on this issue.  Is she an advocate for National Healthcare?  Or some form of it?  This segment may have the unintended consequence of zeroing in on a position she hasn't clearly discussed, doesn't it?  You do have to give her credit here for going out an getting a job six weeks after giving birth. Can't fault her for taking ownership.

2:37 -  3:11  Calls the WWE "a successful business venture".  Funny to hear it referred to that way.  She talks about going bankrupt, and was glad that happened early on.  This particular disclosure has caused opponents and critics to inquire about who got stuck with the unpaid bills, and if they were ever made whole after she became rich and famous. Clearly she's rich enough to spend mega-millions on Senate Campaigns.  Talks about feeling as though she was punched but not down and out - right, well that's because bankruptcy frees you from obligations from your creditors.  Pretty nifty strategy.

3:12 - 4:13: Works to close the sale.  She doesn't do this based on where she stands on specific issues, or by telling us what she'll do - but claims that Connecticut is looking for a different kind of representation - well, she's different, I'll give her that.  Sells the female pitch:  "I'm a mom, I've been a working mom, stay at home mom, grandmother."   She then says she has skills and attributes that others in the race don't have - but just like her position on policies, she never tells us what those special attributes are.  With Linda, you have to guess.  Oh wait - it's her business experience - which is unlike any business that any business-owner in Connecticut has ever seen.  There aren't too many circus owners in Connecticut.  Not sure how that translates for our industries here or even the small business owner.

She ends the segment by telling us, "Hopefully, I will be able to hear from the people of Connecticut - their stories, and understand how I can help them - when I'm in Washington."  This ending left me a bit empty.  And it goes back to voters primary complaint about Linda - she goes on listening tours, listens and smiles, however, everyone keeps asking the same questions:  WHAT SHE WOULD DO TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF ELECTED.  WHAT POLICIES WOULD SHE ENACT?  WHAT DOES SHE BELIEVE IN?

It's not about getting to Washington. It's about explaining to the People of Connecticut exactly what she would do if elected.  That's a mystery to all of us, and even to her delegate count.  And being "better than" Shays, Hill, Westby, Biesewicz, or Murphy is not an answer.  It's not even a start.


Audio:  The ridiculous piano playing is a distraction and is completely unnecessary.  Grade: C-

Video:  Clear and bright. Linda looks great in a blue blouse, but the clips all strung together made her story lack authenticity.  Splicing bits and pieces together really stuck out at us and reminded us that this was nothing more than a political infomercial.  Grade: C

Content:  There wasn't really much there.  I didn't come away stunned by a selling point that would make me want to jump up and vote for Linda.  There were a couple of interesting points about making mistakes, and rising up from a poor or modest means, but there are thousands of stories out there like that.  Even if true, it's not a reason to put Linda McMahon in the U.S. Senate.   The "if first you don't succeed, file bankruptcy " might create a mixed opinion of her particularly with creditors.  The sales pitch about being a mom, grandmother, etc was much too direct.   The closing line left me empty, and asking more questions about what she believes in - which is ever-absent in her interviews, campaign materials, and now - in her videos.  She also came across as having low energy; a sort of shadow of her Pro Wrestling persona.  Grade: D-

Summary:  The video wasn't the worst political commercial/infomercial that I've ever seen, but it was pretty bad. Linda aught to use the creative touch she has from the Wrestling Biz and put some energy, imagination, and sparkle into a message that sells. She might as well use some of that glitz because that's all she's got absent a coherent set of policy positions (of course she does have money).  And for this video if I were her, I'd ask for a refund.  Overall Grade: C-.



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