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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Squeeze Play

Even Monty Hall wouldn't be able
to top the prizes that Linda is offering
RTCs behind the curtain
It's been another big week of buzz; giving the CTGOP more excitement in the past month than it's seen in years.  It's not all bad, usually Republicans are relegated to Page 20 in the newspaper in between articles about lost kittens and astrology, so as they say bad press is better than no press at all.  Well, maybe that only applies when it's not all bad. :)

To begin with, this week our Republican State Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. smartly persuaded Republican State Central Members to move the Ethics Resolutions to a sub-committee for study and possible amendment.  While many wanted to see a straight vote on this come to pass, it was decided that it was best to avert a quick defeat on the measures which would have turned into nothing short of a full scale public relations disaster for the CTGOP.  A no-vote would have signaled that the purchase of the State Convention was a done deal, and would have greatly diminished the integrity of both the State Party and it's Chairman.  To those angry about not seeing a debate and straight-up vote, I understand your frustration, but consider the fact that while the fix may still be in, at least the Dean-Visconti Resolutions aren't dead.

A month ago, The King would've predicted that the Resolutions would die a quick death, but now with this approach - we anticipate at least a partial victory against the Wilson-Foley/McMahon anti-ethics lobbyists.

Many people have asked what the big deal is about wearing a badge, and why certain candidates are so hell-bent against it.  Wearing a badge to identify that you're a paid campaign worker for a specific candidate seems to make perfect sense to anyone with a sense of fair play, although most people also think paid campaign staff should recuse themselves all-together from participation as a delegate.  For those of you who attended the 2010 State Convention, you will distinctly recall that during the U.S. Senate voting (and vote switching) process, Linda McMahon had dozens and dozens of her unidentified staff working over delegates to get them to switch their vote.  By convention rules, there is a limit of how many staffers are permitted to be on the floor playing games, but if you can't identify who is who then you can't enforce the rules - which was all part of the plan to rig the process.  The fact that Healy's brownshirts were throwing only Rob Simmons' staffers off the convention floor is a whole different topic. But you can see just why requiring campaign employees, or independent contractors to wear badges helps bring integrity to the the Convention process, including helping those responsible for enforcing the rules to be able to enforce them.
RTC Members and would-be delegates
have plenty of loot to chose out of
Linda's Treasure Chest

As has been reported, Linda McMahon (and Lisa Wilson-Foley) have been opening up their treasure chests and handing out handsome rewards for both Republican Town Committee (RTC) and RTC Member (future convention delegate) endorsements.  If you ask their camps about the pay-to-play strategy, they just *smile* and shrug their shoulders.  To the most unethical among us, accepting payments and in-kind bribes is just an accepted part of our political process here in Connecticut.  It's what some have had the audacity to refer to as "democracy".  Which goes to show how deep the Party has become infected with a nearly incurable virus.

You probably wonder why the McMahon camp is handing out cold hard cash to RTCs?  Well, if you though it was because Linda McMahon is just a caring, generous lady - well, you got it wrong. Dead wrong! Most candidates solicit donations, they don't make them. That should be the first indication that something is amiss.

Whether the Shays, Hill, or Westby camp understand it or not, the endgame is pretty simple.  Linda McMahon's goal for the 2012 State Convention is the same goal that she had in 2010, which is to win the Convention by the largest margin possible, but more importantly - attempt to ensure that Shays, Hill, and Westby don't secure the necessary 15% of the delegate count required to automatically qualify them to appear on the primary ballot.  If Shays, Hill or Westby don't receive the necessary 15% they'll have to make the decision to either collect about 8500 state-wide Republican petition signatures to qualify, or take the CTGOP to court for running a rigged Convention (and I'm sure no one wants the latter), or simply quit the race.  And as a reminder, in 2010 Rob Simmons did meet the 15% threshold but opted not to primary because he believed he didn't have a large enough war-chest to complete with Linda McMillions.

All reports to The King's View are that the McMahon camp is burning up the wires.  Tom Scott, McMahon's political director and former anti-Republican candidate, in particular has been working the circuit playing the role of set-up man while other minions are helping to dole out golden rewards from McMahon's bottomless Treasure Chest.  While the intimidation has been mild so far, rumors are that that Scott has been telling would-be delegates that refusing to endorse McMahon would result in "consequences" including alienation and severe embarrassment because "Linda will win in the end".  As we get closer to D-Day, you can expect more of this kind of thing, but with the rhetoric increasing. (Insider Republicans will recall similar antics during the Chairman's race on behalf of Mr. A).

The last few weeks have revealed exactly how heated the game is going to get. It also shows you just how far off their game the so-called CTGOP political gurus are.  One political operative wrote The King, "They are making so many mistakes, that I've lost count."  It's true, from staff members uttering slurs about other candidates to personal attacks - it's become embarrassing for the CTGOP Establishment.  The only person who came out looking Senatorial this past week was Christopher Shays who made his formal announcement in front of a packed Hartford crowd.

These past two weeks have been a disaster for the Foes of Ethics.  First, the McMahon-Wilson-Foley-Healy conglomerate using their surrogates waged a full scale personal attack on Mr. Visconti.  The trio, referred humorously in Republican circles as the new Axis of Greed, was not only nasty in their attacks, they also sought to mislead the public by painting Joltin' Joe as a deadbeat dad.  Had the idiots checked their facts, they would have realized that Mr. Visconti actually receives child-support from his ex-wife (we hate to have to address this here, but it's important to set the record straight as the false rumors about private family matters continue to be propagated).  The accusations of failing to pay child support were slanderous, and the Axis of Greed should hang their heads low.  Well-respected veteran Republicans not involved in the fray have expressed outrage over these tactics. Some names you just wouldn't believe! But thanks to you, you've given Joltin' Joe the green light to do as he sees fit. Good luck!

The fact remains that this personal attack was a direct warning to RTC members and future delegates that if they ever cross the McMahon Camp, or go back on their endorsement, surrogates will character-assassinate them in public.  The evidence of this is already established, and as we will see later in this piece the McMahon campaign went out of their way to make sure they had someone on-board with a knack for this kind of behavior.

The second mistake of the week came from our old friend - shadow-Chairman Healy who recklessly fired off a missive from his blog which became an instant field day for the media.  The big loser from Healy's attack on Chris Shays was not Shays nor Healy, but instead the candidate that he is supposed to be focused on - Lisa Wilson-Foley. The last thing Wilson-Foley needed was for her campaign manager to go off the reservation, half-cocked, and provide illumination into the direct connection between her campaign and Mrs. McMahon's.  We guess the phone calls claiming innocence turned out to be nothing more than a farce - with Healy running the ranch she should have expected shoot from the hip controversy; this week the shots clearly ricocheted back at Wilson-Foley.  And if you think about it, the pay-to-play strategy underway is precisely what was seen from the McMahon campaign in 2010.  The result of which was not an elected Republican, but a badly fractured Republican Party.  The Fifth Congressional District is in for a real treat.

The media, which hates Republicans anyway, was quick to pick up the diatribe from an obviously angry Healy.  Probably the most interesting line in the whole thing was when Healy went out of his way to call McMahon's campaign staff "over-fed and self-dealing", and then back slapped them by indirectly calling them "incompetent". I'm sure all those people who worked their asses off for Linda really appreciated Healy's characterization of them.  Her campaign manager, David Cappiello, who presumably had a say in hiring all these over-indulgent campaign-killers, apparently got a free pass and not a single mention - unless Healy was implying that Cappiello was one of the over-fed creeps who ruined Linda's Senate aspirations.  And as Healy's wife served as Communication Director, she owns the result of the blitz of negative advertising against Rob Simmons which helped to damage McMahon's reputation in the Second District early.  Boy, the air must be pretty thin at the top of Healy Mountain. Wilson-Foley peeps: make a note to self:  when Wilson-Foley loses you'll be stamped as incompetent gluttons - something you can really look forward to when this whole thing is over.

By the way, Republicans around Connecticut are now asking, if the the Badge Resolution is passed - just how many badges will the former Chairman be forced to wear? 

We'll assume that after getting a drumming from Wilson-Foley herself, Healy took down his post, which was almost worse because it's probably the first time in history that we can recall the shadow-Chairman publicly admitting a mistake. And Joe Lockhart pounded him in a second post which was just short of calling him a yellow-bellied coward.  Who else wanted to be a fly on the wall when that call or calls came in?

And by the way, if her WWE past isn't a negative then why don't we ever seem to see her smiling, happy husband Vince McMahon ever walking the streets with Linda or attending her campaign functions?  In a stark contrast, we saw the lovely wife of Chris Shays - Betsi Shays, formally introduce him to the Old State House audience this week. She also attends Republican functions and events at Mr. Shays' side.  For some reason, I don't think we'll being seeing Vince showing his face - rumors are that he thinks Linda's whole Senate run is a tremendous waste of money.  I guess if your spouse planned to invest $100 million dollars into a doomed scheme that the whole world knows has a 0% chance of a return, you'd be unhappy too.

Better come up with a few more Pay-Per-Views, Vincey. 

Over the course of the last few weeks, I've had a rather insistent group of readers send me a load of documents, links and so forth about a specific topic that I will now broach.  I want to be very clear to all readers that after review of the material as a whole, being public, and somewhat relevant, I'm going to provide the links in this piece.  I want to be careful to make sure that all of you know that this isn't designed as some hit-piece on Linda McMahon or her staff - I'm only providing the facts.  We Report, You Decide should be the understood mode here.

When Linda McMahon hired Corry Bliss as her Campaign Manager few people took notice.  Bliss ran Lt. Governor Brian Dubie's unsuccessful Vermont Gubernatorial run in 2010.  What is remarkable isn't that Dubie lost, but it's how the race was run is what is of grave concern to The King and to many Connecticut Republican Insiders in-the-know.  Bliss ran more than just a hard-nosed campaign on the issues, it's apparent from all reports that Bliss mounted terrible personal attacks against Mr. David Blittersdorf.  This article entitled, "Digger Tidbits: Into the Swirl of Septic; the dirt machine." is a good read.

Campaigns are often cinder boxes for political and sometimes personal attacks as we've witnessed during the GOP Presidential saga.  But the attacks by Bliss were so upsetting that Blittersdorf brought a Defamation Lawsuit against Mr. Bliss and Mr. Dubie.  The lawsuit was settled out of Court.  Few of us can recall any other campaign where a lawsuit was brought in a similar fashion which caught national attention.

Apparently, as the press has reported, Bliss was forced to write a personal letter of apology to Bittersdorf for his actions (as was Mr. Dubie).

So why does this have people up in arms?  Well, Mrs. McMahon isn't a stupid person and is well aware of the steps she needs to take to hire responsible people to keep her own Company safe and reputation intact.  Yet, out of all of the hundreds of political campaign experts, consultants, and firms available who advertise in Campaigns and Elections, she opted for a clearly troubled Mr. Bliss to run her Senate campaign.  Does this make sense?  Sure, it does!

As The King ties all these pieces together, the world is left wondering - is the Axis of Greed merely a product of hyper-imagination fabricated to tell a tale of conspiracy?  Or does all the clear evidence presented through newspaper articles, links, eye-witness reports and so forth show that the connections between yesterday's strategies by the same old Connecticut politicos are playing out in Groundhog Day fashion right before our very eyes?  I guess that's up for you to decide.



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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Linda McMahon's Wrestling World of Death

Nancy & Chris Benoit; former Linda McMahon employees
who died in a horrific double murder, and suicide
RIP, victims of drugs and work-related pressure

On January 11, 2012, U.S. Senate Candidate Christopher Shays issued a press release which included comments regarding Linda McMahon's Pro Wrestling business, "Let’s think about it: She’s got over 41 people 50 years and younger who’ve died in her jobs. That’s quite a job record that she’s created." Of course, those in the McMahon camp do what they do best whenever questions are raised about McMahon's so-called business background -  and that's to read from the script they've been provided, and change the subject. 

What amazes The King and his Court, is that Linda McMahon is the first to repeat the same line over and over, "I've created 500 jobs" and then when you go to ask her specifics about her line of business - she runs like Hell, or has no comment.  No comment?

Most voters in Connecticut don't understand the wrestling business. It seems to The King that the target audience of wrestling shows are meant to appeal to those who are ages 8 - 16 and collect action figures, and immature adults who thrive on yelling, violence, and sexual innuendo. If you think about Mrs. McMahon's industry as a product - it's not one that parents want to see on their shelves, or beaming into their living rooms every Monday night. 

Sure, all television has components of violence, even the news - but Linda McMahon's product is violence.  And unfortunately, her product is also Death.

As everyone knows, the McMahon's pockets run deep.  There are a number of critics, who, over the years, have provided insight into what goes on behind the curtain - but many of them have been silenced by enforcement of legal contracts which forbid them to talk about what goes on behind the scenes. As a result, not many people are talking. And the fact remains that the industry is very small - everyone knows everyone, and no one wants to be blackballed in the industry.

When it comes to the horrific tales of wrestling performer deaths who've been under the employ of the McMahons - the numbers are staggering.  One of the best sources for this information comes from the website: Concussion Inc. owned by Irvin Muchnick. Muchnick is the author of the best sellers Chris & Nancy: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling’s Cocktail of Death, Wrestling Babylon: Piledriving Tales of Drugs, Sex, Death, and Scandal, and other written ventures.  His expertise includes researching and reporting on concussion related injuries including those in the National Football League, and professional and amateur sports. To be clear, Irv Muchnick is NOT politically motivated nor is he a resident of Connecticut.

Included on Mr. Muchnick's site are some interesting stories, such as:

The auction of a chair used on an employee that may have contributed to their death and full text of comments he supplied a blogger.

Tweeter David Bixenspan of the Bleacher Report posted the following on Twitter yesterday:
  • Even if you stick to the wrestlers who died while working for the company, WWE is still being misleading.
  • Rick McGraw is missing since I guess he wasn't "under contract" in spite of wrestling for the company full time.
  • Eddy Guerrero's death certificate has steroids listed as a contributing cause to his heart disease
  • Similarly, Brian Pillman's death certificate has cocaine listed as a contributing cause to his heart disease.
  • The accident was of course Owen Hart, where they were pretty clearly negligent and settled a wrongful death case.
  • The issue is if WWE encourages or ignores certain habits while the wrestlers are in the company, not if they died working there.
  • WWE may like to pretend it's about to deaths while in the company, but it's not, and even then, they distort that # & what it means

In 2010, writers at The King's View were aware of some of the facts involving the WWE and wrestler deaths, and we noted that they never seemed to get a fair hearing by Connecticut's media.  The Hartford Courant has done a huge disservice by Connecticut residents by failing to use journalistic resources to investigate, or even report on the serious allegations and claims about Professional Wrestling deaths of active and former employees of the WWE. 

One section of Mr. Muchnick's site deals specifically with the 2010 death of Lance Cade.  This death occurred during the same period as when Linda McMahon was last running for Senate.  The lack of reporting on this matter implies a direct cover-up by our media who appear to have intentionally ignored or blacked out this story.  To this day the Media still refuses to press McMahon on her business practices or on WWE employee-related death matters (with the exception of The Day which covered this story with input from Chris Benoit's father).  They barely mention the steroid hearings which involved WWE and Linda's husband, Vince McMahon.  Why?  And why were there no questions about it during the debate between herself and Senator Blumenthal?

There are some that suggest a number of interesting conspiracy theories connected to the McMahon Media Black-Out.  One rumor involves a prominent paid lobbyist firm which is coercing or paying The Courant not to report on various matters (perhaps more on that issue at a later date), and there is another theory that claims that secretly, liberal writers at The Hartford Courant and other media outlets are praying to God or Athena (or whatever) and manipulating the news so that Linda McMahon becomes the Republican Candidate - because they know she will get blown out again no matter who she runs against.  While the former seems a tad far-fetched, the later is plausible given where she sits in the polls, and the absence of the mention of the other three Republican candidates (Brian K. Hill, Kie Westby and Christopher Shays) in last week's Sunday Courant cover story regarding certain candidates humble beginnings.  

I want to be clear that I am not accusing the McMahons of intentionally causing harm or death of any of their employees - that would be a lie.  But there is a lot information out there that suggests that something just isn't right.  If the best you can do when asked about employee deaths is to argue about the number, well that suggests that something really is amiss.  Facts show that the WWE didn't even establish a Health and Wellness program for their employees until February 2007 after the media caught wind of the drug abuse scandals.  And the policy is still under scrutiny for allowing performers to work with injuries

It's time for the Connecticut Media to stop seeking ad dollars from the McMahon camp and step up to the plate and let their reporters do their jobs.  And I don't mean positioning a blogger as part of the "clipping service" to post and retweet other people's thoughts all day - but reinstate useful journalism in an unbiased fashion.

Connecticut's BEST JOURNALIST Ann Nyberg is clearly right about one thing - the state of journalism is in decline these days.  The reporting on the 2010 and 2012 campaigns are a clear example.

Before ending, I have to ask why some of our most respected CTGOP Leaders would align themselves with a candidate who's made a living creating and distributing violent and pornographic trash. Many of the same people who purport to support traditional family values seem to have turned a blind eye to the impact of televised shows featuring near-naked girls rolling around on a wrestling mat (a form of "soft porn" as the former Congressman mentioned) and dozens of steroid injected men running around in tights? Does this industry make you really proud to stand next to Linda McMahon? As a Mayor of a big city, is it worth embarrassing yourself or killing your reputation for a promoter of such filth? Does it make sense that Connecticut would send a Pro Wrestling Promoter to Washington on its behalf? Really? Is she the best and brightest that Connecticut has to offer? We thing NOT!

And when you look at the staggering numbers of those who've passed away under her employ, Senator Markley and Mayor Moccia - what do you say?  She was just unlucky?  Perhaps the 500 jobs she's actually referring to in her ads include steroid runners, medical staff, hospital professionals, defense attornies, grave diggers, and funeral directors. Don't believe me, look at the list in the bottom of this article, and note the ages.  Who should be held accountable?

As an aside - isn't it ironic that the same very people who are screaming and yelling about online gambling (just another vice) don't see anything wrong with Pro Wrestling as a product? Well, maybe its because they aren't getting a personal pay-off or a "donation" placed in their pocket to overlook the obvious. Hypocritical? You bet.

We can do better than Linda McMahon.  And if our Convention Delegates are already bought and paid for - that's fine - the people of Connecticut, won't be!



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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

REPORT: Dean-Visconti Resolutions sent to Sub-Committee

Here is a quick update for those who've been following the Dean-Visconti Ethics Resolutions saga --

It was decided that there would be neither a full-fledged debate or a call for an up-or-down vote this evening.  Instead, the Resolutions will be sent to a sub-committee for study and/or possible modification.  The Committee will either accept or amend the Resolutions and forward them with their recommendation to the entire body for approval or rejection.

The Sub-Committee will be chaired by State Central Member Michael Vitali (Wallingford).  Given his reputation, Vitali is expected to be a fair and impartial arbiter.

The King would also like to recognize State Central Members Mr. Scott Veley and Mr. Mark Pappa for their courage and fortitude to present these Resolutions despite "pressure" not to do so.  And we would be remiss to not state our appreciation to CT Republican State Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr., who stuck his neck out to make sure that the Resolutions would get a fair-hearing in Committee.  We believe that Chairman Labriola has a vested interest in running an impartial State Convention for both members and voters of Connecticut.

It's The King's View that the individuals selected to serve on this Committee should be left to study and review the Resolutions in detail without undue pressure and criticism from outside forces. After weighing the pros and cons, we pray they will come to the logical conclusion that the Resolutions should be passed not just for the good of the Connecticut Republican Party but more importantly - to better our political process in Connecticut.



Saturday, January 21, 2012

Comments on the Week's Activity

This blog has been published under different owners, incantations, writers, and publishing services since 1996.  During those years, there have been a lot of battles won and lost - and being Republican - I'd have to say mostly lost.  You can always tell when you're winning because when your positions have merit and it's impacting the outcome of the game - the opposition almost always turns from the subject at hand to attack the opinion writers. This week we saw one of the most disgraceful attacks on a political activist in recent memory - the unacceptable personal attack on Joseph Visconti.  Our opponents have demonstrated their weakness of characterAnd from what I have seen and heard, their actions have caused considerable damage to themselves.  This is the case even in the eyes of the mainstream press.

To set the record straight, there are a few things that need to be said about Mr. Visconti:

-- When the CTGOP was nearly broke and ready to close it's doors this past summer, Mr. Visconti (along with M. Clark) organized a fundraiser "Good Luck Back" to raise cash so that Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. and his staff could have a headquarters from which to work from on behalf of Connecticut Republicans.  Don't believe it? Ask Jerry.

-- Despite lacking full-time employment (construction jobs are in the tank),  Mr. Visconti attended multiple fundraisers to support a great number of candidates, and helped Party-build - despite his financial situation, and due injury to himself

-- Mr. Visconti volunteered to assist over a dozen candidates across multiple districts and towns by attending events, helping with campaigns, and advertising through the use of his truck (in fact, he ran the truck into the ground doing so). He accepted only nominal contributions for gasoline reimbursement as part of the billboard hauling cost. 

-- At the end of the Legislative Session when Democrats were forcing the Bathroom Bill on the books, Mr. Visconti went to the LOB and fought alongside the few activists willing to lobby against the bill.  Where was everyone else?

-- Mr. Visconti has recently worked to solicit donations to support both the Family Institute of Connecticut, and the Connecticut Republican Party Straw Poll.

-- Despite false claims by his detractors, Mr. Visconti has neither asked for, nor taken one red cent for any of the work that he has done for the organizations mentioned above, including the Good Luck Back Fundraiser.  Unlike so many others, he didn't barge into Chairman Labriola's office under false pretenses offering his services while at the same time demanding a piece of the action.  In fact, he is one of the few people who has consistently offered to support the CTGOP and has stood by Chairman Labriola, Jr. through a tough start up period   Instead of supporting Labriola like they should, many discontented individuals scheme hard and long about how to undermine him.  Trying to plant a wedge between Labriola and Visconti is just another of those failed schemes.

--And also, if you didn't know, Mr. Visconti after being denied the opportunity to run as a Republican in West Hartford - collected signatures, forced a primary, and ultimately became an elected Town Councilman for our Town of West Hartford!  He did this all while dealing with a tough divorce, raising children as a single parent, and making bi-weekly trips to New York so his father could receive cancer treatments.   Mr. Visconti doesn't have a selfish bone in his body.  Later, after no one had the guts to run against John Larson, Visconti took up the challenge while juggling all of the above, and sadly having to say a final good-bye to his father.  Mr. Visconti kept it all together, and unlike Linda McMahon and others, he didn't give up the ship and file for bankruptcy (like he could of) - or cut and run. 

-- Sure, Visconti has challenged the status quo. He's taken unpopular positions on Blue Back Square (which BTW is for sale), and on conservative issues, and has helped to champion cleaning up the existence of PATRONAGE within our withering Party via the Dean-Visconti Resolutions.  Based on this act alone, we can understand why some feel so threatened.  Why else would insiders and certain Candidates fight something so simple?  This is something that should be a standard and a matter of common sense.  If you're a delegate to the State Convention, are you really afraid to wear a badge saying that you've been paid by or are employed by your Candidate of choice?  You'd think you'd be more than willing to wear a badge and brag about it?  Heck, lobbyists wear badges, what's the big deal?

But to sink to the lowest level possible by posting (and distributing) personal information about a non-candidate's financial life and family history is by far the most heinous act seen in some time.  Believe me, I get a couple emails a week that tell of tales about candidate and non- candidate indiscretions, family issues, arrests, settlements, suspected crimes, and other such things.  But I don't print these types of stories or approve these comments because - there are limits.  I think we learned this week how some people plainly don't know any better - they represent the very worst in our society and are merely bottom feeders.

The simple fact is that what is driving some of these surrogates to act goes well beyond politics - the unwritten story is really about lies and jealousy.  Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn?  Oh, yeah... Bingo!  The political component is just a vehicle to take revenge and the politicians are well aware of exactly what strings to pull to solicit a response.   And it conveniently serves both the personal goal and the political aim to diminish a critic.  It was poorly executed because it backfired!  We'll leave that there for now.

About two dozen of you have written to me out of anger and surprise about what you've seen transpire.  Frankly, some of the names blew me away (hush hush). Of course, we have to realize that when it comes to rocking the boat where money and power are concerned - there are always dangers and the expectation that some people will stop at nothing especially when millions of dollars are at risk.

But just because someone has tens of millions of dollars to blow in their quest for power and position doesn't mean that they are any less accountable for their behavior, product, voting record, candidate contributions, and political positions, etc.  Of course, these candidates rarely get involved directly, instead they send their surrogates to do their dirty work - whether it be a volunteer, paid staffer, or a pretend newspaper reporter, they are all of the same ilk  - temporary, and unprincipled.  They are just like a giddy schoolchild looking for praise and a gold star from their teacher - pick me, pick me!

We at The King's View accept that over the last year or so we have hit a few tender spots and exposed incredible dysfunction within the Connecticut's Republican establishment.  The question people often ask me is why? Why do we bring down fire and rain on our own?  And why now?

Before I begin, I'm going to start by saying that whatever rationale I provide, it will never-ever be acceptable to those who consider themselves the keepers of the the established  Connecticut Republican Orthodoxy (a.k.a. and using the term humorously - "The Establishment").  Here is OUR RATIONALE:

-- The treatment of former Congressman Rob Simmons at the 2010 State Convention by Linda McMahon, Chris Healy and McMahon surrogates was unacceptable. Vote fixing, payments to delegates and RTCs and other forms of patronage damaged the integrity of the process.  Now we are seeing the whole thing starting all over again - a concentrated effort to stock the Convention with paid-for delegates, and make Chris Shays and Brian Hill receive less than 15% so they have to go out and collect signatures.

- We do not support candidates who give or gave donations to Democrats unless they were Democrats or Independents at the time of contribution and later switched Party.  "Business consideration" is not a reason to help unseat a sitting Republican, or donate to Democrats. As a rule, Democrats do not give to Republican Candidates citing the same ridiculous reason. (Note: Lisa Wilson-Foley gave money to John Larson during this time - what a pal).

- We support the overhaul and removal of all deadwood leaders in the Party, and those who only participate solely for personal profit and business reasons.  Many of those in CTGOP positions only seek to expand their personal wealth and have long since given up on advancing Republican ideology/policies. These people are happy to give the public impression that "they tried."  Well, that's not enough.

- We are sick of losing. The last time Connecticut Republicans held the StateHouse was decades ago.  The endless second place finish is appalling, and the fact that some are satisfied willing to see Connecticut gerrymandered in a manner where it doesn't impact their district is disgraceful. 

- We continue to see Connecticut Leaders support poorly qualified candidates, or candidates they know can't win in exchange for financial contributions to their campaigns, businesses or Town Committees.  The fact that these Leaders have supplied their endorsements proves they have lost the plot.  Many of these people have lost ALL INTEGRITY.

- We see a organized effort to undermine Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. by those who were part of the political alliance that previous lost or sought power.  And we also see their  ongoing effort to belittle him behind his back, and so forth. It is a daunting task to look out into a crowd and know that a little less than half the people in the gallery have a dagger with your name on it (figuratively speaking of course). To be VERY clear, there are also many GOOD people on the other side of the equation trying to help and get things done.

- We see disrespect and mistreatment of Tea Party Patriots by some elements of the CTGOP, notably those in Fairfield County. Certain campaigns have worked very hard to divide Tea Party members and pit them against each other. Eventually, these issues will come to light.

- For years, Connecticut Republican leaders have surrendered on social issues. We have not.  And we will continue to beat that drum until Social Conservatives have a seat at the table. One leader said "We don't do Guns, Gays, or God." If we don't - who will?  We can see how taking progressive positions on social issues has really helped us at the polls. We're not talking about becoming insensitive or hateful towards various groups - we ask Republican Representatives to stick up for basic traditional principles - such as traditional marriage, and keeping perverts out of our public bathrooms.  Too much to ask?

- On the other side of the equation, we see weak leadership by our Capitol minority leaders who more often then not capitulate to Democrats in the name of progress and collaboration.  Taxes are high, jobs are scarce, and businesses are leaving.  The jobs bill was a disgrace. 

For the most part of our tenure at The King's View we have focused on the State of Calmity owned by the Democratic Party.  Their crimes against Connecticut and its residents are a disgrace. But you can't mount much of an offense with the watered-down version of Republicanism sold here.  The real version which has been successful in the overwhelming majority of the other 49 States is not welcome by our Capitol Leaders and a great portion of our State Party Leadership (Jerry Labriola, Jr. not included - he is the real deal).  Before we ever get to compete toe-to-toe with our mortal enemies, we set ourselves up for disaster.  If we were a basketball team, we'd be considered self-checked.

Avon Native and Public Relations expert Ed Candels once told me, "If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always got."  We are experts at that.

There are those who would disagree with The King's View, and that's perfectly fine.  This blog is about a set of opinions on a variety of topics important to The King, not anyone else.  For someone or some group to get bent out of shape about what's written in these pages is pretty pathetic.  The King's View is not state enforced, mandatory reading (although it should be). My favorite insults are: "you're a nobody", "no one reads your blog" and "no one cares what you think."  Ok, Good.  Then what the hell are you doing commenting about it then?  Amazing!



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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Curse of Chris Healy!

King Tutankhamen

Not every piece at The King's View is going to be of the stoic, tedious political variety.  You'll have to go to The Hartford Courant and read one of Kevin Rennie's columns if you're looking only for that. :) We've been urged to throw in a bit of humor now and then to keep the setting light.  After all, humor is the music of the soul. And we could all use a bit of laughter to get us through the winter blues...

3500 years ago in Ancient Egypt there lived a Pharaoh named Tutankhamun. The boy-king came to power at the age of 7 after his father, Akhenaten, was forced to abdicate his throne by Egyptian high priests after an uprising over his family's attempted force-conversion of Egypt to monotheism - specifically, worship of the God Aten.  Guided by his step-mother, Nefertiti, Tutankhamum ruled Egypt until his untimely death at the age of 18.  Theories abound that the cause of death was suspicious, but scholars believe that he simply died of infection resulting from a broken leg, combined with leiomyomata.

Tutankhamen was buried in the Land of the Pharaohs along side other noble Kings and Queens. As with the ritual of the time, a curse was installed by use of the magnetic placement (N/S/E/W) of the four magick bricks in accordance with Chapter 151 of The Book of the Dead (The Shabti figure "workman", the Torch, the Jackal, and the Djed Pillar).  The words: "Death will come to those who disturb the sleep of the Pharaoh" were inscribed in hieroglyphics on the Wall of Tut's Tomb.  

Despite several unsuccessful attempts at tomb robbing over the centuries, the tomb remained sealed until discovered by Lord Howard Carter on February 23, 1923.   Upon opening the tomb, the curse was released, and the God Osris took revenge on dozens of those involved in descretion of the tomb (extending further misfortune to family, friends, and even pets) . History shows that six years after the opening of the tomb, twelve of the original excavation team were dead. And only one survived up to 1939.

Origin of the Healy Curse

The old bridge now referred as
"Healy's Bridge" still stands today
The story has been related to me as follows: Once upon a time, a young Chris Healy grew up a boy of privileged means. At the age of 23, he went to work on a pivotal Congressional Campaign.  On election night, he was charged with the important responsibility of delivering a box of absentee ballots that a campaign worker had found outside of a polling place lying in a dumpster. He was directed to take the box from the polling place to the Town Hall for tallying. Given the location of the precinct, the ballots were considered favorable to his candidate, and would likely be the critical element that would win the election for his candidate .

Feeling proud and confident, young Healy began his journey. But instead of taking the main road to the town center, he opted to take a short cut by way of the old train trestle that crossed the winding river.  In his haste, he ran and lost his footing in-between two planks, and tripped.  Healy watched as the box of ballots flew high into the air and slowly and steadily zig-zagged to the water below.  A saddened Healy continued to the Town Hall knowing that he may have accidently sealed his candidate's fate.

Upon arriving at the Registrar's Office, he was met by elderly Egyptian woman who had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ballots. When poor Healy related his story, her dark eyes narrowed and she abruptly flew into a angry rage.  The woman waved her hands in the air and screamed at Healy alternating between English and Arabic. She gestured at him, pacing to and fro for twenty minutes while a drained Healy looked on through his coke-bottled glasses.

Suddenly, she stopped.  She then looked him squarely in the eye, and moved toward him stopping at nose length. She raised her golden cane so that the handle baring the image of the Egyptian God Horus stared upon him. The woman breathed on him, and in a heavy accent chanted, "As a direct descendant of the royal family of Queen Nefertiti, King Akhenten, and King Tutankhamen, I set your fate! From this day forward, you are cursed. Any campaign you oversee, will crumble. Your plans will run-afoul. And men will laugh. "  Trembling, young Healy put his head down, and walked out in the November frost. He never to returned to that town again.

The Healy Curse Today

The appearance of this Pharaoh on
your doorstep will bring doom!
As readers are aware, there is no question about the lingering effects of the dreaded Healy Curse.  One doesn't have to look much further then the results of last few years to see that the curse as alive and well.  From a sympatheic perspective, we sense this must be painful.  Can you imagine the personal horror associated with knowing that everything you touch turns to dust? Seeing the fear in people's eyes because they know you have the reverse-Midas touch?

For those who don't believe, let us provide some evidence.

In 2006, Healy managed Rob Simmons re-election campaign to failure.  Simmons lost by a mere 88 votes - certainly an avoidable loss caused by a strategic blunder in the Mansfield-Storrs area.

As Chairman, the Connecticut Republican Party lost a favorable Republican Congressional District, seeing an overall reduction from six seats to five. 

2008: Under his Chairmanship all Federal offices were lost to Democrats.

2010: All federal offices remained Democrat while National Republicans recaptured the House of Representatives, and picked up U.S. Senate seats.  

2010:  Connecticut's Governorship turned Democrat after a failed get out the vote strategy. Democrats took most State Offices, and kept majorities in the StateHouse and State Senate.

In 2010, the Connecticut Republican Party nearly went bankrupt, and the Party torn asunder by corruption through vote purchasing, profiteering, and cronyism during the State Convention and the US. Senate Race.

Also in 2010, his short lived campaign for Republican National Chairman failed, then he jumped on board to support Gentry Collins, where he publicly assailed the eventual RNC Chairmanship winner Reince Priebus. 

2011: Healy joins Tim Pawlenty Presidential Campaign.  After a few months, it folds.

2011: Healy runs Middletown Mayor Sebastian Guiliano's re-election campaign. Guiliano loses re-election.

2012: Healy named head of Rick Perry's Connecticut Presidential team.  Perry drops out.

2012: Healy takes over Lisa Wilson-Foley's campaign.  Result?? TBD.  (But you know where I'd put my money if I were a gambling man.)

I've only highlighted a few examples from the Healy Curse. I'm sure there are many more fine examples that can be highlighted by our readers.  It makes you really wonder why so many people follow this guy given his track record. Why allow him to set up a shadow State Chairmanship knowing that the result will always be the same?
Dr. Hawass is frightened for the public
In fact, the Healy Curse has become so well known, that Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt has publicly expressed concern about the situation.  In a recent letter to CTGOP Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr., he wrote, "A Curse of this magnitude should not be taken lightly. Perhaps it would be better if Healy himself were shipped to Cairo to be made a permanent part of our exhibit.  He would make a fine addition to our collection of artifacts."

In closing, my dear candidates - local, state, or federal - if you see Pharaoh Healy headed toward your campaign office - lock the door, turn out the lights, and grab your protective amulet.  Else, your campaign may suffer the consequences of the deadly Healy Curse!

Be Warned!  Be on your guard!



Have a great Weekend! Enjoy the snow! 

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CTGOP Ethics Resolution Creators Punished!

Have you ever wondered how Connecticut Republicans who defy the will of State Party insiders are treated? Have you ever wanted to know how long-time conservative activists who've worked their hearts out to bring transparency and ethics to our processes are dealt with? Have you ever been curious about just how far Connecticut's Republican leaders would go to manipulate local politics in an attempt to punish whose who challenge the established order of things in order to affirm their power and control?

Well, this little story might shed some daylight on just that. This piece is meant to serve as cautionary tale for Republican activists who seek to change the status quo.

As you are well aware, in November of last year, two former Connecticut Republican candidates - Martha Dean, and Joseph Visconti created a set of resolutions to be entertained by Connecticut Republican State Central members which would require that delegates who are paid directly or indirectly by a campaign or its vendors would be required to wear a badge indicating their paid association with the sponsoring candidate.  The concept was meant to address the clear corruption evident at at the 2010 Connecticut State Republican Convention which saw Linda McMahon collude with paid delegates and RTCs to win the U.S. Senate nomination over Rob Simmons.

The resolutions, known publicly as the Dean-Visconti Resolutions, were presented out to State Central Members in December and were expected to be debated and voted on this month. The goal being to address the appearance of a conflict of interest ahead of delegate section prior this year's GOP State Convention.

It's has come to The King's attention that over the last week, insiders representing Lisa Wilson-Foley, and possibly Linda McMahon (with assistance of former State Chairman Chris Healy - a lead staffer for Wilson-Foley) have actively campaigned against the resolutions, and have tried to make backroom deals to punish those responsible for both creating, and presenting the resolutions up for consideration.  One does not need to be a rocket-scientist to recognize the dotted lines between the 2010, and this year's set of antagonists since the players have remained the same; only a few of the roles have changed. As a matter of record, The King has received communication from several RTC members which claim that Wilson-Foley, McMahon, and Healy have openly expressed their opposition to the resolutions, and their desire to make sure that "they go nowhere."

I will only address those things which are public and leave the sordid details of private conversations, and actions taken outside of the public purview alone - at least for the time being.

Last week West Hartford Republicans held their caucus to select Republican Town Committee Members to serve a 2-year term.  Former West Hartford Town Councilman and former First District Congressional Candidate Joseph Visconti was one of the individuals up for nomination for the WHRTC.  Long-time manipulators of WHRTC went out of their way to ensure that Visconti failed to be elected to the RTC.  As a matter of controversy, an employee of Wilson-Foley's campaign who only within the past few months moved to Connecticut (from Pennsylvania), and who has no service or accomplishment in West Hartford was intentionally selected by West Hartford insiders to serve on the RTC over Mr. Visconti.  The fact that Mr. Visconti has devoted years to helping West Hartford Republicans get elected, himself served with distinction, and has been a generous attendee at WHRTC Fundraisers made no difference; the fix was in.  The act of bouncing him from selection was out of pure spite, and a ploy unleashed in tag-team fashion between Lisa Wilson-Foley's campaign and Linda McMahon's camp to ensure that a McMahon activist was placed on the RTC.  (The connection between the Wilson-Foley camp and McMahon camp is well-documented - as even apparent on

Second and clearly not a coincidence, former 2-time CT Attorney General Candidate Martha Dean, attended the Avon Republican Town Committee Caucus last evening to seek election to Avon's RTC. As most people are aware,  Dean has been a regular attendee, and a consistent financial supporter of Avon Republicans for many years.  Using numbers as their weapon, Martha Dean was intentionally blocked by Lisa Wilson-Foley's supporters from being elected to Avon's RTC (information provided by witnesses to the travesty). For Godsake, this is how we treat a stalwart defender of constitutional rights, and one of the few Connecticut activists willing to stand up publicly to challenge the liberal agenda of the far left?  Ms. Dean has worked tirelessly to help Republicans across the state including even those with far more moderate positions than herself. This treatment is beyond outrageous!

The evidence is crystal clear to those willing to see it.  Visconti and Dean have been intentionally marginalized through the collusion of those who have long abandoned Republican ideals.  If you don't like an idea, eliminate the opposition - this is surely not in the mission statement of the Party of Lincoln that most of us have come to believe in. 

How will this effect the resolutions, or the State Convention. I guess we don't yet know.  But the public should understand that the requirement to become a Republican State Convention Delegate doesn't necessarily include being an RTC member, however - it's clear that RTC members are usually given first preference during the selection process.  The underlying reason for excluding both Visconti and Dean is to make their appointment to the State Convention Rules Committee nearly impossible, and their appointment as a delegate more complicated.

We humbly suggest that both West Hartford and Avon RTCs revisit was has transpired this past week, and reflect on the public ramifications of punishing loyal, hard-working, conservative activists to satisfy the goals of two multi-millionaire nominees who are using RTCs to advance their personal ambitions for public power and prestige. 

We call on West Hartford RTC Chairman Peter Martin, and Avon RTC Chairman Brian J. Ladouceur to correct this gross injustice and find Mr. Visconti and Ms. Dean spots on their respective RTCs - which they so justly deserve. Allow them to contribute and serve on behalf of the many ethical Republican constituents that they represent.  We ask you to rise above the corruption, and help them and Dean-Visconti restore respectability to the CTGOP which is long overdue.



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Friday, January 13, 2012

Lisa Wilson-Foley's donations to Chris Murphy

Do voters in CT-5
really know what Lisa
Wilson-Foley stands for?
Given that Chris Murphy is the odds on favorite to win the Connecticut Democrat Party's U.S. Senate nomination sometime over the next few months, we found this tidbit (courtesy of interesting as Republicans battle it out to determine who will be their candidate to represent them in Connecticut's 5th Congressional District race.  The information below clearly shows that Wilson-Foley gave five grand to Democrat Chris Murphy, which was used to help unseat then-incumbent Republican Congresswoman Nancy Johnson. 

Granted, this seems like ancient history (and we know its been previously reported), but what we find problematic in all of it is that Lisa Wilson-Foley has given donations to at least two prominent Democrats - John Larson and Christopher Murphy.  Much like Linda McMahon's strategy, Wilson-Foley seems to have hedged her bets, so what does that say for her principle?  Whether or not these contributions were truly ideological or not, is not known, but one thing is clear - like many would-be politicians, she has placed self-interest ahead of the public-interest which is an attribute voters want to see less of from their public servants in 2012 (at least on the Republican side).

Wilson-Foley has made a grand fortune from the healthcare industry which is not troubling, per se.  Up to now and as a private citizen, she has earned her money honestly and no one can take that away from her. However, this nation is in an ideological war over the decision about whether or not we will devote 1/6th of our GDP to President Obama's National Healthcare scheme.  Wilson-Foley has previously made statements supporting national healthcare, although lately and since becoming a candidate - she's made statements against it.

Much like her rationale to send cash to competing politicians on both sides of the aisle, would she also sell her vote to the highest bidder?  Or to the one who would see her the largest personal profit?  We just don't know.

Foley, Lisa
Avon, CT 06001
Blue Fox Enterprises/President
House (CT 05)
Foley, Lisa
Avon, CT 06001
Blue Fox Enterprises/President
House (CT 05)
Foley, Lisa
Avon, CT 06001
Blue Fox Enterprises/President

House (CT 05)

And please don't get cranky with me for publishing these figures.  I don't have some personal vendetta against Lisa Wilson-Foley - although her significant financial contribution to help unseat an incumbent Congressional Republican is distressing.  It's critically important for voters in CT-5 to understand who and what they are voting for.  Generally speaking, what's most consistent about Lisa Wilson-Foley is her lack of consistency on politics and policies - and that is very troubling to both voters and insiders, alike.

The fact that she was one of the first Republicans in CT-5 to announce her candidacy, and the fact that so many Republicans have subsequently decided to jump into the race speaks volumes about Republican concerns with how she would represent constituent in Washington.  Everyone knows she would become an immediate magnet for healthcare lobbyists.

Congressional District 5 has a lot of good candidates for Republicans to choose from.  We just aren't sure that Lisa Wilson-Foley is one of them.  It's The King's View that Republicans are best to sort this situation out before Chris Donovan and the Democrats do.



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Monday, January 9, 2012

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Or How About $20?

One of the most annoying aspects of the campaign season (as if it's really seasonal) is the endless amount of junk mail, (and now thanks to the advent of social media) tweets, posts, and email asking for donations from political candidates, PACs, and Political Parties.  Given the scarcity of disposable income, an 8-9% unemployment rate, rising taxes, and the stress of having to make ends meet, being asked to cough up greenbacks to help support another person's crusade seems a bit presumptuous, if not downright frustrating.  And the language in some of the fundraising correspondence I've received is not just misleading, it's dishonest.  The world will not be swallowed up into a black hole by Satan if so and so doesn't get a donation from me. Sorry we aren't that gullible.

Now before some of my friends in the GOP start getting uppity, this isn't a piece urging voters to not donate to Republican candidates, but rather a reasonable look at what they'd be getting for their buck, if anything.  This piece is written from a voter's perspective, not a candidate trying to beat the clock to show progress against their competition on a ledger.  That's not our problem.

Donating to the State Party:

First let's start with the State Party - the Connecticut State Republican Party.  Most of us have seen several fundraising schemes distributed over the last few months from our friends at CTGOP. The first was an invitation to join the CTGOP 2012 Club. (contributors where asked to send in a check for $20.12).  I'm not quite sure what happened to this or how many people joined, but I haven't seen anything more about it recently - so I'm going to assume that this idea has been shelved.  There's been banter about a foul-up involving the 2012 Club - but I'm going to leave that go for now since it seems it's neither here nor there.  

The latest scheme involves paying $20 to participate in an online Presidential straw poll.  Last week you may have seen my tweet: "Does anyone have $20 I can borrow? I want to vote in this #CTGOP online presidential straw poll.  This isn't a form of online gambling, is it?".  Of course, the day that the correspondence came out about the online poll, former Governor John G. Rowland was ranting on WTIC 1080 about the dangers associated with online gambling, so I found the timing mildly amusing and thought I'd poke fun at the idea.  The tweet was retweeted by a few other tweeters, and a few people got a little steamed at me for my unique sense of humor.  What am I going to do with you people?

Look, having thought about it, the online poll for $20 isn't the worst idea, but it isn't the best idea either.  The timing of this is a little odd given all of the controversy surrounding reports that Senate Candidate and Pro-Wrestling Mogul Linda McMahon has sent donations to several RTCs and may be purchasing convention delegate votes, while an ethics resolution is pending review at State Central Headquarters.  The fact that CTGOP would go down the road of selling (poll) votes to raise funds is disappointing. As one reader pointed out, this fundraiser was created by people who who want to intentionally thumb their noses at those trying very hard to eliminate the impression that Connecticut's Republican Party is for sale.  Alas - the point is well-taken, but there is little that can be done at this point. It's The King's View that a little more caution might have been in order before shoveling more controversy atop of existing controversy. 

The bigger question is whether it makes sense to give money to the Connecticut Republican Party, at all.  If you were to consider yourself an investment banker, and Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. walked into your office and asked you to invest in the CTGOP, what would be the first question you would ask him?  Why, you'd ask for a WRITTEN BUSINESS PLAN which would contain a list of specific goals, a high level outline of how goals would be achieved along with a detailed roadmap showing how he would get there. You'd also expect to see a detailed budget of how the money would be spent.  Business 101.  Not very complicated, right?

The simple fact is that right now no such plan exists.  And I've been getting a lot of heat for supporting the new Chairman for so long and giving him a free pass, and putting the blame for disorder on former Chairman Chris Healy.  Well, the six month honeymoon is over, and like President Obama - the statute of limitations on the blame game has expired.  I'm not going to go out of my way to hammer the new Chairman, but I can't defend him at this point if there isn't a strategic plan, and our coffers are nearly empty.  And I would not be inclined to mail him $20 without knowing that he and his staff, or the 72 members of State Central had a formal plan in place.  And there is no secret plan hidden under a floorboard in New Britain, and a verbal barrage of impromptu thoughts doesn't cut it.  The only plan that is acceptable is one that is formally written down and has been vetted, and approved by State Central members. Anything else is simply unacceptable.  Anything else is lip service.

Before I move on, let me point out that you don't need funds to create a plan.  Anyone who tells you that is a liar.  You only need utilize the depth of experience from within the Party membership to assemble a plan.  So cut the excuses - pick a weekend, pick a team, and have a working session and get it done.  No plan is going to fall out of the sky.  After you get a good plan together, then you can pester people for money.  For now dear Republicans, keep your $20 in your pocket.

If someone from the Connecticut State Party asks, "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?  Or $20?" 

You reply:  "Brother, Can You Get Off the Dime?"

Donating to Political Candidates:

I've always believed that if you were going to donate money in politics - then you should do so by donating to the candidate of your choice, directly. Not to a PAC working on behalf of your candidate, but ONLY to your candidate of choice. If you decide to donate to a PAC for specific purposes - that's fine, just keep in mind that your money may be merged into a fund and used for all kinds of purposes unrelated, or even contrary to your desires!  Fact is that tracing PAC money expenditures is pretty tricky.  I happen to think that a lot of these consultant firms, PACS, and so-called think tanks are full of people who've created a phony business around themselves so they don't have to work for a living like the rest of us.  Scam City!

In The King's View, there are really two reasons to donate to a candidate - 1) they are actively running and you believe they can win, or they can make the opposition spend their money (else it will end up in the coffers of another GOP candidate's opponent, or opposition PAC), or 2) to help a previous candidate clear their campaign debt.  Too often people in the first category are promised big things from Party hacks who encouraged them to run in the first place, and end up in the later category having overextended themselves and find that they're left holding the bag.  Not everyone can write massive checks to themselves like Linda McMahon and Tom Foley, which is why I become incensed when people of means put out a fundraising letter ripping their primary opponent for carrying a campaign debt that they could have helped to reduce, in part or whole.  Fact, it's even more amusing to me to see how frugal some of our richest candidates have been when its come to donating to Connecticut Republican campaigns at all (see  They'll drop $600 bucks on a big dinner in New York, but could care less about anyone else, unless it comes with a favor attached.  Simply amazing.  Now mapping who donates to who and why is another story for another day.

I'll have to say that a candidate like CT-5 House of Representative Candidate Mark Greenberg sets the standard in terms of generosity to fellow Republican Candidates.  That in itself shows that Greenberg cares more about Republican Party goals instead of selfish ambition for promotion and power.  There are some CTGOP candidates who haven't shelled out a single penny to ANY candidate, yet I bet you'll see an email begging constituents and RTC members for their hard earned cash so they can fund their campaign.

I also suggest that if you get a campaign fundraising solicitation from a candidate that is full of negative bullet points about their opposition, that you don't donate to their campaign.  If you reward negative campaigning with cash, you're opt to end up encouraging more negative campaigning, and never see anything tangible about what the solicitor plans to do if elected. 

And by the way - millionaires and billionaires don't need a penny from you - how do you think they became millionaires and billionaires?

I want to make one more point on the topic of donation solicitation when it comes to being asked to donate to either local, state, or federal campaigns which voters should remember -  if you can't afford to donate, then don't.  Don't be guilted into sending in money that you need to manage your own life.  As one person told me: "You can't save the world if you can't pay the bills."  And a decent candidate will accept that, they WON'T keep badgering you for a smaller increment, or suggest a payment plan.  That is bollocks!   All you need do is VOTE. There is no obligation to donate just because you care more about the political process than the guy down the street.  Personally, some candidates could better use volunteers rather than cash - the value of hardworking individuals - making calls, folding fliers, and going door to door is invaluable!

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
(Composed by Jay Gorney; version recorded by Al Jolson, 1932)

In summary, I'd say think twice about the whole business of sending donations.  Give to those deserving of your hard earned cash.  And don't give to anyone or any group that claims it needs money to get itself organized.  Ideology doesn't require cash, it requires smarts, conviction, and dedication.  Money can't buy those aspects.

In closing, here are a few of The King's Rules for donating to PACs , Candidates, and Political Parties and Groups:

  • Validate that the political correspondence comes from a legitimate organization, and/or candidate. You can do this buy calling the campaign directly or contact the Secretary of State's Office.

  • If the soliciting brochure contains more bullets and information about the sender's opponent, rather than the sender than throw the brochure in the trash. Or better yet call the sender and tell them you tore up their brochure because it tells them nothing about how they are going to solve the economy, jobs problem, energy, etc.

  • If the fundraising correspondence is written by anyone other than the candidate themselves, than throw the correspondence in the trash. There is nothing worse than being bullied by someone from another district, state, or political office telling you who to vote for.  You can make your own mind up without someone half a continent away telling you what to do.

  • If you have a question about where a candidate stands on an issue before you donate, call their campaign and ask.  If they don't know, ask them to find out. If they don't want to tell you or they give you a cryptic answer -  don't donate. 

  • If it's a political party, call the party and ask them exactly how your  money will be spent.  If you like what you hear then donate, if you hear some broad answer  like "use the money to defeat democrats" or some boring sales pitch with few specifics, then hang up.  Also, be aware that only a percentage of what you donate will go to the CTGOP, as in previous years, individuals working to help collect money are getting a HANDSOME percentage of the cut.  That part of it is the single most dishonest part of the transaction - what the rest of us in the real world refer to as - the hidden fees

  • If its a PAC, use the internet to find out where they distribute their fundraising dollars to.  This information is public.  If the dollars go to lobbying firms unrecognizable to you, then don't donate.  Donating to the wrong PAC could mean putting money in the hands of the wrong candidates or the wrong special interest group.  Also, find out who is running the PAC and what their true agenda is.

  • All things being equal, if you have to decide between giving to a federal candidate, state candidate, or local candidate, always give to the local candidate first.  God Bless your neighbor for putting his neck on the line and trying to make a difference locally.

  • Lastly, if you give, expect nothing in return from the candidate or organization except the right to say that you gave.  Donating to candidates should be seen as a selfless act with no strings attached.  The only thing you should expect is that you'll wind up on someones public report, and that you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll become a magnet for future political solicitations.



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Friday, January 6, 2012

Congressional Candidate Donation Oddities

In fairness to everyone, we aught to look at who else in the current CT GOP field has given to Democrats and Democrat PACs in recent memory.  (Source: - covering federal campaigns):

Lisa Wilson Foley: (5th Congressional District Candidate)

COMPLEX CARE5/29/96$1,000DNC Services Corp
BLUE FOX RUN10/17/98$1,000Larson, John B (D)
BLUE FOX ENTERPRISES/OWNER3/30/04$1,000Larson, John B (D)
HEALTH MARKET10/10/95$250Emily's List

Other Searches:

Justin Bernier (5th Congressional District Candidate):  No controverisal donations reported

Andrew Roraback (5th Congressional District Candidate):  No controverisal donations reported

Michael McDonald (1st Congressional District Candidate): No controverisal donations

Daria Novak (2nd Congressional District Candidate): No controverisal donations reported

Christopher Coutu (2nd Congressional District Candidate):  No controverisal donations reported

Wayne Winsley (3nd Congressional District Candidate): No controversial donations

Dan Debicella (4th Congressional District Candidate): No controverisal donations

Rob Merkle (4th Congressional District Candidate): No controverisal donations

Will Gregory (4th Congressional District Candidate): No donations

Not exactly an exciting post.  Oh, well - not every post is going to shake the rafters.  There's nothing really exciting about Lisa Wilson-Foley contributing to two of Democrat John Larson's campaigns - is there?  Well, unless I suppose you were Larson's Republican opponent, I guess.

If Republicans in the 5th Congressional District were looking for reasons to disqualify a candidate in an overcrowded field - perhaps giving money to one of Congress' biggest liberals just might be a good one.  Does anyone know if Wilson-Foley ever explained why she forked over cash to  liberal Democrat John Larson?



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