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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hackett Lays Waste to Well-Rehersed McMahon

In the absence of a full article today... everyone should read this column by The Norwich Bulletin's Ray Hackett which dismantles Linda McMahon and the kids playing the role of campaign staff.  None of what Hackett's written surprises me, and you'll notice that some of it has already been written in The King's View multiple times over the last six months.

Hackett gets it right when he puts Linda McMahon through the ringer - the accounting of her story - through junior surrogates, of course - is well-scripted, well-rehearsed, and fictional.  And whatever circus Linda thinks is set up at the Bulletin, it's likely nothing in comparison to the size of the controversial one she runs in Stamford.  And if I were Linda McMahon - I wouldn't be throwing around the word Blackmail so easily loosely.  That's a word that may come back to really bite her in the rear before this is all over.  Not everyone in the world has been forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement, y'know. 

Linda's obsession with playing the role of victim in her re-imaged difficult life is laughable; particularly considering the body count of dead and injured wrestlers in an industry that she claims to be "proud of" but won't discuss.  The number of people screwed over by Linda McMahon to build her less than honorable empire is well documented in books, magazines, and documentaries that are readily available to anyone who has an interest in reading about it.  But the sad truth is most people don't care -  because most people can't stand Linda McMahon.

Linda has made a complete mess of things.  And one thing is for certain, her ongoing war with the media has all but guaranteed that she will never be a U.S. Senator from Connecticut (or anywhere else). 

What Ray Hackett and the Press haven't published is the insider's view of what Linda McMahon is doing to the Republican Brand.  In truth, those who are on the take  - have cashed their checks, and taken their goodie bags home - and they're sweating bullets because their own political careers and credibility are going to take a major hit when this is all over.  And they know they can't back down or else Linda's henchman will expose their role in her scheme.  Many of these bozos have to live for today because the true reckoning for this disaster is yet to come.  The smart ones - all five of them who dared stand up to the devil and her thugs - realize that all this negativity and arrogance against the media is going to have a catastrophic effect on the Republican under ticket in November if McMahon is atop of the ticket. 

Oh, and Mr. Hackett - the CTGOP has a script too - well, sorta of.  And Linda McMahon doesn't follow that one either.  And that's because she fancies herself a bigger actor than everyone on the CTGOP stage.  Delegates, State Central Reps, and political officials and even our Chairman are mere extras on Linda's set, and they are about as important to her as the painted clouds and cardboard trees that comprise the phony reality that she's created for herself.  Ask Chairman Jerry Labriola how much he enjoys every morning, slowly cracking open his newspaper with one hand over one eye, and the other squinting - just praying that his brand hasn't created a brand new scandal for him to deal with.  Can you imagine being responsible for being the public face of this train wreck? 

Maybe the Media is liberal, and perhaps it's filled with bead and sandal wearing hippies with long white beards who are cynical of Corporations, the Wealthy, and Jesus who will vote Obama for a second term, but that's the game.  You suck it up, you go to the meeting, you answer their questions, and they rule you out.  What's the big deal?  No one is going to be impressed with someone who takes their ball and goes home because they don't like the rules.  What a crybaby.  And while we're here - no one likes to see their candidate cowering behind the children she has answering the phone, or running her office.  There's a reason she hired a tainted campaign manager like Corry Bliss - in that it will be easier to throw him under the bus as an incompetent buffoon when this is all over -  and she gears up to seek her next political office.

It's true, McMahon isn't a career politician - she would have had to win something to have earned that title.  But she's a five year candidate who's blown a mint with nothing to show for it.  Here's hoping that if Linda McMahon hasn't had her fill, that Republicans who are sick of seeing her drive the Party into the ground  - certainly have. 

If Connecticut's GOP wants to see a brighter day, it'll need to start by getting rid of Linda McMahon.  In the meantime, I guess CTGOP candidates can add The Norwich Bulletin to its growing list of media outlets that it can cross off its Christmas Card list.



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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Arrogance of Lies and Deceit

It's getting to the point these days where it's hard to even pick up a newspaper for fear that the third or fourth shoe might drop in Connecticut's ongoing epic drama: Scandals and the Scandalous.  The problem with the whole damn thing is that this isn't your typical Reality TV show which usually ends with a rags-to-riches multi-million dollar prize winner, or the princess winding up with the prince and living happily ever after.  No, it's a real story about how Connecticut residents aren't being served by either political party - one no better than the other, and which have lost - their way, and the public confidence.  In other words, those being nominated as Connecticut's alleged best are in actuality Connecticut's very worst, and the public is getting screwed.

Now, I'm not really concerned with the Democrat Party and what happens to its collection of retreaded has-beens as they crumble in the press.  One doesn't have to look very far to see their head of Party - Governor Dannel Malloy place politics over reason when he went out of his way last month to support ex-con Ernie Newton.  Governor Malloy could have saved face and elevated his office by standing up for public decency and declaring that there isn't room anywhere in Connecticut politics for corrupt cretins like Newton.  So instead of taking the opportunity to inspire and rise above it all by preaching that crime doesn't pay, our incredible shrinking Governor got up on his high horse and declared that everyone deserves a second chance - everyone except former Republican Governor John Rowland, that is.  Could Party or Politics have played a role in such an unwavering endorsement? Oh, of course not!

Then we have Connecticut House Speaker Chris Donovan's finance scandal which continues to rock the scene and fill up our newspapers with tales of corruption and shady dealings.  Boy, what a credit to the State of  Connecticut - FBI agents showing up on doorsteps to visit our politicians still in their bathrobes while they sip lattes from their golden mugs.  How quaint. Amusing stuff to yuck up on Face The State right Brendan Sharkey? Sharkey told Dennis House this past Sunday: "Hahaha.  Well... it was a little embarrassing, because they asked about this bill, this roll your own bill.. I thought there were talking about the medical marijuana bill.. hahahaha.  Not the actual bill".  What a knee-slapping moment to share with the peanut gallery.  I mean it was so funny, I almost forgot to laugh. 

And special thanks for Themis Klarides for doing such a nice job supporting Donovan on behalf of the CTGOP, "I agree with Brendan about how we feel about Chris, his character and integrity.... a man of his word and honor."  Hey, that's great! Why don't you campaign for him in CT-5 too while you're at it?  All week long, the Democrats shut Republicans out of the legislative process and our so-called leader just kissed the rear of the guy who helped orchestrate the shut-out.  Brilliant!  Republicans are self-checked with this kind of hair-brained leadership.  Amazing!

Connecticut Democrats can take pride in turning the Legislative Office Building into a scene from CSI.  It must have been a relief for the Democrat Party's key constituents - city dwellers, to see the cops crawling all over Party bigwigs instead of them for a change.  Of course, Governor Malloy couldn't keep his big mouth shut and let due process take its course - he had to run out and defend Donovan - "guilty until proven innocent,"  barked Malloy.  Man o' Man, this guy must have been some prosecutor.  But its no surprise to see Malloy defend bad guys like Donovan and Newton, because he repeated the same act a few months ago when he supported Komisarjevsky and Hayes - albeit indirectly through elimination of the Death Penalty.

The sad thing in all of this madness is that Connecticut Republicans aren't positioned to take advantage of Democrats getting pummelled on the ropes.  And that's because we're too busy bumping Democrats from the front page with our own own dirty scandals filled with tales of corruption and dishonesty.  Or we're too busy running candidates like the well-scripted Linda McMahon who can't even talk about - let alone defend - the dirty industry that she's made her millions from - which makes her a non-starter in the first place against even the worst Democrat the opposition might field in November.

So Lisa Wilson-Foley takes center stage as the CTGOPs corrupt candidate of the year.  Lisa Wilson-Foley told the press, "This is all a distraction.  I'm focused on the issues."  Yeah, well newsflash, BabeYOU are the distraction, and YOU are the issue!  You, Mr. Tuesday, Apple Rehab, and former Governor John Rowland.  It's sort of amazing to listen to John Rowland on WTIC these days - acting completely and utterly oblivious to all of this as he rages on against organized labor - he has some nerve.  It's like he's living in a parallel universe somewhere totally aloof to his role in helping the Wilson-Foley-Healy campaign crash and burn, and helping to create a level-playing field for Democrats in the Fifth Congressional District who should be sucking wind at this point in the game.  Can you imagine how many screeners TIC callers probably have to go through to get to The Guv?  I wouldn't be surprised if WTIC has a 4 minute delay just so they can beep out, or drop any caller who starts to go down the "wrong road" with unapproved questioning. 

A friend of mine called me the other day to taunt me over the latest Republican headlines.  He said, "King, you have to agree that your team isn't any better than our team.  And in a Blue State where Democrats usually win - you guys are screwed because the public doesn't see you as decent alternativeThey'll stick with our cronies over your upstart crooks.  And Linda McMahon - she's a real gas.  Good luck with that one. Hahaha."

"Look fellas, no commercials, but at least Chris Shays has
his plane in the air. Formica, Obstinek, you're next!"

You have to feel bad for our stealth Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr.  Here Democrats are coming apart at the seams, yet our ex-Governor fueled by our ex-Chairman turn our Party into a totally mockery, and a non-factor.  On the one hand, you have Mrs. 38%  running around thinking she's going to be U.S. Senator, Lisa the Millionaire Barbie pretending that no part of the scandal has anything to do with her, and the rest of Republican field seems to be bouncing on and off the ground at 15 mph in their biplanes as CTGOP's worst candidates scream by in Jumbo Jets showering manure on the frustrated public below.  The whole thing is a living nightmare. 

Just to think, tonight is the eve of the one year anniversary of Jerry Labriola, Jr. announcing he was running for State Chairman - if only he had crystal ball to see what fate had in-store for him: crooks, by-offs, bribes, and self-destructing candidates.  And party insiders who were willing to disregard polls prior to the State Convention, and then later buy-into polls showing favor toward their palm-greasing benefactor.  You can't make this stuff up.  And you can't prop up the unelectable either.  It's self-fulfilling prophecy - what has happened before will happen again.  And the Pat Sullivans of the world will laugh all the way to the bank regardless of the outcome while the rest of us can only dream of what might have been.

And one final note, The Norwich Bulletin's Ray Hackett surmised in his latest piece that that neither delegates nor voters care about the WWE.  It's not that, Ray.  It really isn't that.  It's that given the overall state of our political climate in Connecticut, and the pathetic and unqualified choices voters have been given to choose from - simply put - it's that no-one cares.  And that's a tough place to be in when you're wanting to turn a Blue State partially Red after nearly 23 years.

Someone remind me why I'm Republican again?



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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Just a short post wishing all my fellow fathers out there a Happy Fathers Day!  Whether you have young ones, or mature adults who've already left home (or just about to leave the nest like The King's children), I hope you get the chance to spend some quality time with them on this gorgeous day!

And for those of you - guys and gals who are able to spend time with your dads - well, The King hopes you've made plans to include him in the day's festivities, or at least plan to drop him a line. Live is short and one day he's there and suddenly without warning - he's gone.  Make the most of the time you have with him whilst you still have it!

Happy Fathers Day, Dad! We miss you lots, and honor you today!



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ballot Hogs

There is solution for dealing with
political cheaters
This is one of those commentaries where it would be very easy for The King to go personal and get some folks very upset by mentioning the guilty by name. But in order to not distract from my point on principle I'm going to do a rare thing here and not drag any specific individual candidate through the mud to invoke a defensive overreaction, or claim that I'm just  going out of my way to pick on someone (for the sake of a personal agenda); readers can compare notes, and draw their own conclusions about who the guilty parties are at some point in the future.

Lately, we've read a lot about Connecticut Republican candidates scrambling to collect signatures for the purposes of: 1) qualifying to appear on the August Primary ballot as a Republican Candidate, or 2) making a run as a third party candidate should they fail to win their respective Primary, or lastly 3) for the sole purpose of having their name appear more than once on the voting ballot - as both a Republican Candidate, and as a third party candidate.  Out of the box, let me say that The King believes that anyone within our ranks who collects signatures for the sole purpose of running under any Party other than Republican is a traitor to our Party and should be discounted from the start.  If you leave our ranks and go off and challenge the endorsed Republican from a third party platform (as some have done in the past) then consider the door closed behind you, and locked.  We wish you good luck in your new life. 

And I know a few people have their own story about how they've been screwed by the system at the local level. Yep, I've heard you and I get it. There are a lot of places where people are feeling high and mighty about themselves, and manipulate the votes to favor a less qualified candidate  -- and the results are always the same - the usual second place finish. But I'm still not in favor of a third party run as a revenge tactic to punish the majority because at the end of the day it never works, and it creates hard feelings among the ranks that can take as long as decade to heal. And as Republicans bicker and remain divided, Democrats become entrenched.  We have a hard enough time in Connecticut - so PLEASE, just skip it, and get over yourself.  I'm not saying you have to vote or support the winner (that is a topic that I will delve into at a later date).

Before I dive into the main point, I want to be very clear that I admire the tenacity of those Republicans who collect signatures to fight to appear on the Primary ballot.  Our nominating process to qualify to appear on the ballot is clearly anything but democratic.  In short, when you can legally pay and bribe delegates for votes at a State Convention, and the fact that the decisions about who is permitted to attend and participate in the nominating process are generally decided by a closed group of local insiders who are in cahoots with a candidate or set of candidates from the start, then for some the only thing left for them to do is to abort the formal Party process, and collect signatures to appear on the ballot. 

As for the Convention percentage rule - its designed to make those candidates who engage in the buying of delegates (and votes) lives much easier while at the same time discouraging losers from advancing their campaigns forward.  The King believes that the percentage rule is largely unnecessary because at the end of the day - few candidates, other than a few self-funded millionaires, would be able to raise enough capital to make a go of it anyway, and will eventually be dismissed by the voters as long-shot opportunists, or would remain an unknown to most outside a small pool of political hobbyists, and political insiders.  And most millionaires, save a few who are out of their minds, won't part with a dollar for such a pointless endeavor. Note that I did write most.  There are a few who will spend more than a few million for a massive ego boast.  Ahem.

Now there are times when - a candidate whom I don't support gathers enough signatures to appear on the ballot.   But I accept that this is the way the system must work to remain open to anyone willing to bust their tails and do the hard work.  If it were up to The King, we'd skip the Convention Process all-together and go with a direct primary process and cut the power-players off at the knees.  But since those who profit the most from Convention antics would be the ones to vote to decide its fate, its unlikely that those money-grubbing electioneers would ever vote to remove it regardless of how sense it makes to eliminate it.  If you haven't learned anything from the last two Conventions, you should have at least figured out that most of those pulling the strings are really out to make a buck, and "winning" the general election is a secondary goal - that's if it's one at all.

Trading Principle for Ballot Manipulation

There are times when you have to be bigger than your enemies on principle and not emulate them by act or deed to score cheap political points.  Over the years, Democrats, have created sub-parties such as the notorious Working Families Party, for one.   The WFP is a charade of sorts, organized by those on the far-left to make it appear as though they are an independent party with an agenda separate from that of the Democrat Party.  Well, sure the Working Families Party is likely more extreme - it takes a group of die-hard political activists to go through the motions to set up a fake political party in the first place to make it appear as though it's an earnest opposition party to its Democrat parent party; pretending to represent the special interests of "working families" and all that other nonsense, etc.  But when it comes to running candidates, rarely does the WFP ever oppose the Democrat running, and as a matter of fact, 99% of the time they pretend to mount pressure to "vet the Democrat" for his or her liberal views during the early goings, all the while planning to endorse them a month or two down the line so they can claim to be cross-endorsed, and appear on the ballot more than once. 

At first glance you would think that such a ploy to put someone on the ballot twice (or three times) would be seen as shady by most people.  But you may think that only because as an everyday Republican you're likely a rational thinker who's out of touch with the psychology of the modern day voter who apparently sees things much differently than you do.  One could argue quite successfully that the reason Governor Dannel Malloy won Connecticut was due in part because his name showed up more than once on the ballot, thus giving those dissatisfied with the option of voting Democrat, the opportunity to vote for him under and independent line.  Yes, again, to most of us - that seems rather absurd.  But if you don't think its effective, then you are way to rational and ignoring the fact that such a strategy actually works.  Fact is, Democrats wouldn't pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into such a scheme if it weren't an effective strategy and a path for victory.

Unfortunately, instead of pointing out the irony of such scandalous behavior, our side is now looking to imitate the opposition by trying to form third parties and gather signatures to run on more than one Party line.  If it were up to me (and its not) someone would seek to limit every individuals appearance on the ballot to only one slot.  Democrats will claim that it's undemocratic to strong arm people into participating in a level playing field, but I'd argue its about fair play, and in the best interest of stopping the disgusting escalation of strategic shenanigans which gives our entire political system a bad name.  The only reason you would want your name to appear more than once would be to give yourself an unfair advantage over your rival.  So let's cut out the B.S.!  These second hand endorsements aren't real endorsements, any more than parties like the Working Family Party are real parties, and everybody knows it. 

From a Republican standpoint, this strategy might help one or two candidates appear to be cross-endorsed from a perception-only standpoint, but the truth is that it hurts the overall Republican brand because instead of expanding our ranks, and selling the GOP as a single, viable party, it makes it look like our candidates have such little faith the GOP that they are willing to hedge their bets by running under another platform.  It's not just smoke and mirrors, the under-ticket could stand to suffer greatly from Republican federal candidates running under a separate banner.  I'm sure its a great ego boost for some, but its also a stab in the back for others who could stand to lose a close election because the public could cast a protest vote against Republicans by voting for a candidate on another line. 

If Republican Candidates want to stand on principle, they won't run as independents, or under any other third party line.  If you want to send a real message this year - vote against ANY candidate who appears more than once on the ballot in either August or November.  And if all the candidates in the election appear more than once, then  punish them all and write-in Mickey Mouse - because a fictional cartoon character is more worthy of your vote than anyone trying to hijack the system for their own selfish interests.



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Friday, June 8, 2012

Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally today at Noon in New Haven

A nation without religious freedom
is a nation without freedom -- The King
If you're looking to participate in a little conservative activism today, The King may have just the thing for you! 

Our friends at the Family Institute of Connecticut have been working with a large number of religious groups to host today's local gathering of the nation-wide Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally planned to take place on the New Haven Green at high noon in downtown New Haven, Connecticut.  New Haven is among 143 cities across the United States participating in this extraordinary event.

Here are some words borrowed from one of Connecticut's most well-respected, and admired pro-family activists, Mrs. Leslie Wolfgang:

"June 8th is the 223rd Anniversary of the day our Founding Father James Madison introduced the Bill of Rights, with its guarantee of Religious Freedom, to the First Congress (of the United States).  On this day, tens of thousands of faithful citizens will gather in prayer and public witness in cities and towns all across the United States to oppose the HHS Mandate and stand up in defense of religious freedoms. 

Join the Rally in New Haven and say "NO" to the new U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services Mandate, which forces employers - including religious charities - to provide free contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs in their healthplan."

Peter Wolfgang, Executive Director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, will be one of the speakers.

If you can spare an hour today, please head on down to the New Haven Green located at the intersection of Elm Street and Church Street in downtown New Haven.  And get there early and network with some of Connecticut's finest people who share traditional family values and are willing to stand-up to Barack Obama's unyielding left-wing social agenda.

May God Bless you, and may God Bless Our Great Nation!



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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Q-Poll Reality Check

The King's Message: What goes up must come down.
Not to burst anyone's bubble, but Linda McMahon's surrogates have been out and about spreading their propaganda all over the web trying to sell today's Quinnipiac Poll as some Earth-shaking achievement worth getting all hyped-up about.  Well, the truth is that it's not all that.  Really.  I mean to start - you have to admit that you get what you pay for. And Linda McMahon has laid-out a bundle of cash to just about anyone who can cash a check to improve her standing - at least against Christopher Shays, that is.

The King never liked the idea that Christopher Shays put so much stock in the March 22 Q-Poll, and made it the centerpiece of his campaign.  I strongly believed that no matter what happened - crisis, crime, or calamity that the poll would shift away from where it once stood as it always does.  Don't forget that just a few days before the November 2010 U.S. Senate election that similar polls had Linda McMahon down by only two points to Richard Blumenthal, yet the results of the real poll - the election - had Richard Blumenthal defeating Linda by 12 points.  Similar polls also had Republicans winning in Congressional Districts 4 and 5, and we all know how that turned out.

I'm not taking issue with the science of the polls, or authenticity of the results, I'm just saying that these polls are nothing more than a snapshot in time, and mean little else.  Campaigns should be based on issues, and of course - scandals, but not polls. Heck, it's human nature to want to see  a hypocritical public official or candidate slow roast on a spindle over the media's raging fire pitIt's what we all live for.  So, if you live by the sword, you tend to die by the sword, and at least today - Chris Shays is having a heaping helping of humble pie.  Perhaps now he can get back to serious campaigning and stop sending out emails containing cryptic messages involving hexagons and long arrows. None of which is at all inspiring.

If you're Linda's camp you have a few things to be cheerful about from the latest Q-Poll.  First, she's no longer losing to Susan Bysiewicz who we can all agree is pretty much done-done at this point (she's down against all opponents except perhaps our absolutely, unequivocally, unapologetically conservative American Peter the Lumaj).  The futility of her campaign is to the point where she is just taking up space in the parking lot feeding the pigeons.  

This is a stark contrast to Christopher Shays' campaign, since he can at least claim to have split the Connecticut Political Establishment and garnered support of influential Republicans like State Sen. Minority Leader John McKinney and Republican House Minority Leader Larry Cafero to start, and has enough pull to have Republican establishment types like U.S. Senator John McCain, and Karl Rove fly in to fan the flames on his behalf.  These people seem to be doing more for him than he's doing for himself at this point.  So I hope he appreciates all the political capital being blown by people with a lot to lose to prop him up at this stage in the game.

The second thing that Linda can boast about is the kink in the armour of Shays' electability (careful now, re-read that line); he is no longer within the margin of error of defeating Chris Murphy.  Murphy's new lead 45 - 37 kills Shays' claim to be in hot pursuit and able to overcome the margin over time.  Whatever Shays had in March is gone, perhaps it was never there - who knows.

Now for the bad news.

Despite having spent millions on her campaign so far, Linda still loses to the Democrat front runner Chris Murphy.  Now, Joe Markley is running around telling everyone that the narrowing of the gap somehow eliminates the cause for alarm around Linda McMahon's electability - but you know Joe, trying to save face, and working as Linda's political hack, and perhaps he was on another planet in 2010 and his UFO just got back or something.  By now, everyone knows you can't take Joe Markley seriously as he sort of roams from issue to issue, and microphone to microphone so he can hear himself talk.  And of all the people in our ranks, he gets it all wrong about 99% of the time.  The one thing you can guarantee about Shoeless Joe is that if he's standing in line at the OTB window and is placing a bet on a horse, you're guaranteed that whatever horse Joe picks will come in dead last.  So just remember that if you have your racing form about you, and want to start your pick through the process of elimination.  See Joe. OK?

But the big issue for Linda McMahon that dooms her campaign is that the gender gap continues to show her getting crushed by women in a head-to-head match-up against Chris Murphy by a nasty margin of 47% to 38%.   If 38% of the woman in the state can't see you as their Senator despite all the Tupperware parties and naughty-nighty shows she's been throwing in homes across the state, then she doesn't have a prayer in the world.  Case in point aside from gender, Linda McMahon has a total unfavorable rating of 38% versus Chris Shays' 16%.  And to make matters worse, where she would need to bring over some votes from the Democratic side to win, she has a 61% unfavorable rating.  That's a hard number to overcome, and keep in mind that people tend to come out to vote against someone more so than for someone.  That's just the cynical nature of the human spirit, I suppose.  Even the Q-Poll doesn't give Linda a break and refers to her as "Former Wrestling Executive" - not businesswoman, not jobs creator, not stay-at-home mom -  but Wrestling Executive.  You almost can't go any lower than that.

So what does it all mean?

Well, clearly it means that if Christopher Shays ever hopes to make a real go of his campaign, he'd better get started tomorrow.  It's clear to everyone that unless he steps up his game and starts getting more name recognition beyond his little crevice in Connecticut, he doesn't stand a chance in Hades.   Now, if he doesn't have the money, or has no means of raising it, then he's pretty much on the road to Susan Bysiewicz-land from which there is no return.  

So if Vince Lombardi were still alive and he called a meeting of the Shays Campaign Team he might start by firing or making a few substitutions in a few key slots (I'm not going to get into particulars but people can figure out who's faking it for eight hours a day and who isn't).  Because whoever is calling the shots at Shays Headquarters is dropping the ball on the yard of scrimmage before it passes out of the center's hands. 

Christopher Shays is right to criticize Linda where it matters - on policy, and on experience.   The Pro-Wrestling attacks are left for people like me who think her whole operation aught to pack up it's act and move out to sea where it belongs.  The people who hate Linda for her filthy industry aren't going to hold their noses and vote for her in August or November - you can let that be.  She's lost those voters already, and they would eventually bring any campaign that she might continue post-August to an eventual losing position.

Meanwhile, Christopher Shays needs to get his own message out there.  Instead of reporting the news, its time that he start to make some.  Not through arrows and hexagons or emails, but through commercials and televised public appearances.  If he's not willing to do that, he can quit today and save himself the humiliation.  He can't focus on November if he hasn't a plan to get past August.  And the plan he has now - well, it sucks.  Hoping for the best is much different than getting out there and broadcasting your message to the voters.

How about television, television, television, and television.  And by the way, did I mention television?  Just think, even though Linda is annoying as hell with her phony life story (which we still can't tell what's what or how she managed to claim bankruptcy then turn around a few months later and a put a down payment on the Stoner Mansion backlot), she was able to improve her overall miserable rankings among voters.  If you can take a airhead like her devoid of positions, and experience - then anyone can boast their brand and marketing. 

One more tidbit from the Q-Poll, it seems somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% of the public statewide claims to not have enough information to form an opinion about Chris Shays and Chris Murphy.  This important piece of information tells you that when Murphy (who has plenty of money stashed) decides to hit the airwaves his numbers will eclipse the field in name recognition (remember, Linda already has a 95% name recognition rating so there is nowhere for her to really go), and Chris Shays would benefit exponentially if he were to get his act together and begin a public relations campaign to let Republicans know Linda McMahon even has an opponent. 

Newsflash, Mr. Shays:  You're better off saving your money by firing your staff, hooking up an answering machine, and running quality commercials on Fox News syndication up though August 14th.  You'd see a huge jump in the next poll, and become a factor in the race.

Like most of the advice that has been offered, I'm sure it will all fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.  But there is always hope at least from this poor taxpayer that the die isn't already cast and we will have a nominee worth supporting come November.  It's that or while America cheers the removal of Barack Obama around the Country, Connecticut Republicans will be left to sulk in shame based on mistakes that could have easily been avoided.



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Monday, June 4, 2012

WWE Employee Violence Problem revisited

While Linda McMahon tries to distance herself from the so-called industry that finances her U.S. Senate runs; it's worth taking a look at how she and Vince McMahon have authorized their employees to behave in public (and on camera) when confronted with controversial questions about - steroid use, wrestling as a rehearsed violent drama, or anything else that Vince and Linda McMahon doesn't like.  It's very clear that defending their empire from the truth is their number one goal.

I write this out of fear for Journal Inquirer reporter Chris Powell who took Linda McMahon's WWE to task for it's violent nature, borderline pornographic imagery, and sexual innuendo.  Linda McMahon via the WWE public relations team responded inappropriately by threatening to sue the Journal Inquirer for exercising it's First Amendment rights.  This should raise alarm bells with all of you Tea Party Activists and Constitutionalists out there who no longer need to wonder exactly how much value Linda McMahon really places on Liberty and The Bill of Rights.  Answer: Not much!

While her surrogates try to rebrand the WWE is as simply family entertainment -  the biggest joke going in political history - the polls show that her product is probably not going to make the Family Institute of Connecticut's top shows for family hour viewing.  Family entertainment? Really?  Girls wrestling near naked, wrestlers cutting themselves with razors to give the visual effect of bloody brawls, screaming and yelling and punching each other is what Linda McMahon sees as "family entertainment"?  This may be so for thugs, and criminals, but not for normal, everyday families who don't want their children watching this garbage on their television sets.

I'm sure most of you recall the famous 20/20 interview which took place in December 1984 where McMahon employee David Schulz wacked ABC's John Stossel around for asking questions that could have hurt the McMahon franchise; the video below is just the thing to spark your memory.  I know this seems like old news, but there is solid evidence that this kind of behavior by WWE employees is ongoing and it continues to be discussed openly in multiple Pro-Wrestling forums that you can easily find around the Internet. It's curious that Connecticut Republicans don't seem to see anything disconcerting about the WWE and Connecticut Republican Party brand being mixed together (if not hijacked); while Linda's Team uses the same bullying tactics on competing campaigns or activists.  "If you don't vote for Linda, you'll never amount to anything in Connecticut Politics" is not just inside political baseball, it's a page from the WWE blackball playbook.  (At least the sexual harassment component hasn't reared its ugly head.)

Still, you have to wonder about the audacity of a 300 pound men slapping, threatening, and hurting television reporters and hosts while the camera is rolling.  As Pro Wrestling insiders will tell you - these guys don't do anything without permission from the McMahons.  If you thought the last two Republican State Conventions were fixed and dirty - wait until you take a look at how WWE employees are directed to behave toward dissenters or naysayers:

(See Schulz piece toward the end of the video
Caution: some foul language at the start of the video )

So while Connecticut's politicians publicly cheer on Linda McMahon quietly taking over the CTGOP, you have to wonder what impact her candidacy will have on the entire ticket.  At this point, we aren't hearing much from Christopher Shays who seem quite content to send out a few boring press releases, visit town greens, and march in a few parades close to home all the while - Linda blasts the airwaves with high tech TV and radio commercials.  All that's remaining on this road to oblivion is a singular commercial in the first week of August featuring Shays pointing to oversize ballot behind him with his thumb and uttering the words, "Hey, I'm still on the ballot."  The whole campaign reeks of Simmons II.

At this rate, it's going to be a long summer, and an even longer November.  And at the end of the day, the Connecticut Republican Party and it's weak-kneed leadership will only have itself to blame for allowing Linda McMahon to single-handedly turn over two U.S. Senate seats to Democrats for the next 30 years.

Note to Chris Powell: I wouldn't recommend conducting any face-to-face interviews at WWE shows without wearing a helmut and a good suit of armor.



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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Godspeed Gary Schaffrick

As this information appears to be public, The King's Army wishes CTGOP's State Treasurer and Workhorse Gary Schaffrick best wishes and Godspeed as he undergoes a series of Krystexxa treatments for his ongoing battle with Gout.  Gary is set to begin his campaign against this painful ailment on June 12, and will undergo treatments over the course of 24 weeks which will hopefully result with him becoming pain-free and feeling renewed.

If you know anyone who's had to deal with such a debilitating condition such as Gout and other Chronic Pain diseases, or Cancer treatments, then you have some insight into what it's like to suffer immense physical pain throughout the day, sleepless evenings; and the struggles of fatigue and mental anguish resulting from an endless cycle of relentless torture.  We pray that all this ends positively for Mr. Schaffrick in six months time.

While I can't get into too much personal detail here, you have to understand that Mr. Schaffrick - although being in league with some of those in opposing internal political alliances from that of The King - has a big heart, and has set a high standard for compassion when it comes to helping others in his life.  He is due some blessing for at least one particular act of kindness that will have life-long repercussions for at least one young person he holds dear.  (Sorry for being cryptic, but it's not my place to reveal this here without permission - just accept that it is so).

The King would ask that all the usual complainers and whiners within our political circles take notice.  And instead of criticizing him for what he hasn't done (to your satisfaction), give him your support and offer him the same kindness that he shows others.  The treatment that Mr. Schaffrick is about to undergo is mentally and physically tiring, and will be a largely frustrating ordeal.  Perhaps a few of you will have the courage to reach out to him by phone or note to see what you can do to offer support or help. 

Sure, he's a proud man.  We all are.  It's part of being a guy - which is why we'd rather spend $50 in gasoline driving around in a circle instead of stopping to ask for directions.  But sometimes, although unsolicited, it's appreciated to get a pat on the back, or a kind word of encouragement when you're going through a time of trial. So please keep that in mind over the next several months when you make the false assumption that "he knows how I feel."

For those of you who think this post is somewhat out of character for The King.  Well, it's not.  It's just that you buggers just don't know me at all. :)

Good luck, Gary.  Fare-thee-well!



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