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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jeb Bush Should Skip Connecticut Republican Prescott Bush Dinner

"Hold up there, Labriola.  Son, You're going to need an exit strategy about this big!"

They often say, "You should never abandon your friends in their time of need."  But what happens when your so-called friends use you to climb up out of a swirling toilet bowl, chock full to the rim, to deflect from present controversy, and escape from their own worsening, self-destructive behavior?

If former Florida Governor (and 2016 Presidential hopeful) Jeb Bush and his handlers are doing their job - they're asking themselves that very question right now.  Why would Jeb Bush align himself with a rudderless Connecticut State Republican Party mired in Grand Jury directed FBI investigations, alleged campaign illegalities, and in complete disarray?  Why would a legitimate Conservative Republican like Jeb Bush aid a State Party Chairman who refuses to come out from under his desk and lend his voice to fight Democrats on Second Amendment rights infringements ? Or personally fight the latest CT Assisted Suicide Bill 5326, or Common Core?  A so-called Republican Chairman who openly snubs his nose at the National Republican Party platform, and only pushes liberal Republican candidates for Public Office?

Who thought it was a good idea to run anti-RNC
and total phony Dan Debicella as a Republican?

Jeb Bush aught to know that "Chairman" Labriola has completely lost the plot when he throws his full support behind turncoat Republican candidates like Dan Debicella who appeared on Al Terzi's show and came off as an ObamaCare supporter, who attacked the Tea Party, and brags about his willingness to vote against his own Party as a "Fairfield Republican".  Boy, this guy is a real piece of work.  This is a guy that Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. describes as an "A-Level Candidate in the 4th Congressional District Race." Oh really?  This is a clown that Labriola will be spending Connecticut Republicans limited funds on in 2014. Funds raised via Jeb Bush!

The last month has seen an inordinate amount of scandal which has forced Connecticut Republicans to question what the hell is going on?   We've got former Governor Rowland in hot water over the Lisa-Wilson Foley scandal, our Connecticut Republican Chief of Staff resigned in disgrace, and the Feds setting up camp in our own State Republican office from which Grand Jury indictments are likely to come.  We all wonder how many people might be having their Last Supper in Stamford.

If I were Jeb Bush, I would think twice about tarnishing my reputation by coming to Connecticut and posing on the red carpet with potential future jailbirds at $5000 bucks a pop. You'll never know when or where those photos may surface, but it will probably be when you least expect it.  I guess, the only fail-safe is that not all indictments may result in convictions.

Perhaps one day, when the CTGOP can get its act together, and honor Prescott Bush by behaving true to his character, we won't be ashamed to call ourselves Connecticut Republicans.



Monday, February 24, 2014

Republicans Give McMahon Fake Fairytale Ending

How many disasters can we create in a month?

Last week Republican insiders were angered to read the headline that federal agents were swarming the capitol city, interrogating members for evidence that CTGOP officials directed candidates to hire a Clearwater, Florida direct mail and printing firm to the tune of nearly $2 million dollars with an alleged kickback scheme.  As if that wasn't bad enough, we heard the news that the Feds are working with Brian "The Rat" Foley (chief conspirator of the Lisa-Wilson Foley-Rowland-Healy gang) to help return ex-Governor John G. Rowland to The Big House.  The timing of these scandals couldn't be worse - as they come on the heels of Republican Candidate Tom Foley launching his gubernatorial bid by leveling ethics charges at Governor Dan Malloy's administration.  Now that strategy looks to be a hard-sell with the CTGOP mired in it's own mega-controversy.

All of this negative press is very frustrating given that Republican gubernatorial candidates had just finally begun to get their message out to eager constituents.  Well, at least there was some good news - as it turned out - neither John Rowland nor Lisa Wilson-Foley were going to be roasted recipients of this year's Prescott Bush Award.  For that would have almost been worth paying the outrageous $250 a head ticket to attend that media circus.

Knowing full well that two of the CTGOPs biggest stars were about to go Super-Nova, Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. and his near-sighted group of politicos decided to chose Connecticut's least-effective candidate - Linda McMahon to receive the Connecticut Republican Party's highest honor.  When announced, Republicans statewide shook their collective heads in unison, screaming: "Do we ever learn from our mistakes?"

The CTGOP has become a lot like Disney's Dumbo Ride:
It goes round and round and never manages to get anywhere

With many of the Party faithful calling for his head - Chairman Labriola, Jr. was quick to defend his selection.  In a rare statement to the press, he wrote:

"Linda McMahon has shown tremendous leadership, both as a candidate herself and as a tireless advocate for Republicans at all levels of local, state and federal government,” Labriola said. “Her experience creating, building and running a business has helped shine a light on the need for government to help, not hinder, the creation of jobs in order to help our state and our economy prosper.” 

Leave it to Jerry Labriola, Jr. and CTGOP to completely rewrite the historical fact.  The truth is that Linda McMahon only advocated for Republican Candidates and Town Committees which endorsed her candidacy over both Rob Simmons, and Christopher Shays.  Anyone else who was found supporting her opposition, or playing neutral, was isolated, ridiculed and harshly, and personally attacked from the word "go".  The only thing "tireless" about Linda McMahon was her campaign for self-promotion, and desire for adulation from her supporters who were all too unwilling to see both campaigns for what they were - pure political calamity; void of content, ideology, or ideas.  Her inability to communicate specific solutions on any issue during her many interviews and debates was enough to expose her candidacy for what it was - shallow theatre.

Moreover, it's very hard for us lifelong Republicans to watch our Chairman (who was punished by McMahon and her minions for quietly, but openly supporting her primary opponents) crawl on all fours, beg her forgiveness, and reward her after she's had a history of donating to Democrats, and spent millions of dollars on door hangers, mailers, and television commercials encouraging voter turnout for Barack Obama.  How humiliating for Labriola!  How humiliating for  Connecticut Republicans! Only the seal-clapping elite at CTGOP Headquarters would both excuse wholesale betrayal of our Republican Presidential Candidate, and then kiss her arse after the fact.  Has the Connecticut Republican Party lost all it's self-respect?

As for Labriola's comments regarding her business - Republicans have long established that the wrestling business it's not the kind of pro-family, pro-traditional values organization which our own GOP brand claims to champion.  It was tough seeing some activists at the Family Institute of Connecticut endorse a candidate who made her millions promoting a raunchy, anything goes mentality which the FIC purports to fight against. Based on the past two campaign cycles, its hard to determine if it was - as Labriola suggests - a shining light that Linda was waving, or a lit fuse of dynamite which twice annihilated our GOP Senate hopes, and destroyed the Party under-ticket.  If there's something the CTGOP does very well - it's that it has a habit of repeatedly rewarding failure.

It will take a cast of characters to explain how McMahon earned this award

Party insiders agree that handing the Prescott Bush Award to McMahon is pay-off for Linda's personal contribution of thousands, and thousands, and thousands of dollars to rescue CTGOP coffers from complete bankruptcy.  It's long been established that RTCs, delegates, state central members, convention votes, and now even awards can be indirectly purchased by those with the deepest pockets (Tom Foley's Convention is likely next). And sadly, now the effects of behind-the-curtain party corruption has been brought to public light; exposing that the CTGOPs internal battle with ethics is more than just a matter of 'inside baseball'.   

Handing the Prescott Bush Award to Linda McMahon is wrong, but its just another chapter in the CTGOPs endless identity crisis. The King supposes that this crime may seem minor when compared with FBI agents turning over Republican desks, or ex-cons acting as head of Party from the WTIC broadcast booth while our Chairman goes AWOL. At the end of the day, the problem for the Connecticut Republican Party is that neither principle, integrity or elections can be bought.  Until that lesson is learned, and we clean up our own house - it's very unlikely that the public will see Republicans as a viable option now or in the near future.



Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Hartford Courant Misfires at Republican Candidate Joe Visconti

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate
Joe Visconti is the latest victim of
The Courant's anti-gun agenda
Have you seen it?  I'm referring to the half-cocked editorial Bravado Alone Won't Stop Gun Toll which served as a hit piece on Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Visconti published by The Hartford Courant's editorial team early last evening.  This entry responds to the the poorly contrived notion that somehow Connecticut's newest gun law - touted as "the toughest gun law in the land" is the panacea for curbing gun violence that both Governor Dannel P. Malloy and The Courant's staff writers claim.  The editorial, much like 2013 law, is an election year stunt contrived to exploit a horrific local tragedy for political gain and to paint Republicans in a bad light in order to deflect away from an incompetent Governor's exceedingly poor performance in Hartford.

The Courant's dismissive characterization of Joe Visconti's view that his armed presence would have made a difference at Sandy Hook (in similar contrast to NRA Executive Wayne LaPierre's viewpoint) is "too simple to be helpful" is an unfortunate attempt to fudge the issue. Whatever one's view of armed police presence at schools, it's irrational to conclude that an armed guard wouldn't have made a difference at Sandy Hook Elementary on that terrible day.  Then to use a singular example of an armed deputy missing his fired shot at Columbine as a justification for their position is simply poor argumentation; The King would urge The Courant to do their homework and research the dozens of stories where shopkeepers, would-be victims, and ordinary citizens have been saved (and saved others) in many situations because they were armed.  

It's a far stretch to assume that registering magazines and guns would've somehow prevented heinous crimes like those which occurred at Columbine, Aurora, the Navy Shipyard, Virginia Tech, or even Sandy Hook, and pure fantasy to assume that taking such action would prevent similar crimes in the future. Registries might be utilized as research tools after a crime has been committed, but it's highly unlikely that any of the villains of the aforementioned atrocities would have gone to their local municipality to fill out a pile of government-mandated paperwork, and even if they did - it's highly imaginative to insist that any of these atrocities would have been prevented.

"The editorial, much like 2013 law, is an election year stunt contrived to exploit a horrific local tragedy for political gain and to paint Republicans in a bad light in order to deflect away from an incompetent Governor's exceedingly poor performance in Hartford. " - The King

This mad line of thinking is further trumped by the insistence that somehow schools wouldn't be safer with armed security guards or any type of armed police or security presence - as is the case in several metropolitan cities and suburban towns.  Not only do children and families feel safe in these districts, they actually are safer as a result of taking such proactive, preventative measures.  Despite the prevailing utopian academic view, not all violent crimes can be magically prevented by the use of over-medication, psychology sessions, and community meetings.

While the editors make the unsourced claim that 32,000 gun deaths occur every year (and taking their word that they didn't make that statistic up), the Center for Disease Control and the NHS report that you're more likely to be killed in an auto-accident than in some random gun shooting.  In fact, according to the FBI, you're more likely to be killed with a club or hammer  or by someone's hand or foot than by a rifle of any type.  Since most union members own a hammer, we won't sit and wait for The Courant and Dan Malloy to seek an outright ban on this controversial weapon. (Mr. Visconti as former carpenter would likely make the short list).

"It was likely Mr. Green in the Conservatory with a Hammer"

And did it ever occur to the Rhodes Scholars at The Courant that it only takes one bullet to commit the act of suicide?  One would surmise this would rule out the use of large capacity magazines as the cause.  If The Courant is so hell-bent on banishing guns, then why not call for an all-out ban on the most utilized weapon by criminals - the handgun?  And isn't this what The Hartford Courant is really hoping for?  An outright ban on all guns? And by the way - while half of suicides are reported to be committed by firearm, the other half are committed by poisoning, suffocation (hanging), and other means.  There is nothing scientific to suggest that if a person intends to commit suicide that if they didn't have a gun that they wouldn't find another method to kill themselves. 

Missing from any argument by liberals are statistics showing gun ownership as a deterrent against crime.  Evidence suggests that due to the increase in gun purchases/ownership that crime is down.  And while mental disorders have played a role in violent crime (and suicides), there is little evidence to suggest that guns of any type are the root cause for these incidents.  

If liberals really want to find out the root cause for violent crime and suicides then they won't have to look very far to find the answer.  It lies in the increasing decay of economic and social conditions in inner cities, and in middle class neighborhoods - and a general ineptitude by parents refusing to properly raise their children.  With the rise in unemployment spurred by anti-business policies enacted by Governor Dannel Malloy, the Democratic Party, and President Barack Obama, coupled with the ongoing state-sponsored mockery of the traditional family unit, it's no wonder that Connecticut crime statistics are increasing to record highs.  It's unfortunate that after years of Democratic Control over both Connecticut Legislative Chambers that Connecticut's media is unwilling to make the clear connection.

Like most other liberal activists, The Courant's editorial team is notoriously anti-Second Amendment.  The past two days of editorials and a scan of their archives illuminates this fact.  Truly, the only time The Courant takes interest in either the Bill of Rights or The Constitution is when they believe their Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Press is being encroached.  Freedom of Religion, they believe, only extends to Muslims who are just trying to navigate their way in a world full of hostile Christian Fundamentalists. The remaining Constitutional provisions, they believe, are best left relegated to the Age of Sail - never to be invoked again.

Before The Courant opts to write a hit piece on behalf its Democratic allies, it would behove them to get their facts straight, source their work, and like a legitimate journalistic shop - recognize that there  very well might be more than one point of view of gun ownership aside from turning all gun owners into potential mass-murderers.  Until then, their editorial is just another self-inflicted wound on their dwindling credibility.

And other Republicans Candidates should heed The King's advice - cowering to progressive whims, or fearing to challenge the looney left's coordinated attack on basic Constitutional Rights (such as Second Amendment Rights) out of fear that they too will be singled out, brought up on stage, and "made an example of" by our local media radicals - will make you not only an enemy of The King, but also of Country.

The bottom line is - if the rest of the country followed Connecticut's lead, violent criminals - nationwide - who would be unaffected by these pointless laws, would have an extended Field Day.



Monday, February 17, 2014

Is Sandy Hook Dan Malloy's Reichstag Fire Moment?

Connecticut Democrats aided by
liberal judges are eager to contrive
their own Van Der Lubbe moment 
The horrific shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School will forever stand out as one of the worst tragedies in Connecticut History; perhaps, only the Hartford Circus Fire of 1944 may be regarded as the single worst disaster of all time in the Nutmeg State which resulted in 652 casualties including 168 deaths.

When incidents like these arise - accidental or not - politicians are quick to seize the moment of exploitation for their own political designs.  In 1944, in order to quell an outraged public, Connecticut politicians performed a knee-jerk reaction and banned Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus outright from setting foot again in Connecticut; a ban which remained intact until the 1970s.  In much the same way, Governor Dannel P. Malloy and his anti-gun antagonists are using Sandy Hook as their catapult issue to advance their ambitions to ban a variety of guns from the hands of law abiding citizens.

While neither the Great Hartford Circus Fire, nor the Sandy Hook Massacre are believed to be a state contrived catastrophes, the Democrat Party has been very quick to utilize the Sandy Hook tragedy as impetus to advance a political agenda which seeks to redefine the Second Amendment and seize personal weapons and ammunition from law-abiding Americans.  At all times in history, from 1774 to 1862 to 1933 to 2014, tyrants have gone out of their way to eliminate the means of citizens to defend themselves - not from each other - but from Government.

After the events of Sandy Hook, Connecticut Democrats quickly maneuvered to pass legislation to enact what they called, "one of the toughest gun laws in the country." Without a public hearing, any debate, rhyme nor reason, the law passed just past 1 am on April 4 in the Connecticut Senate and was immediately signed into law midday on April 4, 2013 by Dannel Malloy.  The law includes creating a registry for guns that hold more than 10 magazines, the banning of high capacity magazines, creating the country's first so-called dangerous weapons offender registry, and most important - a ban on guns considered "assault weapons" (although the definition is highly subjective).

Connecticut law demanded that all gun owners were to register their assault weapons and declare their large capacity magazines prior to December 31, 2013 or face prison sentence up to five years and/or a $5000 fine.  Editors at The Hartford Courant, the liberal newspaper of record were quick today to sum up their position on the matter: "If you want to disobey the law, you should be prepared to face the consequences."  Really?  Funny, did you mean all laws or just these gun laws recently passed?

The King can't remember similar finger-wagging sentiment from The Courant when it comes to following the law to show IDs to vote, or deporting illegal aliens who are here illegally after-all. Taking it a step further we've seen The Courant's employees support other benefits for illegals including free tuition loans, drivers licenses, and even the right to vote for President.  Then we could go into hundreds of examples were laws are bent to support the President's decision to change the HealthCare Reform Bill at least 22 times without a vote, or to expand Executive Power through the use of Executive Orders.  It's amazing to know that those who once spent their college years adorned in beads and sandals, adhering to Dennis Leary's Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out mantra, cursing Richard Nixon and the abuses of the Executive Branch have grown-up to become Big Government's loudest surrogates pushing the expansion of Government control over individuals rights.  Boy, times changed!

So now the media sits and waits.  And we wait - for the knock at the door.  Surely, there must be a Marinus Van Der Lubbe, or Tea Party member who harbors ill-will against Connecticut's Governor and all his statutes.

Malloy will use the State Police to
identify a nice "violator" to make an
example of 

Just think.  There will be a raid on some quaint Connecticut town as if this were Waco, Texas.  The Connecticut State Police, in a blaze of glory, will storm some home (which will referred to as compound) with para-military SWAT teams and tanks.  This will take place in a small town like Morris, or Barkhamsted, or Ansonia, or Chaplin.  Many will be taken into custody, and dozens of so-called "military-style" weapons will be seized, and put on display for the public to see.

A big court spectacle will be held and it will be
covered by George Colli of WTIC who will
tweet us every tasty morsel

The Gun Rights members will be hauled before a Kangaroo Court where they will have already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion as madmen who adhere to a 225 year old document.

Dan Malloy, and his Democratic cronies will pose with the
offending Constitutionalists, and seek to ban the right of
five or more conservatives so assemble at any given time

Now admittedly some of the worst gun-related shooting sprees have occurred on American soil in only the past few years. We saw Douglas Williams gun down seven people at a Lockheed Martin Plant in Mississippi; then in 2007 Seung Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people near the Virginia Tech Campus, then in 2010, Jared Lee Loughner shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford and murdered six others; In 2011, James Eagan Holmes dressed as The Joker shot 12 people in a Colorado movie theatre; in 2012 Andrew Engeldinger gunned down seven people in a movie theatre; in 2013, Gay Muslim Aaron Alexis killed 13 people at a Navy Shipyard,  as we know all too well in 2012, Adam Lanza killed 26 people, mostly children at Sandy Hook Elementary.  And there is one interesting connection  between all of these people  - every single one of them was a Registered Democrat.  And if you check out the local Hartford, Bridgeport, or New Haven police blotter - well, you'll probably find that a majority of those arrested or being sought for gun related murders aren't diehard Mitt Romney supporters.

While Governor Dan Malloy, and his chief hatchet man, Michael Lawlor, scheme up new ways to harass Connecticut gun owners, and The Hartford Courant serves as a Joseph Goebbels-style propaganda ministry on their behalf, we await the first victim (or set of victims) to be put before Connecticut's left-wing judicial firing squad.

And don't count on moderate Republican Leaders like John McKinney, Larry Cafero (or would be leaders like Tom Foley) to come to your rescue.   They're just a band of conscientious objectors happy to sit on the sidelines while law abiding citizens get railroaded.



Duct Tape Dynasty

Three Connecticut Jackasses; Exporting perversion through the flashing of Gang Signs; How Quaint
Taping their mouths is the best way to go!
It's not every day that your dream comes true.

And you get to see at least two members of Connecticut's maniacal Congressional delegation photographed with their mouths duct-taped closed.  I'm sure Nutmeggers were just as shocked to not see a drop of criticism from Connecticut's pro-Democrat press about their inappropriate behavior.  Given the plight of the U.S. economy (particularly in Connecticut), high unemployment rate, laughable healthcare reform, and inept foreign policy - you would think they'd be more focused on issues important to those of us right here at home instead of devoting energy to protesting social policy of a second world country doing its best to host the Olympic games.  But perhaps I missed it - did anyone vote to send any one of these three clowns to protest Russian domestic policy?  We think not.

All these three have done is to make Olympic-sized asses of themselves while embarrassing the State of Connecticut in the process. Perhaps that"s nothing new.

The King was happy to see such a positive response to my piece Barack Obama and NBCs Gaying of the Olympic Games which exposed the American loony left's tantrums as nothing more than an attempt to spoil the Winter Olympic Games over drummed-up gay-prejudice in Russia.  Sadly, few columnists, even those on the conservative side, have bothered to point out the fact that there's nothing implicitly anti-homosexual in Russian Law; it's simply that the Russians have been careful to not equate the definition of what comprises a traditional family as having anything to do with same sex partnerships. This is a stance that's been held and accepted globally since before Biblical time.  American pop culture enthrallment with reclassifying traditional gender identification is largely limited to those who were either sexually-abused, scorned for life by their opposite gender, or those looked to heighten their sexual experience out of boredom.

When it comes to liberal outrage over the Olympic hosting venue, one would think the International Olympic Committee would have vetted the situation in Russia ahead of rewarding them the games. If Russian domestic policy is good enough for the IOC, then it should be good enough for everyone else.  Based on gay demands, the Olympics should only be held in countries with perfect civil rights records (of course, the gay agenda has nothing to do with human rights - this is their latest angle).  But I guess this means that by this outrageous standard that the Olympics wouldn't be held in China, Korea, Russia, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Ireland, or any Middle Eastern or African country. Instead the Olympics would be held only in the United States and Canada where alternative lifestyles proliferate.  Well, good luck with that!

Liberals preach the bold-fast lie that somehow American culture has recently - as if suddenly over the last 5 years - accepted the homosexual lifestyle as "normal".  Of course this nothing short of pure nonsense.  What has actually happened over the past five years is that against the public will, liberal trial attorneys have successfully pushed their pro-gay litigation agenda in front of liberal activist judges who are eager to advance their causes.  Moreover, the White House has abused its power by using the Justice Department to take a pro-homosexual position or enforce pro-gay policies (very similar to the way Obama has squashed U.S. border security efforts).

The coordinated effort to contaminate our society goes well beyond the White House's relentless effort to revise American cultural norms. Both Hollywood and the television entertainment industry - aided by a willing media - have gone out of their way to introduce gay characters, episode story lines, movies, and variety talk-show hosts in order to paint gays as some type of religiously discriminated, woe is me, down-trodden individuals begging for every one's mere love and affection.

As if someone like Ellen Degeneres or Rosie O'donnell is just like you and me.

Of course, the truth is so different. The underlying goal of homosexual activists is to substantiate their their own perverse behavior by trying to convince everyone else that their abnormal behavior is perfectly normal.  In order to advance their agenda, gays work to weaken traditionally accepted moral values and the accepted catechism of mainstream society.  This is why they loathe both the mainstream Christian Church and The Republican Party - for both of these organizations stand between them and the free-for-all society they desire which they believe will somehow absolve them of their personal sin.

The victory for the homosexual community is not turning everyday Americans into gay activists, but rather to get them to passively accept homosexuality behavior as no different than any other traditional family.  The gay cliche "Silence is Acceptance" benefits the gay-perversion community particularly when Christians chose the path of least resistance and look the other way each time the gay agenda inches its way forward to equate itself with the traditional family unit.  Christians have an obligation to stand up for what is right, not sit quietly on their hands, or groan behind closed doors while gay perversion disassembles our society. 

The Family Institute of Connecticut was correct this week in taking Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and Senator Chris Murphy to task for using her Congressional positions to demonstrate hatred for Russia and Traditional Family Values.  What The King worries about most is what appears to be an ongoing corrosion of our Republican Party by moderates who don't think social issues have any place in our platform.  Many of these people sit in CTGOP leadership positions, and they are the worst kind of collaborative cowards - they would sell us out to Democrats for a vote on a highway bill or to scrape a few bucks into their pockets for some pork program which benefits their district (people like Linda McMahon, John McKinney, Larry Cafero, Tom Foley and Chris Shays - to name a few).  It's no surprise that with leaders like these that bills like Transgender Bathroom bill and others pass with little or not resistance.

If the pro-family leaders have abandoned the Connecticut Republican Party under Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr (another silent accomplice of the left who leads from the rear), then at what point will Conservative Republicans abandon the CTGOP?  You have to laugh at liberal reporters from the Hartford Courant urging Connecticut Republicans to continue to move to the center of the road claiming that's where elections are won.  That's funny because it's not worked out well for rich social liberals like Chris Shays, Andrew Roraback, Rob Simmons, Linda McMahon, and Tom Foley.  From The King's experience - if you wander out in the middle of the road, you're bound to get hit.  Did anyone ever think it might be time to reverse the trend and give Connecticut a choice between Democrat and Democrat-lite?

If Connecticut Republican leaders try to tell you that championing social issues isn't popular, what they really mean to say is that fighting for traditional social positions isn't popular with them.  The best answer is to replace existing leaders, representatives, and candidates with those who might better represent the interests of their constituency.  Heck, we might even win an election or two!

While Democrats fan the flames of class, age, gender war, and push special rights for special interest groups - like gays et al, Republicans (especially those in Connecticut) retreat on Constitutional principles like second amendment rights, and run and hide when it comes to supporting traditional family values.

One Republican tried to take The King to task by arguing, "Well, this isn't North Carolina or Texas."  You know - they're right.  Both of those states have growing economies, low unemployment rates, and  laws supporting traditional marriage, and family values.  Strangely enough, they didn't give up social policies in favor of economic ones.

So, while Rosa DeLauro, Chris Murphy, and Elizabeth Esty prance around on the world stage with their gay pride flags illuminating Connecticut as a High-Tax, Anti-Business, Homosexual Haven, just keep in mind that our Connecticut Republican leaders are stifling any chance of reversing the trend because they don't have the moral courage to stand up for the principles which have always made our state and our nation strong.



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Barack Obama and NBCs Gaying of the Winter Olympics

NBCs attempt to Gay the Olympics
is a disgrace
Most of us realize that in order to become a male Olympic skater that you probably have to have a little sugar in your tank to embark on such a flamboyant enterprise.  This doesn't stop any of us right-wing zealots in the cheap seats from cheering on our ice-fairies on as they go for Olympic gold.  But this piece isn't about sexual preference (what some deem "orientation" - depending on your politics), but rather the obsessive bombardment on the public by NBC aided by President Barack Obama to advance the disgraceful homosexual acceptance agenda.

From the beginning, NBC and other media outlets made a big stink about Russian President Vladimir Putin's position on gay rights which by all reports isn't much different from everyone's view on any continent, which is - I'm not a personal fan, but don't ask don't tell, and keep your bedroom antics to yourself.  Hell-bent on fanning the flames of phony outrage, the media aired a few videos of so-called anti-gay protests depicting violence which appeared on the surface to be not much different then behavior witnessed during any American labor union protest, or animal rights rally.  Anyone can take a few clips out of context in order to manufacture a fiction-based Godzilla-sized story.  Controversy sells, no matter how inaccurate or concocted the story may be.

Since most journalists aren't necessarily what you would call athletic types (most have deep resentment of all sports harking back to their grammar school days when they were picked last during gym team selection), it's not surprising that instead of focusing on the spirit of sports competition, that they've spent nearly all their time complaining about their Sochi living conditions, fear-mongering about an imminent terrorist attack, and painting Russian society as inherently evil because it's allegedly anti-gay. When questioned about this during a televised C-SPAN panel aired last week, a Russian official pointed out, "[American Journalists are spending a lot of time telling Russians what to think on a topic that America as a country is hardly in unison on.]"  He went on to say, "[I've seen no coverage regarding the efforts to bring the Olympic games to Sochi or stories about the competition between young people which is what the Olympics is really all about]"

President Obama, always the liberal ideologue, was quick to criticize Russia on it's lack of gay activism which by all reports has left most Russians baffled.  As a follow-up to verbal outrage, our finger-wagging President named openly gay non-Olympian Billie Jean King, and U.S. Hockey lesbian Caitlin Cahow to lead the U.S. Olympic delegation.  As gay activists, I'm sure both were more than willing to serve as living props to help Obama poke his finger in the eye of Vladimir Putin - who's clearly upstaged Obama on the world stage this past year a least a half-dozen times.  If Barack Obama really had gonads, he would have flown to Sochi to deliver the message himself.  But as a man who's already living his life as a lie, he's too cowardly to do anything that courageous.

It's bad enough that for the first time in recent history, our President doesn't have the class or patriotism to attend the Olympics in person to support our athletes.  I'm sure he has his reasons - perhaps he doesn't want to be seen as elevated President Putin by gracing Russia with his presence, or maybe he's still bitter with the International Olympic Committee for overlooking Chicago for the 2016 Summer Games, or maybe he, just like fellow racist Bryant Gumbel, doesn't see the need to support the winter games because in his view these games have the look of an Aryan Nation rally given the lack of African-Americans donning skates and skis. And I'm sure Obama's absence impresses America's best skater, Shani Davis, who also hails from Obama's most recent home city - Chicago. Whatever Obama's true reason, I'm sure it's between him, Michelle, and Reverend Wright.

President Obama and his boyfriend were quite an item in the 80s
Some have remarked that Obama's desire to push for gay rights expansion has roots in his personal past.  You can read all that here, here, and here if you're so inclined.  As much of the evidence appears compelling, its up to you to decide what makes sense. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck - then it's probably a -----.   Based on all this, it should be no surprise that this week Obama went out of his way to praise NFL Player Michael Sam for telling the world he's gay, or for placing openly gay NBA player Jason Collins in the President's Box at the last month's State of the Union.  Interesting how the timing of Sam's announcement, Collins' reward, and the start of the Winter Olympics seem to all coincide together - or perhaps maybe it's not such a surprise after all but rather a well-orchestrated political scheme.  Anyone else see the trend?

Self-Righteous Bob Costas is making his bid for the Meet the Press job
He needs to settle down before the blood vessel in the other eye pops!
Maybe I didn't notice it before, and maybe it's always been this way but as of late Bob Costas seems to be over-politicizing every aspect of sports to the point where he's becoming excessively annoying.  Several weeks back, he went on a tirade about the Washington Redskins and claimed the team's name was racist - a far cry from the truth; had Costas done his homework he would have learned that the team was named to honor the bravery of Native Americans, not disparage them, and that there's widespread support for retaining the team's name amongst Native Americans.  For the rest of us, we saw that Costas was showing his true colors - another whiny liberal -  out to change the world for the betterment of liberal extremists world-wide.  As a result, Costas has become a laughing stock of the sports world.

But his lunacy didn't stop there.  On February 6th during the first NBC Olympics PrimeTime showCostas stuck again - instead of providing insightful commentary on forthcoming Olympic competition - he turned the first twenty minutes of the show into a drab version of Meet the Press. Along with editor David Remnick of the far left-wing elitist magazine The New Yorker, and Russian Journalist Vladimir Pozner, Costas once again went on a maddening tirade about his personal views about Russia and Putin's so-called anti-homosexuality laws.  This immediately caused the global Facebook and Twitterfeed to blow up in a fury of parental anger over how misplaced this discussion was given that children all over America were watching to see America's finest athletes perform their best, but not to be poisoned by Bob Costa's crazy political rant.  It's always been a unwritten rule that Olympics and Politics shouldn't mix. Costas and NBC broke the public trust - ticking off millions of viewers world-wide.

One tweeter boldly asked, "Is this Bob Costas' coming out party?"  Good question.  If he ends up in Obama's Presidential Box during next year's SOTU, then I guess you'll have your answer.

Johnny Weir 
Lastly, to make matters worse, NBC hired flamboyant homosexual activist and former Olympic skater Johnny Weir to make lewd jokes and provide live commentary on figure skating.  It's just another attempt by NBC to force viewers to endure overt gay behavior. Queer Weir makes the show unwatchable; moreover, he robs both the audience of the programming they desire, and the dedicated athletes from the attention they deserve. Cross-dressing Weir with his half-witted sidekick, Tara Lapinski, delve into bizarre on-air discussions of Barnum and Bailey proportion.  NBC should be embarrassed by the risqué commentary out Weir's mouth, hardly suitable for family programming. And since there's plenty of time left before the Olympic finale, there will be plenty of time for him to push the envelope of controversy which NBC executives will be only too pleased to defend.

Liberals and gay activists will argue that if you don't like it, don't watch it.  What these militants don't care to realize is that NBC has been given exclusive rights to air the games state-side, and it's not like us fans and donors have an alternative source for Olympic coverage.  That being the case, it's clear that NBC has done an extreme disservice to the American public by incorporating a social engineering agenda into their Winter Olympic Coverage.  Most of us know the difference between manufactured political activism and genuine sports coverage.

There was a time when exciting sporting competition was enough to carry The Games; probably back when ABC delivered a much better product via ABCs Wide World of Sports.  Unfortunately, the counterculturists at NBC see sporting competition as mere footnote to keeping their elite friends entertained, and their political allies happy.  Only at NBC, do they believe that a man dressed in drag speaking with a phony lisp is suitable viewing for American families.

If Congress is going waste it's time and our dollars focusing on the name of the Washington Redskins than perhaps it should look into NBC's use of the Winter Olympics to advance gay agenda.

The King's simple advice for those liberals blowing their stacks over this piece: Hate the sin, love the sinner, but for God-sakes - keep the sin to yourself.



Thursday, February 6, 2014

Boughton Struck By Lightning

"I don't know, I'm unsure."
Here is one odd disclosure that should leave most Connecticut Republicans scratching their heads about at least one CTGOP Mayor's bid for the Governorship.

On January 31, 2014, CTGOP Gubernatorial Candidates met in Canterbury Connecticut to present their positions on various issues to a roomful of party loyalists.  At the end of the meeting, attendees were asked a series of lightning round questions to which they were to reply Yes, No, or I'm unsure.

At the 1:30 mark, the moderator posed the question, "Do you support the idea of Transgender Bathrooms?"  To most reasonable people - not just Republicans, the obvious answer should be a resounding NO.   Few parents wish to see their children being forced to share public bathrooms with mentally-unbalanced individuals or cross-dressing freaks or have them exposed to a legislative-mandated risk of perversion, molestation, or other mental illness (see this example in Stamford).  The very idea that Connecticut Democrats crafted such legislation and passed it should tell you all you need to know about the state of the Connecticut liberal activist mind.

When the question was asked of Mayor Boughton, who often claims to be the conservative in the race, he responded with an ambiguous and disappointing, "I don't know, I'm unsure" which was then followed by a rather obnoxious belly laugh.  I'm not quite sure what he found so funny, and you have to wonder if Peter Wolfgang, and the people down at the Family Institute of Connecticut were as equally amused by Boughton's lack of conviction on a key moral issue.  At least The King was happy to see that the rest of the CTGOP field responded with a "No".  (Even Tom Foley got it right).

When we can't trust a guy who's one of Connecticut's leading Republican mayors to fight to protect our children, or reverse perverse legislation, then how can we ever support him for higher office?  It seems like a little too much of Linda McMahon and Jerry Labriola, Jr have rubbed off on poor Mark Boughton. And as we look around - it's clearly becoming an epidemic. The King feels we can write-off Mr. Boughton as a man who desires higher office but lacks the political will to combat immoral liberalism and make changes best suited for Connecticut families - which is why he aught to just stay put in the Hat City.