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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Unwanted Invasion: Sharia Law Conference in Hartford

Coming to America?
Pray not!
For most of us, Memorial Day weekend is a sacred time to honor those men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their Country.  Since 1775, the rich tradition of the U.S. Armed Forces has served as a tool of Freedom- not just in the United States but around the world - ending tyranny, and toppling despots to foster Democracy, and to a lesser extent republicanism.  Memorial Day is a clear reminder that thousands of Americans have given their lives for Liberty on behalf of all people regardless of race, color, or religious persuasion.  This is a stark contrast to the selfish hordes of extremists set to occupy our Connecticut Capitol City this weekend; those who thumb their noses at American Exceptionalism and our Western way of life in favor of a establishing a single Islamic authority over all Muslim-Americans.

Unfortunately, Hartford is currently hosting the 37th Islamic Circle of North America (ICNAcarefully entitled Defending Religious Freedom: Understanding Shariah.  The underlying theme is the advancement of subversive Sharia Law in the United States, and includes all the workshops to empower their minions to recruit and convert the mindless, and the destitute to their extreme way of thinking.  It is ironic that such a conference, un-American in so many ways, is being held in Hartford, home of Connecticut's Founder Thomas Hooker - a Puritan who fled England to establish a Christian way of life free from tyranny, and corrupt Church orthodoxy.  To witness such an invasion by those who's thinking is contrary to free people is an outrage, and crime against civilized peoples.

One only has to look across the pond to merry old England to see the amount of damage that can be inflicted upon a western nation through the advancement of Sharia Law.  The United Kingdom is perfect example where a small foothold once established as a liberal courtesy has grown to wreck havoc on a once proud democratic society; extremists have turned the country's judicial system upside-down to the point where entire boroughs and neighborhoods stand outside of British law. In such places, an established sub- government exists (Sharia Muslim Council) which have indirect the authority to act, and my most reports have been able to supersede the UK's Government and laws (mostly by virtue of the UK Government turning a blind eye to it's rulings). 

Extremist Muslims love to talk about Religious Freedom except when it comes discussing the Judeo-Christian values which govern, and have contributed to our American Laws and Judicial process for over two centuries.  Muslim extremists have no interest in following Western Laws because they don't feel compelled to follow them.  Make no mistake, this not about the nice lady living next door who wears a Burka and says her prayers, it's about a real threat to our laws, traditions, and our way of life.  The religious freedom that Sharia demands is in direct conflict with civil liberties and basic freedoms which the U.S. Constitution affords all Americans.

Conservatives are sold on the horrors of Muslim Extremism including that of Sharia Law. Our politicians have long been on record pointing out its contradictions with American Constitutional Law and American Tradition.  Though its noteworthy that none of our nominated Connecticut politicians on either side of the aisle have to date been bold enough to take a public stand about this weekend's Sharia Conference.

Interestingly enough, the battle in the establishment of Sharia Law in America is the next true test of the legitimacy of so-called modern, American liberalism.  And I don't mean seeking their outrage over the banning of Lady Gaga from performing in public.  I want to know what feminists think about rolling back the clock to a point where women can be beaten for attending a book fair?  And what do liberal trial attorneys think about cutting off fingers as a punishment for petty theft?  Or far worse, what about honor killings that take the lives of women staying out too late at night? ICNA has made it very clear that Islam is above the law no matter what.  Where do liberals stand when it comes to acts of desecration and physical harm, or even murder in the name of Islam?  Any takers?  Or are you all hiding under rock waiting silently until the last plane leaves for Mecca? 

Hello?  Mister Opinionated, Mr. Never-Short-On-Words - Governor Dannel Malloy, are you out there?

Ah, yes.... Defending Religious Freedom? Sure, like evicting an entire congregation out of a Country for being ChristianThomas Hooker would roll over in his grave at the level of this hypocrisy.

No matter how Muslim Extremists want to package Sharia Law to the Hartford Media (note: the Hartford Courant's Editorial Board has been curiously silent on the visit), or to the National Press - it will be full of contradictions, and indignation about so-called misunderstandings of intent.  But there will be no talk of how Muslims plan to impose penalties for those who violate Sharia Law (like those linked to above), and no use of words like Infidel so-commonly uttered in Mosques to describe non-believers.  Instead, Convention Leaders will parade out terms like Islamaphobia, and try to make themselves out to be victims of religious and racial bigotry.  Luckily, most The King's View readers are smart enough not be be suckered into such baloney, and see this Convention for what it really is.

Here on this 2012 Memorial Day Weekend, instead of assimilating into American Culture and showing respect for America's fallen heroes, Muslims will turn inward - focused on themselves and their subversive cultural agenda - and working to undermine the very fabric of our nation which the rest of us will honor all weekend long.

And least I forget: God Bless those great American patriots who have given everything so that we can be free.  We are indebted to you and your families forever.



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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quick comments on the CTGOP Convention

Later in the week, I'll publish a longer commentary on the CTGOP Convention.  I can see from the hit counter that many of you came here today looking for something so I'll take five minutes to give a few quick thoughts on the night.  Plus, I need a chance to sort through all of the emails I've received over the last day to determine whether some of the comments I'm seeing amount to sour grapes or legitimate issues worth investigating.

First, you have to give Kudos to Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. and his team of State Central Members for putting on an outstanding State Convention.  Even if you didn't like the outcome of certain races, it was clear throughout the evening that the manner in which business was conducted was fair and transparent - all the voting, tallying, and delegate activity was conducted real-time, methodically, and with fairness and dignity for all candidates.  The entire evening was a stark contrast to the corrupt convention run by the Healy-Marx Syndicate in 2010. You could also sense that the level of anxiety in the Hall was much reduced from two years ago - which in part was because campaign heads were warned to be on their best behavior given the heightened sense of scrutiny caused by Pre-Convention Party in-fighting over the last four months.

The cost of the evening was remarkably less expensive then previous Conventions which is because the guy running the show this time around used to be Party Treasurer and knew how to cut out frivolous expenditure.  Statewide Republicans can be glad to know their money isn't going to support somebody's drinking habit or lofty lifestyle ambitions.

Our Chairman came off eloquent and well-spoken from the podium.  And I don't mean this is in a negative way but he sort of surprised me.  I've seen him address smaller crowds and do a great job, but last night he really hit all the high notes perfectly - looking less nervous than usual, and incredibly confident.  Jerry Labriola rose to the occasion.  And you'd have to have a personal bias against him not to agree.

Quick thoughts on each District Race:

CT01John Henry Decker did a great job to earn nomination to represent Republicans in one of the most hellish races any Republican in the Country could ask for.  His win came down to personal appeal and rolling up his own sleeves to do the hard work required to get the nod.   There was no trickery, or posturing, or twisting of arms - it's just that John is the real deal 24/7 365 days a year.  He secured the nomination with over 65% of the vote and was humble and gracious to candidate Mike McDonald.  You can't ask for more in a candidate than what you get from John Decker.   And his speech to the convention was outstanding.  Let's hope that folks in CT01 give John their support, time, and money.  He's going to need all hands on deck to put a dent in union-financed John Larson

CT02:  Last week Paul Formica was making real fillet-o-fish sandwiches, and serving hot buttered lobster rolls to his customers in Niantic, and today he's positioned to face Joe Courtney in what could be one of the most evenly matched battles in Connecticut politics.  It's a huge commentary on his viability and energy as a candidate that he was able to secure the necessary number of delegates to win on the first ballot in only five days. 

But I'd be remiss not to say a word about Doug Dubitsky.   It's been relayed to The King that the Dubitsky, who is also Chairman of the Grassroots East Organization, gave a great speech during nominations and suggested before voting commenced that regardless of the outcome that he would not primary and smartly suggested that doing so only served Joe Courtney's best interest.  You have to hand it to Doug; he could have banged his fist on the table, and pressed and demanded that it be his turn after being slighted by Chris Healy's interference in the CT02 race in 2010.  But he didn't.  He put Party before ambition, swallowed his pride, and released his delegates.  If you see Doug Dubitsky walking around - shake his hand, look him in the eyes, and tell him you appreciate that he's a stand-up guy!

Daria Novak on the other hand has already published comments on the local Patch Wall stating that she intends to Primary.  Novak won't win, but she will surely run a very negative campaign against Formica which will boost Courtney's prospects in the District.  Rumors to The King are that she has already started making derogatory claims about Mr. Formica to Party delegates and public voters.   Since Novak started off on a bad foot, she's likely to end on a bad foot.  And she's doesn't care who she takes down with her.

CT03Thank God Almighty for Wayne Winsley!  I hope that someone caught Mr. Winsley's Convention Speech on video because it was one of the few moments of the night when Delegates literally jumped out of their seats screaming and cheering their heads off.  Uncontested, for the most part, Mr. Winsley has won the difficult task of taking on Rosa DeLauro in November.  The good news is that Winsley doesn't have to face a Primary opponent, the bad news is that he has a lot of work to do in the fundraising department to amass enough cash to run commercials and get his message out.

If positioned correctly, this brilliant conservative could bring life to the CT03 Election.  And if its true that Mr. Winsley is a private investigator, he might want to trade in his spy kit for a minister's robe - because if Mr. Winsley is preaching - you don't want to be late for Church on that day!  Much like John Decker's task in CT01, Mr. Winsley might be thinking at times he's the one that drew the short straw given the voting demographics of the district.  But on the other side of the coin, you have to admire anyone who's willing to not allow Democrats a free ride and an uncontested seat in Congress.  So in short - when you're thinking of handing out a few bucks in soft donation - keep Mr. Winlsey in mind; he could use a few greenbacks thrown his way.

CT04:  Not much to report here from the Convention other than Steve Obsitnik, former Navy and Annapolis Graduate, and teacher will be representing the Forth Congressional District.  This guy is the total package; and has the look and sound of a great Republican winner in November.  This is another district where Republicans are more than just in play in 2012.  If you could had to predict where we could guarantee picking up only one seat in all of our Connecticut contests, Steve Obsitnik could be the guy to deliver it. 

The only problem that could hinder his performance is if Linda McMahon ever won the Primary.  Her negatives would likely bring Mr. Obsitnik down much like she did to Tom Foley and the entire ticket in 2010.  And don't laugh off this concern, go look at the numbers and you can see the results for yourself.  If I were Mr. Obsitnik, I would stay away from any other federal candidates and focus on himself:  That means no joint appearances, no photo-ops, just stay away from everyone else trying to grease themselves with your charm and charisma.  Focus on you!  And win!

CT05:  Again, I will go into more detail later in the week but here are few thoughts.  Andrew Roraback had a stellar win that you could almost get excited about if you're a member of the anti-Lisa Wilson-Foley-Rowland-Healy movement.  The beauty of the moment came when Mike Clark made a selfless (but calculated) move to release his delegates; many who then joined Andrew Roraback to give him the win.  Yes, Wilson-Foley, Justin Bernier, and Mark Greenberg will all primary to defeat Andrew Roraback.  So if you've enjoyed the last three months of controversy and Republicans punching each others lights out, then you're in for a treat because it looks like it's going to be a long summer in CT05 - and we're going to hit record temperatures!  

I also want to give a big shout out to Farmington RTC!  I love you guys (and gals)!  Mr. Philip Dunn's last minute effort to get Wilson-Foley-Rowland-Healy to step up and respond to a few basic questions was a fair move on behalf of transparency.  We can clearly see that Delegates had some concerns that to this day still have not been addressed.

The only part of this whole CT05 thing that I don't understand is why Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton jumped onboard the Wilson-Foley ship just before it started to take on water. His reputation is taking a bit of a beating.  First, by joining Linda McMahon and her cronies, and then - jumping on the Wilson-Foley bandwagon?  It doesn't look like Mark Boughton wants to be Governor after all.  What a shame.  He had such a promising political career.  Lucky for him though, people have short memories.

One also wonders if Justin Bernier will follow his own recommendation from months back, and drop out and endorse the nominee. It may seem a little hyprocritical if he doesn't.  I'm surprised this question hasn't already been raised.... ah, give it a day or so.

Stay tuned ... at least for the moment, the Curse of Chris Healy is alive and well.  But with so many candidates planning to primary - anything could happen.  Ultimately, the public will decide whether Andrew Roraback is their cup of tea, or merely a lucky guy who was able to patch together enough votes to win over establishment delegates.

U.S. Senate Race

Here is a quick overview with more to follow later in the week.  Although part of this piece may come off like Shays Campaign spin, its not. Try to follow as I set the stage...

Chris Shays pretty much started this campaign very, very late in the game.  In contrast,  Linda McMahon has been running for Senate nonstop since late 2009.  Yes, she subbed in a few new players to campaign team but essentially the core machine within the RTCs,  Party heiarchy, and State Central Committee that supported her last time has pretty much remained in-tact. Many of the donations and pay-offs to RTC Members, RTCs, and delegates are all well documented, and were made long before the Convention began. If was even reported to The King that Linda McMahon was offering cash bonuses for her people who could turn delegates for Linda on the Convention Floor.  And the fun didn't stop there, a few Shays campaign staff members were solicited to switch to Linda's team in the Marriott Parking Lot garage in the late hours of the night on Saturday morning.  The buying and selling really never ends, but after last night - for the most part - it's all over with.

I have nothing negative to say about the overall situation on the Convention Floor, so if you were looking for me to fill this entry with 101 concocted excuses for Shays' loss, then you've come to the wrong place.  The McMahon people had done their homework ahead of time, and deserve credit for their 2:1 winning margin.  This isn't to say that the Shays Camp did a poor job - the goal is always to win, but the underlying point was to achieve the necessary 15% in order to primary.  This number was doubled, so when you start with nothing and double your required margin - you still have to feel somewhat good about meeting the critical objective - the right to continue.  And I'll remind you - three out of five candidates (Kie Westby, Brian K. Hill, and Peter Lumaj) will need to collect a boatload of signatures to continue forward.  Whether they do or not, remains to be seen.

I only have two big criticisms of the Shays camp.  First, the decision to include footage of Dick Morris and Peter Schiff's electability comment footage was a bonehead move.  You could hear the groaning and booing echoing in the Hall.  All the other candidates took the high road and told their story, and put a happy, positive spin on their candidacy.  What everyone recalls about the Shays video were the negative comments which darkened the room, and dampened Chris Shays' appeal to a few on the fence.  I don't understand the rationale for this negative tactic.  My view is it might have created a false perception of Chris Shays as a negative campaigner - when the reality is that Mr. Shays is really an optimistic person on the whole. 

Second, there should have been a more concerted effort to keep Linda McMahon below 60%.  I'm not saying that it was absolutely possible, but had the Shays campaign been able to do so, the numbers would have been more favorable to make a counter-argument that just about half of the Delegates rejected Linda. Instead, adding all of the candidates together, they still fell below the threshold to make a legitimate claim.  The campaign almost seemed to shut down at a point near the end of first round voting.  I'm not saying that people didn't try, it just wasn't as strong a stand as could have been taken, to prevent the extra bleeding of the switches from Hill and others to McMahon.  

As a subnote, while the Convention was not as hostile as it was in 2010, the votes were also not as close.  In 2010, Rob Simmons was within only 20 votes, and on Friday, Chris Shays was down by hundreds.  The closer the margin, the more confrontational the vote switching phase becomes.  McMahon had the victory early, so there was no use in pushing and shoving over trying to turn a handful of people when it didn't impact the overall tally; they already had a huge margin over Shays. And Hill, Westby, and Lumaj had siphoned off around 10%.

So, the headlines on Saturday weren't exactly wonderful.  But Shays supporters should take heart - it's only a snap-shot in time, and it's a long ball-game.  Thankfully, the insider game is done and over with and now its time to reset the game board because the next goal is to win the Primary; to win public support.

It will be interesting to see if Hill, Lumaj, and Westby drop out or if they continue on the road to self-humilation.  The King has always appreciated their right to participate in the Nomination process and contribute to the debate - Brian Hill probably did the most to help elevate the discussion with his polite and issue-focused contributions over the last few months.  But whether the Party would be served well by either or the three continuing on a pointless crusade against the two remaining giants, isn't exactly clear.  It would more likely help Chris Murphy who should eventually win his nomination in August.

Much more to follow. 



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Friday, May 18, 2012

13 Questions that Lisa Wilson-Foley Must Answer / Comment on Dr. Petit's email

Here we are on the cusp of yet another CTGOP Convention.   As Republican Delegates gather their thoughts, and try to find their scruples, we thought we'd pass along one of the many emails that The King's View has received over the past 48 hours.  This particular email stuck out because the questions posed to Lisa Wilson-Foley might be just as relevant during the Primary and in the General Election (should she make it that far) as they will be this afternoon/evening when delegates decide who will be the formal nominee on behalf of 5th Congressional District Republicans.

I'm told an email was sent to various campaigns and outlets, so its possible that this information may be duplicated somewhere already, or distributed during the course of the day by other means, and venues.

The email was drafted by Mr. Philip R. Dunn, who is a member of the Farmington RTC, and was a staunch supporter of Mike Clark's candidacy until Mike took the high road earlier this week, placing Party before ego, and withdrawing his name from consideration based on a realistic appraisal of the state of his campaign.  I appreciate Mr. Dunn's willingness to allow me to share his name; he is also a delegate to the State Convention and offered that if anyone would like clarity on the questions he is asking below, he would be more that willing to discuss them in detail. 

Dunn writes: "There seems to be a “fear factor” relative to going after her [Lisa Wilson-Foley] which escapes me as the questions I have are not only fair game, but they MUST be answered before she can ever become our standard bearer and suffer the slings and arrows the Dems will toss her way in a general election."

Aptly put.  All too often we don't vet our own candidates, and wind up stuck with person who ends up dead in the water by the Fall because of a scandal that insiders knew about, but kept secret in order to propel their buddy across the nomination finish line.  This might be one the reasons that the CTGOP does so poorly in General Elections.  As Dunn sums up, if we don't vet our own, surely our enemies across the aisle will be more than happy to in October.

Here are the questions/documents that must be produced:

1.    Provide information regarding the identity of “Apple’s Ownership” that had a twenty (20) year relationship with Mr. Rowland as alleged in Mr. Foley’s statement.

2.    Provide a list of all owners of Apple Health Care, Inc. stock for the last twenty years.

3.    Identify any labor contracts that Apple Health Care, Inc. negotiated with Mr. Rowland’s assistance and further identify all union negotiators involved in any such negotiations.

4.    Provide copies of Board meeting minutes demonstrating that Mr. Rowland attended any meetings of the Apple Health Care, Inc. Board of Directors.  If the meeting minutes do not list the attendees I request that you provide a list of all persons who attended any such meetings including their names and business addresses.

5.    Identify any consultants ever hired by Apple Health Care, Inc. through Christian Shelton, Esquire or any other lawyer/intermediary and provide copies of any such contracts.

6.    Provide bank documents including but not limited to cancelled checks and wire transfer information that demonstrate how Apple Health Care, Inc. paid Mr. Rowland and/or Attorney Shelton.

7.    Provide copies of cancelled checks that were used to pay Mr. Rowland pursuant to his agreement with Attorney Shelton.

8.    Provide a copy of any and all 1099 tax forms reflecting payments to Mr. Rowland for 2011 and 2012.

9.    Provide a copy of the schedules from Apple Health Care, Inc.’s 2011 Federal Income Tax Return wherein any and all payments to Mr. Rowland and/or Attorney Shelton are listed.

10. Provide copies of any emails or correspondence between Apple Health Care, Inc. and John G. Rowland reflecting any work preformed for Apple Healthcare, Inc. by Mr. Rowland.  This includes any work that Mr. Rowland may have Performed for any subsidiary or affiliated companies of Apple Health Care, Inc.

11.  Provide a copy of any fee agreement or other documents that detail Attorney Shelton’s relationship with Apple Health Care, Inc and/or Brian Foley and/or Lisa Wilson-Foley.
12.  Request from Mr. Rowland his “work product” that was developed in performing his consulting services.

13. Provide a list of donations made by Brian Foley and Lisa Wilson-Foley to all candidates for Governor from 1994 through 2002.

It seems to me that although there are many questions, none of them appear to be out of line, or questionable.  You would think that after everything that has happened over the last few weeks that the Wilson-Foley Campaign would have gone the extra mile to assure committed delegates (and uncommitted delegates) that Lisa Wilson-Foley (and her husband) have been and are operating above board.  It seems that there are still more questions than answers.

Chris Healy's decision to pull Lisa from her interview on NPR's Where We Live with John Dankoski was not the confidence booster that people were looking for.  This hunker down and muddle through approach might be a great temporary political strategy, but eventually Wilson-Foley will have to face the music in real-time and there won't be weapon in Healy's bag of tricks to stop the damage to the CTGOP, it's brand, or her nomination should something come out over the next several months.

Thank you Mr. Dunn for sharing your concerns.

Dr. Petit's email

As everyone knows, I've been a very strong supporter of the Petit, Chapman and Renn families over the last several years given the horrific 2007 Cheshire Invasion Murders.  I've also made it quite clear that I'm in favor of the Death Penalty, and the repeal action taken last month by Connecticut Democrats was a violation of the public trust given the clear support that Connecticut residents have for the keeping the Death Penalty in place.

Prior to this year's vote on the Death Penalty, I was very critical of Andrew Roraback for his previous vote when the anti-Death Penalty Bill came up the first time.  I also took Mr. Roraback to task for a few other social positions he holds not in keeping with the expected Republican standard.  I don't make any apology for that post; my feelings remain the same.  But I also realize that - Mr. Roraback, regardless of his personal agenda, did cast a vote against repeal this year.  Now, I could speculate as to the underlying reason for his vote, but the fact is that Roraback voted against repeal and that is the fact.  He may be a hypocrite of sorts, but he did well by me, his constituents, and Dr. Petit whether they like it or not.  If he voted in support of repeal this year - I'd have a different opinion, I'm sure.

I was more than surprised to see Chris Healy (who is a personal friend of Dr. Petit's) use Dr. Petit as a political campaign prop to attack Candidate Roraback.  Quite frankly it was in bad taste to drag the Petit family into Republican Party politics, and to ask them to expend their remaining political capital to support Lisa Wilson-Foley - who is without a doubt, considered scandalous to the point where she is even afraid to answer basic questions about her past.  There was no need to turn Dr. Petit and Hannah Chapman into political hacks for such an important cause.  While I'm disappointed in Dr. Petit, my anger is with Chris Healy who cares only about himself and nothing about who he hurts while trying to achieve his status objective.  This is the kind of judgement that time after time Healy has made which has placed the CTGOP in a disgraceful light election after election.  And the mistakes continue to pile up on top of each other to the point were at times victory seems nearly unachievable.

Lastly, the Death Penalty debate will likely continue as we struggle through the repeal process for all of villains on Death Row eager to find a loophole by virtue of the passage of Gov. Malloy's new law.  I'm hoping that Dr. Petit and his family have not caused themselves any  collateral damage with the public by engaging in inter-party politics over a dirty federal office-seeker and an issue that has nothing to do with the outcome of the Convention or even the Congressional Campaign; the issue being strictly a State's matter.

Make no mistake, I still remain a strong supporter of Dr. Petit and have immense respect for him, his sister, and the entire family, and will likely be a supporter of theirs forever more.  I'm just a little disappointed. But I'll get over it.



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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tom Scott assails State Central Member on behalf of McMahon Camp

Ordinarily, I wouldn't get involved in petty squabbles between State Central Members and Political Campaigns.  It's expected that during our short Convention Season that arguments  will persist and tempers will flair between waring factions as each team works to secure their share of delegate votes.  It's expected that opposition camps will engage in policy interpretation, innuendo, and even name calling to a certain extent - some of it true, some a blatant lie, and the majority of it - a mix of fact and fiction melded together to cast their adversary in a negative political light.  Of course, most of rhetoric is aimed at either the candidates themselves or paid campaign staff - all fair game by the rules of political warfare

The drama that leads up to, and at the Convention is all inside baseball - of interest to delegates, party leaders, political hacks (like me), and media people who seek to gather any tasty morsel that may fall from the table of the feasting political hordes; the general public hardly takes notice of the proceedings, and they really don't care.  Fact is, most people look down on the whole convention process as a kind of sport for the well-connected, or well-to-do, and an unnecessary prelude to both the Primary, and General Election which is when real people get to participate.

Being a sounding board for the irate, betrayed, and maligned, my inbox is full of all kinds of complaints about the behavior about this campaign or that campaign.  Most of the stories are interesting, but I just don't have the time to research and publish stories outlining every wild CTGOP story that blips across my radar.  And there are also stories about Democrats that I hear about too - but these are much harder to verify because Democrats are more tight lipped (except at the bar) than Republicans. Republicans are far more willing to stab each other in the back out-loud probably because they have no fear of retribution by a union boss, or Party leader hiding in the shadows and monitoring their every word.

It probably doesn't surprise you that the majority of complaints I receive are about the antics of Linda McMahon's campaign team.  They are without a doubt, some of the dirtiest people ever assembled in Connecticut politics.  Every single day they seem to find a new false rumor to propagate, or find some innocent bystander to character assassinate - the poor sap's only crime being that they have a different opinion of the McMahon Campaign, or are merely supporting another Senatorial Candidate.  It's really amazing that the same people who - day in and day out - cry or send self-righteous emails demanding that Republicans must maintain civility or call for party unity are the same ones who participate in endless assaults against their Republican colleagues.  State Senator Joe Markley is the perfect example of this kind of hypocrisy.

Which leads me to the point of this post... tangible evidence that dirty politics are being perpetrated by McMahon, Inc.   (And at last I have permission to share an example publicly). This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on widespread by lovable Linda across our wonderful Blue State of Connecticut.

I can say that I've met Manchester RTC Chairman Matthew Galligan a handful of times in passing at political events.  He is a remarkable young man, full of pep, and energy who is always focused on trying to do the right thing.  I consider him a GOP-loyalist; committed to the classic list of positions that we all take a blood oath to defend.  He does a good job over in Manchester where races can be toughly contested, and Republicans will forever be (according to Demographics) a minority party.

Clearly distressed about the behavior of McMahon Employee Tom Scott, Mr. Galligan wrote the following letter (addresses and signatures scrubbed) to  infamous McMahon Campaign Manager Corry Bliss:

Also included in the attached memo, Mr. Galligan writes:

"The McMahon Campaign has called me no less than 10 times in the immediate days following my withdrawal - to include calls from Linda herself and Corry Bliss. To me, that smacks of a serious sense of alarm. To have such a formerly solid Linda supporter become so disillusioned with her campaign certainly must have sent them a message. I have no desire to speak with the McMahon Campaign after my interactions with Tom Scott. I've been told by my family for years that "you are judged by the company you keep." In my mind, that judgement is in and Linda McMahon will not have my vote at the GOP Senate Convention on 5/18."

Hmm? Inside baseball or bullying and intimidation by Mr. Scott and Team McMahon?  You  be the judge.  This must be the civility and party unity that some are so eager to demand.  And my friends, this is only a mild sample of what's REALLY going on. 



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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ben Ancona To Seek Republican Endorsement For 27th House District Seat

Ben Ancona announced that he is seeking the endorsement of the Newington Republican Party for the 27th House District.  Ancona, who is Chairman of the Newington Republican Town Committee and former Newington Town Attorney, said that if elected, he will bring the voice of reason back to the 27th District and pledged to oppose any policy that engenders a "government first, taxpayers-second mentality."  Ancona further stated that "boondoggles like the Hartford/New Britain busway must never again be supported."

The $600 million busway, which Governor Malloy and Sandy Nafis both support, is just one example of the frivolous spending that was funded by the largest tax increase in state history that's already breaking the backs of middle-class families.

"Such outrageous wasteful spending, coupled with higher taxes hurts Newington families and chases businesses and jobs right out of our state." said Ancona. "Should we really have passed the biggest tax increase in state history to pay for a busway that no one will ever use?" Ancona asked rhetorically.

Ancona expects to garner his party's endorsement on May 24th at a caucus in the Newington Town Hall.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Doug Dubitsky Enters the CT02 Race

Here we go folks!  Another three-way barn burner on the way.  I told you that things were going to heat up!

For those who haven't seen this yet, here's Doug Dubitsky's letter of intention to run for Congress in the Second Congressional District.  Is it Convention Week or it is Convention Week??  Wow!!

Any takers for a third, or forth candidate?  Those guys down in the Second District can't let the Fifth Congressional District have all the fun!



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Captain Formica: 2nd Congressional District's Best Hope!

The folks in Congressional District 2 have a something to really cheer about this week.  Sunday's announcement that East Lyme First Selectman Paul Formica is going to run for Congress is great news for all Republicans involved in statewide politics (except Daria Novak and her five supporters).  This is a guy who knows how to win, and is respected and admired not just in CT02 but in all corners of Connecticut politics.

A hero's welcome for Paul Formica!
When his district needed him, he rose to the occasion!
And unlike most of the CT Republican Congressional Field - Formica knows how to win!

When Chris Coutu created a mess of things last week by dropping out of the Congressional Race to run for Edith Prague's soon-to-be up for grabs State Senate Seat, things looked pretty bleak.  Paul Formica's name along with a handful of others was buzzing around the CTGOP rumor mill as everyone waited for the formal announcement.  Formica was one of the first names floated out of the box as the best possible choice given his winning background, but former candidates like Grassroots East stalwart Doug Dubitsky also remained a possibility.  The biggest concern being discussed was not the absence of a candidate but the fear of seeing a three or four way race emerge which would have been counter-productive to finding a viable alternative candidate strong enough to knock Daria Novak from contention.

And to be clear on this point, it's not that Daria Novak is a bad person or that her heart isn't in the right place, it's just that just like Linda McMahon - Daria is not electable!  Daria is a bright lady but lacks the temperament or personality for the job.  Make no mistake, Novak is a bright lady, but belongs working in a back office somewhere crunching numbers or researching policy information, and not in the Halls of Congress in the public light.  If elected, she would only end up being ignored for her fringe positions, and divisive rhetoric. 

Paul Formica is a sharp contrast to Daria Novak because he comes comes with the total package: he's energetic, articulate, and knowledgeable, plus he's a long time successful small business owner (of Flanders Fish Market which he started with his late wife Donna nearly 30 years ago).  He also doesn't come with any controversy or baggage like Novak does; he's extremely upbeat, and doesn't walk around with a dark cloud over his head muttering to himself about the Constitution all day long.

Oh, and did I mention that Paul Formica knows how to win?  But did I also tell you that he knows how to win BIG?  Back in November, First Selectman Formica didn't just take it by a handful of votes, but rather stomped his opponent by a margin of 3,580-622If I were Joe Courtney, I'd place myself on notice because the walk in the park scenario just vanished!  If there's a candidate who could knock Mr. Tax and Spend off his liberal pedestal - it just might be Mr. Formica!  A Formica candidacy means a whole new ball game, baby!  And elevates the Second Congressional District to be the one with the best hope of bringing a Congressional seat back home to the CTGOP!

With the State Convention only a week away, Paul Formica has a lot of work to do to win the nomination so let's hope that Second Congressional District leaders do their part to make this happen, and make certain that nothing goes awry.

Hold Fast! Captain Formica is here to save the day (and the District) after Coutu abandoned ship! But its ok! He's got his propellers locked in forward, engine in full, one-eye patch on, sword raised, and his crew ready to go  - because it's going to be one wild ride!  The Connecticut Media should put CT02 as a seat in play because Captain Formica doesn't typically lose a fight!  Arrrrhhh!

So move over Jack Aubrey! For its on to victory with Captain Formica!! Hip-Hip-Huzzah!



Other Links to peruse:

Paul Formica's East Lyme First Selectman's Page

Paul Formica on local issues, campaign website

State of Connecticut Liquor Law Testimony that mentions Paul Formica

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

GOP Party Insiders already seeking "viable candidate" to replace Coutu in CT-02 Race

Based on the latest report published by The New London Day, State Representative, and current CT-02 Republican favorite, Christopher Coutu, might be switching gears to seek Democrat Edith Prague's soon-to-be vacated State Senate Seat.  Rumors are already swirling that GOP Party Insiders -  unhappy with the remaining option - are seeking a replacement candidate to take on incumbent Democrat Joe Courtney.

One high ranking GOP Party official told a large group of Republicans:

"Ultimately, Chris [Coutu] has to make his own decision. Selfishly speaking, I'd be thrilled to enlist him to help us take back the State State from Democrats.  However, if Chris does drop out [of the Congressional] Race, there is no way that we can allow Daria Novak be the Party Nominee to challenge Courtney in November." 

The comment has credibility given the weak support that Novak has received from Second District constituents in the early months of the race, and compounded by meager amount of money she's been able to raise over the last three quarters. 

Evidence shows that while the Second District is certainly winnable for the CTGOP, the chances of someone on the fringe like Novak gathering enough support to win is rather minuscule.  At present, the overwhelming majority of endorsements out of CT-02 have been in support of Chris Coutu; Novak has received only a sprinkling of support, and wasn't able to secure the endorsement her own Town Committee in Madison.  It probably doesn't help her cause that she's been embroiled in a major controversy over accusations of extreme plagiarism on the local patch blog; or her decision to battle back and forth with The Norwich Bulletin columnist Ray Hackett over trifle points on the matter which has only exacerbated her public relations crisis.

Of much worse concern is the question of the legitimacy of her self-proclaimed background, and credentials.  Novak tells everyone she meets that she was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, and served on Air Force One - a claim that neither CTGOP leaders or Washington-based insiders have been able to validate. 

Her only evidence of her Reagan-appointment comes from what she refers to as A Lasting Endorsement from Ronald Reagan (taken from in her campaign literature) dated January 6, 1989, and reads: 

"...Dear Daria: ... with your help, our administration has proven what no one need ever have doubted; the American Dream of Liberty and Justice for all is alive and well... through your efforts and sacrifice, you have truly made a difference in the daily lives of our fellow citizens.  On their behalf, and with my own heartfelt gratitude, I commend you for a job well done.  God Bless you always, and God Bless America. 
Ronald Reagan"

Novak Campaign Literature

It's hard to speculate whether or not this letter was sent to all civil service employees who worked in Washington under Ronald Reagan, or not.  Heck, I see this kind of language at the bottom of many of the Washington-based think-tank fundraising letters which I receive from time to time.  Whatever the source, I have a hard time seeing it as a legitimate letter of endorsement from one of the most loved and respected Presidents of the last century.  If this letter was merely a thank you for service - it should be left to stand alone as such, and not used as a tool of propaganda on behalf of a Congressional Candidate.  Combined with the issue of plagiarism, is this activity a sign of pathological behavior or intentional deceit?  Well, I guess that's up to those living in the Second Congressional District to decide.  Good luck.

Moving Forward to Find a Candidate

Grass doesn't grow under the feet of the political opportunist subclass for long.  There are already a few names that have been floating around to challenge Novak at the upcoming State Convention - or at least start the ball rolling to begin a petition drive to get on the ballot in time for the August Primary.  Some of these names that have been raised as possible candidates include: the 2010 Republican Nominee and former News Anchor Janet Peckinpaugh, North Windham Attorney Doug Dubitsky, fomer CTGOP Vice-Chair Catherine Marx, and 2008 State Senate Candidate, and Retired Navy Officer Sean Sullivan.  I'm sure we could see a few more stars pop out of the woodwork.  No matter your political alliance, any of these choices might be preferred to a Novak Candidacy which is already Dead on Arrival.

One thing is for sure - if anyone thought the upcoming Republican State Convention was  going to be a one-dimensional, boring viewing of The Linda McMahon Fireworks Show, then it looks like you're in for a special treat!



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Monday, May 7, 2012

Clear and Articulate Reason to Support Chris Shays; Convention Shenanigans

If you haven't already watched this video, please take a few minutes to listen to Peter Schiff make the single best case so far for supporting Christopher Shays at the upcoming Republican State Convention scheduled for later this month, and the Connecticut Republican Primary scheduled for August:

Most people out in the political peanut gallery are aware of what's at stake - it's not just a simple six year term that we're fighting for, but rather a lock of 24 to 36 years of Connecticut Senate Seat occupation should Chris Murphy see election to the U.S. Senate in November.  

The Politicos working for Linda McMahon hate to hear the Electability argument.  Every time that word in mentioned they shutter because deep down they know that everyone knows that Linda is so unpopular a candidate statewide that she can't possibly win.  Many RTCs and delegates who haven already taken payments and promises for favors in trade for support will tell you off the record that they feel trapped in their commitment.  Many are fearful about reneging on their obligation to Linda because of the threat of exposure of their own part in the pay-to-play scandal; and these folks are bright - they even admit that Linda's nomination would mean cascading doom for the entire Connecticut Republican ticket in 2012 (and even hurt Mitt Romney's chance of winning the State).  You see, it's so much easier to close your eyes, look away, and hope it all passes quickly -  instead of standing up and doing the right thing.

You'll notice that when you pose the electability question to those who've endorsed Linda, they very quickly launch into a drama-filled tirade, or try to change the subject and try to poke holes in Christopher Shays' 30 years in Government Service.  Very rarely will they offer you an issue-based counter-argument for supporting Linda over Chris Shays.  The reason for this is that many of them do not even know where Linda stands on basic issues; she's made sport out of masking her positions, and deflecting questions when posed to her. 

State Convention Shenanigans

It's pretty clear that things are not all peachy-keen in McMahon-land.  The more delegates think about it, the more willing they are to recognize the hazard of following their RTC leadership's fatal course in rubber-stamping Linda McMahon as the CTGOP's nominee.  In fact, its clearly come to the point where delegates are calling CTGOP headquarters and sending in emails about how some delegates are being intimidated within their own RTCs by McMahon's political henchmen.

For example, The King received a scanned document on Connecticut Republican Party letterhead which was sent to all state delegates as a part of their State Convention package that reads:

To:  Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr.
From: Robert H. Lutts, State Republican Party Administrator
Date: May 1, 2012
Re: Delegate Block Voting

Many questions have been asked regarding RTC delegate block voting.  I want to take this opportunity to address this issue.

Once delegates have been certified to the Town Clerk, the Republican Town Committee has no authority to direct a delegate's vote a the convention.  In other words, no delegate can be found or obligated to vote for any candidate pursuant to a RTC endorsement or otherwise, and said delegate shall be free to vote for the candidate of his or her choice.

Delegates also have the exclusive authority to chose their own alternative.

It's pretty clear to anyone who can read between the lines that there is a pretty big war going on inside the CTGOP regarding how this entire Convention is going to be conducted.  Block voting would have allowed RTC Chairman to undermine their own delegate's individual support for the candidate of their choice.  Can you imagine?  The very concept of trying to override a delegates personal choice goes against the very nature of our adhered to democratic principles! 

The King has also learned that the McMahon Campaign took issue with how roll-call votes are going to be recorded on the Convention Floor.  McMahon's team argued against recording individual delegate's first and last names, and for whom they were supporting during Convention voting.  Gee, you'd think you'd be loud and proud to stand up and scream your name and who you support for all too hear as a bold statement of conviction! No?  Well, perhaps if you have something to hide - like being on the take, or embroiled in some dirty scandal - then in that instance I guess you might want to keep your name and vote out of the limelight - if even for an instant.  (And don't bother denying it Corry, it's a damn shame!)

The bottom line is that since delegates are ELECTED OFFICIALS they should have some obligation to have their vote attached to their name as a matter of process transparency.

It's beginning to feel like 2010 all over again.

Big Story Coming Soon

Alas, there is still hope for the CTGOP Party faithful.  While Tom Scott and Linda's surrogates burn up the phone lines to keep antsy delegates from jumping from her sinking ship, The King is aware of a very big story about Linda McMahon that is finally close to breaking in the Connecticut Press.  It's believed that once published, it will reshape the political landscape and provide cover for delegates looking for legitimate cover to abandon Linda's suicide campaign run. Once exposed, several Party big whigs will also announce support for Chris Shays, too.  And we may seen a new alignment which may include some individuals previously tied to Linda.

Speaking of Tom Scott, rumor has it that he may have found an out in all of this silliness - post-State Convention, of course.  Scott is rumored to be considering another run for  State Senate.  Whether his association with Linda will be hurtful or helpful is still a big question, but with a few favors owed by his close friends - Suzio, Markley and others, he should be able to make a good run since he can count on their support.

Much more to come folks... stay tuned.



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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Lisa Wilson-Rowland Scandal

Part of what we do at The King's View is to honestly size-up certain political situations, and assess the state of various races in Connecticut from a neutral Republican point of view.  The operative word - honestly - is what irks some readers who are unable to see beyond their own personal allegiances (or alliances)  - which includes some who've already been purchased through candidate gifts and favors, or others who've already placed their bets (via campaign donations) on a winning horse, and thus have a vested interest in the outcome. 

The Faces of Fear
Wilson-Foley could cost the CTGOP a Congressional
Seat if she's allowed to continue her scandalous practices

I've long held the belief that there is nothing wrong with backing the candidate of your choosing - so long as your decision is made without strings attached, or without cause for personal gain.  The King has plenty of friends who support candidates who aren't my cup of tea - but I also know that those decisions are based on a specific hot-button issue or perspective that's rooted in reason (in their own crazy minds, of course).  For those like that, we raise our glass, cheer with a smirk of ridicule, drink, and go our separate ways on Election Day.

Then there are those who we detest.  The real political opportunists among us who care more about their personal stake in the game then in the public interest.  Sadly, there are several candidates and political operatives within our own ranks who are multi-millionaires and see politics as a way of advancing their names and position in society (yes, yes - I know  they exist on both sides of the aisle).  Common sense tells you that a person with a net worth of $600 million dollars (or husband worth that) doesn't need a measly $125K a year Senate job to keep themselves afloat.  Nope. Many of these folks have been griped by boredom, or are inspired by advancing themselves to make up for that empty space in their lives - failed marriage, loneliness, personal drive for power and privilege, or to out-do their spouse -on who's success they've always relied upon.  These are the selfish ones among us who we can see coming  from a mile away with their merry band of bottom-feeding opportunists.

Obviously, we can't deny people a livelihood. Some people, like ex-Chairman Chris Healy for example, aren't capable of doing much else.  Their real jobs are merely a cover for their political aspirations.  And quite frankly, many full-time operatives don't need their real jobs because they're independently wealthy based on ties to old money.  Rehashing poor strategists like Healy has led to a string of losses that even Democrats can't take credit for. It's not a shock that King Tut is right, smack dab in the middle of latest campaign controversy.

The last few weeks have been pretty miserable for the overall CTGOP brand in the 5th Congressional District.  It wasn't a surprise to me that Chairman Jerry Labriola made calls last week to try and quell the shelling between waring camps.  It's also no surprise, that the media jackals latched on to every press release, and every word - at times - retweeting and blogging each missile as it exploded over each campaign.  It was not a pretty sight.

And like the rest of you, I've been watching all this with a smirk of amusement, but also with some disgust - opting to reserve comment until the dust settled.

First, I'd like to discuss my take on Former Governor John G. Rowland. His past and present situation, and how it impacts our Party.  Be warned - traditional supporters of this blog may not agree with this unique take on our former Governor; my perspective is a personal one; probably not in keeping with the majority opinion.

Over the course of time, I helped out on several of John Rowland's campaigns - some we lost and some we won.  I admired candidate Rowland for his straight-forward positions and adherence to Republican principles, which I find clearly absent from many of today's shallow, wishy-washy candidates.  And I admired Congressman Rowland for his commitment to his constituents and steadfast support of Republican opposition leaders.  This was back in a time when Connecticut Republicans could brag that they actually held three Congressional seats.  John Rowland's demeanor and perceived strength of character won him public support and successful promotion to the Governor's Office.  Few would argue that most Connecticut residents did pretty well under Governor Rowland - certainly better than under either Governor Rell or current Governor Dannel Malloy.  And the partnerships between himself and opposition leaders were cordial, and yielded progress on behalf of Connecticut on many fronts, and kept the public unions at bay - a stark contrast from today's Gubernatorial advocation from Dannel88.

But then something went wrong. Terribly wrong. Or had it always gone wrong and we just didn't see it?  To this day, I'm still not sure.  

The man - our man - who might have gone on to become Vice President , or even President was caught up in a slimy scandal that destroyed his reputation, ruined his legacy, and placed him behind bars.  For those of us who really liked John Rowland - we felt gutted.  We spent most days after his resignation in a state of denial; defending him, and cursing the liberal media, particularly The Hartford Courant for their relentless, politically-inspired conspiracy to remove a Republican office holder who they knew they couldn't beat fair and square (of course, Bill Curry was no daisy), and deny our Republican Champion an even brighter future.

But the truth is that although the Hartford-based media created the frenzy, the crimes Governor Rowland committed were wrong.  Like so many other politicians before him, the taste of power became his poison and led to his utter downfall.  And if you want to know the truth, that moment kicked off a downward spiral for the entire CTGOP that we've still not recovered from.

But time passed, and it was like Governor Rowland never existed.  He was part of a bad dream, pretty much forgotten.  Since Rowland's exit, the CTGOPs failures have been of our own making - mediocre candidates - including some on the fringe of Old Yankee Thinking, a string of clueless chairmen (current one excluded, of course), and the same old second place strategy which made Democrat held federal offices seem impenetrable to Republicans.

"$30K is the going price to buy
John Rowland; we can double
it! and triple our fortune!"
Then Rowland landed a job on WTIC 1080 as a talk-show host.  It was a clever gig - teaming up with Pastor Will Marotti under the name State and Church.  At first, I was concerned about how the public would take to our newly reformed Governor preaching ethical Government, and his new found faith in the Lord from a 10,000 watt transmitter (Can I get an Amen?).  My first impression was that Pastor Will's job was to serve as life size, on-air, Jiminy Cricket to former Governor Pinocchio.  I thought that perhaps Pastor Will had a special contract with the Blue Fairy to drive the wayward Rowland to and from the studio each day to make certain that he didn't accidentally bump into Honest John or Gideon on the way home, or worse - field a suggestive call from one of them on the air.

For a while the show seemed interesting, but has since trailed off into a tedious, 3-hour long union-bashing filibuster.  Praise God for Traffic and Weather. It's now to the point where the show is impossible to listen to - unless it's hosted solely by Pastor Will who is at least willing to discuss a diverse scope of topics.

But it seems that neither the conscience of Good Pastor Will, or Our Ever-living God could keep Governor Rowland out of trouble.  Just by way of timing, Pastor Will has suddenly become too busy to share the mic with the Ex-Gov.  Can you blame him?

As everyone is aware, we learned from Press reports that Governor Rowland recently found his way back into the world of Connecticut politics.  On the surface, seeing a successful political executive advising candidates from time to time is not unexpected.  But the problem for Lisa Wilson-Foley is that her connection to John Rowland damaged her campaign because of Rowland's criminal past (and possible criminal future); which further soiled her public image.

Lisa Wilson-Foley already has a negative image problem on the street.  The stories about how she acquired her wealth abound in political circles - they also fill my inbox to the point where I feel a need to take a shower after reading them.  It's true, the details are way to filthy for even this blog - and best left for The National Enquirer to exploit.  Sex, lies and scandal are just a way of life for the millionaire elite among us.  And gold-digging isn't a crime in itself, but hubby-hopping is not exactly on par with any respectable candidate that I know.  But maybe I'm just old fashioned, right?  In a day where might makes right - if you can steal some one's family fortune - more power to you.  Or perhaps not.  I don't know.  This is as far as I will go with this story.  Now everyone in the other camps stop accusing me of running cover for Lisa Wilson-Foley.

As we know from how the political game is played - the loopholes in the way something is done allows people to tell half-truths which in their own minds become full truths.  It's sort of like Lisa Wilson-Foley saying that John Rowland never worked on her campaign as a paid employee - well sure... not officially.... but by the miracle of coincidence it was learned that he was paid $30,000 by Apple Rehab which it just so happens that Lisa Wilson-Foley runs.  I'm going to go out on limb and guess that John Rowland wasn't emptying bedpans, or advising nurses on to train old ladies to use walkers. 

See, that's how the game is played.  Nothing to see here claims Chris Healy, time to move forward and send out emails with links to warm and fuzzy videos of Lisa Wilson-Foley as a loving mom and wife and Blah, Blah, Blah.  Lisa wants to create jobs -  Blah, Blah, Blah. Lisa wants to clean up Washington? Blah, Blah, Blah. Are you **itting meIt's too late.  It's just too f'n late for that revisionist history. How about - cleaning up your own life, never mind Washington.

And you have to give credit to Mark Greenberg for having the courage to stand up and call Rowland out for suggesting that Greenberg pay Rowland through an animal shelter for political consulting.  Greenberg could smell a scandal brewing and had the decency to decide that he was going to run a respectable campaign - without help from the establishment and without controversy. 

"You won't believe who got
caught behind Door No. 2"
The biggest credit goes to Mike Clark who exposed Lisa Wilson-Foley's scandalous payments (via her husband) to John Rowland.  As everyone knows, the G-Man has a long history with John Rowland - after all, he was responsible for overseeing the criminal investigation of Rowland and sending him to prison for 10 months.  You would really have to wonder what went through the minds of Lisa Wilson-Foley, Chris Healy, and others to make such a blunderous mistake by engaging in a money laundering type scheme - and do it while in the midst of competing for a Congressional Seat against the very FBI Agent who put Rowland away?  Are they just THAT stupid??

And not that Mike Clark would ever cross the line, but don't you think that his old FBI friends are watching all of this with great interest?  If a well-grounded Mike Clark is expressing outrage then perhaps there is more to this than simply what is political?

Considering direct connection between Rowland's payoff and Apple Rehab, perhaps authorities might be keen to take a closer look at Apple Rehab's books to find out where else the money trail might lead to.  Let's not forget that Apple Rehab likely has government contracts which obligate them to strict adherence to certain federal laws.  This again begs the question as to why Apple Rehab would hire/pay a convicted felon in the first place.

If any of you think that after all that's transpired that federal authorities are done investigating the questionable practices of Lisa Wilson-Foley's campaign, then those associated with Scandal, Inc. shouldn't bother watching what you put in print or text, or say over phone.  

Keep talking; you've given everyone a reason to listen.

Want more? Did you hear the latest?  Yesterday, Candidate Ken Krayeske filed and Federal Elections Commission complaint against Lisa Wilson-Foley's campaign for "acceptance of valuable air-time as a contribution that benefited the campaign and for failing to report this contribution of air-time by CBS Radio Inc. and its agent John Rowland since it appears to have benefited her campaign." (from the article linked). 

The fact that Lisa Wilson-Foley continues to rack up endorsements from Town Committees and certain members of the establishment - even after her lack of judgment has been exposed in the press - goes to show EVERYONE just how deep-rooted the corruption is within the CTGOP.  If Chairman Labriola thought the shady tactics of the Linda McMahon camp were going to be his only problem, he was wrong.  But he has to stay awake at night wondering, what am I going to do with all of these self-sabotaging imbeciles? 

Don't you think Democrats are licking their chops at the prospect of watching Lisa Wilson-Foley collapse under the weight of her own scandalous campaign?

You know with all the criticism that can be laid at Justin Bernier for trying to hijack the process, or at Andrew Roraback for his moderate positions, you'd have to hope that somehow, somewhere - the other candidates in the 5th District do everything in their power to combine forces at the State Convention to make certain that Lisa Wilson-Foley crashes and burns before she can embarrass the Party by receiving nomination by paid-delegates.   If not, you guys might as well just save time and endorse Donovan for Congress - because a nomination for Lisa Wilson-Foley all but guarantees that result.

Well, Lisa can always look on the bright side. She can always go back to donating to Democrats.

Stay tuned, there's much more to come...



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