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Friday, September 20, 2013

Boughton Bio Revealed?

It's Friday and time for a little humor. Since our old friend, Mayor Mark Boughton is on Vicevich this morning chewing the fat and selling his wares to WTIC's stay-at-home audience, it's only fair that we provide a little balance in his coverage. We like Big Poppa, we really do - despite the fact that he's a big time politico who often picks the losing horse, and at times puts politics over reform - particularly when it comes to ethics within the CTGOP.  All in all Boughton is a good guy, a people pleaser, and an effective big time city Mayor. But MayorMark's uncanny resemblance to Mr. Peabody causes us pause to wonder whether or not he's the man to take the CTGOP forward - using the wayback machine, of course!

Make no mistake: Mark Boughton is Mr. Peabody!

After Tom Foley's much ridiculed amateur-style, mudslinging performance on last weeks' Face the State with Dennis House show where he all but killed his reputation as someone who stays above the fray, the race for the Republican Gubernatorial Nomination is wide open.

Can Mr. Peabody save Connecticut?  Or is there another dark horse candidate ready to take the lead?

Hmmm. Time will tell!