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Sunday, July 31, 2011

What happened to The King?

Hi Gang! I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! 

Get out and enjoy the Summer!
Certainly the weather has been near perfect through July, and I hope folks are taking the time to recharge their batteries by taking a short vacation from all the political shenanigans, and you're getting outside to enjoy the season and each other.  It's very important to spend time outside of your political circles because it helps to remind you precisely why you work as hard as you do to help turn the tide, and restore liberty to your board, town, state, country, etc.  And I really mean it - take a break!  There is a ton of hard work ahead of us, and we're going to need all hands on deck pretty soon.  Remember - you can't win if your running on an empty tank!

Of course, there is plenty of plotting and scheming over backyard BBQs, I'm sure.  My phone rings constantly, and for those of us knee-deep in campaigns, fundraising, or planning - the breaks are few and far between.  Someone has got to keep the engine running because unfortunately - liberalism doesn't take a break, and neither does THE KING.  That being said, The King's View has been quiet on the publishing side of things, but very active behind the scenes.  Never fear, we aren't disappearing - just taking a short break, letting things work themselves out, and getting ready to pick our spots!

About a month ago, I told readers that I was going to draft a piece entitled, "Winners and Losers." But I've had second thoughts about publishing an article that would do more harm than good; and would likely not serve the best interest of the CTGOP, and our new leaders' desire to mend broken relationships and bring waring party's together after a fairly dramatic (and somewhat nasty) internal election phase. So after drafting the piece, I scrapped it.  That chapter is over (almost), and we are ready to start anew where we can.  As long as those who have been removed mind their own business, and don't try to play silly games by thinking they are going to operate a shadow CTGOP office from outside the legitimate walls of Republican Headquarters, then we are fine.  For if they do - there will be no mercy, and no quarter shown!

Although we all want to stay positive and move forward, please make no mistake, many the old coalitions are still intact, and there's plenty of counter-productive grumbling taking place.  And there are still a few district chairman and vice chairman who are still to lose their slots due to ineptitude and - frankly speaking - just being on the wrong side of the tracks.  And from what I'm hearing some of these people have gone out of their way to call attention to themselves and act like jackasses, thus forcing our new Chairman to have to make a move to replace them.  After all that's been said and done, some people still don't know enough to shut up and stay under the radar.  How does that saying go?  You can't teach a dumb fat blond cow new tricks?   I dunno, I can't remember.  And clicking the "like" button on Facebook after everything the dumb cow writes, makes you equally as guilty as she. Bright people will know who that's directed at.

I've been reading and researching plenty about the candidates who are starting to publicly make their case to represent Connecticut Republicans on the ticket to oppose entrenched Congressional Democrats.  As of this moment I haven't decided who I plan to support in any of these races.  However, I'm troubled by a few things I've seen and heard, and concerned about some of the history of a few of these individuals.  While there is no such thing as the perfect candidate, there is a price to be paid for supporting and contributing to the enemy's camp.  And "being in business" is no excuse for writing checks to fill the Democrat coffers, who in turn uses it to buy ammunition which is fired at Republicans far and wide.  Actions have consequences, and some stray bullets have had the unintended consequences of bringing down some very good people. People forget that contributions have legs, and are often shared between candidates both directly and indirectly.  That must always be a consideration when you to out and write that check.  Enough said on that for now.

So as for The King's View, we've plenty on tap coming on down the road.  And you can expect a few surprises along the way with regard to new features, columns, and even guest writers.  We are going to have a lot of fun, and I hope you'll tune in to watch!  If you have any good tips or stories, feel free to send them to me at .  Anonymity will be assured.  Just please be sure to try to have your facts and stories straight.  Unfortunately, I don't have a full-time staff to verify everything. 

Before I end, I just want to finish up with a final thought because its important for me clear up a huge misconception - I do not write this column for profit, and I'm not in league with any facet or coalition within the Republican Party, Democrat Party, Independent, or Tea Party movement.  My opinions are my own, and I do not plan on carrying any one's dirty water for them for payment or favor.  If we can turn the tide and restore Connecticut to its roots - ending the long dark shadow that has been cast over it by nearly 70+ years of labor-liberal rule, than that is payment enough for me. 

I'd just like to see the sun burn through the fog covering the Nutmeg State.  We can make this happen.



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