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Monday, November 7, 2016

Final Pre-election Thoughts

What difference does it make? Trust
me - it makes a Big Difference.
With only a day left in one of the worst election cycles in the history of our nation, we are finally hours away from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Whether its the light of salvation or that of an oncoming train - we really don't know.  But one thing is for sure, if Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States, it will make the last eight years of Obama look like a blissful cakewalk.  And you can forget about the United States states altogether; if she wins - you might as well starting referring to us as the Divided States because that's exactly what we'll become.

This election is incredibly close. Instead of politicians at each others
throats - its co-worker battling co-worker, family members battling family members and even lifelong friendships disintegrating before our very eyes. And the politicians know what's at stake. Why do you think old twinkle-toes Barack is out there with his angry wife pounding the campaign pavement like a pair of screaming banshees?  It's because he knows the election of his maniacal, co-conspirator, Hillary, will muzzle any discrediting of his policies while at the same time stop government authorities from investigating both his and her illegal activities so neither of them or their cronies ends up in jail (where they belong). 

So  let's look at what should one expect from a Hillary Clinton administration. I mean, so there aren't any misunderstandings; and you can be truly ready for it.

ObamaCare: Greatest Bait and
Switch scheme of all time!
1.  The insane continuation of some form of ObamaCare which as you'll recall was largely penned by Hillary Clinton and her Health Insurance donor buddies who've been reaping large profits from their investments in the failed government run health care and pharmaceutical cartel. If you thought this month's announcement of a 25-50% increase in Health care costs was bad - just wait until 2017.  Moreover, drugs which have gone up as high as 500% will continue to rise and further bankrupt the system and individuals just trying to survive. The greatest victims of ClintonCare will be the elderly and those with chronic illnesses who will eventually be shut off from care by panels of so-called advisory experts.  And despite their sacrifices and eight years of Obama promises of reform (Democrats favorite word) our veterans will be on their own.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
Cheer-leaded the BLM extremist
movement and demonized cops 
2. The further eroding of police authority and respect on streets, in neighborhoods, cities, suburbs and along with it - a reluctance by police to do their jobs which will continue to lead to a massive increase in nationwide criminal activity.  New police recruits will be hard to find given Clinton's mandated political policies will continue to make the police look like criminals, and criminals look like victims. But don't worry, when ordinary citizens protect themselves, there will be plenty of police involvement to bring those to justice for trying to use their second amendment rights to defend themselves. And let's not forget an agenda-driven  media which are all too willing to help turn innocent victims into extremists. And there will be a push for a centralized federal police force which will likely become include a high-paid cabinet post accountable to the political whims and desires of Hillary Clinton and and her anti-police cronies.  Sadly, despite their loyalty to the Democrat machine, the highest price paid in blood and violence by blacks and minorities in poor neighborhoods. And the cries for help from these communities will continue to be largely ignored except when useful for political staging. And at the end of the day - few will even care.

Mr. and Mrs. Islam all working hard
to change our American demographics
3. Immigration Hell and the rise of Terrorism. One doesn't have to look far to see Clinton's plans in action; take a peak at nightly riots in Germany and France.  Clinton plans to resettle nearly one million additional Syrian refugees in America over her first term (imagine her lofty goals over two terms). The goal is an aggressive plan to remake American; and eliminate the predominate Anglo-Saxon-Germanic culture. This is a direct attack on our American traditions, history and Christian-Judea values which both the Obama's and Clinton's disdain. Liberals make no bones about these plans nor do they care about the ramifications of taking these actions.  It's been proven by NSA, FBI and CIA testimony that its nearly impossible to properly vet individuals from Middle Eastern countries which do not have any process for record keeping or vetting of their own citizens for criminal activity, let-alone terrorist ties. Undermining and remaking American culture is a key Clinton objective.

Sharia Law is the greatest threat to humanity
in the history of mankind.
4. A large-scale immigration impact will drain local economies at the state and local level. The problems introducing a flood of foreigners - mostly non-English speaking - on so many ill-equipped, poor towns and cities will (and already is) compounding current problems where jurisdictions are already struggling with population growth and budget issues.  Throw in the costs of dealing with a cultural nightmare where Islamic immigrants do not adapt to existing American lifestyles and culture but rather demand the current system (backed by legal suits and harassment front groups like the ACLU and others) demand American society accommodate them in terms of language, religion, crazy culture demands (from demanded separation of boys and girls to food preparation and dietary demands in local school cafeterias). Liberals know that many towns and cities will simply have to bend in order to avoid the burden of catastrophic lawsuits. And crisis level value clash between Sharia Law requirements which are largely viewed as barbaric to anyone with common sense and include patterns of child abuse, child-adult marriage, gender-discrimination, violence, vile treatment of women, etc. 

The biggest concern for all should be to the impact of having two parallel judicial systems (American and Sharia) instead of one and the negative implications on American Society which for some reason doesn't seem to phase liberals one iota.  And immigration related crime sprees will be on the rise in a world where the ends justify the means.

5.  Supreme Court turnover and fundamental dismantling of over a century of accepted legal judicial activism will became the new rule of law turning our judicial system to near anarchy.  This will cause a resurgence of conflict between states and the federal government to a breaking point. By the end Hillary's first term the situation will become so hot that you will begin to see legitimate calls for secession by many in Southern state governments which will put America on the road to Civil War not seen since 1861.  If you think we are divided now, oh - just wait.

Clinton will replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia with a
far-left leaning activist and likely replace as many as
four or five justices over the course of her reign

Every basic right will be under threat from a Clinton Government.  We've already seen promises to rewrite gun laws - at a time when defending ourselves will be most needed.  First amendment rights continue to dwindle and politically correct language and indoctrination will increase and will make enemies out of those practicing our Christian religion, traditional beliefs, and accepted cultural norms. The checks and balances which are fundamental to our society will shift so dramatically that they may never be recovered in our lifetime.

The Devil will get a leg up under a
Clinton administration. A pure
example of evil. Spirit Cooking?
6. Erosion of Religious liberty.  The predominate PC culture has always had it out for Christianity. We used to worry about endless lawsuits funded by liberals attacking Christian symbols and trying to remove nativity scenes on public display, but the anti-Christian rhetoric has increased ten-fold. Liberals will continue their pro-Muslim, anti-Christian assaults on citizens. The recent revelations about Clinton chief of staff John Podesta's satanic ties are a concern for all Christians world-wide.  What kind of people participate in Spirit Cooking?  The Clinton administration will be tied closer to Hell than any administration in history. Think about that! 

7.  Barack Obama set a precedent for utilizing executive authority via Executive Order.  While its true, historically speaking, that George W. Bush signed more Executive Orders than Obama (so far), Bush's were not as far reaching as Obama's which were marked by several overreaching attempts beyond historic bounds.  Today's Supreme Court rejected Obama's one swoop to legalize illegals, yet with Hillary's Supreme Court of tomorrow - Hillary Clinton will become a modernized version of Eva Peron on steroids.  Her Executive Authority will be dangerously unchecked by either legislative or judicial authority.  Everyone complains that no one listens to each other - well, when a monarch can make policy with the swoop of a pen - who has to listen? Barack Obama has played this end-game well and no one should ask why we don't listen to each other when all debate on policy-making can be completely eliminated.

8. Economic Collapse.  True to every Democrat administration in recent memory tax hikes are on Clinton's agenda and they are front and center of her platform.  Code statements like "making people pay their fair share" translates to massive tax increases on individuals and businesses.  Democrats will never tell you that individuals will pay far more in goods and services as businesses pass down the government assault to consumers.  Hillary's federal income tax rate is planned to go above 45% and capital gains taxes will just about double.  Throw in her plans for free college and college debt forgiveness, and the dozens of spending plans she has for the hundreds of policy commitments she's made to special interest groups - all which come with a massive price tag.

Hillary Clinton took the call at 2 am. And four
Americans went to their deaths over what she
called "reaction to an Internet video."
8. War.  It's very clear that most of Americas traditional foes like Russia and China neither respect or like her very much.  Russia's Putin has had a easy run with an incompetent Obama at the White House.  Hillary is much worse.  Hillary's pro-Islamic State positions have destroyed traditional alliances between the United States and the West. Simply put, Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State is regarded as one of the worst in the history of the United States. The Obama/Clinton years have gutted American leadership and standing around the world.  Our traditional die hard enemies see America as a wishy-washy adversary based on inconsistent policies that don't make sense and leave our allies wondering where American foreign policy has gone to. France faces a terrorist attack and Obama was slow on the draw, Russians take the Ukraine and Obama/Clinton don't do a single thing. Calling ISIS a Junior Varsity team and now seeing them butchering innocents in 27 countries while we do nothing is astonishing. It's almost as if no-one is home.  Hillary Clinton's disgraceful performance regarding Benghazi is clear evidence that she will never tell the American Public the truth.  Her claim that the Benghazi assault was a reaction to YouTube video was a first class lie particularly as WikiLeaks has revealed to the world that she was aware of a Muslim uprising and ignored Ambassador Stephens pleas for help.  Muslim nations see the way Clinton handled Syria and would be encouraged by her election.  And all this comes while its clear the United States is embarking on a new Cold War with Russia. 

Director James "Crony" Comey has diminished the stature of
The FBI to the point where Americas no longer trust
Government or Federal Law Enforcement.
9. Corruption and Government dysfunction at every level.  If you don't already understand that the FBI is corrupt now just wait until Hillary Clinton gets a hold of it.  When we can't trust that our Government Officials can be held accountable for breaking the law or its made clear that certain people are above the law then you should expect a breakdown at every level of Government. It's clear that the Justice Department operates as a political tool for the Executive Branch. The agency can't be trusted nor can the minions who serve in the many tentacles that it extend far beyond its immediate reach.  Government officials serve their managers who report to the President in one fashion or the other and we've seen how Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have used their power to defend Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton over eight years. There is no independent authority looking out for the common good. If the Government is corrupt now, it will be uniformly corrupt. And given the Clinton's obsession with eliminating discourse and dissension; it won't be long before those who question their ethics will be eliminated from their posts.  Whatever Bill Clinton was, she will be five times worse.  The Comey fiasco was the perfect trial run for whatever might come next.  And if that doesn't scare you - it should.

Even if you think Donald Trump is flawed, he'd be a welcome departure from guaranteed years of cronyism and evil-doings which Hillary Clinton would happily bring upon our country. And America would be lost forever.   Vote Trump on November 8th.



* Note: Additional Updates/Corrections/Grammar Corrections will be made over the next several hours.

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