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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Look Back at 2011

Nutmeggers might attend First Night
Festivities but there isn't much to
celebrate given CT realities
For most of us, seeing 2011 come to a close is a huge relief.  

I can't remember a year that seemed to contain as many hardships or negative situations as this single year.  Many of my friends lost their jobs, and some even lost their homes or filed for bankruptcy due to our miserable economy which seemed only to worsen as the days went by. At least one person I know, lost their home due to the Tropical Storm, dozens more saw extensive property damage from either the tropical storm flooding, or the early snowstorm.

Along with near double-digit unemployment courtesy of our inept political figures, we saw a real hardening of people's attitudes.  Without a doubt, people have become bitter, angry,  short-tempered, and pessimistic about every little thing. And I'm not talking about natural tongue and cheek pessimism (as you read in this column), but a kind of societal mental fatigue radiating pure doom and gloom. Friends I know seem to have trouble making small talk because they are either preoccupied with their personal plights, or have become depressed wholesale - it's no wonder drug companies are making millions. People who I used to look to for optimism or advice to help me look at the bright side, seem to have none to offer. Worse, among my circle of friends and acquaintances, the stress of life in general tipped several couples to file for divorce - adding complexity to an already difficult situation. 

From an overall career perspective, I've found people are less satisfied in their careers now then as seen in past years, but the notion of simply running out and finding a new job if you don't like your current one is a thing of the past.  The sky is the limit has been replaced with "You're lucky to have a job."  As the economy squeezes corporations, companies have moved to the disgraceful strategy of overseas outsourcing, and opportunities for promotablility, or bonuses in the workplace have disappeared.  The glass ceiling  - the one where you could look up and allegedly see others being rewarded - has been replaced with a concrete barrier.  In 2011, I've seen more demotions, and early exits than anything else.  And tuition reimbursement? Stock rewards? That's a thing of the past too.  And customer service?  It's hard to get a guy making 50 cents an hour in India to understand the inconvenience of having your $1500  television burn out.  Yes, ma'am, I understand. I apologize for your difficulty.  Bulls***!

Politically, we are in a quagmire so deep that we cannot even begin to see the light, never mind crawl out of the hole.  President Obama is a buffoon. And to think that people still make fun of President George W. Bush after watching months and months of Obama idiocy is unreal. Everything Barack says or does makes things worse; the stock market tumbles at his every utterance. He takes credit for things that have nothing to do with him - like killing tyrants, and places blame on everyone else preceding him or opposing him for things such as - double-digit unemployment.  He's is a liar, a snark, a cheat, and an arrogant incompetent. His audacity knows no bounds. The sooner he is gone, the better off we'll all be - and he can take Joe Biden back to the asylum he came from.  Even Democrats watching their 401ks shrink seem to understand this. Unlike Bill Clinton, who I believe truly cared about America - this President doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself.  You think Jimmy Carter is an annoying ex-President, oh just wait. This guy is going be obnoxious to the point of public ridicule.

In Connecticut, we've elected an anti-business Governor named Dan Malloy who is a shill for unions and public employees. As more jobs move out of Connecticut, and people cannot make ends meet, he (and his Democrat friends) have decided to raise taxes on the few that still have a few measily dollars coming in - playing a sort of shell game with the little disposable income that remains on the table. Our decline will continue because the proven formula for actual revenue generation will never be considered as an option; it would mean going against their embraced political ideology - tax and spend, and spread the pain (a.k.a sacrifice).  And it's - that simple. This past year is just the beginning of what we can expect for the next three years. There is a reason his popularity rating as Governor is the lowest among his peers across the country.

Our CTGOP politicians are no help, in fact - they are the Governor's best ally.  They offer no tangible alternatives, and have all but given up on playing the role of opposition.  At the end of the day, they sign on to the Governor's plans with the hope of being able to profit slightly from giving the appearance of being part of the pretended solution. And they even go as far as to hold press conferences about it, leaving Republican voters sick to their stomachs.  They are an embarrassing lot more interested in lining their own pockets with cash, and favors, instead of standing on principle.  And they wonder why people don't come out and vote?  It's because they don't have anyone to believe in.  The truth is that in 2011 we gained a little more than we lost - none of which can be attributed to the State Party, whatesoever. A last minute email from Connecticut Republican Headquarters urging party members to vote was nothing short of pathetic.  And the Connecticut Democrat's redistricting scheme in 2012 will ensure that we lose even more no matter how hard we work.

Internally, Connecticut's Republican Party is a disaster.  It's true that in 2011, we elected a new Chairman and I'm sure he means well, but he's inherited a collection of do-nothings who thrive on the status quo; many are more concerned with finding ways to get him to quit or be removed in favor of the lovable old guard instead of lending a hand to turn the ship around.  The level of their treachery is so great, that they no longer hide it in public.

You would have thought that 2011 would have been a year to reflect on Connecticut Republican failures during the 2010 cycle affected the Party, and would have provided us a chance to make real ethical changes to how we conduct business. The not-so-distant memory of nominating uninspiring and unqualified candidates, like Tom Foley and Linda McMahon, and the negative implications of rigging political conventions and allowing candidates to make donations to RTCs, or purchase votes through indirect and direct means, are fresh in the public mind.  Nope. We've learned so little from the 2010 Convention, that we've apparently opted repeat the entire controversy again - accept it will be done on a much larger scale. 

Different this time, is that the media is hot on the trail of our pay-to-play scandals and the unprecedented level of in-your-face cronyism is now public.  Hammering a square peg in a round hole is likely to have embarrassing results for our Republican Party.  Sad to say, after such high hopes - this will likely be Chairman Jerry Labriola's legacy.  There is no free pass by playing neutral on buying votes or rigging Conventions.  Either he stands up and opposes it, or he sits quietly and allows it to happen.  Funny how he thinks playing Caesar will exonerate him from implication.  Where have we seen this before?  I'm sure Linda will find someone more than willing to play the role of Pontius Pilate for the right price - it's just a matter of who.  The Resolutions to bring ethics to a rigged Convention sought by a few brave souls will be thrawted by a loophole, or by parlimentary procedures.  

Linda McMahon will win her rigged convention and not even Superman can stop this run-away train going over the cliff - Joe Markley, Jerry Labriola, and Mark Boughton - all waving and cheering enthusiastically from the windows as it plunges to the bottom of the canyon - what fools!  And we expect the deep divisions that already divide the Party will grow larger, and an independent candidacy of someone screwed out of a spot on the ballot will add to the drama. The United States Senate Seat is the Democrat Party's to lose.  No matter how she's packaged, -a millionaire pro-wrestling promoter with baggage and no experience is still a millionaire pro-wrestling promoter with baggage and no experience.  Why people would sell their hard-earned reputations for this whatever-she-is is beyond me.  I guess, souls can be bought cheaply these days.

Despite warnings, the die is likely cast, and 2012 will be another banner year for Connecticut Democrats even if Barack Obama is rejected by voters in November.  If Republicans edge out a win, it will likely be a consolation prize either in Connecticut's 4th or 5th Congressional District - that's if Republicans don't massacre each other first through the primary season. 

So I started this column by stating how glad I am that 2011 has come and gone.  With the exception of a highly anticipated GOP take-over of the White House a year from now, I'm afraid there isn't much to get excited about.  I expect another year of Dannel, power-outages, outsourcing, and CTGOP Strategies of Surrender.

Love your children, take a nice vacation if you can afford it, take enjoyment from the small things in life, and pray for a miracle.  From this Monarch's position, the Party is long over.

As for The King - I'll be moving on to more interesting topics.  I wish my Connecticut allies well.



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Saturday, December 24, 2011


King's Castle celebrates Christmas

On behalf of The King and his Court, we would like to extend a Very Merry Christmas to all readers!  God Bless you and keep you.

As we enjoy the gifts delivered by Old Saint Nick, and enjoy feasts of abundance with our families and friends, let us also remember our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who's birthday we celebrate - indeed Christ is the Reason for the Season!  Let's us also remember those who have departed this life, and those who are serving abroad and on bases state-side and abroad.

May you enjoy your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to the fullest!



Getting ready to receive honored guests
(Watch out for the Eggnog - I hear it's spiked!)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

McMahon Staffer plays the Allah card...

If I hadn't heard it with my own ears, I guess I wouldn't have believed it. 

After consulting with a few people about whether or not I should print this, I've opted to do so with the hope that a certain campaign will CLEAN UP THEIR ACTS moving forward!

I attended a political event a few days ago, and one of Linda McMahon's campaign staffers (no, I'm not going to print her name here) was asked what she thought of Brian K. Hill's entry into the U.S. Senate Race.  The McMahon staffer went on a sarcastic tirade about this and that (mostly making comments about Hill's "inexperience" - go figure on that one), and then in the end made the trite comment... "and he's [Hill] a Muslim anyway."  My jaw dropped to the floor. The other people standing around just sort of went silent.

Now, I honestly don't know if Brian K. Hill is a Muslim or not.  In truth, I've never had the chance to talk with him about his personal lifestyle choices or religious preference.  So if Brian is a Muslim - well good for him - I guess.  But I have to say it's a pretty low brow for one of Linda McMahon's paid staffers to make such a bizarre public comment.  I hear this comment made quite often about President Barack Obama, whom I have little love for - and I have to say it's a bit of an annoyance because there are a thousand and one other points you can make about Obama's policies that will help you win over most Republicans and Independents.  Furthermore, as I've written previously - the derogatory comments about Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith is equally disgraceful (especially when made by fellow Republicans).

I guess my point is that this person who berated Mr. Hill isn't a just another silly blogger, or a comedian, or night-time talk show host - no, she's a representative of Linda McMahon's campaign (and therefore, Linda herself).  If I were Linda I would make an effort to tell her employees to stop this kind of shameful campaigning.  There isn't any reason for it anyway - as she seems to be out in front - at least for now

Brian K. Hill's faith is his own business.  With apologies to him for bringing this out, I hope that smarter minds prevail and we can keep candidate's religion preference out of bounds for criticism or discussion.  Now to be very clear - I'm not saying that I have reason to believe that Linda McMahon is running around discouraging people from supporting Brian Hill because he's a Muslim - that would be pretty extreme.  And Linda is too smart a cookie for that (although I wouldn't put it past some of her campaign staff). But if she doesn't do something about this - she's likely to create another fire that she can't put out.

Let's keep the campaigns issue-focused if we can, people.  And let's make sure paid staffers keep their opinions to themselves.  "...And he's a Muslim anyway" doesn't belong in the conversation.  And let me also tell you this - if the staffer's name finds its way into the press, it's not coming from me.  And if it does become a story in the future, don't say I didn't warn you because the Connecticut media will be all over it like flies on honey.  Linda McMahon as a religious bigot won't win her any points in the Nutmeg State. 

Let's get our people to think twice before making personal comments like this, particularly in public.  Let's not make Chris Murphy's road to the Senate any easier!


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Monday, December 19, 2011

The King's Christmas List

Don't kid yourselves. All politicians
belong on the Naughty List!
With Christmas only 7 days away we thought we'd make a few suggestions for what Santa Claus might bring some of our friends and foes on Christmas Day.  Obviously, this is tongue and cheek, so don't get too cranky... you might want to take a big gulp of that Christmas Punch before reading on, and perhaps take the hidden advice given.

The King's Christmas List:

Chris Donovan:  A copy of the novel:  Conflict of Interest by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg. (As if you didn't know the ending.)

Jerry Labriola, Jr.:  FIFA 2012 for his PlayStation 2, and a set of balls to replace the ones he missing (you figure that one out).  Last chance to get it out of neutral, Jerry!

Chris Healy:  A steady job shoveling snow in far away Antarctica, where he can't ruin the chances of additional Connecticut Republicans from getting elected.
DeStefano aught to be careful what he
asks for when it comes to his illegal
immigrant voting scheme
Mayor John DeStefano:   The influx of 500,000 new illegal aliens into New Haven to advance his illegal immigrant voting scheme - and all the trouble that comes with them.  I mean what's another 500,000 in the bread line - between friends? May they all set up a Shanty Town on his lawn.

Christopher Shays:  At least a C rating from the NRA, a divorce from the gay-rights crowd, and a well-stoked fire under his rear.  Are you actually running for Senate or what?

This fool can't even handle a power
outage, and he fancies himself fit
for the White House?. Dream on!
Governor Dan Malloy:  A bullet proof vest to keep him safe from his own fringe Union and State Employee constituency, who he gave just about everything except the kitchen sink during budget negotiations, and who still want more. Food for Thought: You might want to position Nancy Wyman in front of you during future press conferences (instead of next to you).

"Firebrand" Joe Visconti: A new pick-up truck. How does that rust-bucket pass emissions?

It's pretty clear that President
Obama doesn't have a clue
what he's doing
President Obama A Clue. A Clue about anything. And a better copy of Microsoft Powerpoint for those hard to edit Birth Certificate documents. C'mon man, 162 edits?

Coach Jim Calhoun:  A UConn Husky Basketball team free of petty thieves, boozers, and criminals. Would be nice have a year without seeing UConn's reputation tarnished in the national media over player misconduct.  Maybe its high time to conduct criminal background checks on all your recruits.

Coach Gino Auriemma:  A large bottle of humility, and the sense to understand that winning in an uncompetitive Woman's NCAA Division is nowhere close to winning in the NCAA Men's Division. Stop whining about your pay - you're lucky to have the salary you take given your written and verbal communication skills make you sound like a two-bit hoodlum from some back alley in a Hartford Ghetto.  Maybe we could get you into an English Class as part of your compensation so as not to further embarrass the University.

Let it be said that CT Sen
Joe Markley sold his soul
for a WWE Action Figure
Linda McMahon: The courage to step into the squared circle and come out from hiding behind her handlers and conduct a set of meaningful, unscripted interviews. And the fortitude to stop replying to the media by carefully worded emails, and the guts to answer legitimate questions about her company's role in the deaths of her employees, and ongoing pay-offs to RTCs and convention delegates.

Lisa Wilson-Foley:  A massive scandal to bring some life to her faltering campaign (talk to Chris Healy, he can help you generate notoriety).  And maybe a fourth campaign director.

Don't worry Nancy,
its hard to stay fit
these days
Nancy DiNardo:  A treadmill, and a year-long pass to Curves

Joe Markley:  A new beret that doesn't make you look like a artsy French Partisan.  You need to be careful or Peter Wolfgang's FIC might suspect you as queer in drag.

The Coutu-burg campaign is ready
to take flight... or maybe not.

Chris Coutu: A year's supply of Bubblelicious Chewing Gum for his long days in Hartford, and his very own MetLife blimp so everyone in the Second Congressional District can see his name in capital letters - all at once.  Oh, the humanity!

Martha Dean:  A one-way ticket to deep space for her lunatic ex-husband.
Justin Bernier:  Another fictional military installation deal to broker - perhaps Fort Griswold needs saving?

Write me in. Doesn't
matter for what.
Rob Simmons: A write-in campaign so he run commercials claiming he's still on the ballotDoesn't matter what ballot, does it?

The First Congressional District:  A Republican challenger to John Larson.  Any takers?  And we are taking note of all those cowards unwilling to run because it's an Obama re-election campaign year (betting African-American will come out in hordes to support O) but who will suddenly and miraculously emerge from their bunkers in 2013.

John Larson:  A new home renovation by Harry James.

Chris Murphy:  Another new DC-based girlfriend. (Contact Herman Cain for details.)

Tom Foley:  A three-year course at Toastmasters to improve his public speaking skills and give the apparence that he has (at least) a phony level of enthusiasm.  And a copy of the video Da-Da-Da by Trio.  Santa can also send him a Bibb - which he could always sell at a later date.

Pedro will paint the town -
er.. Pink, literally

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra:  10,000 gallons of pink paint to re-color the parallel lines on every street in Hartford.  This could be a great job for Corey Brinson.

Mark Greenberg: A Super Siren with Mic Yellow Horn Bike Bicycle and a soap-box to stand on so he can be heard.

Mike ("G-Man") Clark: Campaign shirts with an FBI logo on the back, and a new ease-dropping device to spy on the other campaigns in the Fifth Congressional District.

Susan Bysiewicz: Let's see... a four leaf clover, a bird to poop on her, a rainbow, a shooting star, a ladybug to land on her, a meeting with a cow (other than Nancy Dinardo), Bats nesting in her home, cats sitting on her front porch, her initials in a spider web, her hands and feet to tingle, having a day wear she puts her clothes on backwards, a meeting with snake, a fairy Godmother with a working wand, a step-stool, and a miracle - to give her a snowballs chance in Hell of winning the Democrat Nomination.

When they say let Larry
Cafero work his magic -
they aren't kidding!
Larry Cafero: A new magic eight ball for the Governor-wannabe so he can he can claim a point of reference for his decision-making process.  This will be useful when it comes to  explaining why he caves in to Democrats - all the time.

Rick Green:  The strength to write a column that is critical of his Democrat pals this coming year ... or maybe two or three to balance out the 50 or so anti-Republican entries he'll likely post this year.

Rosa DeLaura:  A truck-load of Luvs Diapers and a new broom-stick.  (Ok, that was all too easy, I admit it)

Rosa DeLauro - that's no
ordinary broom-stick mind you.

Joe Courtney:  More blush and eyeliner for his next photo-op. Crikey, Man! Or Ma'am!

Jim Himes:  10,000 more followers on Twitter than Chris Murphy (not including Murphy's love interests).

The Hartford Courant:  A parent company that isn't bankrupt.

Kevin Rennie:  Honest to Goodness Democrat Party affiliation, and therapy. (Still beating up on former Governor John Rowland I see - good grief!  Four paragraphs and Rowland managed to find his way into your column.  Let it go. Let it go.

Yosemite Scott at your service
Tom Scott:  An Anger Mangement Class run by Yosemite Sam.  A copy of Napoleon's Autobiography so he can run Linda's campaign as successfully as he ran others. (Pay special attention to the Battle of Waterloo - if you get that far

Justin Clark:  A stocking full of coal.

THE KING:  A Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Enjoyable New Year for all my readers!  And bright orange jumpsuits and hand-cuffs for most of the people on this list - see you in 2012!

If you didn't make this list, you should feel relieved.  But don't worry, there's always time for me to get to you at some point during the new year. 



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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Word About Endorsements

Americans are used to the annoyance of being told what to buy and who to support by celebrities and sports figures alike.  When I was five, I remember watching Legendary Yankee Shortstop Phil Rizzuto beam into our living room each night telling us to call the Money Store toll-free - Holy Cow!.  Nothing much has changed since then, particularly around Christmastime when we seem to be subjected to a barrage of product endorsements from unlikely characters who wouldn't otherwise give us the time of day.  Would you really buy a car from Brad Davis?  Well, maybe.

Campaign season is no different, except that it takes hypocrisy to a whole new level.  National Campaigns like those of Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich spend a tremendous amount of time pandering to fellow politicians, whom they personally detest, for their public support - in exchange for God knows what.  (And you'll notice I didn't mention Ron Paul; that's because no one is foolish enough to completely destroy their political careers by hitching their reputation to that raving lunatic).  The simple fact is that all endorsements at the National level are merely fodder for the latest media cycle.  For the most part, these endorsements don't amount to a hill of beans with voters because they're forgotten hours after they're touted. And besides, who cares if some politician who lives 100 miles away from me supports Newt Gingrich -  chances are they always did!  The public is going to vote for or against a candidate based on either their known perception of them, or the importance of the values or positions they hold - and not because some creep on the take tells them to!

Which brings me to the reason for this blog post.  Linda McMahon has already spent an enormous amount of time and money seeking endorsements from around the Nutmeg State (sometimes going as far to buy them through donations to RTCs and such) .  Last week, she boasted that she has 100 Republican Leaders supporting her nomination.  Well, I've got news for you lady - first, these people you've listed are not Republican Leaders.  They may hold fancy titles, and through self-promotion, and the buddy-system found their way onto caucuses and committees, but they are in no way - Leaders.  They don't avail themselves to the public, let alone attend their own Town Committee Meetings.  You have to be present to be even considered a Leader.  

Second, I see a lot of names on your list of 100 people who are lazy, unemployed,  unmotivated, and unaccomplished -  some can barely pay their own bills! (And at least one in the Northeast Part of the State is a well-known pervert who parents should keep away from their Children!!) So why would I take the advice of people who cannot even run their own lives, never mind trying to tell me who to vote for?  Given that, if aware, most voters will be less-inclined to support her nomination after seeing these endorsements flying around. I mean, what the hell do they know?  And does Linda even know anything about these people?  And would she hire them at WWE? My guess is "No".  But, she might throw them some cash for a favor or two.

The truth is that to the general public most of the people on Linda's list are unknowns - RTC members, State Central Members, and a few local politicians whose names barely resonate beyond the members-only club of Republican State Central, or their self-built perches.  Take The King's challenge - print off the latest list of 10 new endorsements that Linda is bragging about into work, and read them to any colleague sitting near you, and ask how many s/he's ever heard of.  20 to 1 is that no one has heard of any of them.

Well King, then why do politicians seek Endorsements?

From the standpoint of the political game, it makes a lot of sense.  It helps to keep the Candidate's name in the news by giving the appearance of them gaining support. It's simply a Public Relations stunt that comes with the territory. And moreover, it's a lot like playing the game Monopoly  - where you try to buy up all the land, utilities, and so forth in order to block people out of contention and win the game.  All of this leads to a lopsided Convention where those bought and paid for, or granted favors will support Linda, thus giving the impression that she is fully supported by the Republican Party. 

But the reality is far from the truth.  A win by Linda McMahon at the Convention is only evidence that those who play dirty CTGOP inside baseball support Linda.  Whether she will actually represent Connecticut Republicans against either Democrats Chris Murphy or Susan Bysiewicz will be decided by voters at the Connecticut Republican Primary next year.  And we have seen in the past where the outcome of Conventions are not the same as the outcome on Primary Day.

Given that Linda McMahon's own internal poll numbers show that she barely reaches 38%, and that her negatives are high among women and Independents, I like the chances of another single candidate knocking her off her pretended pedestal. Although, even The King admits that a three or four way race, certainly guarantees her the nod, and further guarantees a Democrat U.S. Senator from Connecticut. 

Which brings us to the question - if EVERYONE including Linda knows that she can't muster more than 38-40% of the vote in a General Election, then why are people fawning all over her to endorse her?  Well, that's a tale of money and politics - and that's a story for another day.  In the meantime, those who have given their endorsement to Linda, aught to be concerned about the downside of hitching their reputations to a candidate who is about to find themselves at the center of a very controversial set of issues in 2012.  They may have wished to have kept their mouths shut when it's all said and done. More to come...



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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Support CT Republican Delegate Integrity - Sign the Resolution Petition

Looks like the effort to give the recommended Connecticut Republican Party resolutions more more publicity, and more steam continues.  I applaud those activists who are trying to clean up our CTGOP and Connecticut politics.  

This is a link I received in my inbox asking people to SIGN THE PETITION:

Again, here are the proposed resolutions that under consideration:


Concerning delegates and integrity of process at 2012 State GOP Convention

RESOLVED, that prior to selecting delegates to the State Convention, Town Committees shall ask appropriate questions of potential delegates concerning their paid involvement or business affiliation with any candidate’s campaign;

RESOLVED, that Town Committees should endeavor to avoid the appearance of impropriety by selecting delegates to the State Convention who are not on a campaign’s payroll or in a vendor or other business relationship with any candidate’s campaign; and

RESOLVED, that prior to selecting delegates to the State Convention, Town Committees shall obtain the commitment of any prospective delegate to wear (if selected as a delegate) an appropriate disclosure, to be decided upon by the State Convention’s Rules Committee, in a conspicuous place at all times during the State Convention, which disclosure will identify the delegate as on the payroll of a specific campaign or in a vendor or other business relationship with a specific campaign.

Why not get involved and sign the petition!  Let's get behind those who are working to make a big difference right here in the Nutmeg State by putting integrity and ethics before politics!



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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Word about today's Komisarjevsky Verdict

It's taken over four long years to finally reach this point. 

I'm pleased with the result of today's verdict; even somewhat surprised that things came out the way they did - handing murderer Joshua Komisarjevsky the death penalty on all six counts seems miraculous - particularly given the extremely stoic, and unemotional nature of this Jury - in comparison to the Steven Hayes Jury.  There were few breakdowns of emotion when they viewed the horrific crime scene photos, and no angry glances over at the Defendant by members of this group of twelve.  Reporters found this Jury hard to read, but not necessarily less engaged than the last. 

The antics of Komisarjevsky's Attorney Jeremiah Donovan didn't help matters.  His endless campaign against Petit Foundation pins diminished his stature in the eyes of the Jurors and the Public.  His multi-baseless attempts at calling for mistrials, and his distasteful and crude comments about the Hawke-Petit Family, and references to their supporters as the Petit Posey has permanently damaged his reputation beyond repair.  He started off on the wrong foot by breaking a court gag order and then trying to bully Judge John Blue which didn't endear him to the Court, or anyone else for that matter.  He ended his tenure by bad-mouthing the Uncle of Komisarjevsky during the post trial press conference - an act of pure stupidity.  Donovan is a broken man, bitter, and alone.  If there was ever a living person who more resembled A Christmas Carol's old Ebenezer Scrooge - it's Jeremiah Donovan.

Critics of the Death Penalty have always made the claim that this trial was really about putting the State on trial. We, who support the Death Penalty couldn't agree more. Every mother and father, sister and brother, aunt and uncle, grandmother and grandfather in Connecticut watched this trial with trepidation and fear. As much as we could, we put ourselves in the shoes of the Petit-Hawke family. We all asked the same question - if this had happened to us, would the system we hold so dear, deliver justice on our behalf?  Would our fellow citizens have the courage to make the right choice for us? For all of us?

The answer is Yes.

And don't think every con and would-be villain didn't take note of the results of these two trials.  Maybe we don't know where the State would draw the line in the sand, but we do know that at least Connecticut isn't a free-pass zone for murderers.  We can thank State Prosecutors Michael Dearington and his assistant Gary Nicholson for that. 

For those of us who've been steadfast supporters of the Petit-Chapman family since 2007, it's been a journey that started with sadness and ends with sadness. To this end critics of the process are correct - handing Hayes and Komisarjevsky the sentence they deserve will not bring Jennifer, Hayley, or Michaela back to life, or patch the pain.  But the decision to execute two evil monsters does bring a sense of closure that we've sought for a long time.  This has always been about justice for the Petits, not blood-thirsty revenge as the simplistic anti-death penalty crowd would have you believe. 

I want to leave you with one final thought.  Sure, the trial is over, and the media circus has headed home for the holidays.  While all of us will gather with friends and family this Christmas - singing carols and opening presents, Dr. William Petit and his family are stuck with the vision of what could have been.  Beyond today's verdict we are still left with an empty pit in our stomachs. This whole four year journey will not be simply shelved and forgotten; we will keep the Petit women in our hearts and minds for decades to come.



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Thursday, December 8, 2011

State Central Meeting Follow up, Brian K. Hill, Kie Westby take a stand for Ethics

Several of you have emailed to ask what happened with the three Resolutions when presented at the Connecticut Republican State Central Meeting last Tuesday.  Sometimes, we tend to forget that these meetings, and what happens in them aren't made public - as they should be.  This is another example CTGOPs image problem with its constituency - fear of transparency.

The meeting was well attended with several people turned away from dinner due to lack of seating availability. After much attention was spent recognizing past Republican Candidates, it was time for the motion to be presented.  Just as 9th District's Mark Pappa was about to present the Resolution, another State Central Member - Dennis Cleary rose from his seat and attempted to abruptly table the remainder of the meeting so that the Resolutions could not be presented.  Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. kindly asked Cleary to remove his motion so that, in fairness, the Resolutions could be presented to the State Central Committee.

Mark Pappa presented out the Resolutions in positive and respectful manner giving a brief explanation of their importance to the Party's image state-wide.  As expected, the Resolutions were tabled, and will be discussed and possibly amended or voted on at the next State Central Meeting in January (meeting date not yet scheduled). 

I've received several emails from sources who claim that Cleary is an operative working with others who wish to see the Resolutions squashed, and not debated at all. Some of whom are already on the take. Whether Mr. Cleary is on the take or has relatives working on campaigns as some have suggested is a matter of speculation.   If others have questions about this - I would respectfully ask that they contact Cleary directly.

We should note that before the resolutions were presented, two U.S. Senate Candidates spoke in favor of the adoption of them in front of the State Central audience:  Brian K. Hill of Windsor, and Kie Westby of Southbury.  Both men highlighted the importance of the CTGOP cleaning up its act, and underscored the negative image of our Party given the perception that delegates were bought and paid for in 2010.  Both Hill and Westby have made it clear that these kind of corrupt practices resonate well beyond the Convention Hall, and are represented in the vote tally on Election Day.
Brian Hill also took the issue a step further - by informing the media that he supports the resolutions.  The article that this appeared in the Hartford Courant is reprinted below (without permission but referenced accordingly):

Brian K. Hill: Republican Party Rules Change Proposal "A New Beginning for the CT GOP"


State Republicans won't take up a proposed rules change that seeks to discourage paid delegates from participating in the party's nominating convention for at least another month.
U.S. Sen. candidate Brian K. Hill weighed in on the plan this week, saying it could signal a new era of openness for the party and a fresh chance for "non-establishment candidates" such as himself.
"I agree that changes should be made to ensure a fair and open nomination process free of conflicts of interests,'' Hill told me in an email yesterday.
"It is essential to have public trust in what we do, and we cannot afford to take any chances with the integrity of the Nomination process,'' he added. "I'm also happy that our new CT GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr is setting high ethical standards to level the playing field for non-establishment candidates. Connecticut voters should take note that Republicans are trying to make sure that the 2012 party nominations are not party politics as usual. This is a new beginning for the CT GOP, and hopefully a new beginning for state politics."

The proposal would require delegates that are on a candidate's payroll to disclose the arrangement--perhaps by wearing a badge on the convention floor, under the terms of the proposed rules change. Supporters say it would help the party heal the wounds of the 2010 convention.
You have to applaud Mr. Hill for taking such a stand while others have  formally adopted a "wait and see" attitude.  For everyone's information, there are several candidates and Republican Leaders who were initially offered the opportunity to be leaders and join in as an early advocate, but declined out of fear of retribution by their friends and peers.  Incredibly pathetic. I will not publish those names today, but may consider doing so in the future. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Online Guide to Partial Transparency

My last column prompted a number of emails and questions about the process of donations and transparency.  Putting aside the issues and concerns which are soon to be discussed and debated within the CTGOP, I thought it made good sense as a public service to direct voters to three online websites that are meant to provide disclosure on expenditures, and donations on each federal campaign.

The first is the website . This website starts with split-screen navigation where you can either look at donations/expenditures on the Presidential Campaigns by State and District, or House and Senate Races by State and District.  You can look at any candidate's expenditures and see how money is being categorized via expense (and sometimes by employee if the amount is significant enough).  The site includes historical data from previous elections. Linda McMahon's campaign is an interesting one to peruse  because you can really get a sense for how one can easily blow through $50 million dollars if they're not careful

The second webpage is which allows you to view donor information by zip code, state, candidate, etc.  The Outside Spending Section is one of the most interesting parts of this site.

The third webpage is .  This website focuses on money and influence on state politics.  It's mission statement reads: The National Institute on Money in State Politics is the only nonpartisan, nonprofit organization revealing the influence of campaign money on state-level elections and public policy in all 50 states

None of these sites will tell you where the hidden payoffs and favors go, but they are interesting sites, nonetheless.   For example, using -  and looking at any candidate's Operating Expenditures you can easily see how large sums of money are categorized in a general manner (z.B. Political Strategy Consulting) under purpose and are being paid to consulting firms in a lump sum; note that these expenditures are not required to be broken down further (i.e. the money trail ends).  Why the reporting accountability stops there is probably not a mystery given who writes these laws.

Happy Hunting!



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Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Bold Move to End CTGOP Convention Corruption

Every once in a while a bit of good news is delivered to The King's Castle. This is one of those rare times where I find myself cheering wildly for a few brave souls who are trying to make a positive difference within our self-beleaguered Connecticut Republican Party; the goal to end corruption within our Party is a noble one, well worth the effort, and well worth making it a point of public record here. 

You didn't need a magnifying glass
to see the connection between dollars
and delegates during the 2010 CT
Republican State Convention.
I'm hopeful that this body of work is not news to any of Republican State Central Members, who I'm told, have been mulling around these suggestions for some time. The fact that this body of work was only made known to me formally in the last couple days or so suggests that its ready for public consumption. My thanks to Joe Visconti for keeping me in the loop, and sending the latest drafts my way.

In this entry I want to focus on what is being proposed rather than take everyone down the long dark path of historical record. The resolutions being recommended deserve a fair hearing on their own merit without creating additional divisions within the Party by naming names of naysayers, and dissenters at this point, or going off on a hypothetical tangent about who might benefit most from their approval. And honestly, since the proposed resolutions would apply to all those involved in the upcoming State Convention Process - it is The King's View that everyone would be placed on the same level playing field; giving no one candidate advantage over the other. Those opting out would be subject to intense criticism and scrutiny; doing so at their own peril.

One of the chief reasons the public hates politics is because there is the assumption that politicians tend to care more about taking care of themselves (and each other) rather than the constituents they serve. Whether money is the root of all evil is a matter of conjecture, but it certainly seems to find it's way into the pockets of many of our politicians, whether elected to formal office, or as representatives to commissions and committees on our behalf. And to be fair, no political party owns the high ground on this issue, as reward and patronage have been with us since time immemorial.

While stopping the transfer of all cash or favors from one hand to another would be a Fool's Errand, we can at least create a window of transparency that allows the public to make it's own judgements as to what is above bar, and what is collusion, or patronage. These resolutions were drafted by former CT Attorney General Republican Candidate Martha Dean, Esq, and former CT 1st District Republican Congressional Candidate Joe Visconti, and are being co-sponsored for presentation to Republican State Central by two courageous State Central Representatives - Scott Veley (District 6; Kensington) and Mark Pappa (District 9; Newington). God Bless you guys for sticking your necks out as Change Champions!

Without further ado, here are the proposed resolutions in current draft form:


Concerning delegates and integrity of process at 2012 State GOP Convention

RESOLVED, that prior to selecting delegates to the State Convention, Town Committees shall ask appropriate questions of potential delegates concerning their paid involvement or business affiliation with any candidate’s campaign;

RESOLVED, that Town Committees should endeavor to avoid the appearance of impropriety by selecting delegates to the State Convention who are not on a campaign’s payroll or in a vendor or other business relationship with any candidate’s campaign; and

RESOLVED, that prior to selecting delegates to the State Convention, Town Committees shall obtain the commitment of any prospective delegate to wear (if selected as a delegate) an appropriate disclosure, to be decided upon by the State Convention’s Rules Committee, in a conspicuous place at all times during the State Convention, which disclosure will identify the delegate as on the payroll of a specific campaign or in a vendor or other business relationship with a specific campaign.

All historic movements require a starting point. The approval of these resolutions would be a giant first step to move not just the CTGOP, but all of Connecticut Politics toward more ethical way of conducting the People's business. A process free of pressure from outside influences trading rewards for favors would purify decisions made by trusted representatives and renew confidence in the public trust.

You would have suspect that anyone unwilling to support the resolutions proposed must have something to hide. Further, anyone arguing that they would not support these resolutions because they would not be legally enforceable are merely looking for an excuse to hide behind a technicality so that they can conduct business as usual. Obviously, a bylaw change, which would be enforceable, is a better overall solution, but given that the effort required to change the bylaws would take months of preparation, it is not feasible that it would be adapted prior to the 2012 State Convention. These resolutions are about what can be done to make the process more ethical today.

And the best thing we can hope for is a roll-call vote to let the public know who is in favor of transparency, and ending improprieties, and who isn't.

So, who will have the courage to support the Dean-Visconti Resolutions, and who will fight for the status quo? Only time will tell. Based on what I've been told, the resolutions will be entered/have been entered on the December State Central agenda, and would need to be voted on in a subsequent meeting - perhaps, January at the earliest.

Let's hope that Republican State Central Members do the right thing and vote to pass these historic resolutions.
In the meantime, are there any takers in the Democrat Party who would dare challenge their members to approve a similar set of resolutions?

RTCs, State Central, Convention, etc.

Although this column is favored by political insiders and hobbyists, it occurred to me that some people reading this piece may not understand what I'm talking about when I mention Republican State Central or State Convention, etc. As it stands, I know that many registered Republicans aren't even aware that Republican Town Committees (RTCs)exist, or that RTCs chose representatives to represent them at a State Central Committee, and also chose a slate of delegates to represent them at a State Convention where candidates are voted on, and formally nominated by the Party.

For starters, if you're a registered Republican and may be interested in joining your Republican Town Committee, you might want to inquire soon. As it happens, in January of 2012, towns and cities are mandated by Connecticut State Law to select Republican Town Committee Members. Some towns have an open process which is conducted by Caucus, and some towns have a closed process where members of the Town Committee select a nominating committee and draft a slate of RTC candidates of Republicans to be voted on. Some towns permit only a set number of RTC members, while others seem to have an unlimited number of members - as determined by their by-laws. Above all else, the purpose of the RTC is to draft candidates, get local Republicans elected, and raise funds to support local elections. A side role is to discuss local issues and strategize or discuss how to approach them. 

Second, RTCs send delegates to Caucus to select State Central Committee members who are supposed to meet a certain number of times a year, and act as a liaison between RTCs and the State Party. While there are many questions regarding the benefit and productivity of the current organization, State Central helps to draft candidates for federal office, and has responsibility for holding a State Convention, and nominating a set of candidates for federal office, and state offices. State Central members have the added benefit of voting at the State Convention as Super-Delegates - meaning their vote counts twice - this is as obnoxious in theory as it is in practice (mainly because most serving are hardly worth half a vote given the state of things IMHO).

Third, RTCs also have the added responsibility of selecting delegates to send to the State Convention to participate in the nomination of federal and state candidates. Each town has a set allocation as determined by State Bylaws.

One of the big beefs that the public has is that they complain that they don't know who makes decisions on their behalf within the Connecticut Republican Party. Fact is that I would guess that 99% of registered Republicans couldn't tell you who their State Central member is, or who is representing them as a delegate at the State Convention. There has always been a particularly political manner in which delegates for the State Convention are chosen. Sometimes it's by tenure, but often the decision is reserved by the Chairman alone to determine who s/he wants to attend given his knowledge of how they will vote. This kind of decision-making is all about why the resolutions above are being suggested - if you take it a step further. 

RTCs may receive cash donations from candidates as an indirect payment for votes, or even Chairman or individuals could receive cash or favors from third party vendors which go undocumented and unaccounted for; meaning individual payoffs can be masked within the current reporting process. Just looking at what occurred before and during the 2010 Connecticut State Republican Convention, you will understand the urgency around adopting these resolutions; the splintering our State Party began during that unfortunate period, and old wounds in many districts are still not healed, and fresh in the minds of delegates, and voters alike. It's clear, that the antics from that convention affected the results of the 2010 General Election here in Connecticut.

Given the obvious opportunity for shenanigans, and payoffs, and greater division within the already fragile CTGOP - if certain situations were to reoccur at the 2012 Convention, it's critical that steps are taken to ensure fair play. The three resolutions above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to moving toward a more ethical and transparent system. And now you can understand just why they are so important.



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